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  1. Game of Thrones
    Anybody watch this? It has become my new favourite show since Walking Dead ended. Picked up the first season box set and became hooked, now Ive been watching the second season every sunday. Based on...
  2. Brock Lesnar Uses A Kimura to Break Tripple H’s Arm
  3. ESPN Employee A Scam Artist?
    Read this story about Sarah Phillips and what looks like an embarrassing story for a lot of people. Article
  4. New Dark Knight Rises Trailer!!!!
    All I can say is... WOW. Epicness to the max. Trailer 3
  5. Assy McGee
    Just got home, about to kick back, and why do I see on TV.... but Assy McGee! Did this show disappear and reappear AGAIN or have I just not been paying attention? Because for my money, Assy McGee is...
  6. Junior Seau shot and killed
    Article I can't believe he would do this to himself. How sad. He was a fantastic football player.
  7. The Avengers
    I was able to see The Avengers via the interweb. It has been out overseas for a little now so there are cam versions everywhere. It was a very good cam version too but I will still see it in...
  8. Buccaneers sign paralyzed Rutgers player Eric LeGrand
    I thought others might want to read an NFL feel good story in wake of the sad news about Junior Seau. CNN
  9. DRAKE TOP 10 LINES OF 2009
    Someone made a video of Drakes top 10 best lines of 2009. This video shows how great Drake really is. I am not sure if I know how to embed the video.
  10. The Infamous OG Prop
    The infamous OG Prop is given to select members that joined in the year 2007. While a Super OG Prop has been given to a few that joined 2006. Those are a rarity. So my question is this. Who has...
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  11. The Avengers (SPOILERS)
    I figure I'll open this thread for those of us who have seen it. My god, was that one of the funniest, greatest, and well done comic book movies of all time? I hope everyone stayed for the Shawarma...
  12. My daughter just asked me a very important question.
    In Mick Martials Arts, whose Mick?
  13. MCA Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys Dies
    LINK RIP MCA Fuck you Cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Jetman?
    Anyone else heard of this guy? I stumbled upon him while trying to reach the end of the internet today. Pretty sure that if I had the ability to be anyone else in the whole world, I might pick this...
  15. Mayweather/Cotto
    Who's going to be watching? I wouldn't necessarily pay for this but if it were a lock that mayweather got KTFO I might I cannot stand mayweather hope he loses
  16. What ever happened to Street Cred?
    ???WHAT??? Justin Beiber?????
  17. Underwater Hotel to be Built in Dubai
    Dubai is the place to go if you want to build outrageous or crazy architecture, like buildings as tall as mountains, manmade islands in the shape of the world or, if neither of those is wacky enough...
  18. What If The Male Avengers Posed Like The Female One?
    Haha Picture
  19. Do You Like Thor? Do You Like Corgis? You'll Love This.
  20. NFL Fans Might Like This
    Check out these alternate logos, done in a an old-school style, for NFL teams. All of them were done by Wes Kull. I actually think some of them are pretty damn cool. Not all of them, but some of...
  21. Want to get drunk without drinking a drop of alcohol?
    A scientist and a designer have teamed up to create a new spray that simulates drinking, including the feeling of being drunk. According to several media sources, French American scientist David...
  22. The Prop-a-Pookie sweepstakes
    I'm 105 props away from 1500 lady and gentleman, and i'm impatient enough to pull a Kung-fu move here and coerce you all into propping me up to 1500. Mystery Prizes included for all involved. No 2...
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  23. Hey guys
    Haven't posted in a while but when i saw this video I knew where it'd get some appreciation Enjoy
  24. Kimbo Slice vs Jesse Porter (Boxing 5/12/12)
    You'll never guess what happened in Kimbo's boxing match last night video
  25. Movie Review: Dark Shadows (Spoilers)
    Cast of Characters: Johnny Depp as "I look like ipf Edward Scissorhands and Maximus had a baby" Barnabus Collins Michelle Pfieffer as "every pfucking scene im in, im standing on the pfucking stairs"...
  26. Unemployment Stories
    So it looks like after 8 years with my company, I along with others will be laid off. I have been expecting this for the past few years and somehow was able to weed in and out of the cracks to stay,...
  27. Mock Fighter Sponsors
    Don't know if this has been done, and if it has well lets do it again! Pick some fighters and assign them a sponsor, you can base it off their personalities, fighting style, whatever you want. Just...
  28. I have set up a new store on ebay
    We will be looking to sell the best MMA clothing and gear. Please take a look. We are starting from the bottom and aiming for the starts My ebay page
  29. Anderson Spray
    I found this today at the local grocery store here in the Mean Streets of West Linn, Oregon.
  30. Rampage Jackson & Matt "The Immortal" Brown on MMA @Work tonight
    Normally we I wouldn't mention this in here, but it's Rampage F'n Jackson! Tune in tonight guys, and remember, there are 3 BJ Penn fatheads left to give away tonight. I got mine, now you get yours!...
  31. Uncle Chael cover
    Not too shabby.....I must say
  32. Can Someone Help?
    Is there anybody out there that can make a custom avatar? I would like an avatar of Jon Jones: Like Water. Is there anyone that can help? I would definitely give props. And, today is my birthday! I...
    that is all
  34. Budweiser Commercial: Anderson, Seagal, Miragliotta, Buffer, Machida
    Just posted on Buffer's Twitter account: LINK
  35. Chael_Sonnen With the AV of the Year
    It truly deserves it's own thread. (Plus, by tomorrow you'll probably have 3 different ones by then) Even though you love Med. Rare, this was WELL DONE!!!
    Haven't seen one in a while so I figured I'd start up another thread for the funniest pictures our fateful playground members can scrounge up! I'll start.
  37. Jon Jones' crash caught on tape
    Bonus - Bone Cold
  38. Any Chicago PG'ers?
    I think I'm going to be living in Chicago (Evanston area) this fall for a marketing internship, and was wondering if there were any fellow PG'ers in that area? If so, we should definitely hit up a...
  39. Make your Dark Knight Rises predictions
    So I read this article where a guy was making his predictions on TDKR so I figured I would start a thread for people to make their predictions and that it would be fun to look at to see how possibly...
  40. TV Show Thread
    So I figured there is a video game and a movie thread so I figured I would make a thread for TV Shows. So what tv show are you watching, just watched, etc.? As for me I am watching Spider-Man:...
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  42. Josh's Master's Graduation Digs
    I am only about 2 weeks away for my Master's ceremony and I picked up all my digs. I just thought I'd share it with people who might want to see. I graduate June 12th, 2012 at 6pm PDT. I'm...
  43. Uncle Chael MUST HAVE!
    “217lbs of muscle, steel and sex appeal ladies and gentlemen.”
  44. **Stefan Struve Facebook Contest**
    Im on a facebook contest and I need likes on my status. I saw that this is a big forum and thought you guys could help me. If you could help and just like my status that I post it will help very...
  45. Porn Star Jenna Jameson Gets DUI After Hitting Pole
    Porn actress Jenna Jameson was arrested on suspicion of DUI early Friday after her car hit a pole. The 38-year-old "Zombie Strippers!" star was pulled over by officers at around 1:30am local time...
  46. Happy 21st Budgellism!!!!
    Welcome to the 21 club mate, P.S yeah your on the stalkers club Hope you have a great day!!!!!! And if I was allowed to send presents in the post across the Atlantic without it being searched I know...
  47. What's your Twitter handle?
    I'm just following 3 or 4 of you on Twitter, and was wondering if more PG'ers had Twitter.. and if so what their handle was. I'd love to give you guys a follow! I'm . Some...
  48. My UFC 146 Wish List.
    1. Volkmann does not find himself near any device with the ability to amplify his voice. That's it.
  49. Pretty Much The Most Awesome Proposal Ever
    Considering that this isn't a flash mob, but rather friends and family. This is pretty fucking balls awesome. Damn, Son
  50. @FightOnTwist's UFC Encyclopedia Twitter Contest
    In an effort to expand the social media portion of the site, I have created a contest on Twitter. I am buying the winner a UFC Encyclopedia in an effort to promote MMAPlayground and MMA@Work. Sign up...
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