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  1. Time to change avatars- need suggestions
    It's that time again but I'm fresh out of ideas. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
  2. Quit Eating My Strawberries!
  3. Sons of Anarchy
    Finally got my hands on Season 1 over the weekend. One episode in and I'm already hooked!
  4. Huge DERP In The Sugar Bowl
    Quite possibly the most amazing run to ever set up a 2nd and Goal from the 31 yard line. DERP
  5. Starcraft 2
    Anyone here play SC2? If so what rank / race and all that other stuff are you? I'm Masters with protoss and zerg, and maybe diamond with terran, zerg is my best race though. Anyone wants me to pwn...
  6. Adios, Carlos!
    Have fun hangin' with that POS Guillen in Miami! Don't let the door hit you on the way out, homie!
  7. The Unspoken Contest
    Twita, the publisher of the UFC encyclopedia, has graciously handed out another book for a lucky poster. We all knew there was a prize for ufc 140 and 141 but what we did not know was - Twita was...
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  8. Cubs Acquire 1B Anthony Rizzo from San Diego
    ESPN MLB - Cubs acquire 1B Anthony Rizzo (.331 BA Triple-A) from Padres for P Andrew Cashner in 4-player trade. This kid is gonna be a STUD.
  9. Spike TV Looking to Add Boxing to Strengthen Post-UFC Schedule
    UFC events and The Ultimate Fighter were the premier programming on Spike TV for a number of years. Now, with the UFC leaving the network for a number of reasons (better exposure at Fox and too...
  10. Oleander - FIGHT! (feat Urijah Faber)
    Just figured I would throw this out there because I just heard it on Octane and thought some fans of Oleander or Urijah Faber would enjoy it. Maybe everyone is already aware of it, but it was the...
  11. Cancer Barbie Petition
    Me and my wife were talking. We were discussing cancer. We have several cancer survivors in the family, and some that lost the fight. My wife was thinking about how to make an impact on the lives of...
  12. Didn't know we had a celebrity posting here!
    PG member featured in music video!
  13. Man Attacks Woman With Frozen Armadillo
    DALLAS - A man used a frozen armadillo to attack a 57-year old Pleasant Grove woman, Dallas police said. The incident happened on Sept. 29 in an apartment complex parking lot. According to...
  14. Man Claims Prostitute Turned Into A Donkey
    A Zimbabwean man has told a court that he hired a prostitute who during the night transformed into a donkey, and that he is now "seriously in love" with the animal, according to state media. LINK
  15. World's First Urine Controlled Video Game
    Visitors at the The Exhibit Bar in Balham can play one of three games every time they use a urinal. The video game has been trialled in a bar in Cambridge since mid-July and it has proved to be both...
  16. Woman Suffers From Allergy To Water
    A young woman whose life is blighted by an allergy to water has told how she can't even watch a weepy film, because her own tears bring her out in a painful rash. Katie Dell, 26, is one of only about...
  17. Resident demands to know council's plans for Santa crash
    Cheltenham Borough Council was asked to provide details of its contingency plans for Santa crashing in an FoI request filed this year. The applicant called for details about who at the council would...
  18. PETA demands highway memorials for cows
    The animal rights group known for risque anti-fur campaigns and 'Meat is Murder' slogan, is going one step further to give dead cows a memorial reserved for human victims. People for the Ethical...
  19. Man Tries To Use $1,000,000 Bill At Walmart
    LEXINGTON, N.C. — Do you have change for a million-dollar bill? Police say a North Carolina man insisted his million-dollar note was real when he was buying $476 worth of items at a Walmart....
  20. I'm pretty much ready....
    To stop posting at work! lol i always say dumb shit
  21. Colored Hockey League
    This is a very interesting ESPN segment about the CHL in Nova Scotia.
  22. Spot the 5 members of MMAPlayground
    CLICK - You'll REGRET it if you don't :)
  23. 2012 NFL Playoffs thread
    Texans, Saints, and Giants have moved on. Broncos against Steelers shortly. Who's everyone rooting for?
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  24. Mike Tyson's Hotel Room Broken Into In 'Hangover'-Style Fashion
    The saying 'art imitates life' was flipped a week ago as the Las Vegas hotel room of boxing legend Mike Tyson was broken into while he sleeping inside. According to reports from TMZ, the 45-year-old...
  25. 2012 NFL Draft: Early Look
    All but 4 non-playoff teams know where they're picking, and those will be decided by coinflips probably late February, all playoff teams are 21-32 depending on who goes how far. Who is your team, and...
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  26. How to make Frog Legs dance
    1. Go frog gigging. 2. Skin the frog legs. 3. Salt 'em up, let the magic begin. Video
  27. BCS Title Game Tonight: LSU vs. Alabama
    Who you goin for ?
  28. You guys have got to try this.
    If you've never herd of it,this web site is called the dialectizer. It basicly changes the words of any web site around.
    Who else has a twitter?? follow @b3grant ILL FOLLOW BACK!!! #mmaswag
  30. Meet our future leader!
    It's only a matter of time... How big is the whale?
  31. Note: Locker Room and Padded Room has been merged into Off Topic
    That is all.
  32. Motion to take down DCRage's redundant pinned threads.
    Since it's explained in the writeup for the OT forum anyways.
  33. What happens to boxing after Mayweather vs Pacquiao?
    Hypothetical: Let's just say the Mayweather/Pac-Man fight happens on May 5th. What happens next? Boxing has no "names" left to carry the sport. The reason boxing fans want this fight so bad is bc...
  34. Indianapolis Colts hire Ryan Grigson as GM
    Irsay just confirmed the hiring via Twitter. ------------------ The Indianapolis Colts plan to hire Philadelphia Eagles director of player personnel Ryan Grigson as their new general manager,...
  35. Are hot refs a distraction to the fighters?
    Obviously, we all know who this is referring to.
  36. Scientists Discover New Carnivorous Plant In Brazil
    In the kind of discovery seldom seen in modern biology, scientists say they have discovered a carnivorous Brazilian plant that uses sticky, subterranean leaves to catch and digest worms—an...
  37. ECW and Japanese Wrestling
    Alrighty, so back in high school when I was a die hard pro wrestling fan, I watched it all, but I had a special place in my heart for puroresu (Japanese wrestling) and ECW. WWE had the storyline and...
  38. Lesnar/Fedor Pro-Wrestling Match
    Rumor is this will be happening. Will you watch?
  39. MMA Jokes
    Why is BJ Penn always drunk?
  40. Tom Brady Punting?
    Does Belichick hate Tebow that bad?? Tom Brady punting the ball after the Patriots took a huge lead was a slap in the face if I've ever seen one.
  41. 30 Giant Japanese Hornets Slaughtering 30,000 Honeybees To Eat Their Young
    This is SPARTA! Tens of thousands are dead, hundreds more of the dying lie writhing on the battlefield, powerless to protect their children. These horrifying and yet fascinating scenes are the...
  42. Super Bowl XLVI: Who ya got?
    Wild divisional round weekend in the NFL playoffs. I don't know if it beat UFC 142, but it was great nonetheless. Baltimore barely edging Houston, Brady and the Pats railing the Denver Tebows, San...
  43. PC Games - any good sports games?
    I got rid of my PS3 a while back but now I'm getting the itch to play some sports games. Any suggestions?
  44. Adios, Caldwell!
  45. Who Dropped The SOPA?
    Whoooooooooooooo's ready for the internet to go down! EDIT: I guess I should post some sort of link for those that don't know what SOPA is. LINK And Click LINK
  46. Strange sounds heard worldwide
    youtube video I thought this was a very interesting video. I wonder what it is? Or if it is even real.
  47. Obama Says So Long SOPA, Killing Controversial Internet Piracy Legislation
    The growing anti-SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) support that has swept through the gaming and Internet community found a very big ally today. With websites like Reddit and Wikipedia and gaming...
  48. The Next Jon Jones?
    This kid is amazing 2 min video
  49. If I gave you the power to build a time machine,
    would you build it and use it? Please explain your answer and do know - your answer will be subjected to criticism whether it be good or bad.
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  50. Psychiatrist of Casey Anthony opens up about her
    Article I actually thought this was a very well written article. You have to go into reading it as a neutral stand point. It does pose a lot of questions.
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