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  1. Facebook Ads?
    Anyone else getting these on their Facebook? It is just like the ads on the playground. Its those interactive ads that change every once in awhile. They are on my home page. So anyone else having...
  2. My god this Denver Defense with...........
    Tim Tebow are 7-1! watch out Green Bay the Bronco's are coming! lol
  3. I won the Tweeter contest!!!!!
    I been retweetin like a mofo and it payed off I won a UFC encyclopedia! Thank you MMAplayground!!!
  4. For All The Tebow Lovers
    i got a good response for the Tebow: All I Do Is Win pic, so i want to make sure everyone has seen the video Tebow: All He Does Is Win
  5. Sh*t Girls Say
    Video I think they nailed it...what do you think?
  6. Fuel tv
    If you have comcast, what channel is feul tv on?
  7. Playstation 3 Network Users: Add Me!
    Hey, I just got a PS3 and I'd love to online game with some of you. Add me My User Name: FightOnTwist Just let me know who you are by replying here in the thread or adding it in a message!
  8. Anybody play mw3 for the 360?
    Add me, gt is Jacarre Yeah I'm paying respects to the brazilian beast
  9. You may have an MMA problem if.... imagine you are at a weigh-in when you take off your clothes getting into the shower. (seek help immediately if you hear Rogan's voice in your head) make the teeth-gritting face and...
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  10. Greatest Movie Directors
    What is your list of the greatest movie directors? 10. David Fincher 9. Christopher Nolan 8. David Lynch 7. James Cameron 6. Francis Ford Coppola 5. Clint Eastwood 4. Martin Scorsese 3. Alfred...
  11. Now touch gloves and go back to your cor....
    Not even going to try to introduce this, I'll just let you watch and laugh: X-treme Armwrestling lmao....
  12. Louis CK - New Special
    Comedian Louis CK is doing something I don't think any other comedian has ever done. He's taking a page out of Radiohead's book and providing his new special over the internet at a fraction of its...
  13. Fear Factor is back!!
    Fear Factor returned this week, and without giving anything away, it was a glorious return! Anyone get to check it out? If not, I would highly recommend watching it, for those who may have missed it!...
  14. All i want for x-mas
    flyboard zapata ^^^ video
  15. Most Anticipated Movies of 2012
    What are the top 5 films you are most looking forward to in 2012? 5. Lincoln 4. Gangster Squad 3. Word War Z 2. Django Unchained 1. The Dark Knight Rises
  16. Funny Gif of Dana White
  17. 1st came Michael then came Bruce and now the Buffer-er-est brother.......
    Jimmy Buffer!!!!!! Jimmy Buffer world exclusive
  18. New google easter eggs
    Google search "Let it snow"
  19. Joe Rogan and Ron Paul on Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Video)
    Joe Rogan and Ron Paul on the Tonight Show. LINK
  20. If you were stuck on a deserted island...
    What 2 things would you choose to have with you and 1 person. Explain yourselves I would choose a fishing pole, to catch fish of course. And a tv so that I could watch all the mma I wanted. And I...
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  21. Twitter - Who are you on there?
    Couldn't see another Twitter thread so, are you on there and where can we follow you? @Screen1ne - My main account where I talk things Movies & MMA @Sweep_TheLeg - My MMA podcast that I co-host (BTW...
  22. The Greatest News In The History of College Sports
    From ESPN's head publicist and PR rep for college sports, Mike Humes' Twitter account just now. Craig James has decided to run for the U.S. Senate. He will no longer work for ESPN
  23. Thanks
    On recieving my 200th prop, I just wanted to say a special thanks to one heck of a lot of people! The Playground is still my favourite place to spend my internet time Thank you all for logging on and...
  24. UFC 141 free on XBOX 360
    If you download the new UFC app on the dashboard then go through the motions of ordering it(like entering a credit card if you don't already have one saved to your XBOX) you get 141 for $0.00! I have...
  25. GSP recovering.....LIKE A BOSS!
    wish i had photoshop
  26. Dexter Ortiz?
    So I was watching Dexter and I was wondering if anyone else burst out laughing or immediately thought "that's fucking tito ortiz!" when Travis Marshall changed the face on his little painting. Here...
  27. USC's Matt Barkley To Make Decision Today At 1pm PDT
    Matt Barkley will make his decision on pro or no today at 1pm PDT. The presser is set up on USC's campus and can be viewed here if you're interested. I have a feeling my Christmas is going to rule.
  28. Why we have blind spots - and how to see the blood vessels inside your own eye!
    If you are intrigued by science or the inner workings of the human body, then spend 8 minutes and watch this video. I knew that we had blind spots, but I guess I never really knew why. Seeing the...
  29. Happy Hoe-lidays, Playground!
    Happy Icy Hot Chriz-mass from me n muh boyeeez!
  30. Tim Sylvia, Josh Barnett Returning To Pro Wrestling On New Year's Eve
    While his DREAM date with Brett Rogers was canceled due to a visa issue, Tim Sylvia has found work on New Year's Eve after all as he's been booked for a pro wrestling match with Jerome Le Banner,...
  31. Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas to everyone on the playground. I hope that your holidays are safe and enjoyable.
  32. Anybody pack lip on the playground?
    If so, what do you prefer? I always stick with grizzly, usually long cut wintergreen or longcut mint
  33. Worst Christmas present you've ever been given?
    Paper shredder. Given to me by my girlfriend at the time. I'm all about acting "excited" when I get gifts even if I'm not particularly a fan of said gift. But do you know how f'ing hard it is to act...
  34. 'Alcatraz'
    I just found out about this yesterday via an On Demand preview. It looks like it has some potential. Thoughts? LINK
  35. I made the paper!
    Article My business made the local news for our one year anniversary. The reporter didn't put anything I said about MMA into the article though, which is kind of crappy.
  36. Pre-event anxiety?
    After what seemed like a small eternity to me, Season 12 begins Friday. The fight card is stacked, and I can't wait to watch it. I am experiencing a good deal of anxiety over it though! Every season,...
  37. Photoshop Help Needed (Prop Given)
    Can someone alter this image, with the same-ish font, to say "Making Up Titles" instead of "Racking Up Wins?"
  38. Your Favorite Movie Quotes?
    "When you have the chance to kill somebody don't hesitate" Die Hard "Enough to make you old" Saving Private Ryan "The things you own end up owning you" Fight Club "Say Hello to my Little Friend"...
  39. The Greatest Roller Coaster Photo Ever
    This is LaMichael James' picture from Disneyland. For those of you who don't know, LaMichael James is the Running Back for the University of Oregon. They're in town for the Rose Bowl and decided to...
  40. I'm a sensei, bitches!!!
    That's like the forum equivalent of going super saiyan!! Gaze in awe!
  41. The fighters you can't help but love. . .
    Who are the guys others hate but you can't help but cheer for? My top three are: Fitch; I can't see why people don't like him! Brock; He's just a funny dude. Hughes; I just think the guy is a legend.
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  42. The fighters you can't help but dislike...
    Most people like 'em but you don't. Who are they? Forrest Griffin Stephan Bonnar Frankie Edgar Dominick Cruz Diego Sanchez Leonard Garcia Frank Mir Sean Sherk Joe Stevenson
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  43. Is Nick Diaz a wanted fugitive?
    So, I saw a police sketch the other day...and I started thinking that it reminded me of someone. It finally came to me that it was possibly supposed to be Nick Diaz. I'm not sure how serious the...
  44. Does Anyone Know Who That Guy In Lesnar's Entourage Is?
    Best way to describe him is the tall, rail thin dude with a weird haircut.
  45. Sorry Diaz haters
    To quote Dr. Dre's album, Chronic 2001: "Hoes forgot to eat a dick and shut the fuck up." Apparently some Cerrone fans forgot that saying when this fight was announced. I just love how wrong everyone...
  46. BloodyElbow.
    I'm starting to dislike the editors over at BloodyElbow, especially Matthew Roth. I'm tired of seeing their own opinions all over the site while I'm looking for news. Roth just doesn't seem like a...
  47. Happy New Years Playground
    Not only was it a great year for mma, it was a great year for the Playground. Now it's time to get shittered.
  48. Randy "The Natural" Couture and others new film
    As we approach a new year be sure to be part of an up-and-coming film based in Seattle. The film, titled "Impose Your Will" revolves around Randy "The Natural" Couture . The film is an edgy, dark...
  49. PG member you talk to most who is `not` in your Fight Camp
    Who is the PG member you talk to the most? PM's, chat, on the phone, whatever. Just not someone in your own fight camp. For me it'd be Aether because somehow we're usually the last two in Facebook...
  50. Happy birthday Kpro
    Wishing you a happy birthday! Here's something you should do on your birthday LINK
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