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  1. Skype
    I am trying to register for Skype but it is not working. Can any one post me a link so that I can register a new account with Skype and then download. Any advice is much appreciated.
  2. MF'in Bootleg Fireworks
    Contains NSFW Language Video
  3. Vanes Martirosyan wins in Oklahoma over Richard Gutierrez
    Vanes Martirosyan puts away Richard Gutierrez in Oklahoma. Congratulations to Vanes! Story at:
  4. Dodged a bullet!
    Its fair to say I like a bit of a gamble on the UFC, over the last 2 months Ive managed to raise a big stake (£1000) and I have been betting it on locks to make a little bit of money. So far I have...
  5. My ESPN GameDay Experience
    So most of you know I am a huge USC Trojans fan. I won four tickets to see USC-Stanford last night at the Coliseum. Now, let me say that it would have been better if USC won, but holy shit was game...
  6. Weakest Wrestling Super Moves(Finishers)
    My brothers and I always referred to them at super moves when we were growing up. Who had the absolute weakest finisher? First that comes to mind is Umaga and his stupid thumb thing.
  7. Favorite/Best Wrestling Finishing Move
    Insipired by the weakest finishing move thread, i'll start one for some of my favorites... Top 5 The F-5 Air-Bourne The Canadian Destroyer Five Star Frog Splash The Last Ride
  8. Best MMA-related costume ever?
    I think so!
  9. My Favourite quote of the weekend:
    Greg Jackson at UFC 137: Go get some Donald Cerrone! Quality! Go get some Donald Cerrone!
  10. Wilfred
    Does anyone else watch this show? I just got into it last week and I'm on episode 5. So far I find it to be awesome. It's such a simple concept but the characters work well together and it produces...
  11. Are the fighters today less manly than the fighters of yesterday?
    Fighters nowadays are pulling out of fights due to colds, sores, itches, fears, and sprained muscles or ligaments. What ever happened to the good old gladiator days when fighters fought with broken...
  12. Comic Book/Video Game Nerds - DC Universe Online is now free
    Just wanted to let my fellow Comic Book/Video games nerds know that DC Universe Online is now Free-to-Play starting today. They will only charge for the DLC if you decide you want it. If you want to...
  13. How I Met Your Mother
    It's official...the show has jumped the shark and is now complete crap. This season has just been downright horrible. It's time to wrap it up. My prediction? Robin and Barney end up together....
  14. I need your help with Mt Dew and Doritos MW3 2XP codes.
    I'd like to rake up some time without getting diabetes. So if there are any Mountain Dew drinkers or Doritos eaters out there who aren't going to playing MW3 I'd gladly take the codes under the...
  15. What car do you drive?
    For people who have a car. What car do you drive? 2011 Lancer GT over here :D
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  16. Who Would You Rather Have As Your Quarterback?
    Andrew Luck or Cam Newton?
  17. Oregon residents, upper Californians, and lower western Canadians
    For what it's worth, here is the information if you do not know already. There is a huge earthquake pending alongside the entire Oregon coast. The last earthquake in that region was estimated to...
  18. student vs homework
    if you ever played Pokemon on a gameboy and remember what it was like to be a student, watch this Hilarious
  19. Hot Sauce Poll
    Read the poll! Personally, I love Frank's and Louisiana hot sauce...not a big fan of Tabasco. It's okay in a pinch, I guess.
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  20. I don't know how old or new this is but here is a video you guys may want to see.
    Viewer discretion is advised.
  21. Would you rather pay to see Fedor fight this weekend or this?
    Celebrity Boxing It's not really a bad card actually. Lou Bellera is Amy Fisher's hubby so him and Joey Buttafuoco should be a scrap.
  22. On a Mission
    Rght, I was off line yesterday and have some serious catching up to do. Here is what Ill be doing this evening. I have 4 games to update/take part in, I will be doing them in the following order....
  23. Lunging humpback whale nearly swallows up surfer, kayaker
    Link Crazy video
  24. Google: Do A Barrel Roll
    I love little hidden features Google incorporates occasionally. Just thought I'd share. Anyone know any other "Easter Eggs" they have?
  25. Trance
    Anyone here listen to trance/techno/progressive/house/electro etc?
  26. A world without computer monitors,keyboards,mp3,etc. All projection?
    Don't know if this will ever become a fully realized technology but it looks kind of cool to me. link
  27. Any boxing fans?
    Huge month for boxing! I know ufc 138 has no big fights but the match UPS are sick nasty explosive especially pickett vs bararo but tomorrow is James kirkland vs Alfredo angulo which will be...
  28. The biggest PPV of the year is happening tonight and no one's even talking about it.
    I don't want to hear any complaining about how poor the UFC card is, cause there's always other options. Epic fight card; stacked top to bottom. btw... Props to anyone who can find betting lines for...
  29. Boxing Legend Joe Frazier Very ill With Cancer
    PHILADELPHIA -- Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier has liver cancer and is under hospice care. The 67-year-old boxer was diagnosed four or five weeks ago, Frazier's personal and business manager...
  30. Video: October 2011 recap of the HyeFighters matches featuring Arturos Akopian, Vanes Martirosyan, David Graf
    October 2011 recap of the HyeFighters matches Video At:
  31. Rabi
    Was very fortunate enough to meet Rabi in person yesterday, and I have to say. Rabi is as much the man in person as he is on the playground. Had an incredible weekend and seeing Ray was definitely a...
  32. My Weekend
    First of all I wanna say thank's a lot to BsB and Gartface for the amazing opportunity to be on the show, I know I wasn't really prepared and on reflection all I did was knock Carwin down to big...
  33. Modern Warfare 3!
    You guys ready?!
  34. Kirkland vs Angulo ROUND OF THE YEAR!
    Crazy fight that definitely has round of the year in boxing but could be fight of the year too! Alittle background info.:James kirkland came into this fight 29-1(26 KOs) he was a huge prospect a few...
  35. Horrific Penn State Scandal: What Do You Make Of It? Who's To Blame?
    This is a highly controversial topic. If you cannot comment on this without being intelligent or disgusting, please don't comment at all. The Mods/Admins have started to allow a little lee-way on...
  36. Skyrim!
    Ok I figured since there is a COD thread as nerdier men can talk about Skyrim! Who is ready for Skyrim?!
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  37. who wakes up at 330am?
    my #$@!$&* kids thats who I wake up with one little guy playing with his hot wheels on my bed. so I get up, hear the TV, and my 3 year old is on the couch eating chips and watching infomercials about...
  38. Smokin' Joe Frazier Passes Away At Age 67
    "I don't want to knock my opponent out. I want to hit him, step away and watch him hurt" - Joe Frazier Smokin' Joe Frazier passed away this evening after a battle with liver cancer. Born on January...
  39. Modern Warfare 3
    I've had the game for about 24 hours now, and damn am I enjoying it! All the complaints I had about Modern Warfare 2 are almost non existent this time around, and the new additions are awesome. I...
  40. Got any trivia questions pertaining to movies or music?
    I am hosting another trivia at the bar that I work at. The categories for this trivia are Movies & music, so I only need questions pertaining to Movies &/or Music. I will prop the hell out of you if...
  41. Xbox/PS3 Names
    Don't think I've ever seen a thread asking for peoples Xbox live or PSN Names: So here goes just use this thread to put yours up and ask for others, add me or I'll add you, jjeans- Xbox Live only -...
  42. UFC 1's Art Jimmerson wants 'Kimbo Slice' in a boxing match
    Here's one fantasy matchup you probably didn't see coming: Art Jimmerson vs. Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson in the squared circle. The 48-year-old Jimmerson (0-1 MMA, 33-18 Boxing) today said he's...
  43. Veteran's Day
    I really hope this doesn't count as a political thread, because all it's meant to do is thank the men and women of this country for their service, and maybe share stories. I'm not a veteran, though...
  44. Adam Sandler
    Does anyone still find him funny? I saw the trailers for his new "movie" and was so repulsed by its terribleness that I decided to see how it was rated on Rotten Tomatoes. It received a 0. Here's a...
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  45. Uncle Ben's
  46. Anyone Seen This? Bear Chasing Bison
    Full Story
  47. SafeAuto Insurance Commercial Featuring MMA Star Clay Guida
    Youtube Video it's not new, but i didn't see it in the search. Enjoy!
  48. VIDEO: Urartu Sports News: HyeFighters upcoming matches for Nov/Dec 2011
    VIDEO: Urartu Sports News: HyeFighters upcoming matches for Nov/Dec 2011 LINK:
  49. Congratulations to ...........................................
    Pmoney! His FB status just changed from Engaged to Married! Nice 1 mate!
  50. Tweet Of The Day Regarding Pacquiao vs. Marquez
    HAHA, this shit made me crack up. I thought I'd share. @ekc leonard garcia defeats marquez by split decision
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