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  1. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #7
    Jack Torrance from The Shining vs. Hannibal Lecture from various movies
  2. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #8
    Last match up from today from Bracket A Jigsaw from the Saw Movies vs. The Joker from Batman
  3. favorite TV show character?
    whether the person is fiction or non-fiction who is your favorite character on TV? I for one would have to go with Ari Gold. When the man goes on a rant the whole time I am just sitting there with a...
  4. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #9
    The other 8 matchups from yesterday represent bracket A, the 8 from today will represent bracket B. Pinhead from Hellraiser Movies vs. The Blob
  5. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #10
    Norman Bates from Psycho vs. Dracula from Various Movies
  6. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #11
    Dr. Satan from House of 1000 Corpse vs. Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  7. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #12
    Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street vs. Candyman from the Candyman Movies
  8. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #13
    Predator from the Predator movies vs. The Reaper from Jeepers Creepers
  9. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #14
    Wolfman from Various Movies vs. Dr. Heiter from Human Centipede
  10. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #15
    Nosferatu from various movies vs. The Leprechaun from the Leprechaun Movies
  11. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1- Matchup #16
    This is the last first round match up. Voting will run for a few days. Chucky from Child's Play vs. The Crawler from the Descent
  12. Favorite Video Game Character?
    Decided to ask after reading ChrisSabal's post about favorite show characters. So, who do you guys like from your favorite video games? For me it would be..
  13. What's wrong with this picture?
    Anyone else thinks Dominick Cruz looks like a small Junior Dos Santos in this poster? Long lost twins seperated at birth? Potential body double? You be the judge!
  14. The presence of pmoney
    The presence of pmoney will probably drop off a little bit in the coming days. I am in the middle of a move, and other life affecting factors come in to play. I'll still be checking in, and more...
  15. Who do you look up to or respect the most: the RICH / the SMART / the AESTHETIC?
    Who do you look up to or respect the most: the RICH / the SMART / the AESTHETIC? Starting this thread as I'm heading a project in the local community about role models, so ANY input would be...
  16. Josh's War With Michelle Beadle Reaches New Heights
    So, I wrote this article for an unnamed sports site that I am employed by and it circulated pretty fast around the internet. Some pretty heavy hitters in the industry responded back to me about the...
  17. 98 Year-Old Keiko Fukuda Earns 10th Degree Black Belt in Judo
    Keiko Fukuda of San Francisco, California, was promoted to the rank of 10th dan (degree) black belt in Judo this week by USA Judo, the sport's national governing body. This is the highest ranking one...
  18. Worst song known to mankind?
    I saw an article on Yahoo about this girl, Rebecca Black, who was bullied out of school. Apparently, she came out with a song and YouTube video called "Friday" that received 100 million hits. I never...
  19. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 1 RESULTS
    Here are results from round , second round starts tomorrow. Round 1 Bracket A Myers defeats Ghostface 24 to 0 Alien defeats The Thing 14 to 9 Myers faces Alien in the next round Vader defeats...
  20. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #1
    Michael Myers vs. Alien
  21. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #2
    Darth Vader vs. Frankenstien's Monster
  22. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #3
    Pennywise the Clown - from IT vs. Jason - from Friday the 13th
  23. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #4
    Hannibal Lecture vs. The Joker
  24. Guide to Cuddling
    John Stamos's Guide to Cuddling
  25. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #5
    Pinhead from Hellraiser vs. Dracula
  26. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #6
    Shredder from TMNT vs. Freddy Krueger
  27. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #7
    Due to the fact that there is already a Dracula in the tourney Nosferatu is being DQ'd and The Leprechaun is taking his place. The Leprechaun vs. Chucky
  28. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 -Matchup #8
    Last matchup of the day Predator vs. Wolfman
  29. Best/Favorite Movie Posters
    Post your favorite movie poster or the one you think is the best... here is mine from my favorite movie.
  30. Went to the UFC events the past couple days
    Here are the highlights: Called Mark Dellagrotte "The Situation", he laughed his ass off. Let master Tong from team Alpha Male skip in line for a beer, he bowed twice. Saw Vladimir Matyushenko and...
  31. 30 Minutes Or Less
    Just wondering if anyone has seen it yet? And if it was any good? I'm supposed to be seeing it today and I wanna know if it's worth the money to go.
  32. Strong Wind Topples Stage at Indiana Fair, Killing 5
    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The wind gust that toppled a stage at the Indiana State Fair Saturday night, killing five and injuring dozens of fans waiting for the country band Sugarland to perform, was a...
  33. MMAPG Photoshop Contest #1
    I was hoping to start this earlier this week, but I figured if I start it on fight night, it will probably get more traction. The rules for the contest are: 1) You must use part or all of the...
  34. can someone please make me a gif?
    from 1:44-1:49 this dance is absolutely ridiculous, but i have no knowledge of how to create gifs. Beds are Burning
  35. Today Is BlueSkiesBurn's Birthday
    29 years ago today, I was born. I just wanted to share my B-Day with some friends I know I have on this site that aren't on Facebook.
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  36. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 2 RESULTS
    Alien defeats Michael Myers 16-7 Darth defeats Frankenstien's Monster 20-2 Alien will face Darth in the next round Jason defeats Pennywise 19-3 The Joker defeats Hannibal Lecture 15-7 Jason will face...
  37. Calling Pmoney
    Where you at bro, the playground hasn't been the same since you took your talents to south beach....wait that's Lebrons. Anyway, get back soon broseph
  38. MMA conspiracy thread (or the just plain stupid thread)
    Lets say their are 20 UFC events a year. 2 are brodcasted free on tv. That leaves 18 left on PPV. 5 take place outside of the US. Now we have 13 left. Now we have 13-7. Which will be Brock's record +...
  39. jjeans, update...
    I know I'm not half the poster pmoney is and because of that I'm not expecting many people to open this thread let alone read it however I just wanted to explain my status if anybody cared as to why...
  40. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 3 -Matchup #1
    Here is the start of round 3. Alien vs. Darth Vader
  41. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 3 -Matchup #2
    Jason vs. The Joker
  42. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 3 -Matchup #3
    Pinhead vs. Freddy Krueger
  43. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 3 -Matchup #4
    Predator vs. Chucky
  44. Avatars and sigs - Need help
    I have been browsing through my profile trying to find out where to upload a sig or an avatar. I want to partake in an avatar or sig bet but before I can do that, I must be able to put up an avatar...
  45. Why did you sign up on
    As I log on day in and day out, I see only a handful of regular posters putting up posts. But as I check to see who is online, the numbers are usually very high. That's right. I am talking to you,...
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  46. Horror Movie Character tourny ROUND 3 RESULTS
    Darth Vader defeats Alien 18-9 Jason defeats Joker 14-13 Vader will face Jason in the semi finals starting Monday Freddy Krueger defeats Pinhead 19-6 Predator defeats Chucky 21-5 Freddy will face...
  47. Anyone take Taekwondo?
    Hey Im gunna start taking up TKD very shortly and had a question is there lots of katas cus im not a big fan of the katas, I will only be able to attend once a week because its 30min from where i...
  48. Miami Hurricanes?
    The investigation is still on going. But what do you think the NCAA should do and what is your take on it.
  49. any Busta Rhymes fans?
    I'm trying to find to put together a playlist of Busta Rhymes and would like suggestions on which songs of his I should use. any suggestions will result in
  50. 500 Year Old Vampire Attacks Woman
    Texas police have arrested a teen after he broke into a woman's apartment and attacked her, making hissing sounds and claiming to be a 500-year-old vampire. Lyle Monroe Bensley, 19, of Galveston,...
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