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  1. Is anyone a Vegan in here??
    If so have any good recipies??
  2. Charlie Chaplin movies
    Whenever I get free time, I watch comedies, especially Charlie Chaplin movies. I found great collection of comical movies available at I bought DVD of Chaplin Mutual Comedies...
  3. Xience Energy
    Any body here know if it is good or not.It is expensive.
  4. What is your bench max!
    What is your bench max.
  5. Aussie actress throwdown: Blanchett, Kidman, or Watts?
    A colleague and I have been unable to break the deadlock: Who's the best Australian actress working today? We've narrowed it to three candidates: Cate Blanchett. Won 1 Oscar, nominated for 2 others....
  6. What is your pastime.
    what is your pastime.
  7. Best fish restraunt
    Which is the best to eat fish.
  8. Leaving
    I'm heading down to Florida for a week. I'll make sure to post some pictures of me on the beach when I get back
  9. Affliction Clothing
    Anyone know where to find some cheaper clothing than on their site.I know MMASTOP and rock-rebel sell them but prices are quite the same..I got a Bid on Ebay for the Misfits affliction hoping i get...
  10. Barry Bonds and the HR Record
    Well its inevitable the guy is gonna break ol hammerin hanks record...Me personally im like ehh..i think the dude juiced...but innocent till proven guilty and yeah i guess you still got to make...
  11. Who is the greatest UFC fighter of all-time?
    Who is the greatest UFC fighter of all-time, based on championship bouts, wins and loses and stats(KO,Sub.)
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  12. Dream thread
    Just post your dream you had last night or any intresting dreams you had. Took it from the music idea. Anyways I will start..last night I had a dream that this nearly blind women was driving me to...
  13. Superbowl
    Favorite Superbowl of all time? Favorite Superbowl of all time that your favorite team did not win? Mine is 2001 I believe when the Titans lost by 1 yard. Eagles have never won
  14. Favorite Gaming console!
    Favorite gaming console.
  15. Shogun to face Forrest Griffin, not Ryoto Machida, at UFC 76???
    Either this is somehow one big misunderstanding or the Machida deal fell through. Or, Machida has been injured training for the bout. Reports: Shogun to face Forrest Griffin, not Ryoto Machida, at...
  16. Funny MMA Cartoons
    I'm not sure if anyone has already seen these, but here they are. Fedor vs GG Jackson vs Liddell AA vs Kongo GG vs Big Tim My favorite is the Fedor one.
  17. FMX.
    Anyone here do any Moto X? Racing or Freestyle? I myself do it as a hobby on the side along with MMA, pretty damn good at it too. Always somethin I can fall back on, right now I'm rollin with the new...
  18. Grammar
    I just have one complaint..... WHY DO 90% OF YOU USE BAD GRAMMAR?! that is just annoying.... Did everyone fail English or something? Then it seems no one knows how to spell certain fighters'...
  19. Video Games you MUST HAVE this holiday season!
    games i am for sure gonna buy this holiday.. 1.Call of Duty 4 2.Mass Effect 3.GTA4 4.Assassins Creed 5.Halo 3 6.Bioshock 7.Stranglehold 8.Left 4 Dead 9.Lost Odyssey 10.Splinter Cell 5 as a gamer...
  20. The Western U.S. is on fire again.
    ABC News: West Under Highest Wildfire Alert (AP) The U.S. National Interagency Fire CenterNational Interagency Fire Center has raised its wildfire preparedness level to the maximum, Level 5. This...
  21. Bernard Hopkins vs Winky Wright
    who will win this light heavyweight champion fight this Saturday night.
  22. Which champion from Pride and UFC would you fight?
    Alright out of the champions from Pride and UFC which one would you want to fight? and which one do you think you could beat?(if you were trained in MMA) Pride: Heavyweight Champ: Fedor Emelianenko...
  23. Cloverfield (1-18-08)
    Alright I am pretty sure most of you have seen the Transformers. And if you have not I am pretty sure you have heard the story from a friend or even off TV about the JJ Abrams movie that has no...
  24. fl keys
    anyone ever been to the keys??? im a florida boy and after 18 years there i moved out of state last year... florida sucks balls but i dont realy consider the keys part of fl and i absolutley love it...
  25. Mexico
    i'm planning a trip with my friends to venture on to mexico in about 2 weeks for a weekend. it'll be my first time goin to mexico, and the destination will be Rosarito. Anybody got any tips, or...
  26. Fedor vs a bear
    who takes it?
  27. Greatest dog ever
  28. M. Vick
    Should he ever be allowed back in the NFL?
  29. Does anybody give props?
    It seems that nobody gives anyone props anymore. I still give out alot of props, but some people like Mastadon and a few others are very good posters and they never get props like they deserve. Psst...
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  30. Transformers
    Ok people i wnet to see transformers last night it might just be the greatest movie ever made. Michael Bay did great with the visuals. it was awesome. tell me what u think about it
  31. The worst band names.
    What are the worst or stupidiest band names that you have herd of.
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  32. Who is more worthy for the LHW title.
    Who is more worthy for the title.
  33. Do you think Tito will ever get the title.
    Do you think Tito Ortiz will get the title back.
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  34. Bernard Hopkins wins unanimous decision and retains IBO light heavyweight
    ROUND 1: Wright lands an early jab. They tie up inside and Hopkins throws to the body. They tie up again along the ropes. Crowd begins to boo lightly at the midpoint. Hopkins lands a decent right...
  35. Fight Camp Carnage
    Need some members for my fight camp, need 4 solid members with a 70% win rate or higher. Email me
  36. Who will be the 4 playoff teams in NL and AL in the end?
    Who will it be?who will be the al and nl three division leaders west,east,central and the wild card? I believe it will be Al West-Angels Centeral-Tigers East-Red Sox Wild Card-Yankees or indians NL...
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  38. What do you think.
    what do you think the sentence for vick should be.
  39. For any of you.
    For any of you who live in Hawaii Dana White is trying to get UFC event in Aloha Stadium sometime next year.
  40. Rampage At E3
    Jackson introducing the UFC game and representing the ufc at the elctronic entertainment expo. He never fails to amuse Showing the game E3 Interview
  41. that is weird.
    did you know that the ufc website does not even have ufc 66,67 dvd for.
  42. Former boxer James Oyebola shot in face after asking men to stop smoking
    yahoo sports said Former Commonwealth Games medalist and British heavyweight champion James Oyebola was in critical condition in a London hospital Tuesday after being shot in the face outside a...
  43. Scott Ferrall the best sports analyst out there.
    Who else out there thinks Scott Ferrall is the best damn sports analyst out there. I LOVE THIS GUY.
  44. NFL( Mike Vick) NBA ( Ref betting on Games) UFC/MLB (Steroids) Who will be affected most??
    what do you think?
  45. UFC Tickets
    I'm going to be in Vegas the night of UFN11 and want to try to go to the show. I've searched the UFC site, ticketmaster, The Palms site and can't find anyone selling tickets. Does anyone know if...
  46. Do any of you shop on ebay.
    Do any of you shop on ebay I do and never had any problems.
  47. New guy wanting to delete his account
    Wonder why he wants to.
  48. Any of you here playin football.
    If you are represent your town and team.
  49. Classic Macho Man
    I cant believe when i was kid i watched this and thought it was normal...what the hell was i pretty much pissed my pants laughing as soon and Macho Man jumped in with Mean Gene...
  50. Most crazy WWF interview of all time
    I heard the Iron Sheik on Howard Stern this guy is bat shit CRAZY!!!!!! I guess he will be on Howard stern Aug 2 live Dont Miss It!!!!! Iron Sheik Goes Crazy shiek DRUNK!!!!!
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