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  1. Transformers... this is hilarious
  2. Putin - vs - Bush
    So who would win in a MMA fight between president's George Bush & Vladimir Putin? My pick is Putin via chest smash...
  3. Kobe
    who thinks he is leavin L.a
  4. MMA Cryptoquote thread for you to solve
    Anybody here do Cryptoquotes? I have been doing alot of them lately to pass the time and figured I would make my own up that is MMA related. First person to decode the message below will get "Props"...
  5. Kevin Garnett
    What team you think KG will go to.
  6. Grant Hill
    Grant Hill leaveing Orlando Magic to go to the Phoenix Suns. He gets just under $4M for two years to chase title with Suns. Do you think it was good for grant hill to go to the suns and the Orlando...
  7. MMA Game
    Does anyone know when the next MMA game is gonna come out? I know that THQ signed a contract with the UFC but they have not said when a game is gonna come out. Does anyone know?
  8. Shooter the Movie
    Is the movie Shooter any good.Mark Wahlberg,released June,26,07 I was wanting to know if I should watch it.
  9. MMA Radio/MMA Newsletter - FREE
    Hey guys, Im getting a streaming server going, and need some test users, figure you guys would be the best bet! Im streaming some interviews post UFC 73, The Reggie Warren Saga, Classic Entrance...
  10. Fantasy Football
    Anyone starting a league that needs members?
  11. Favorite event in '07
    What has been ur favorite ufc event in 2007?
  12. Favorite ko and Fight
    I'm wanting to know what ur favorite knockout and fight is. Even tho i like rampage when silva kneed him and he fell threw the ropes was awesome.My favorite fight was probabley Evan Tanner vs. Rich...
  13. New Vid. Cro Cop Beating Fedor!!!!!!!!
    No Joke. Fedor loses.
  14. Fight shorts
    which is better to buy tapout fight shorts or sprawl fight shorts or punishment athletics fight shorts
  15. who is the most overrated mma fighter??
    add someone else if u dont see one u agree too.
  16. post moving pics?
    everybody post ur moving pics if u can.
  17. UFC or Pride
    Which is better Pride fighters or the UFC fighters.
  18. MMA videos
    it wont let me view any fights on mma videos does anybody know whats going on?
  19. Conspiracy Theories.....On Your Mark......Get Set.......Go!
    I was yelling at this retard as soon as he let off of Nog. Not because I wanted Herring to win but because as soon as he stood up I thought "someones getting paid not to win". I immediately started...
  20. Incoherent Post Thread
    Post any/all posts here that you have a hard time understanding so we can collectively work at helping each other understand incoherent posts. I'll start off. Thats the dumbmess thing i eard in...
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  21. I Googled Chuck Norris and Got This
  22. Not sure who to vote for?? check this out
    how could you not vote fot this guy with a campaign video like this? feel free to post your thoughs but PLEASE keep in ming that this is a serious political discussion video
  23. Bought a new car
    I just bought a new car today Its a 2001 Maxima GLE. Sorry for the shitty pics, I took these with my camera phone on lunch today. Its got all the goodies....heated leather, Bose stereo, moonroof etc....
  24. Question about HL's..............
    Hey guys, can any of you enlighten me on what program I need to download to make a HL ? Found the perfect song, and I have alot of footage from past and present, I think it will be a great HL if...
  25. Favorite Candy.
    What is your favorite candy. My favorite is CookiesnCream.
  26. Favorite Drink.
    What is your favorite drink..
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  27. Ali Sonoma
    I think that Ali Sonoma(octagon girl) is gettin married to Diego Sanchez.The Reason i believe this is because on one of her myspace pics of her and diego huggin and it said "right after he asked me"....
  28. The best Just like Bret Hart.
    I am the best there is the best was and the best there ever will be.So the rest of the season will be owned by me. At least I think.
  29. Titrash
    That is the new celebrity couple nickname for tito and rashad, start refering to them as Titrash, like branjolina or tomkat , i hope to hear this used on the ppv
  30. Dramatic Rodent?! Was bored looking through Youtube and saw this...could be the dumbest and funniest thing I have seen that is only 5 seconds.
  31. UFC 74
    who do u think will win and how do u think it will happen......heres the 2 matches that i want to here about GSP vs. KOS Couture vs. Gonzaga
  32. Who do u like in each weight class and who u cant stand??
    my favorite weight class is the welterwegiths and my favorite fighters in each weight class are................. Brandon Vera Tito Ortiz Anderson Silva Josh Koscheck Bj Penn most hated...
  33. 2v2 in MMA
    Crazy idea I know, but imagine having a team mate in the Octagon . You have to KO/submit both of the 2 to win. I think it would be kind of crazy myself, but at the same time, it would be cool to have...
  34. Linkin Parks way to success
    I don't know if this is old or anything but it's really a must see
  35. Favorite Music
    What is your favorite type music you listen to.
  36. New Alex Cro Cop video
    OMG,I think my grandma can escape his armbar... Link
  37. Great Stock tip for those who are interested....
    PNMS.PK i have bought and sold over the last year well over 500% and I have been sitting on the side waiting for it to pull back...Well its here BUY BUY .0013 is where i was filled today ....3 to 6...
  38. Favorite Burger
    what is your favorite burger.
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  39. Rocky 1-6
    Rocky 1-6 Which one was the best.
  40. Whats your favorite TV show?
    just wondering what people are watching when they arnt watching people kick the crap out of each other(my personal favorite). Im all about House MD and or Burn Notice.
  41. Harry Potter
    For those of us with kids or who like Harry Potter
  42. UFC video game Looks sexy
  43. Cock in a box.
    I was searching google for Saturday night live short "cock (originally D*ck) in a box". I don't watch SNL, but I saw in on spike tv's guys awards thought it was pretty funny, and wanted to see it...
  44. Geico MMA Caveman Commercial
    Geico/MMA Caveman Commercial
  45. Anderson Silva Music Video!!
    He sings pretty good
  46. Roy Jones Jr
    Jones won a 12-round unanimous decision against previously undefeated Anthony Hanshaw on Saturday night capturing the vacant IBC light heavyweight title. What do you think of roy's match.
  47. 10,000 Losses
    Philadelphia Phillies got their 10,000th loss today. Nat a good day
  48. how high
    did anyone else chuck lidell is in how high for about half a second???
  49. ESPYS?
    who won what? especially best fighter? thanks
  50. dragon ball Z VS MMA
    DBZ MASTER!!!! I don't know what this man has been doing for his whole life, or what his "students" think they're doing, but he gets a pretty rude and hilarious awakening. I like the part where he...
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