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  1. TAGG radio
    First off, great radio show, 9 am daily... BUT... my real point is that, aside from Trigg, does anybody else think that the two hosts (GG and Goze) have the most ridiculous and...
  2. Fight Songs
    i have a wrestling tournament coming up. anyone know any good fight songs?
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  3. none
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  4. Chris Benoit found dead
    Man... Ive been a big wrestling fan for a long time... I realize thats its staged, but it entertains me. Today, it was reported that long time fan fav Chris Benoit was found dead in his home, along...
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  5. Addicted To MMA?
    I was at a wedding this weekend and i decided to skip out of the reception for 3 hours to watch the TUF Finale. Does anyone else find themselves planning there social life around MMA events?
  6. Best MOvie Badass
    Who do you think is the has had the best badass roles in movies...i was only able to put 6 choices...originally i had 12 of the top of my i put 5 names and other for the ones i didnt put on...
  7. Worst of the cheap alcohol drinks
    I was discussing this at work with some of the guys and it seemed like it might be something cool to discuss here. What is the worst liquor out there?
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  8. Wow... I would love to see Fedor fight Dick Cheney for his UFC debut....
    John Stewart explains the latest absurdity of our vice president
  9. Is this the biggest or craziest UFC Fan Ever?
    Daily Motion Video LINK Love the Just Bleed Body paint!
  10. BEETLE JUICE hell yea!!!!
    some funny sh*t, got to love this little dude! <a href=" " target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></a> this...
  11. Best place for online gambling?
    Hey friends. Looking to start some Hold 'em online to make some side money. I win playing against all my friends all the time in 10/20 dollar tables, so looking to get in some bigger pots. Someone...
  12. Paris Hilton isn't news
    News Anchor won't cover story I don't blame her either...
  13. MMArvel
    Found this thread on Sherdog, I figured I would post up some of my favorites:
  14. This sites avatar capacity??????
    It seems to have decreased with the new site update which is really crap IMHO, why make the site worse with changes? nobody in my camp can upload the GIF avvys they used to have which is a real shame...
  15. % on picks?!?
    Hey guys, Im having trouble finding the % picks, ya know where ya get to see the % of what people are thinking is goin to happen at the next event. I dont use it to do my picks, I just like to see...
  16. is kurt angle coming to MMA???
    is kurt angle coming to MMA because if he is hes going to get smoked bad.
  17. I am going nuts with this
    ok, something has to be said, because the last few days have been horrible. If you are going to start a new thread please look at the last two pages (at least) to see if someone else has already...
  18. Funy Arnold Video
    all i have to say is wow " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
  19. anyone know how to...
    do a reverse cell phone look up online. i have found a couple sites but you have to pay. somone has been ******* with one of my friends, and i am trying to get some info for him.
  20. MMA Torrents
    Does anyone out there know of any good sites to get K1 or EliteXC events? Thanks!
    not as funny as past ones imo but who cares.. ITS REGGIE! reggie
  22. forrest breaks guys leg
    first watch this then watch this
  23. Indiana Jones 4 trailer leaked to public
    A friend of mine is in on this project and sent this. It was at a private viewing for possible investors and it's not the full trailer. Aparently it's not supposed to be marketed until next Spring....
  24. And here it is....
    After the inspirational "Tim vs. Fedor" thread here, it came to me.....we need a .gif of Fedor knocking out Tim. And not just any .gif.....we needed the one with Fedor KOing the Bear, only with Tim...
  25. Is anyone else a fan of the Civilization game series?
    I love the series, I just got Civilization IV:Game Of The Year Edition and it is by far the best so far. Does anyone else enjoy this series?
  26. Why do we let ourselves be overtaken by simple marketing?
    Why is marketing the most important business subject? Because in our world, image speaks louder then truth. Perception management. Ethical? Psychological warfare? Consequence of widespread...
  27. US Pulls funding for Fusion research.
    I do not understand this considering how much time and money we have spent on it, also the benefits of such technology would be unbelievable.
  28. Ethics of Science?
    Is it necessarily about the ethics implemented during the actual experiment/research or is it more about the ethics used in implementing said results to society?
  29. Shes back!
    Sign the confession!!! ...and for those who haven't seen the original: The Landlord
  30. Clerk Beats up Robber
    This is hilarious!! Gets side control and keeps dropping bombs, Then at the end they drag him off camera!! Clerk Beats Up Robber
  31. Don't Blink
    Quick Knockouts HL Video Don't Blink
  32. Bear Griles
    This guy has to be the toughest, craziest, smartest mofo out there have you ever seen his show "Man vs Wild"? He parachutes out of a plane and goes out into the wild with pretty much just a knife and...
  33. Question for Premium Members
    As a premium member you also get a mmaplayground email address if you pay the $19.99. How do you get the address or where do you go to get it? Just trying to find out what the email address is....
  34. Drake Dudley Videos
    Theres some new videos up from the barely teenaged mma phenom... This kid is amazing. He could literally kick my ass today. and hes like 14. LINK
  35. Kyra Gracie at Ninja Warrior
    My cousin told me he'd seen Kyra Gracie, from the infamous gracie family, on Ninja Warrior, which is Basically the more badass Japanese version of American Gladiator. Anyway I did some digging and...
  36. Best MMA/Pride Highlight Video Ever!
    You really need to check this out! How ill miss pride! Pride Video
  37. Need some quick advice for an upcoming fight....
    I'm only 15 turning 16 in August so i don't do organized MMA & I don't even train MMA but I know 2 or 3 people who are about to go to a place 45 minutes from us but usually I do mma fights with...
  38. Me Lifting
    maybe someday you can be as jacked as me
  39. Do you watch fight girls?
    i just watched three episodes and i have to say that some of those girls are really hot for being fighters. Gina Carano is the hottest fighter ever. Do you guys have any preferences for lady...
  40. NHL Free Agency Discussion
    For those avid hockey fans out there, I felt a discussion was warranted: Gomez and Drury to the Rangers. Briere, Smith, Lupul to the Flyers. Bertuzzi and Schneider to the Ducks. Blake to the Leafs....
  41. Stacked in Toronto
    UFC 72 was available to watch at Gabby's. Do you know any places that are showing Stacked?
  42. kid yamamoto highlight
    There's been a lot of highlight videos posted lately so I figured I'd throw one of my favourites up here of one of my favourite fighters. I like the second half of the video a lot better because the...
  43. Knicks
    Do you think the knicks will a good team this year now that they got Zach Randolph.
  44. Rashard Lewis
    Lewis is close to agreeing to a long-term deal with the Orlando Magic. Free agents formally cannot sign contracts until July 11
  45. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce
    Do you think ray allen and paul pierce will bring the boston celtics to the playoffs.
    Who do you think is going to win the award for best fighter on espn is it going to be MIguel Cotto,Randy Couture,Quinton Jackson,Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao.
  47. JETS
    Do you think the jets can make it to the superbowl this year
  48. Joey Chestnut
    Chestnut dethroned six-time champion Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi on Wednesday to win the annual Nathan's hot dog eating competition on Coney Island. Chestnut beat his own world record by chomping down...
  49. best acting role...
    Who played the most memorable character in their role? Not necessarily the coolest charactr, but moreso how it was played. If youve seen all of these you'll know why Doc Holliday is in there, same...
  50. Animated GIF Avatar
    I have a feeling this has been done a millions times, but I searched and got nothing. So sorry ahead of time. But putting in a avatar, it doesn't do any movement on the gif. That being said, I saw...
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