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  1. Lookin for wager in the CC vs Sanchez fight
    Want to wager against a few different people $35 that think CC will end it round 1. My wager = CC ends it in round 2. Drop a reply and I'll send the wager your way
  2. Can you start two camps?
    Can I? I want to start one with forumers and one with just friends. Is this possible?
  3. $20 says lutter takes out silva
    He is going to loot the silva. Just like I will loot your silver. Drop a reply if you want to take me up on my wager and I'll send it over. EDIT--- IVE GOT ENOUGH BETS, THANKS, STOP ASKING ME
  4. $25 on Scott Smith over Cote anyone?
    I'm not really a Scott Smith fan at all, but I just have a gut feeling that he's going to beat Cote. Kind of like when I watch a football game and I know that the team I like is going to lose... I...
  5. Wagers
    I am willing to bet any amount of these fights. Please drop me a note or send me a wager: Cro Cop over Sanchez Rampage over Eastmen Guillard over Hazelett Smith over Cote Silva over Lutter
  6. I got Guillard and Cote. Any takers?
    If you like Hazelett or Smith in either of those fights let me know. Let's go 20 a pop.
  7. Silva in round 1. $50.
    Anyone else think Lutters gonna take it?
  8. Record
    What's with the "career record" under our names? How is that factored in?
  9. More takers for CC's fight
    Cro Cop to win in round 1. $25. First four takers. Send the wager my way.
  10. Rampage in the 1st Round
    $20 bucks says Rampage in the 1st. First five takers only.
  11. Guillard over Hazelett in the 3rd!
    Anytakers for $20 bucks?
  12. Wagers for 67
    you take: sanchez lutter eastman smith hazelett you bet: between 25-50$ Send them on over!
  13. MMAweekly Top 10 are in what do you think?
    HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION (over 205 pounds) #1 Heavyweight Fighter in the World: Fedor Emelianenko 2. Mirko Cro Cop 3. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 4. Josh Barnett 5. Tim Sylvia 6. Andrei Arlovski 7. Fabricio...
  15. Calcifer.....are you scared now..? I thought Travis was gonna win over Silva, but you wont except my wager...?
    Whats up Calcifer...? Did you get scared...?
  16. Smith/Cote
    Out of all of the fights this pretty much the only one where you've got people wagering on both sides. I'm going for Scott Smith on this one looking for someone who's going for Cote for $100 wager.
  17. Cro Cop over sanchez $100
    Any takers for sanchez? I'll put up $100 that Cro Cop beats sanchez. I just want to know if there's any UFC fan hard-headed enough to think that sanchez has a hope of winning.
  18. My wagers....any takers?
    Taking bets on : crocop/sanchez (i pick crocop 1st round) eastman/rampage (i pick rampage 2nd round) cote/smith (i pick smith unan dec) anyone? lemme know..
  19. taking bets
    i have: Silva in 1 CC in 2 Rampage uninimous Cote split Guillard in 1 send any wagers against these
  20. Rampage over marvin Round 2
    $20-50 ??? anyone
  21. WEC jan 20th
    kit cope vs rob mccullough
  22. Smith over Cote any takers?
  23. Someone wager me!!!!!!
    We choose fight but then its all in or nothing all 500$ it aint fun if theres no risk!
  24. Are they not posting the Jan 25th UFC for us to pick from??
    Does anyone know if they are going to have us pick the winners in the Jan 25th UFC
  25. I've got Hazelett for $50 - Done taking Bets
    Anyone want guilliard send a request.
  26. Taking wagers on: Rampage in round 2, Smith over Cote, and CC in round 2
    If any of these are your bag baby then send me a wager. Don't be scared to lay out the big bucks on it either
  27. Hazellet to win. Any takers?
    $25 a pop. Who's interested?
  28. Cote over Smith--Unanimious decision-$50
    Cote over Smith-unanimous decision. $50. I'll take a few bets on it. Any takers?
  29. taking wagers $25-$50 per fight
    taking wagers $25-$50 per fight, ill take, silva over lutter cro cop over sanchez rampage over eastman cote over smith guillard over hazelett anyone interested please make offers
  30. wager question?
    i just would like to know if there is a wager on a fight between two people, guy one has the fight ending in round one and guy two has the fight ending in round two, and say the fight ends in round...
  31. $495 on silva any takers????
    Whoever wants to put up 495 and pick lutter send me a wager
  32. taking bets
    silva cro cop rampage smith guilliard
  33. Is it simply the amount of people in a camp?
    Seems it will simply be the biggest camp will win. Perhaps we can add a W/L % into the mix? Otherwise it will simply be a numbers game with the largest amount of people winning it.
  34. $20-35 on Tyson Griffin
    anyone want to take frank edgar for $20-35?
  35. I take Machida for $75, who wants Hoger for $75?
    send me the wager if you want to!
  36. Anyone want to bet on Hoger (I take Ryoto)
    I'd like to wager on the Hoger-Machida fight, with me taking Machida and you taking Hoger. Send me a wager request if you are interested. Anywhere between $25-$100.
  37. What happens if you forget to make picks?
    I was wondering what is the effect of missing a pick, or a whole event? Does it count as an incorrect pick, or is it not factored in the record at all?
  38. My input on how fight camps should be ranked
    Ok so as promised, here is my input on how I think teams should be ranked. ----------- Possible stats to base rankings off of: Team win loss percentage - this is the most important thing, the ability...
    I am wagering $80 that Babalu will beat Lambert, anybody up for the challege? First come first serve.
  40. Taking wagers on ufc 67
    Taking wagers of any size putting my money on silva or crocop.
  41. The Sick Den is ready for some wagers!!!!
    I want 1.) franklin 2>) silva 3.)couture 4.)cro cop 5.)rampage 6.)cote 7.) babalu bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  42. I'm Open for some wagers
    hey im looking for some wagers...just offer me and ill see but if your picking something obvious like rampage, silva etc.. put the round in the wager just message me if you got any questions
  43. My New Picks
    Lyoto Over Hoger -$25 Griffin Over Edgar - $10 Silva over Hendo - $25 Yvel Over Rooskie - $10 Couture Over Sylvia - $50 Ace Over The Athlete - $25 Babalu Over Lambert -$100 Send me some wagers if...
  44. $375 on Tim Sylvia
    Any takers?
  45. takeing bets
    who wants bets ill take Franklin or couture , cote or any resonable bets send message or wager
  46. ill take eastman 1 small bet 50
    send the wage ill take marvin eastmin over rampage 50$ ok ive had anough offers not looking
  47. cote fight link and naked chicks lol
    im want cote my last $50 who wants it let me know oh and just cuz im a good guy here is a link to a highlight that belongs to the toughest 155lbs fighter in the world bar none tell me im wrong and...
  48. My wagers
    Ill take any bets against my picks: sliva,page,cc, guillard, hughes, franklin, w. silva, machida, and griffin. I also have Gomi, Misaki, nakamura, and sakurai
  49. Wanderlei vs. Dan
    Anyone wanna bet me $250 that Wanderlei Silva will beat Dan Henderson?
  50. fighting
    Dan over Silva $50
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