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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. TUF finale Av bet
    I'm on a hotstreak! Who wants to be my latest victim ? I'll take Hitman, Holloway or Perez
  2. Fight Camp Names
    I was just cruising through the different divisions to see who's leading and saw some funny fight camp names. Here's a shout out to some of the funny ones, feel free to add to the list: "Full Retard"...
  3. John Albert vs. Erik Perez
    Can we please change this fight to a no contest? There was no tap, verbal submission, or sign of injury. It was a mistake made by a ref who is known for her mistakes inside the cage.
  4. 2044
    Do you know what that number represents? If not, ill tell you. That is the number of people who made picks for this last event (TUF 15 Finale) and it is also the lowest number of pickers the site has...
  5. UFC on FX3 Av Bet
    Im on a 3 fight hot streak! Who wants to fuck wit me?!
  6. Extremely urgent question about accolades!
    I landed 4th on the top earners board for last Fridays TUF finale. (Sorta of a big deal considering I usually land in the 2000's) How long until I get a badge attached to the bottom of my avatar...
  7. 24 hour prop limit
    3 times in the last 2 weeks I've reached my prop limit after never having done so in the previous year. I was wondering if we could get that increased a little. There have been many good and funny...
  8. Help MMAPG come up with a slogan
    As you may have heard, we're a few months away from launching a brand new MMAPlayground, and as such, we would like nice new slogan for our little corner of the MMA internet. I don't know yet what...
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  9. Question regarding fight camp and unwanted new members.
    I have been actively recruiting in the last few days and now my camp has grown into a large MW. The MW division is 11 to 20 members. We currently have 18. How do I put a stop to the possibly new...
  10. How is UFC on FX 4 and UFC 147 going to work?
    They are a day apart and thats not enough time to get the wagers for UFC 147 open.
  11. UFC on FX 4 Av Bet
    My picks are N. Catone, C. Swanson & J. Gambino BRING IT
  12. UFC FX 4/147 AVATAR BET
    I will take Rich Franklin if someone wants to bet.Any avatar bet just send me a message
  13. DEEP 58/TFC 23/SF 20-combo card-Best 10 Fights
    Any idea when this will be updated?
  14. AV bet UFC on FX 4
    I'll take my boy Guida, who want's Maynard? Two weeks. Come get some
  15. Wanderlei vs Rich AV bet?
    You guys know who i want. If anyone want to take Wanderlei, just send me the av bet request.
  16. How do i access my fight companion???
    hi i am watching ufc 147 and cant access my fight companion im assuming because its a combo card. any one else having this problem??
  17. UFC 148 AVATAR BET
    To all you spider haters out there.Here is your chance to put your $ where your mouth is.(coughs) Chael_Sonnen I'll take the spider and you will take that guy that can't beat Jeremy Horn
  18. 148 Av Bet (no punks allowed!)
    LISTEN a lot of PUNKS on the PG have been proposing PUNK-ass av bets only! Av Bets like "I'll take Fedor, who wants Hermes Franca?" OR "I'll take Chuck Norris with a sawed off shotgun, who wants the...
  19. UFC 148 AV bet
    I'll take DHK over Maia or Philippou over Fukuda... Who's down??
  20. Avatar Bet 148
    I'll take Anderson, lets see if Chael_Sonnen will support his main man and sacrifice that avatar.
  21. Secondary League
    Any ideas on when this weekends event will be updated?
  22. Chael_Sonnen: UFC 148 Av Bet
    Quit running. You so sure, or are you all talk? Come July 8th, you'll have nothing left. Anderson will have the belt and you'll have a broken face.
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  23. Pmoney wants an avatar bet for UFC 148!!!
    Everyone is calling out Chael_Sonnen these days, but the man can only entertain so many suitors. So I ask: who wants to step up for a gentlemanly AV bet with the ol' boy pmoney? I'll take Menjivar or...
  24. UFC 148 AV BET
    Who wants Chael? I got Anderson. 1. If interested, please send me the AV Bet request. 2. Must be a regular poster, or promise to post in 15 new topics over the next 3 days. 3. No restrictions on AVs,...
  25. Silva vs Sonnen avatar bet
    I got Silva. Bring it.
  26. Sonnen Vs Silva Av Bet
    I'll take my lord and saviour Mr Chael P Sonnen. I'll also say I'll post at least five times a day until the bet is up as I know I need to be more active in the forums.
  27. Av Bet
    Im on a good little run at the minute, won my last 3 av bets. Does anyone want to bet on UFC 148, I have Tibau, any takers?
  28. There might be some guy beside Silva and Sonnen at UFC 148
    I am as excited as anyone for Silva vs Sonnen, but I am extremely surprised how much this fight has over shadowed the rest of the card. I feel any of these fights could make any ppv event. Seriously...
  29. Did any one get Chael__Sonnen to av bet them?
    I actually offered an Av Bet to Chael Sonnen like several months ago and he accepted (informally). Unfortunately in the lead up to this fight I forgot to send him the official Av Bet invite. I saw...
  30. Can you add........
    Jimi Manawa to the rankings please, he has just signed with the UFC and I'd like to include him in my favourites please.
  31. Munoz vs Weidman is 5 rounds...?
    I'm pretty sure Munoz and Weidman is a 5 round fight and making my picks it's only giving me the option for 3 rounds. And the event is a couple days away. Anyone else only given 3 round option?
  32. Munoz Weidman Avbet
    I got Weidman who wants the Filipino?
  33. A reason why Sparky is the MAN!
    Sparky and I had a casual AV bet for the last event on Maia (Sparky) vs Kim (myself). While Sparky/Maia won the bet Sparky forgo his permissions over my avatar over respect for Tito's performance...
  34. Congrats to our newest Mod!
    Project Mayhem's own Rabi!
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  35. UFC on Fuel 4 Av Bet
    I'm on a 4 bet win streak here. Who wants to put it to an end? I've got Rafael Dos Anjos, Marcelo Guimaraes or Francis Carmont.
  36. Ufc calgary Avbet
    I'll take any of the following Aldo, Bisping, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Shogun Rua, Thiago Silva, Yoshihiro Akiyama Thiago Alves
  37. UFC 149 Av Bet
    All Canadian Av bet going down!!! Any of you fellas South of my border wanna go toe to toe?! LESSGO! Now everyone stand for our national anthem sang by the Canadian prime minister himself.. Drake
  38. next L2 event
    can there be combo cards made up so the next event isn't a month away?
  39. Scoring error on SF card
    The Couture vs Duarte was actually a split decision for Couture, not a unianimous.
  40. Whoever updates rankings database add Marquardt & Straus
    Nate Marquardt and Daniel Straus are not able to be selected for top ten of their divisions of Welterweight & Featherweight. Whoever can add them to the system needs to do so. Daniel Straus is ranked...
  41. P4P Rankings for this season so far
    This is the P4P Rankings for all divisions. I did it on a spread sheet so the positions are missing bit the order is correct. Nuthin But The Best 66.5 582.17 67.2 203 191 201 595 World Top...
  42. Emoticon suggestion
    Can we get one that's eating popcorn? It would come in handy when Josh and Shawn go at it. I'm serious
  43. UFC on Fox 4 AV BET (the heavyweights)
    Yo I won 6 out of my last 8 Av Bets. Who wants a piece!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! I'll throw down on any of the 3 heavyweight scraps. Which means somebodies gettin K-T-F-OOOOOOOOOOO NUT UP
  44. CES/MCC 42/XFC 19/FFC 1-combo card Next Weekend!
    Hippy has put together a secondary league card for next weekend so don't forget to make your picks.
  45. AV Bet Ive got Omigawa or Yahya
    who wants grispi or gamburyan
  46. UFC on FOX 4 AV bet!
    I have Jamie Varner and you have Mr. Lauzon. Step up to the plate and my AV could be yours!
  47. CES/MCC 42/XFC 19/FFC/UVC 20 1-combo card
    Whats going on with the fantasy bets for this event?????
  48. MMA Playground Season: Canucks vs Yanks
    Lets do it. See who gets the better record
  49. Av bet for UFC on FOX
    I had an avbet set for UFC on Fox 4 but poor Big Ben had to drop out so lets try this again.. I'll take Oli Thompson, Joe Lauzon & Michihiro Omigawa dont be shy! all challengers welcome!
  50. Playground Bullies
    Well done on winning the HW accolade, we will be coming for you next season I have already propped 3 camp members, if any post in this thread I will prop them.
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