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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. Bored. Av Bet with the guy who's 3-9 anyone?
    I want, Tim Boetsch - Don't know who he did this to but it was pretty epic! You have to take Mr....
  2. Im having a site problem
    When I try an access the team roster page so I can check who still needs to make picks Im getting a run time error. Im not getting it on any other page. Is any one else having this problem, can...
  3. 144 AVbet (Japan rules)
    Japan rules stipulates who ever wins the Av bet gets to punch the loser of the Avbet in the face* if the two are ever to meet in the outside world. Who wants it? I got: Yushin, Bartimus, Zhang & The...
  4. Please don't post in the off topic section
    This is the first time I have seen Prozac's name on that section and I think it looks good. Can we keep it that way - at least for a day?
  5. Is any one else having this problem
    When someone PM's me on the playground I normall get an email through straight away, at the moment its takling approx 1 hrs 10 mins for me to recieve the email after Ive been PM'd on the playground....
  6. UFC on FX 2 Avatar Bet
    I got Kampmann, you (regular poster) have Alves. Any takers? The stakes are high, as the winner of this bet will have control of the loser's avatar for 6 weeks!
  7. Secondary: Strikeforce Tate vs Rousey
    any buddy have any idea how come the picks for this event lock in today?
  8. Error message on Team Roster Page
    Server Error in '/' Application. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or...
  9. Flyweights
    When can we start ranking them?
  10. Hotrodttt vs Twenty20Dollars L2
    It all comes down to the last event, Strikeforce: Tate vs Rousey All I wanna say is good luck, and can't wait for the event
  11. Mighty Mouse error
    It was majority dec. they just read the cards wrong on tv even though I don't agree with it
  12. Unexplained Cash
    I just opened the secondary league game for the first time in what seems like forever and I noticed I somehow have $1600 to bet with despite not making any picks or bets this season. I somehow won a...
  13. Extra Points
    On my season total, I am still showing the points I got from the Johnson/McCall bout, even though my individual event score reflects the draw that actually happened. Just wanted to point it out.
  14. I know its kind of early but........
    Any chance of adding Flyweight to the rankings!
  15. Events closing too early
    Nothing to see here
  16. UFC on fuel TV 2 AV bet
    Gonna start doing AV bets again I'll take Maguire or Nunes Who's dowwwwwn
  17. Cant make wagers on League 2
    Can click in the field to make wagers and available bankroll has a blank field as well.
  18. UFC 147/UFC on FX 4
    Not sure if this has happened before, but with the events taking place on consecutive days, how are we to place wagers on UFC 147 if UFC on FX 4 is just a day earlier? Will the events be packaged...
  19. Secondary: Bellator 65
    Im just wondering if anyone realizes that Makovski and Dantas fight is a title fight and for our picks it only goes to 3 rds same with Prindle and Konrad. Just Curious to know if they are title...
  20. More adds for fighter rankings
    I would like to be able to add the following three fighters to my favourites list: Rob 'C4' Sinclair James Thompson Tom Watson Could you add them to the database please.
  21. How do you play this game again???
    It seriously seems like it has been forever since the last event!!! I'm so excited to get the main league rolling again. Things really start to pick up here heading into the summer! Good luck to...
  22. help please
    i just started this so i dont really know what im doing but i picked last nights bellator fights and bet but they're not showing up on my game history. how come its not recording my bets and fantasy...
  23. little help ??
    where do i go to see how many people have picked each fighter for their pick ems ?
  24. UFC 145 Avatar bet
    I will take Jon Jones if someone wants Rashad Evans.
  25. Fight camp question
    If one of my fight camp members has incomplete picks and I remove him from the camp before the event - and then I let him back in after the event, will that harm our overall fight camp score in any...
  26. UFC 145 Event locking
    The event locks in about 3 hrs and the event doesnt start for about another 8 hrs, any chance of extending the clock please.
    For those of you beating the shit out of your F5 key, you can stop. The results will be updated in approximately an hour. Hippysmacker is smacking hippies and will be home soon. Relax, look at porn...
  28. Mir vs dos santos
    I'd be a big ween if I didn't at least look for an avatar bet on this after all the support iv given mir so of anyone will man up I'm looking for a regular poster and if you haven't noticed I'm not...
  29. Sorry to be demanding but...................
    Any chance of updating the secondary league. Pretty Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!
  30. Badges
    Do we still get badges for finishing in the top 10 in points/wagers for the season?
  31. new season bankroll reset
    just wondering when this would be done since I'm probably going to be without internet access next week and probably wont be able to make bets (which may be a good thing lol).
  32. UFC on FOX 3 AV bet
    I'll take Lavar Johnson, Dennis Bermudez or Johny Hendricks Ready..Set...GO!!
  33. Can't access my picks
    Every time I click on my fantasy picks, it almost loads but it doesn't all the way.
  34. are we only allowed to bet with the $1000 ?
    is that how it works ?
  35. iPad compatability
    Right so... New birthday present Tried it on the PG and it has the same issue that the iPhone had... Wondering if there's a possibility of looking into resolving the issue in the future?
  36. AVATAR BET for UFC on Fuel 3
    Any takers? I'll take Dustin Poirier over Jung - - shoot me over a bet proposal if interested
  37. AV Bet
    I lost my first AV Bet last night. My question is, how come my New AV only shows on some of my posts and my normal AV shows on most of my posts. I always assumed if you lost the bet then the AV...
  38. Upcoming events in separate tabs.
    Props to the PG developers who put the upcoming event picks in separate tabs. Nice improvement. Add your kind words of praise for the site's recent changes below.
  39. A questions regarding the secondary league
    Jeff Lentz was one of the picks in this weekends secondary league, did his fight happen or was it cancelled?
  40. Video comments, and videos in general
    Are awesome. Just sayin'. War MMAPG!
  41. Question about the secondary league
    Are we awarded a badge for 1st place in the secondary league, or in my case, tied for first?
  42. Sorry about the late UFC on Fuel 3 update
    Had a family emergency, but luckily everything worked out.Anyway, apologies ADMIN
  43. AV Bet - - JDS vs Mir
    I'm still recovering from the Zombie eating the brains of my pick Dustin Diamond last night..... My pick - - JDS Any takers on Mir? If so, shoot me over a proposal
  44. Accolades (badges)
    If anyone is still missing a badge as of now can you please post it here so that we can make sure everything's caught up (no wiseguys!)
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  45. Favor to ask of a fight camp with an active messageboard....
    We're considering adding and changing around this fail-ass design that I made in addition to hopefully improving and polishing existing features, perhaps even adding a new game that I've been trying...
  46. Feedback please regarding the wikipedia MMA wars
    As many of you are probably aware, wikipedia is "streamlining" lots of their MMA data. Many pages have already been removed and condensed, which has pissed off a number of folks. That being said, the...
  47. Cant access the site
    Is anyone else having a problem accessing the site? I couldn't get on at all yesterday from my EVO. It's never been a problem before. When I try to get on it says the site can't be found . It would...
  48. UFC 146 AV bet anyone?
    I got Glover and you got Kingsbu? Seems simple enough right? Who's down?!
  49. AV Bet
    Haven't done one in a while. I'll take JDS against Mir.
  50. Heavyweight Av bet
    As you all know Ive recently got out of my 4 fight av bet slump with a huge win over notorious playground villian Chael_Sonnen (via Korean Zombie! I know I can't believe it either!) This has me...
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