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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. Need wagers?
    I have lots of money, taking all bets.
  2. 2:1 Machida vs Hoger
    I want Machida over Hoger straight up. My 100 vs your 50. Send the bet.
  3. i got 400 left check my picks
    i got silva 2.5:1 crocop 10:1 rampage 4:1 machida 2:1 cote 1:1 griffin 4:1 willing to switch the odds if the bet is right.
  4. Fight picks?
    I don't know if the post has been made yet, but will mmaplayground add "win by sub?" "Knockout?" "GroundandPound?" Then just winner and round? I think this makes wage betting even more competitive or...
  5. I got Misaki.. who wants Twinkle Toes?
    So 57% of y'all thinks Trigg is gonna beat Misaki. I beg to differ. Who wants some?
  6. What are your UFC 67 predictions?
    i think it could be one of the best cards ufc has put on, lutter vs. silva will be a good fight though i think silva will end it near the end of the first round. Obviously going with crocop, think...
  7. I´m going for randy
    i dont like Sylvia so i´m taking the natural please send me wager i´ll take 4:1
  8. no more
    no more bets please--tx to those who did
  9. My picks open to wagers
    I have $400 to bet here are my picks please send offers Silva Cro Cop Rampage Lyoto Griffen Hazelett Huerta Rivera willing to bet on Hoger if odds are right
  10. Yvel Over Kharitonov
    Im surprised how many of you think Sergei will take this over Yvel. I've even got 500 for 35! If anyone else wants some big wagers against my yvel send me a wager!
  11. Great Odds for Smith/Cote Fight!!
    I will put 150 on Smith against 70 on Cote! I will also give 200 on Silva against 75 on Travis! I will also take Griffin in a big way if anyone wants to make a wager for that fight Send me your offers
  12. I'll give good odds on Lutter or Hoger.
    I want Machida and Silva but will make it interesting with some good odds. You could send me a request that you think is favorable or ask for something interesting, just give an idea how much you're...
  13. Need to wager my last $15
    Im lookin to spend my last 15 dollars on a UFC 67 fight. Ill go 15 for your 10 on cc, page,lutter, or griffin. Alright guys, Im out of money
  14. UFC 67 Looking for bets
    Im looking to make some bets on 67.. My winners MIRKO RAMPAGE SMITH GRIFFIN HUERTA Ill give good odds..anybody interested p/m or post offers..
  15. Couture?
    I will take Couture for right odds. Anybody who has Tim, send me a wager.
  16. Decent odds on Silva-Lutter
    My 50 on Silva versus your 20 on Lutter. Help me bet the last of my money before the PPV ...
  17. Sak vs Danzig
    willing to put $100 on my nigga Sakurai over Danzig ( no less than 50)
  18. NEW!!!...need wagers fast!!!!!!
    My picks Silva 50 to your 25...(UPDATED) 60 to your 25(updated) Scott Smith....... 50 to your 50 that Scott wins..(UPDATED) Frank 50 to your 100....or...25 to...
  19. Anyone fancy Hoger over Machida
    $100 on Machida
  20. Terry Martin Fans?
    Send me a wager, I like Rivera in this fight.
  21. my fights
    ok lookin for a few more bets i got silva rd 1 cro cop rd 1 rampage rd 1 machida unan tyson rd 1 huerta rd 2 takin bets on these fights if anyone is interested send me a wager i have 200 total left...
  22. Cro-cop
    Anybody willing to bet against Cro-Cop I will give 15 to 1 on him. If you're interested email me details.
  23. Wagers
    Here is who I like and the odds I'll give: Silva vs. Lutter -- Silva 1:2.5 CroCop vs. Sanchez -- CroCop 1:4.5 Rampage vs. Eastman -- Rampage 1:3 Cote vs. Smith -- Cote Even Machida vs. Hoger --...
  24. 75 $ left for UFC 67!!!!!!!
    OKay i am willing to lay down this cash on Jorge Rivera Or either one of the hot fights. Please dont Send me a bet with my own pick as yours cmon guys who is gonna bet against themselves. As well i...
  25. $25 left for UFC 67-Wagers welcomed
    I've got $25 left, here's my thoughts. Please send me wagers or post here with offers My 25 on Rivera against your 25-50 on Martin My 25 on Huerta straight up My 25 on Lutter against your 150 on...
    My pics for Pride 33 as well as UFC68 are frozen, as are the UFC 67. I can see why the UFC 67 ones are but why the two other events?
  27. Cote-Smith
    Anyone want to take smith on this one, i'll put $100 on Cote even money or your best offer.
  28. My Picks
    Silva Cro Cop Rampage Cote Machida Griffin Hazelett Huerta Rivera I'd be willing to wager on almost any of these, I'd like to wager on the Cote, Rivera, Silva and Page fights so hit me up Edit: Taken...
  29. WAGERS!!!!!!!
    I need wagers i'll take anything i got Silva Cro cop Rampage Cote Machida Hazlett Huerta Rivera
  30. Ignore now
    Done for this event.
  31. $230 to Wager on UFC 67
    My picks: Cro Cop Rampage Silva Griffin Hazelett Machida Huerta Rivera Will consider others if the odds are right! So wager away!
  32. 500 dollars to bet here..I got Cro-Cop and Silva..any takers?
    Ill take Cro-Cop and silva for 200 while you only bet 100..anybody want in? I am open to negotiations.
  33. I got $$65(edit)
    Make any wager I just want to get rid of some money
  34. 400 Bucks left...lets bet guys!
    just click on my profile to see all my picks! Chris
  35. Send Me Some Wagers
    For Pride 33 and UFC 68. Just click on my profile and view my picks.
  36. Shogun vs Overeem
    I have Shogun winning over Overeem....any takers? I only have $50 left to bet
  37. I got 200 on cro-cop..anyone want Sanchez for 50?
  38. mY picKs send wager if interested..
    siLva -tko/ko Lutter cro coP - tko/ko sanchez rampaGe - tko/ko eastman smith - tko/ko cote Lyoto - Unanimous Dec./ Hoger griffin - Unanimous Dec./ Edgar Hazelett - submission/ Saraiva Huerta -...
  39. UFC 67 Wagers
    Shoot me some offers, I'll check them in the morning... Thanks.
  40. I'll take Lutter with some odds
    I am willing to take a gamble and throw some money down on lutter my 25 to your 100 or 50 to 200 first bidder gets it not doing multiple bets on this fight just one good luck
  41. Need some wagers?
    Send me your request. I still have $500.
  42. Open to wagers for UFC 67. My picks included.
    I've got 400 left to wager. Not lookin to wager over $50 on a single fight unless there's a smily face next to the pick. Silva over Lutter Cro Cop over Sanchez Rampage over Eastman Smith over Cote...
  43. 125 left
    Send me a wager for all of it. Willing to go against my UFC 67 picks except for all but Cro-Cop rampage and silva. I'll take hoger at 1-1 if any machida fans want to bite. I'll take martin att 1-1...
  44. I've got $100 on Martin if someone has $150 on Riviera.
    Taken. thanks.
  45. I'll put $100 on Hoger against $300 on Machida
  46. (disregard, bets have been placed)
    Lyoto/Hogar my $150 on Lyoto vs your $60 on Hogar Rampage/Eastman my $75 on Rampage vs your $25 on Eastman Hazelett/Saraiva my $120 on Hazelett vs your $75 on Saraiva Griffin/Edgar my $150 on Griffin...
  47. nvm
    dont need now
  48. $25 left to put on Hazelett
    My $25 on Hazelett your $10 on Saraiva or next best offer
  49. I've got $60 For Yvel
    I've got 60 on yvel taking kharitonov in the 1st round 120 of your bucks. if your a serious sergei fan send a wager! plus my camp Golden Glory is looking for members
  50. Anyone feeling ballsy?
    If your going for Lutter, Sanchez, or Eastman, go ahead and send me a wager. I really don't expect a reply, but there's some crazy people.
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