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  1. Video hound?
    How many videos must one post before getting a "video hound" tag attached to their profile. I've noticed other members with this and I have posted over 100 videos. Thanks in advance. Snake
  2. misspelled fighter names
    I noticed that both Kazuo Misaki and Rick Roufus have their names misspelled on their fantasy picks events ("Misako" and "Roofus"), it looks a little unprofessional, especially given that Misaki is a...
  3. Scoring Issue?
    Why is the official scoring on my fantasy picks in the Danzig V. Speer fight a Round 1 TKO? Rear Naked Choke + tap by Speer = Submission
  4. Bankroll for 2008 season.
    I currently have $14,000 in my bank. Does this reset to $1,000 for the 2008 season, or does it roll over? I am sure this can be answered somewhere on this site, but I have looked for some time and...
  5. Nick Change
    That's all... I want to change my nick desperately! Who do i contact? Who do i beg to?
  6. K-1 HERO'S On NYE?
    Any word on if this event will be added to the Secondary League? Three more matches were confirmed today and there may be enough more added to give it a full card before NYE. Source
  7. Free Fight Today
    RioHeroes 13 is today and it will be a free match. You can see some sample video here Watch the live...
  8. the line on hughes gsp
    the largest sports bet ive ever made was on hughes gsp 2. i won a lot of money (real money, not play money) betting on gsp at +160. the line was eventually bet down until gsp was a favorite and i...
  9. Who picked Swanson to beat Pulver?
    I said screw it and put all my money on Swanson. I'm hoping he pulls off the upset tonight.
  10. Mayhem-Kennedy
    So was anyone as shocked as I was to see the odds on the Mayhem Miller-Tim Kennedy fight? Tim Kennedy +620 Jason "Mayhem" Miller -660 Pretty shocking when you consider Kennedy's already beat Jason. I...
  11. Secondary Season - How many events are there?
    we are about 4-5 events deep right now. many actual events are in a season? 10?
  12. Site Info and Help Thread!
    View the Official Site Rules. Terms of Use for this site Not a Member? If you aren't a member yet, what are you waiting for? Click Here to create a free account ! If you guys have any questions...
  13. Small HDNet Card Update
    The fight card closes in less than 24 hours, so I wanted to point out that two fights are actually five 3 minute rounds, instead of three 5 minute rounds. Those two fights being Jason House vs. Liam...
  14. HDNET scoring???????
    There are two different fights that have conflicting "finishes" with what a number of other sites have.... MMAplayground: Spratt def Yunker VIA submission Sherdog: Spratt def Yunker VIA TKO (cut)...
  15. Radev vs. Lister
    Radev Is not a bad wresler and i think there is a good chance he could win(even though i took lister) but i put 150 dollars on Radev and if he wins i get 900! What dose everyone else think about...
  17. MMA video section
    Just some ways we can all make finding videos a little bit easier. Name the events firstly then the fighters involved ex- UFN 11- Chris Leben vs Terry Martin Also if you are adding a commonly scene...
  18. does anyone else change their picks or go over them days before a fight??
    i love the wager and points, love to play here as well as friends and co workers. wonering does anyone else evaluate your picks a day or even a couple hours before a fight. i often do sometimes, but...
  19. HCF card for 2/1
    Any chance we can get the HCF card in the secondary league? It has a good solid handful of well known fighters. Hardcore Championship Fighting “Destiny” Friday, Feb. 1, 2008 Calgary, Alberta HCF...
  20. Sokoudjou vs Machida
    personally i like machida cause he's such a intelligent fighter and a sneaky lil fuker but soukoudjou is explosive and hits hard so i picked sokoudjou cause i see him bringing the fight to machida...
  21. Irvin vs Cane
    cane is 7-0 that means he fought n00bs and he's just a better n00b or he's so pro that everyone is a n00b compared to him
    i was just lookin around at some old stuff on here...and after i was lookin...i think we should find a way to be able to wager our own amounts against others like before...i like the way were doin it...
  23. M-1/ Yarrenoka event update
    The rule-sets for this event were just made available, and we had to change the round set-ups, as they're not using the normal Pride rules for this. They are doing a 10 minute first round, followed...
  24. Struggling with DeSouza / Carneiro
    DeSouza / Carneiro? For some reason I can't get my head to pin down a pick I'm comfortable with on these guys. Any research help or thoughts to sway me one way or the other?
  25. Why make a hot event one that is not televised?
    Seems kind of silly to make an event worth double the points that no one can watch...
  26. GSP's Mental Game
    GSP seems like a different sort of cat. I'm trying to figure out what makes him so special aside from being a gifted athlete and intelligent I think he posesses something special in terms of mental...
  27. Hong Man Choi
    is anybody gonna pick this guy? Fedor will prob. murder him...but for some reason im wanting to pick choi
  28. No wagering on Yarrenoka?
    Never noticed an opportunity to wager on the event, and now 7 hours from close of picks, still nothing. No threads on it, so I may be missing something.
  29. Congratulations to the winners "reesandrew" and "zacatack"
    Congratulations to reesandrew (who beat me out for the first place spot in the points race) and zacatack (the earnings leader).
  30. More Match Finishes
    Any chance we can get a few more match finish options so that fights don't have to be cancelled because the proper finish can't be entered? Winner by DQ has come up twice now in two events. I can't...
  31. fedor fight
    why cant i bet on that cacrd??
  32. shouldnt the money be reset for ufc 80?
    mine isnt reset yet
  33. QUESTION: Why can't I remove members from my fight camp?
    No matter how many (I'm trying to remove 2 members) names I select in the Camp Control Panel, it always tells me "0 members have been removed!" Anyone know what's going on with this?
  34. Mods - What if Misaki gets Disqualified ?
    As you know Misaki won the fight with a soccer kick and the fight is under analysis and it is a Strong possibility that he will get disqaulified. So if he does will the fight be erased ?
  35. do matches like james irvin not count in pick points for DQ??
    i was looking james irvin won the match by DQ over cane i should have gotten 5 points for the win plus the fight was halted in the 1st that would be another 2 points so instead of giving me 7 points...
  36. Secondary League wagering
    When will the odds for the next secondary league event be up?
  37. Secondary League and fight camps
    Are there any plans to expand the Fight Camp features to the Secondary League?
  38. Who wants to make an avatar bet for the Werdum vs Gonzaga fight?
    Willing to take an avatar bet for this fight if anyone is interested
  39. what does parlay mean.... its on the side of the page when you want to bet.
    Does anyone no?
  40. lee vs sakara
    this fight has me .... puzzled.. Sakara has impressive hands and power...but it doesnt seem like he has made an adjustment to MMA and still fights like he's boxing....but he does have the "big show"...
  41. New Parlay Addition
    How do you guys like the new betting system for season 3? I think it allows way better risks/payoff and prob will allow more experience fans wins then someone just betting it all on an underdog for a...
  42. Bankroll question...
    I was looking over the members of my fight camp and noticed that most of us have $1000 bankrolls to start the new season...BUT...2 members have $500 bankrolls. The one member's ranking is (#0) and...
  43. 3 awsome questions (please look)
    1st off MMA playground rocks I can't believe its taken me so long to find it but, how long has MMA Plaground been around??? 2nd Why is the realted threads at the bottom of the page so dated?? They're...
  44. i kinda want to join a fight camp...
    but im not sure the benefits. what do you guys get from being in a fight camp? anyone have any suggestions on which one to join?
  45. problem with site
    anyone else gotten this error when trying to update event wagers? Server Error in '/' Application. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Input string was...
  46. PROBLEM with the betting interface
    Is anybody else getting errors when trying to make a Wager? It seems ever since the new Parlay system is in effect, the whole interface doesn't work for me... and I'm not even trying to make a parlay...
  47. new season for secondary league?
    when does the new season start? i still have $0 in my bankroll.
  48. Need help from a moderator
    Normally the site doesn't allow me to post my opinion on topics or send messages to anyone in the game. It says something along the lines of Invalid ID. I think its tied to my normal ip address(not...
  49. Points suggestion for stoppages
    I realize we base this s**t off of the official decisions as far as point purposes for the season. But am I the only one who gets frustrated when I don't get points because of: TKO (Submission)...
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  50. Picks for UFC 80
    UFC 80: Rapid Fire BJ “The Prodigy” Penn vs. Joe “Daddy” Stevenson This fight will be decided by one word, Stamina. Look for Stevenson to come out strong and quick, as usual, and possible win round...
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