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  1. Four UK MMA Promotions Start Talks To Form A UK MMA Association
    link sounds like it will be good for the sport in the UK
  2. Q&A with Josh Haynes
    link talks of upcoming fight, life after TUF, etc.
  3. Contest: Win Joe Rogan's new comedy CD!
    link you have to answer a couple questions, i know the answer to #2 is wesely snipes
  4. Jon Fitch: ‘UFC doesn’t expect very much from me’
    link Despite a 12-fight win streak and a perfect record inside the Octagon (5-0), UFC welterweight Jon Fitch toils in relative obscurity.
  5. UFC UFN 9 Weigh In Results And Coverage
    Link UFC Fight Night Weigh-Ins were held at The Pearl, the new arena at The Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. UFC Fight Night LIVE will be shown on Spike TV...
  6. Franklin To Headline vs. Kampmann in june
    link look like franklins next opponent will be kampmann
  7. Dean Lister Suffers Torn Biceps
    link looks like he will be out 3-4 months after his surgery
  8. Bas Rutten reacts to CSAC drug report
    link Like Cesar Gracie, Bas Rutten states his frustration online towards the California State Athletic Commission
  9. Search for Keith Jardine’s UFC 71 Opponent Coming Up Empty
    link having trouble finding a replacement for jardine. who would you guys pick
    link an interview with tavares
  11. Yvel-Atajev Fight Off PRIDE 34 "Kamikaze" Card?
    link According to the official Japanese website of PRIDE Fighting Championships, the fight between Gilbert Yvel and Volk Atajev is possibly off the upcoming "Kamikaze" card this weekend in Japan.
  12. Condors-Sabres On FSN Friday Night
    link The Condors, coached by Marco Ruas and based in Orange County, take on the Sabres, who train in Los Angeles under the tutelage of Ken Yasuda.
  13. IFL Battleground show on matt lindland
    link THIS MONDAY ON MyNetworkTV Episode Includes Nine Bouts, Never-Before-Televised Lindland Fights vs. Jeremy Horn and Carlos Newton, the IFL Debut of Mike Dolce, Visits with Matt “Suave” Horwich...
  14. I want my UFC
    I hate to disagree with boxing's best pound-for-pound fighter, but I've got a bone to pick with Floyd Mayweather Jr. LINK
  15. Complete Betting Odds For Tonight's UFC Fight Night
    UFC Fight Night is live tonight in prime time on Spike TV and our sponsor,, have finally released their full betting lines for the fights scheduled for tonight. LINK
  16. Justin McCully pre-fight interview
    LINK Here is a nice Justin McCully interview. It talks about his upcoming fight with Antoni Hardonk, who he is training with and what pro-wrestlers he thinks can do well in Mixed Martial Arts....
  17. Ultimate Fighting battles for a mainstream role
    As fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship enter Toyota Center on Saturday night, they will hunger and thirst for action, athleticism and, truth be told, a chance to see some good, healthy...
  18. Joe Lauzon Interview
    One of the driving forces in the popularity boom of the UFC in the past few years has been the success of their original SPIKE TV production "The Ultimate Fighter". BloodyKnux.Com's Tyler Horton was...
  19. Cage Rage 21 Current Ticket Sales
    If anyone thought that the UFC coming to the UK would affect the ticket sales for Cage Rage in a negative way, well they are wrong as this is so far the fastest selling Cage Rage event in history....
  20. Ultimate Fight Night 9 Thoughts and other news
    link this claims tha ufc 72 may be a free event as well
  21. Exclusive: In-Depth Interview w/ Brock Lesnar [Pt. 1]
    link interesting interview
    link talks about his upcoming fight with pete sell
  23. Lawler No. 8 in world
    link also talks about penn and grove
  24.’s Guide to the Ultimate Fighter
    link gives a rundown of tuf 5
  25. Fedor Emelianenko: PRIDE Contract Not Finalized
    link During a conference call last week, UFC president Dana White stated that the fighter was signed. That’s not the case, according to Emelianenko
  26. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (”Big Nog”) UFC Bound?
    link That, of course, doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. Tomorrow’s UFC 69 event, for example, would be just as opportune of a time to announce one of the world’s top heavyweights to the UFC fan base.
  27. Diego Sanchez: Marijuana Usage Was a “One-Time Thing”
    link sounds like bill clinton
  28. questions with Dana White
    link The major points from the interview: Dana predicts world domination for UFC within 5 years. He claims that Idaho is the next important battleground for MMA regulation — despite the fact that...
  29. Mike Swick looks to return to basics for fight against Okami
    link Despite a run of wins, Mike (Quick) Swick has been a man on a mission as he prepares for Japan's Yushin Okami in his hometown of Houston for Saturday's UFC 69: Shootout.
  30. TV show helps Penn put losses in past
    link interesting article on penn
  31. Portland's Haynes is key to UFC 69
    link newspaper from oregon, hence the title. personally i think cummo will win
  32. Bazigit "Volk" Atajev had to withdraw from his fight against Gilbert Yvel
    link off the pride card due to an internal disease
  33. Couture on Dancing With The Stars
    link Recently re-anointed UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture knows no boundaries. The soft-spoken role model for mixed martial arts will get a visit from "Dancing With The Stars" entry Leeza...
  34. Kimo takes a dive
    link Whenever you think the bar couldn't get lower, someone comes along and shatters your expectations. The latest to sink well below the lowest common denominator is Kimo Leopoldo. If you thought...
  35. KOTC "Damage Control"
    link French, Clinton Bout to Highlight May 26th KOTC “Damage Control” Card By FCF Staff King of the Cage has announced several notable fighters will compete at the promotion’s May 26th, “Damage...
  36. Floyd Mayweather Jr. throws low blow at UFC
    Link I lost a lot of respect for the "pretty boy" after reading this... "UFC ain't s---," Mayweather said. "It ain't but a fad. … These are guys who couldn't make it in boxing. So they do [mixed...
  37. Roger Huerta continues his lifelong battle to the top
    link Once you hear the story of Roger Huerta, it's almost impossible not to root for him. He was abandoned by his parents as a child, lived through a civil war in El Salvador, was homeless at an...
  38. A 5-Foot-6 Bruiser’s Journey From East Meadow to a Title Bout
    link USING a choke hold or an arm lock, Matt Serra can make almost anyone cry uncle.
  39. "Merciless" Ray Mercer vs Kimbo Slice headlines CFFC 5
    For generations the world heavyweight boxing champion has been called "The Baddest Man on the Planet." No longer - on June 16th at CFFC 5 in Atlantic City, the baddest man on the planet will be...
  40. A Comprehensive History of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
    link An article on the history of Gracie jiu-jitsu.
  41. UFC Fight Night 9 Fighter Pay Out Info Released
    link The fighters' salaries for UFC Fight Night 9.
  42. Interview with Justin McCully
    This is a pre-fight interview of Justin McCully. He talks about his upcoming battle against Antoni Hardonk at UFN 9.
  43. BodogFIGHT 2 PPV Card For Next Saturday Finalized
    The following is the full official card for next Saturday's (April 14th) BodogFIGHT 2 pay-per view from St. Petersburg, Russia: LINK
  44. Exclusive: In-Depth Interview w/ Brock Lesnar [Pt. 1]
    Brock Lesnar is gifted athlete. His credentials speak for him. He's a former NCAA amateur wrestling champion, professional wrestling Heavyweight champion in WWE and came up just shy of making a spot...
  45. Can Huerta Make It 3-For-3 In The UFC?
    Without a doubt, Roger Huerta is one of the most exciting young talents in the UFC. After injury delayed his UFC debut, Huerta came on like a Texas-sized tornado, putting on back to back impressive...
  46. Silva A No Go For Sunday's Pride 34
    Former PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva could not be medically cleared in time and will not participate on Sunday’s PRIDE 34 “Kamikaze” roster. ----------------------- I can't find this...
  47. MM-Eh! News and Notes from Canada
    On the eve of Canada's most popular-and best-mixed martial artist return to the Octagon, we focus heavily on UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, who defends his belt versus Matt Serra on...
  48. Sanchez gets physical at UFC 69 weigh-in
    link During Friday afternoon's weigh-in, Sanchez shoved Koscheck as the two were staring down one another. Ironically, it was Sanchez who nearly hit the deck as he stumbled after the push.
  49. Does a good nickname mean anything inside the Octagon?
    link article for the baltimore sun. the guy made his picks for ufc 69 on the basis of the nickname. i think he made some bad picks, but i'm only batting .500 right now so what do i know
  50. maxim's prides greatest KO's
    link from maxim magazine, videos of KO's in pride
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