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  1. Brandon Vera signs contract extension with the UFC!
    Heavyweight contender Brandon Vera has signed an extension with the Ultimate Fighting Championship with plans to complete the remaining fight on his existing contract with the Las Vegas-based...
  2. Five Ounces of Pain: An interview with Josh Koscheck
    Few mixed martial artists carry the amateur credentials of UFC welterweight fighter Josh Koscheck. While at Edinboro University, Koscheck was a four-time All-American in freestyle wrestling. In 2001,...
  3. A Word From The Asian Sensation...
    After much speculation, the face of mixed martial arts has changed forever. The sale of Pride Fighting Championships signified the largest acquisition in MMA history LINK
  4. Trigg and Lawler mix it up
    The world middleweight championship is on the line; Mayhem may be in his last Hawaii bout LINK
  5. Cage Rage Coming To U.S. Television
    “On April 21st, be prepared for a U.S. TV deal because it’s there. I don’t know which channel… that’s no rumor. On April 21st, you’ll be seeing Cage Rage in the U.S.A.” LINK
  6. Exclusive: Pulver On Hatred For BJ, TUF 5 Incident [Pt. 1]
    Jens "Little Evil" Pulver is a former UFC Lightweight champion and one of the coaches of the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show on Spike TV...
  7. Vera Signs UFC Extension
    Heavyweight contender Brandon Vera has signed an extension with the Ultimate Fighting Championship with plans to complete the remaining fight on his existing contract with the Las Vegas-based...
  8. UFC 69: Bars and Restaurants Airing the Pay-Per-View Event
    Here’s the usual (and comprehensive) list of bars and restaurants that will be showing next Saturday’s UFC 69 event on pay-per-view LINK
  9. This isn’t business; this is personal
    As the Good Book says, ask and you shall receive. LINK
  10. NEW Shonie "Mr. International" Carter audio interview!
    New audio interview over at with "Mr. International" Shonie Carter! This guy is very entertaining. Check it out.
  11. Exclusive: Pulver On Lauzon, TUF 5 Surprises, Penn [Pt. 2]
    The following is part two of our exclusive interview with former UFC Lightweight champion and one of the coaches on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter - Jens "Little Evil" Pulver....
  12. Exclusive: Lindland On Fedor Fight, A. Silva, UFC Buying PRIDE
    Matt Lindland is arguably the top 185 pound fighter in mixed-martial arts today, and is known worldwide as a silver medalist in greco-roman wrestling in the Olympics LINK
  13. Interview with Josh Koscheck: Fighting a Crazed Fan, Thoughts on Diego Sanchez, and a UFC 69 Preview
    I was hoping for a solid interview with Josh Koscheck (8-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC), who faces bitter rival Diego Sanchez (17-0 MMA, 6-0 UFC) at next Saturday’s UFC 69 event. I could have never expected I’d...
  14. UFC Closing In On HBO & ESPN?
    Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White has stated several times that he is working both on a deal to televise the UFC on premium cable channel HBO and to get ESPN to provide coverage of...
  15. The Fringe: An interview with Diego 'The Nightmare' Sanchez
    Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez is focused on Josh Koscheck. He ought to be. Every time Sanchez steps into the Octagon, he puts his perfect MMA record (17-0 overall, 6-0 UFC) on the line. LINK
  16. One-on-one with UFC heavyweight Heath Herring
    Heath Herring is a colorful personality in the world of mixed martial arts, known for his Dennis Rodman-esque hairstyles, entertaining fights and a New Years Eve kiss in 2005 from an unlikely person...
  17. Ratner Talks New Pride Rules & MMA Sanctioning
    “I knew when the AFL and the NFL got together what a big thing it was, but in Mixed Martial Arts... this is that big,” UFC Vice President Marc Ratner recently said on MMAWeekly Radio when asked about...
  18. IFL does well in ratings
    IFL Looks like the IFL is doing well. I am glad to hear it. I like the team concept and would like to see the league continue to grow
  19. Hermes Franca Interview
    Interview interesting interview by hermes franca
  20. kendal grove interview
    interview grove talks about his upcoming fight with belcher, among other things.
  21. Iowa Senate Votes to Deregulate MMA
    iowa sounds like something that would have happened ten years ago. sad that it is still being debated.
  22. Why isn't MMA sanctioned in Maryland?
    "Why isn't MMA sanctioned in Maryland?" My good friend Colin (himself an avid MMA fan) posed me this question the other day and the question inspired not only this blog entry but what will be...
  23. BET Show Could Raise 'Best Style' Questions (or Just Bring Back MMA's Wild Days)
    People who think that the UFC has already answered the question of which fighting style is best are wrong, according to one of the event’s original creators. LINK
  24. Penn wants to pulverize rival
    The reality is, BJ Penn and Jens Pulver do not like each other. LINK
  25. MMAWeekly Rankings Updated
    The latest MMAWeekly Rankings were released on Tuesday, April 3rd. This system ranks the top ten MMA fighters from all across the world in each of the five major weight classes, as voted on by the...
  26. Corey Hill Interview
    tuf 5 interview w/ corey hill of tuf 5
  27. UFC surpasses boxing
    UFC better than boxing as far as PPV goes. link
  28. GSP writes a column
    Georges St.Pierre wrote a column yesterday for (Sports news station that is similar to ESPN). GSP
  29. Couture to be on the Late, Late Show
    Couture on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Wednesday night, April 4 at 12:35am ET/PT link
  30. Report: 23 MMA Fighters Failed California Drug Tests in the Past 12 Months
    link just like the title says
  31. 10 amazing moments in PRIDE
    Any others you guys would add? link
  32. Luis Cruz Breaks Down Thursday's UFC Fight Night Card
    have to say how much I love MMA on free TV! Well not literally because I do pay a satellite bill, but you get the point. April is a huge month for UFC alone as there are three events, two of which...
  33. Cage Warriors President arrested
    link for perverting the course of
  34. Please Zuffa, Don't Hurt 'Em
    Compared to all the ridiculous titles that fight organizations have used to label their events (“Oktoberfist,” “Gunfather,” need I go on?) one has to give credit to whomever chose the moniker picked...
  35. Interview: Brad Imes
    link talks of upcoming fight with herring
  36. Baroni VS. Shamrock Card Coming Together
    Although the event is a little over two months away, the California-based Strikeforce promotion is set to hold its biggest event in its young history on June 22nd. After months of talk and bad blood,...
  37. cesar gracie denies drug use
    link this is interesting
  38. BodogFight, the Brothers Emelianenko Make MMA History
    link article about the brothers fighting for the first time in russia
  39. A Look At Liddell vs. Jackson 2
    link pretty good article talking about the upcoming lidell/jackson fight
  40. Florian ready for comeback
    link ken-flo talks of his upcoming fight
  41. August or September for a potential Randy Couture vs. Mirko Cro Cop match.
    link exerpts from a dana white teleconfrence
  42. MMA Is Becoming One Of The Fastest Growing Sports In America
    link 3 page article. it is from december but it is interesting and still relevant so i posted.
  43. Wanderlei Silva vs Igor Vovchanchyn at Pride 34
    link he has to get his medical suspension lifted though
  44. Shogun Rua wants Tito and Babalu!
    Check out this link! ufcjunkie
  45. Las Vegas Mansion Can Become A Prison For Residents On The Ultimate Fighter
    link several fighters from the TUF series talk about the experience of being secluded, the stress of the cameras, etc.
  46. WEC To Make Live Cable TV Debut On June 3rd
    link I dont think i get this network, maybe some of you will luck out.
  47. Cro Cop speaks out in an interview
    link Comments on his next opponent and names new sparring partners for next UFC appearance
  48. Berube Grapples With New Challenge
    TAMPA - There are probably many things in life Allen Berube cannot accomplish. Berube just does not know of any. LINK
  49. Martial artists have eye of the tiger
    Student-instructor and master kickboxer Greg Lamothe led the charge for his Professional Self-Defence kenpo karate school team at the Tiger Balm International mixed martial arts tournament in North...
    link interview with wilson gouveia
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