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  1. Ortiz To Fight Rashad Evans, Not Jardine, At UFC 71
    The following is from Sam Caplan's blog, "Five Ounces of Pain." Caplan is a regular contributor to Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans at UFC 71 LINK
  2. Special UFC Unleashed With Big Bouts On March 13
    SPIKE TV TAKES THE GLOVES OFF WITH A 2 HOUR SPECIAL PRESENTATION OF UFC UNLEASHED UFC Champions Georges St. Pierre and Chuck Liddell Featured on Special Presentation of Fights Never Before Seen on...
  3. Anderson Silva vs. Nathan Marquardt Set For UFC 72
    The following is a blurb from Brazilian website, which features comments from Anderson Silva's manager about the UFC Middleweight champion's next fight in the octagon: LINK
  4. MMA Worldwide. New MMA Magazine
    It's sister publication is TapouT. In MMA Worldwide they report on a different angle, what the fighters do outside the ring. What are their talents and hobbies. How they grew up. I have the first...
  5. ESPN: Chat with Randy Couture Transcript
    Yes, that's right, you guys didn't think I abandoned you did you? Sorry, I've been crazy busy the past couple of days however, I have another treat for y'all in a transcript following today's ESPN...
  6. SUN Releases Fight Card for "Art of War"
    They fight tonight. HDNet will be showing this card Friday, March 23 at 9:30 EST LINK
  7. UFC boxes out spot in sports marketplace
    Nationwide Arena in Columbus was the stage last Saturday night for two remarkable achievements in the world of sports and entertainment. The first was one of the most amazing athletic feats I have...
  8. Ultimate Insult Championships
    "Good Lord, you are an idiot." "Goodbye, dimwit." "Nice haircut." LINK
  9. Dan Henderson Talks About His Future and Making History
    Dan Henderson made history on February 24, 2007, when he defeated Wanderlei Silva at Pride’s second Las Vegas event entitled “Second Coming”. By knocking Silva out in their much anticipated rematch,...
  10. Jerry Millen On PRIDE vs. UFC, Dana White [Pt. 2]
    The following is part two of our multi-part exclusive interview with PRIDE Vice President Jerry Millen. The interview was conducted by Luis Cruz of on March 7, 2007. .html]LINK
  11. Five Ounces of Pain: Dana whie Interview (UfC 70 To be on Free TV)
    As part of one of the biggest juggernauts in sports, Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White is a busy man. The company is coming off the heels of UFC 68 this past weekend. The event,...
  12. Jerry Millen On A Number Of Topics [Pt. 3]
    The following is the third and final part of our exclusive interview with PRIDE Vice President Jerry Millen. The interview was conducted on March 7, 2007 by's own Luis Cruz. .html]LINK
  13. Sapp needs a new opponenet for Cage Rage!
    LINKAGE It will be intresting no matter who it is... But would you really want to take a fight against the big man?
  14. The Great Debate - Boxing vs. Mixed Martial Arts
    The latest buzz going around the boxing world is the fear that mixed martial arts will replace boxing as the number-one combat sport in the world. LINK
  15. Chuck Liddell - Baddest Man on the Planet?
    Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell and a new breed of brawlers are bringing mixed martial arts mainstream LINK
  16. Steele Cage Promotions Set For July Debut
    Richard Steele is well known to boxing fans as a world famous referee and former pro fighter. After retiring as a ref, he crossed over into the promotional game. LINK
  17. Underground Rumbles: Kicking and punching keeps fans coming back to top-secret venues
    There is no sign outside the squat brick building in the Bronx, only a dented metal door with a street number spray-painted on the front. Ground-floor windows, if they ever existed, were bricked in...
  18. A new form of boss bashing
    In this corner, fighting out of Huntington Beach, Calif., and coming in at 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, with a MMA record of 16-5, the Huntington Beach Bad Boy and former UFC light heavyweight champion...
  19. MM-Eh! News and Notes from Canada
    Many of us watched last Saturday night as Red Deer, Alberta's Jason MacDonald faced the toughest competition yet of his UFC career, LINK
  20. Preview: Sakuraba & Shaolin Highlite Hero's
    K-1 will hold its first Hero's card of the year on Monday night in Nagoya, and the event is highlighted by the return of Kazushi Sakuraba and the debut of Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro on the worldwide...
  21. Interview with Bodog Fight's Derrick Noble
    New interview with Bodog Fight's Derrick Noble. Derrick talks about Tuesday's (3/14) episode and his fight with Jake Ellenberger in St Petersburg Russsia. Check it out....
  22. Hunt, Yoshida & Minowa Confirmed For PRIDE 34
    LINK From You can officially pencil in Mark Hunt, Hidehiko Yoshida and Ikuhisa Minowa as confirmed participants for the upcoming PRIDE 34 card, set for April 8 in Japan. The card will be...
  23. UFC 70 to air on Spike TV
    "With a star-studded line-up that includes top ten heavyweights Mirko Cro Cop, Andrei Arlovski, and Fabricio Werdum, the UFC's April 21st show in the United Kingdom is an event that many fans in the...
  24. Here is the Cast of TUF5
    Full cast listing for TUF 5
  25. You Never Forget Your First Time: The Ultimate Night in Vegas
    It's Super Bowl weekend in Sin City. The town is abuzz. Beautiful women are everywhere my head turns. Guys gawk, down drinks and place bets on everything from coin flips to Rex Grossman's fumbles and...
  26. Win or lose - or lose again - he fights on
    One weekend last year, Nick "The Short Fuse" Zimmermann flew to Louisiana for a fight. The referee stopped it after Zimmerman's opponent gashed his head with an elbow. LINK
  27. California Athletic Commision Update for 3/11
    This is the first (hopefully of many) updates where I go over the latest California Athletic Commission news regarding MMA. My thanks to Armando Garcia and the rest of the athletic commission for...
  28. Evan Tanner On Silva: "If I Want The Belt, I'll Take It"
    The following is an excerpt from an interview with former UFC Middleweight champion Evan Tanner, conducted by LINK
  29. Aldana's Trainer Confirms Death
    Gilbert Aldana, 29, passed away Sunday morning while boating with his family at Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Ariz. LINK
  30. Nine Who Need to Hang Up the Gloves
    Mustering up all his congested wisdom, geriatric prize fighter Larry Holmes once stated, "The thought of being broke scares me." LINK
  31. Ultimate fighting kicks violent image and pulls in crowds
    LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Ultimate fighting has shed its no-holds-barred image and reinvented itself as exciting and safe to become one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the United States....
  32. UFC Unleashed Tonight With Major Past PPV Fights
    The following is the line-up scheduled for tonight's new two hour edition of UFC Unleashed, which is scheduled for 8:00PM ET/PT on Spike TV: LINK
    LINK The following fighters are confirmed -Mark Hunt -Sergei Kharitonov -Josh Barnett -Wanderlei Silva -Kazuyuki Fujita -Denis Kang -Ikuhisa Minowa -Makoto Takimoto -Zulu, Jr. -Eric “Butterbean”...
  34. Bas Rutten Explains Back Story On Jerry Millen/PRIDE (Bas Laying the Verbal Beatdown)
    The following is a post made by MMA legend "El Guapo" Bas Rutten over at the Sherdog forums describing the back story with PRIDE Vice President Jerry Millen. LINK
  35. Five Ounces of Pain: Popular ex-Pride duo speaks out (Mauro Ranallo Speaks Out)
    In an interview with Pride vice president Jerry Millen that was published last week, I asked Millen about the details surrounding the departure of the organization's former English-language...
  36. Lend me your ear. Fledgling UFC fighter Frankie Edgar never gives up
    Frankie (The Answer) Edgar has sacrificed a piece of his ear to his sport, so giving up wasn't an option in his UFC debut last month in Las Vegas. LINK
  37. Sanchez’s Keys to 20 Straight Wins
    Name the only current UFC fighter riding a 20-fight professional winning streak. Chuck Liddell? No. Matt Hughes?No. Georges St-Pierre? Tito Ortiz? B.J. Penn? Randy Couture?No. No. No. No. LINK
  38. Forrest Out For UFC 70
    It appears Forrest is out due to a bad infection, no replacement has been found yet. Link
  39. EliteXC's Gary Shaw discusses Nick Diaz and more
    Former UFC lightweight Nick Diaz stunned the mixed martial arts world Feb. 24 when he defeated PRIDE lightweight champion Takanori Gomi in a non-title fight at PRIDE 33. LINK
  40. Bas Rutten On IFL/Stretcher, Shamrock's Claims [Pt. 1]
    Bas Rutten is one of few true undisputed legends of the sport of mixed-martial arts. He's best known as the former three-times King of Pancrase champion and for his flawless run in the UFC, where he...
  41. K-1 To Bring Hero's To U.S. Shores
    Pride isn't the only Japanese promotion that is looking to make a splash in the mixed martial arts landscape in America. HERO'S, the MMA segment of K-1, is looking to bring their show over too. LINK
  42. UFC 68 Breaks North American Attendance Record
    The final attendance figures for UFC 68 have come in from the Ohio Athletic Commission, and the event has officially broken the all-time total attendance record for a mixed martial arts event in...
  43. New Info On TUF 5
    LINK has launched a section of its Web site devoted to the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. The section contains detailed biographies of the 16 lightweights who will compete on...
  44. Tryouts begin for TUF6
    source credit: By on March 16, 2007 Welterweight fighters can apply now to compete for a chance to join the cast of The Ultimate Fighter 6. Applications must be...
  45. Mixed martial arts notebook: WEC enjoys big backing
    The little guy will finally win one Saturday when World Extreme Cagefighting has three title fights in Las Vegas. LINK
  46. Bas Rutten Tells All On Millen, PRIDE's Future [Pt. 2]
    The following is part two of our multi-part exclusive interview with MMA legend Bas Rutten. The interview was conducted by Luis Cruz of on March 14, 2007. LINK
  47. One-on-one with UFC's Tim Sylvia
    Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia lost his title to Randy Couture March 3 at UFC 68. Leading up to the fight, Sylvia was criticized for his lackluster title defenses against Andrei Arlovski...
  48. UFC 70 to Air on Spike TV Instead of Pay-Per-View or HBO (Take note of the start time)
    Instead of airing live, the event will air in the United States on a tape delay and will begin airing on Saturday, April 21st at 9:00 PM (Eastern Time/Pacific Time). LINK
  49. Five Ounces of Pain: Interview with Joe Riggs
    By the sheer nature of their occupation, fighters face a great deal of adversity during their careers. But Joe "Diesel" Riggs has faced more obstacles than most. LINK
  50. Josh Koscheck battling for shot at welterweight championship
    It may not be Yankees-Red Sox or Celtics-Lakers, but a heated rivalry is about to be revisited in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). LINK
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