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  1. MyNetworkTV Presents Countdown to Battleground
    New York, March 1, 2007 MyNetworkTV, the broadcast home of the International Fight League, announced today that it will present Countdown to Battleground on Wednesday, March 7 at 8 p.m. (EST/PST)....
  2. UFC 68 Betting - Handicapping The Uprising
    Ultimate fighting has earned the respect of sport's bettors around the world. When looking over a fight card, the bigger names immediately grab your attention. LINK
  3. Mixed-martial arts making moves
    If there's a mixed message out there about the sport of mixed-martial arts, it's that bludgeoning an opponent into the fetal position is OK because, before long, it'll be drawing bigger audiences...
  4. Mixed martial arts notebook: Questions to be answered for Sylvia, Couture
    "Nobody roots for Goliath" -- former NBA superstar and playboy Wilt Chamberlain Tim Sylvia is the Ultimate Fighting Championship's least popular champion. LINK
  5. To the MAXson: Silva’s late night meant defeat
    This past Saturday, the Mixed Martial Arts community witnessed the fall of a legend. Wanderlei Silva, PRIDE Fighting Championships Middleweight champion and 2003 Grand Prix Tournament winner,...
  6. Analysis: Boxing vs. Mixed Martial Arts
    IOWA CITY, Ia. -- The latest buzz around boxing is the fear that Mixed Martial Arts and in its various evolutions will replace boxing as the number combat sport. LINK
  7. Wombat's UFC Predictions
    Lately, the UFC has been preying on their ‘Hall of Fame’ like a team of rabid telemarketers relentlessly calling a retirement home to sell over-priced appliances to confused and lonely senior...
  8. Both Couture and Sylvia are confident
    Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia both feel that their recent training has given them the edge for their UFC 68 matchup. VIDEO
  9. Couture has seen it all: Veteran fighter would like to see UFC and Pride unite
    Randy (The Natural) Couture has done it all in mixed martial arts – former two-time UFC light-heavyweight champion, two-time UFC heavyweight champion and UFC 13 tournament winner. LINK
  10. Couture says friendship with Sylvia is "messing with" the champ going into UFC 68
    While Randy Couture's return to the UFC was as surprising as Britney Spears assaulting the paparazzi with an umbrella, "The Natural's" comeback destination was eye opening. LINK
  11. UFC title fight is pumping ire
    After turning off fans, 6-foot-8 heavyweight champion Sylvia has his reputation on the line in a title fight against the popular Couture. LINK
  12. UFC'S Relationship With HBO Continues To Evolve
    An article by the Associated Press has addressed the issue of the UFC's relationship with HBO Sports, and the Wrestling Observer recently reported on some of the points of contention between the two...
  13. Chris Lytle Eyeing Upset
    “I’d say there’s nothing that I’d rather do than mess up the UFC’s plans for people right now…I’ve got to be honest with you,” said Chris Lytle on his upcoming UFC 68 bout with Matt Hughes. LINK
  14. The Breakdown: UFC 68 "The Uprising"
    The Ultimate Fighting Championship steams into Columbus, Ohio this weekend with all the momentum of a runaway freight train. The night’s theme is redemption, as the card features comeback bouts for...
  15. Mixing it up
    Local martial artists combine several fighting styles to train for 'ultimate' competition LINK
  16. AMAZING! Couture Shuts out Sylvia to Win Third UFC Heavyweight Title
    After losing two out of three fights to UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and a tearful retirement in 2006, most believed that Randy Couture had run out of miracles. LINK
  17. He Does It Again
    Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name is one of the tunes playing before this match. Randy Couture receives a standing ovation as he enters the Octagon. LINK
  18. Seeing is believing! Results and analysis for UFC 68: The Uprising
    I was going to whip-up a clever little intro but after the fight I just saw I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if I just get over myself and dive right into the action: LINK
  19. Eddie Bravo is jiu-jitsu rocker - and UFC unofficial judge at major fights
    Jiu-jitsu instructor and black belt. Rock musician and producer. Unofficial judge on UFC telecasts. Eddie Bravo is living the life. LINK
  20. Couture wins dramatic comeback match
    Ultimate Fighting Championship legend Randy Couture made a dramatic return to the octagon Saturday night, winning a unanimous decision over heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia during UFC 68: The Uprising...
  21. Hall of Famer Randy Couture upsets heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia at UFC68
    Hall of Famer Randy (The Natural) Couture came out of retirement with a bang Saturday night, defeating champion Tim (The Maine-iac) Sylvia via a well-earned unanimous decision to win the heavyweight...
  22. Inside Randy Couture's training camp
    LINK great video. Shows Randy and his new school.
  23. Next Pride USA show cancelled!
  24. Evan Tanner interview
    tanner is a great fighter and great guy, got this from mmaweekly: Link
  25. New Evan Tanner interview from mmaweekly MMAWeekly: First off Evan, what have you been up to since your last fight almost a year ago? Evan Tanner: I’ve...
  26. Feel the love: UFC just added another huge fan
    The president of UFC would kick your ass. His name is Dana White, he's a former amateur boxer and he's planning soon to fight one of Ultimate Fighting Championship's baddest men -- former light...
  27. As strong as "300" men (A Chuck interview)
    Ultimate fighter Chuck Liddell is one scary dude. Officially measured at 6’2," 204 pounds, "The Iceman" holds a mixed martial arts record of 20 wins and only three losses in the Ultimate Fighting...
  28. Couture's big victory has him ready for more
    Win at UFC 68 sets up potential bout with Filipovic Hollywood couldn't have written a more compelling script. LINK
    THQ has made an agreement with the ufc that gives them the right to produce UFC video games . Word from THQ is that a new game is in the works and should be out this fall of 2007 . LINK
  30. MMAToday Interview with Tito Ortiz
    link to interview "Jacob "Tito" Ortiz (born January 23, 1975) is a Mexican American participant of the sport of mixed martial arts, or "MMA". Ortizs career has been mostly within the UFC...
  31. The Fight Network in the US
    I found this article and have put in a call to the guy at america one listed on the bottom to check for availability in my area(milwaukee, time warner cable) and left him a message to return my call....
  32. Riggs to fight japanese HERO´s veteran in the WEC.
    Jordan Breen´s article´s Japan expert Jordan Breen reports that Joe Riggs will square off against K-1 HERO´s veteran Hiromitsu Miura at the WEC event in Vegas scheduled for March 24.
  33. Tim Sylvia, the anti-champ
    I doubt he agrees with me, but I think this is a good loss for Sylvia. In terms of popularity, he has nowhere to go but up. LINK
  34. UFC Provides Punch
    Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White was exhausted by 2 a.m. Sunday. He had spent most of Saturday night in Nationwide Arena mingling with fans, settling business and taking in what...
  35. UFC's Relationship with HBO Continues to Evolve
    An article by the Associated Press has addressed the issue of the UFC's relationship with HBO Sports, and the Wrestling Observer recently reported on some of the points of contention between the two...
  36. Minute-by-Minute: UFC 68
    There would normally be little incentive to recap what many assumed would be Randy Couture's career funeral. (Even though much of's offerings are dejecting, it's not on purpose.) LINK
  37. Liddell's Trainer On Disaster In Dallas
    Late last week, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell appeared on a talk show called Good Morning Texas as part of his tour promoting the movie "300." But it wasn’t the movie or Chuck’s...
  38. MMAWeekly Rankings Updated
    The latest MMAWeekly Rankings were released on Tuesday, March 6th. This system ranks the top ten MMA fighters from all across the world in each of the five major weight classes, as voted on by the...
  39. Enson Inoue on Pride's financial situation
    Very interesting interview... Enson Inoue interview
  40. Fight of a lifetime
    Anything is possible. That's what Nate Quarry believes. But his mind wasn't always so big, so able to grasp the larger complexities in life that he sees today. Because life, it's often dictated by...
  41. Ultimatefighter pins hopes on being contender in world championships
    During a 10-month span that ended in January, Hermes Franca stepped into an Ultimate Fighting Championship cage eight times. On each occasion, he emerged with a medal. More importantly, though, he...
  42. Event Planned For May 12 At D.C. Armory
    This is great. MMA in the Nations Captial. The Verizon Center Holds 20,000 fans. Is the UFC Next??? LINK
  43. A word about immediate title shot rematches
    If the rumor mill at MMA Weekly is reliable, it appears the previously scheduled fight between Rampage Jackson and Chuck Liddell at UFC 71 in late May is off. LINK
  44. LeBanner Free To Fight Wherever He Chooses
    source: Date submitted: 08 March 2007 Submitted by: MMA Universe Jerome Le Banner has renewed a contract with the K-1 organisation that will ensure he competes on the world’s most...
  45. to host live chat with Randy Couture
    1:30 ET there will be a live chat with the champ
  46. Jerry Millen Talks PRIDE's Future & More [Pt. 1]
    The future of PRIDE Fighting Championships has been the talk of the MMA world lately. The promotion lost television support in their homeland of Japan last year.................. LINK
  47. PenUltimate Fighting Championship
    So headquarters tells me that nothing on our site gets the hits that Ultimate Fighting does. There's something about watching two nearly naked men beating one another to a bloody pulp that just...
  48. Frank Mir is no longer listed on Fight Night card
    Frank is missing? Injury? LINK
  49. London Calling: UFC & Cage Rage Lock Horns
    It appears that MMA is well and truly on the upswing in the UK and UFC madness is taking over… You literally can’t move anywhere in the UK at the moment without seeing UFC due to extensive...
  50. Ultimate Dealer In The Game Of Upsets
    Captain America, 2-time UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion, 3-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, The Natural, Father Time and even Joe Rogan’s hero… LINK
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