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  1. Another Source Claims UFC 75 Will Air Free On Spike TV
    UFC 75, featuring the light heavyweight unification bout between UFC champion Quinton Jackson and Pride titleholder Dan Henderson, will air free on Spike TV. Link That'd be amazing. CC vs Kongo,...
  2. wandy/chuck maybe? why rashad/tito 2 so soon and ultimate fighter @ primetime?
    check it source
  3. Nate Diaz to Return at UFC Fight Night 11
    Nate Diaz (6-2 MMA, 1-0 UFC), fresh off his win over Manny Gamburyan at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale, will put his recently won UFC contract to good use at UFC Fight Night 11 on Sept. 19. His...
  4. Lindland Back at 185
    Matt "The Law" Lindland has fought most of his career as a middleweight, but has recently been moving up in weight class competing as a light heavyweight and a heavyweight. LINK
  5. Roger Huerta fighting at UFC 74 Opponent Named Inside
    Rising UFC lightweight star Roger Huerta (18-1-1) today informed that he will face Alberto Crane (8-0) at UFC 74 on August 25 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. LINK
  6. Mike Swick Says Chris Leben Is Out of UFN 11 You might have to hit refresh for it to work.
  7. UFC 75: Champion VS Champion free on spike TV
    New York, NY, July 16, 2007 -- Spike TV will telecast “UFC 75: Champion vs. Champion,” its most star-studded fight card ever, including the network’s first-ever UFC® title fight, a unification bout...
  8. Say it Ain't So, Royce! Notes on a Scandal
    Here is the man, lean, lithe, and stoic. In a field of eight, he's a physical anomaly, with shoulders as narrow as his hips; a bulky pair of white pajamas conceals a set of pipe-cleaner arms. LINK
  9. Nate Diaz Likely to Face Junior Assuncao at UFC Fight Night 11
    Junior Assuncao (5-2 MMA, 1-1 UFC) is expected to fight on the UFC Fight Night 11 card on Sept. 19 — most likely against The Ultimate Fighter 5 winner Nate Diaz (6-2 MMA, 1-0 UFC),
  10. Cub Swanson VS Jens Pulver at Sep. 5th WEC Up-and-coming featherweight Cub Swanson signed his contract Sunday to face former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver at Sept. 5’s World...
  11. SHOGUN VS... FORREST GRIFFIN NOT MACHIDA! Master Rudimar Fedrigo confirmed us that Mauricio Shogun will face Forrest Griffin at UFC 76, that is schedule for...
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  12. Rumor- Mike Swick VS Jonathan Goulet st UFN 11 Following his loss to Yushin Okami at UFC 69 in Houston, Texas, Mike Swick decided to make the move from the...
  13. Mir-Hardonk Added to UFC 74 Card
    HERE Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir returns to the Octagon for the first time in nine months when he takes on dangerous Antoni Hardonk in a bout on August 25th’s UFC 74 card at the...
  14. Ortiz "It looked like my hand skimmed the fence"
    You know I really had time to actually look at it and watch the fight itself. I fought a great fight outside the one time when they took the point off and they showed I grabbed the fence. It looked...
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  15. Josh Barnett talks UFC relationship
    A short interview with Josh Barnett about his current contract and how he feels about UFC and Dana White. Sounds like Josh Barnett wants to be a UFC fighter again...
  16. Replacements Named for IFl Semi-Finals Among the changes...Fabio Leopoldo and Jay Hieron are out and Adam DiSabato will replace Chris Horodecki. Also two Preliminary bouts were made.
  17. Dopey: CSAC Releases Drug Testing Results
    Twenty-eight fighters licensed by California have violated the state's anti-doping policy from March 31 through July 6 of this year, the California State Athletic Commission revealed Wednesday. Of...
  18. Interview with Fedor's striking coach Aleksander Vasilievich
    LINK Pretty good read, although nothing is mentioned specifically about Fedor's status with the UFC
    STOUT SAYS TO EXPECT RUBBER MATCH AGAINST FISHER “Right after my second fight with Spenser Fisher, Dana White told me there would be a rubber match. As far as losses go, my loss to Fisher was pretty...
  20. Sherk AND Franca test positive
    Link to Sherk Sherk has tested positive for Nandrolone Metabolite. He has been fined $2,500. His suspension period runs from the conclusion of his bout on July 7, 2007 through the remainder of his...
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  21. Dana White Blasts Fedor's Team, Russians
    In a recent interview Dana White stated that the reason the Fedor deal has not been finished is because he was "dealing with crazy Russians." Needless to say Fedor's boxing coach and trainer was none...
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  22. BBC Newsnight does a piece on MMA (Cage Rage)
    LINK Intresting newsnight feature on MMA, they try and make it look bad, but are proved wrong.. A lot.
  23. Dennis Siver Vs Naoyuki Kotani at UFC 75
    You might need to refresh it.
  24. Open Letter to Dana White
    Josh Gross of Sherdog has something to say about Dana White and the recent Steroid problem. LINK
  25. Stephen Bonnar Joins Randy Coutures Xtreme Courture Team
    Link This is a good move by Bonnar but it may be too late hes getting old
  26. Report: Dennis Siver vs. Naoyuki Kotani at UFC 75
    Native Russian Dennis Siver (10-4 MMA, 0-1 UFC), who made his Octagon debut at UFC 70 in Manchester, will return for the Sept. 8 London show and will take on another fighter looking for his first UFC...
  27. Manny Wants Rematch
    Manny Gamburyan was in the biggest fight of his career against Nate Diaz back at The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale. It appeared Manny was winning the fight and Diaz hadn't offered much of an offense. At...
  28. Swick Confirms Goulet & Talks Leben
    Mike 'Quick' Swick confirmed that Jonathan Goulet will be his first opponent as a welterweight at Ultimate Fight Night 11 September 19, at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV and voiced his...
  29. Antoni Hardonk - A Dangerous Work in Progress
    If you were building the prototypical UFC heavyweight, you would probably come up with someone closely resembling Holland’s Antoni Hardonk: Six foot four, 245 pounds, trained in kickboxing by Ernesto...
  30. Leben Vs Martin @ Fight Night 11
    Link Apparently, Chris Leben (16-4 MMA, 6-3 UFC) was willing to fight — just not against Mike Swick. Interesting
  31. Sherk to challenge test results
    LINK per Loretta Hunt via Greg Nelson Anyone know who Nelson is? Sherk's manager?
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  32. BJ Penn interview from CBS
    BJ Penn stops in at CBS and has a chat about his future, sean sherk, and his new outlook on natural training. I love the hawaiian attitue: "Show some balls, fight B.J. Penn without steroids."...
  33. Blog Day Two: In the Devils' Own Backyard
    Link Living with Fedor Emilianenko's Red Devil team while they prepare for a tournament. Day two.
  34. Dana White responds to Josh Gross' letter
    LINK No source, so I don't know if it's legit, but it's pretty funny
  35. Sherk Files Appeal
    Link Less than 24 hours after the news that both competitors in the recent lightweight title fight at UFC 73 had tested positive for steroids, it has been confirmed by the California State Athletic...
  36. Aleksander Emelianenko: MMA's First Sibling (Interview)
    LINK New interview with Aleks
  37. Yahoo Sports: MMA needs to address steroids problem
    link Sean Sherk had the gall to go on a national television show and brag about his training routine when he knew it was all fake. Hermes Franca had the temerity to ask those he perpetrated a fraud...
  38. Not a done deal
    Tito vs Rashad 2 is not a done deal for ufc 77 according to ortiz. He has not agreed to nothing for that event , he still has to sign the papers
  39. Ultimate Fighter Moves to Wednesday
    The Ultimate Fighter will be moving to Wednesday nights in its upcoming sixth season, according to two Spike TV representatives. The third, fourth, and fifth seasons of the show aired on Thursday...
  40. Ortiz talks Evans & Rematch
    The 'Huntington Beach Bad Boy' Tito Ortiz spoke with MMAWeekly about his UFC 73 draw against 'Sugar' Rashad Evans, the point deduction for grabbing the fence and the rematch. LINK
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  41. Where’s Andrei?
    Beginning Aug. 25, the UFC will host four major events — UFC 74, UFC 75, UFC Fight Night 11 and UFC 76 — within a four-week period. And with the fight cards filling up quickly, many UFC fans are...
  42. Tyson Griffin VS Thiago Tavares at UFC 76
    This will be an awesome fight. It's the first topic on the page.
  43. Red Devil: A Word with Voronov
    Link Interview with Fedor's grappling coach
  44. Matt Wiman to Take on Michihiro Omigawa at UFC 76
    The Ultimate Fighter 5‘s “Handsome” Matt Wiman (7-3 MMA, 1-1 UFC), who scored a first-round TKO of Brian Geraghty at the show’s live finale last month, will return to the Octagon to take on Japanese...
  45. Gonzaga’s jiu-jitsu key to heavyweight title
    UFC heavyweight contender Gabriel Gonzaga used his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to dispatch much-heralded Mirko Cro Cop in April in Manchester, England, and you can bet that part of his game will be front and...
  46. Kalib Starnes VS Alan Belcher at UFC 77 It's the second article on the page. Kalib Starnes (Pictures) to meet Alan Belcher (Pictures) at UFC 77 Kultar Gill (Pictures)'s Revolution Fight...
  47. Justin McCully Returns @ UFC 76
    Tito Ortiz’s training partner Justin McCully (8-3-2 MMA, 1-0 UFC), who scored a unanimous-decision win over Antoni Hardonk in his Octagon debut at UFC Fight Night 9 in April, has accepted a slot on...
  48. Sokoudjou wants Tito or Shogun
    On a recent Full Contact Fighter radio broadcast, Sokoudjou has stated that if he fights next in the UFC he wants to fight Tito Ortiz. If he fights next in Pride then he wants Shogun. Considering...
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  49. Video interview with BJ Penn.
    UFC legend B.J. Penn stops by CBS2/KCAL9 studios (CBS) LOS ANGELES UFC's B.J. Penn had plenty to say about the state of mixed martial arts, his future in the UFC and even admitted that he held on to...
  50. Drew McFedries and Marvin Eastman Rumored for UFC 77
    Both Drew McFedries (6-2 MMA, 2-1 UFC) and Marvin Eastman (14-7-1 MMA, 0-3 UFC) are likely to fight at Cincinnati’s UFC 77 event on Oct. 20, according to LINK
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