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  1. AM Update - 23
    The Fight Network is packing its bags once again and heading to Las Vegas for this weekend’s UFC 71, where Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck “the Iceman” Liddell gets the opportunity to avenge the...
  2. PM Update - May 22
    I reported this morning that Fight Entertainment Group (FEG), parent organization to K-1, has neglected to obtain its promotional license with the California State Athletic Commission for a proposed...
  3. Hong Man Choi Denied by Commission
    It appears that Hong Man Choi has been declined by the commission, and Lesnar's debut is in trouble... LINK
  4. Iceman Looking For The Final Revenge
    Chuck Liddell is 37 years old. He has fought the elite of the UFC light heavyweight division and has beaten all of them LINK
  5. UFC Announces Hiring Of New Vice President
    As the promotion continues to expand its reach throughout the world, The Ultimate Fighting Championship today announced the addition of Turner Broadcasting veteran Michael Pine as Vice President of...
  6. MMAWeekly World MMA Rankings Updated
    The latest MMAWeekly World MMA Rankings were released on Wednesday, May 23rd. This system ranks the top ten MMA fighters from all across the world in each of the five major weight classes, as voted...
  7. Couture's Gym Packs 'Em In
    The stars come out twice a day at Randy Couture's gym. On this day, some 20 fighters are working out in a fenced off mat area while Canadian coach Shawn Tompkins barks out instructions during the...
  8. Pride Fighters Plan Class Action Against DSE has confirmed that multiple fighters under contract to DSE and Pride are filing a class action lawsuit against the organization for an undisclosed amount of money. LINK
  9. Interviews with The Iceman
    Chuck Liddell may not be Quinton Jackson when it comes to outrageous statements in interviews (who is?), but ‘The Iceman’ remains one of the fight game’s most fascinating figures, in and out of the...
  10. Terry Martin - Breaking The Mold
    With a resemblance to Mike Tyson both facially and in build, the type of knockout power that made the former heavyweight boxing champion a superstar, and pre-fight proclamations of painful doom for...
    HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION (over 205 pounds) #1 Heavyweight Fighter in the World: Fedor Emelianenko 2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 3. Mirko Cro Cop 4. Josh Barnett 5. Randy Couture 6. Gabriel Gonzaga 7. Tim...
    Matt Serra's Ultimate Fighting Championship career was in jeopardy following the loss to Karo Parisyan at UFC 53. He didn't realize that loss would set in motion a series of events that would lead...
  13. Marrero Ready For Gouveia, 205 At UFC 71
    UFC fighter Carmelo Marrero will look to get back on the winning track this weekend when he faces tough American Top Team fighter Wilson Gouveia. Both Marrero and Gouveia are still relative newcomers...
  14. With his lessons learned, Burkman readies for the elite at 170
    If Josh Burkman seems to be one of the most well-adjusted fighters in the world when it comes to dealing with the trappings of fame, it’s not because he was just born with a gift; it’s because he’s...
  15. Gracie Fighting Championships review and pictures
    Its a review of the Gracie Fighting Championships that took place last weekend in Columbus Ohio. Lot of cool pictures to look at as well. Check it out HERE
  16. New Talks of Possible Lesnar Opponents
    There are talks of a replacement for Hong Man Choi, a few names have been mentioned... LINK
  17. *New Shogun interview
    Shogun Interview (Translation from a Sherdogger) There are some rumors that you are going to fight in UFC 72. There is anything certain about that? I signed with Pride and UFC. I'm waiting them set...
  18. UFC - Pride deal finalized!
    Reliable sources have told that the deal is now finalized! source "On March 27, Station Casinos Vice Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC President Dana White announced in a Tokyo press...
  19. Morrison to Taunt Liddell at Press Conference
    Boxer Tommy Morrison is taking a page out of the Rocky 3 playbook with his plan to attend a Chuck Liddell press conference to goad the UFC champ into an eventual fight. LINK
  20. Veteran MMA Fighter Ivan Salaverry Returns to UFC For One More Fight
    Saturday night could mark Ivan Salaverry's swansong as a mixed martial arts fighter. At 36, the Canadian-born middleweight reckons there is still some fight in him. LINK
  21. NewsCenter Extra: MMA Worth the Fight
    It doesn't involve a ball or puck and it probably isn't your mother or fathers idea of a sport. But the people who step inside the cage argue it's the most skillful of competitions. LINK
  22. 411's UFC 71 Pre-Fight Media Conference Call
    UFC president Dana White held a press conference over the phone today to promote the upcoming UFC 71 event. 411's Caleb Newby was on hand to get all the details LINK
  23. 'A U.S. Soldier w/ Warrior Spirit'
    The one thing that MMA legend and UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock looks for in a Lion’s Den fighter is heart. If you want to be a den fighter, you better be prepared to dig deep. .html]LINK
  24. Liddell Fires Back At Mayweather & Hopkins
    What a difference just a few months make. Not too long ago ESPN had forsaken all UFC advertising and all but declared MMA unfit for coverage. LINK
  25. Liddell Emerges As Mainstream Star, Looks To Avenge Loss To Jackson
    Brash, bruising and dominating. The three words can be used at length to describe the Ultimate Fighting Championship's Light Heavyweight champion Chuck ''The Iceman'' Liddell. LINK
  26. Dana White Confirms Signing of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
    UFC president Dana White today confirmed a recent report that the UFC has signed PRIDE superstar Mauricio "Shogun"Rua (16-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC). LINK
  27. Rampage and The Iceman: Big Fight Breakdown
    It was a grim tableau, and the sounds told the tale as vividly as the sight of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on top of Chuck Liddell after thirteen minutes of battle. LINK
  28. Chris Leben Ready To Bounce Back
    For Chris Leben, Saturday night can make or break his fighting career. A win would put Leben back into the fold of the crowded UFC middleweight division. A loss could very well signal the end of...
  29. Jackson takes aim at Liddell again
    LAS VEGAS — Some fight for a living. Quinton (Rampage) Jackson says he whups ass. And Saturday night at UFC 71, Jackson looks to take down mixed martial arts superstar Chuck (The Iceman) Liddell —...
  30. From the Edge of Madness to Fighting’s Mainstream
    Mixed martial arts was, in its recent outlaw years, the criminal element of sports, called “human cockfighting” by Senator John McCain and written into legal exile in New York by a stroke of former...
  31. MMA's main man
    LAS VEGAS – He's Babe Ruth in 1925 or George Mikan in 1950. Still, since his sport has such a short history, Chuck Liddell isn't sure the tag of best mixed martial artist ever can be properly...
  32. The fire within the Iceman’s belly
    Although he has ‘iced’ 13 of the 18 men he has fought thus far in his 20-3 mixed martial arts career, Chuck Liddell was originally dubbed ‘the Iceman’ not because of his chilling striking power but...
    Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson’s career has come full circle. He was once considered a top contender in Pride’s middleweight division, but had failed to capture the Pride Middleweight title. Now he gets a...
  34. Liddell: “Now it’s My Turn”
    In the professional fight game, nothing sells more than revenge, especially if two fighters aren't particularly fond of one another. The fights that harvest the most dollar bills are typically...
  35. Lightweight Grand Prix Cancelled
    my fears have come true, as the LWGP has been cancelled. no official word yet, but many sites are rumoring it. with that being said, r.i.p pride. Secondary site
  36. Chuck vs Rampage on FOX sports front page
    This is awesome for MMA! Really good article too.
  37. UFC 71 event predictions
    Instead of writing out long-winded explanations of why I like one fighter over another and then detailing their history ad nauseum, I'll just link to a few places that aren't as lazy as I am and...
  38. Dana White: Diego Sanchez Nearly Retired Prior to UFC 69
    With today’s UFC 71 weigh-ins, I can’t help but remember the infamous weigh-in events from UFC 69 last month in Houston. The day before a much-publicized main-card bout bout between The Ultimate...
  39. Fertitta Brothers Consolidate Control of Cagefighting Competitors
    Under its new management, World Extreme Cagefighting may be all grown up. In the past six months, the mixed martial arts league has inked deals with the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and cable sports...
  40. Martin Finds His Ultimate Challenge
    As I was interviewing Terry Martin on his cell phone, I couldn’t help but wonder what the people sitting next him at O’Hare must have been thinking. LINK
  41. Rampage Ready To Melt The Iceman
    Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson’s career has come full circle. He was once considered a top contender in Pride’s middleweight division, but had failed to capture the Pride Middleweight title LINK
  42. Fighters Make Their Picks On Liddell VS. Jackson
    With UFC 71 hours away, fighters weigh in with their picks on the highly anticipated rematch between Chuck 'Iceman' Liddell and Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson for the Ultimate Fighting Championship light...
  43. Video of Joe Rogan on Sportscenter
    joe talkin to an espn analyist and a boxing supporter, schooling both Video of Joe
  44. Chuck Liddell Pre-UFC 71 Interview
    Tomorrow night, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell steps into the Octagon, not only looking to defend is belt, but to avenge the only unanswered loss of his career… Quinton “Rampage”...
  45. Live UFC 71 Weigh-In Results
    Today’s weigh-in results included: Main Card Chuck Liddell (205) vs. Quinton Jackson (205) Josh Burkman (171) vs. Karo Parisyan (170) Keith Jardine (205) vs. Houston Alexander (202) Terry Martin...
  46. CSAC Grants FEG License, Saku Status Uncertain
    The California State Athletic Commission on Friday announced it has granted FEG USA a temporary promoter's license just eight days before the company is scheduled to hold "Dynamite!! USA" at the Los...
  47. Hong Man Choi Cleared In Second Exam
    Apparently Hong Man is cleared, and the fight is back on. The source isnt in English, but Ive seen a couple different translations of it around... LINK
  48. Prized fighter
    Chuck Liddell has become the face of the surging UFC, and his star power is paying off for the growing sport. LINK
  49. The Iceman cometh
    It's a sweltering 95 degrees outside the MGM Grand, but Chuck Liddell is dressed as if he's training in the dead of winter. He's hidden underneath a black hoodie, sweat pants and sneakers as he jogs...
  50. Hyped rematch pits two of UFC's top talent
    Turn to any form of sports media during the past week and it's likely you've seen Chuck Liddell. Television? Check. Radio? Check. Magazines and newspapers? Check. Liddell's rematch against Quinton...
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