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  1. Mayweather wins split dec. talks retirement.
    I don't know about you, but I think all the recent talk he has done was to get this "young, bored with boxing, mma crowd" interested in his big final show. Maybe he will fight Sherk. The next 6 mos...
  2. Mixed martial arts may soon KO boxing
    Boxing is not dead. It never will be. Too many of us like good fisticuffs for it to die. LINK
  3. Exclusive: Sokoudjou On Karo, Fedor-Lindland, Next Fight [Pt. 2]
    On May 3,'s own Chris Howie sat down with current PRIDE 205 lb. sensation Sokoudjou to discuss his wins over "Lil Nog" and Arona, his one pro MMA loss, his judo match with Karo Parisyan,...
  4. The Way It Is And Not Much Else (Mayweather-Sherk)
    Saturday night marks the return to the ring of Oscar de la Hoya as he defends his 154lb. title against super arrogant yet super-talented Floyd Mayweather Jr. in one of boxing’s only “mega fights” in...
  5. Nogueira's UFC Debut Set For UFC 73 "Stacked"
    The Ultimate Fighting Championship has officially announced the main portion of the UFC 73 event scheduled for July 7th at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif. Entitled “Stacked” the moniker couldn’t...
  6. HBO PPV Announcers Disagree On MMA
    It’s over, finally after weeks of pontification by many fans and experts, the question was seemingly answered, did Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s highly-anticipated match-up prove to be...
  7. Sperry & Butterbean Head Cage Rage 22
    UFC 70 and Cage Rage 21 are fading in our minds now and having just had the Cage Warriors show, things are all quiet on the live event front. So it’s a collective picking up of the pieces for the...
  8. Mayweather backing down already?
    According to this Dana says he can make a very competitiver offer to Mayweather (relative to his recent payday), yet Mayweather says he was only kidding/hyping the fight. LINK
  9. IFL fighter Jeremy Williams passes away
    I just came across this on the IFL werbsite, he was showcased on a recent epsidoe of "IFL Battleground". LINK RIP
  10. The World is Ready for the UFC - UFC 73 on July 7th
    Tired of paying your hard-earned cash for events packed with hype and little else? Sick of sitting down for a pay-per-view event and finding out that you’re paying over $50 for just three fights that...
  11. UFC building up to July extravaganza
    Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White told anyone who would listen that the breakout year the promotion had in 2006 was only the beginning for the resurgent mixed martial arts...
  12. Exclusive: Marcus Davis vs. Paul Taylor at UFC 72
    As first reported, rising welterweight contender Marcus Davis (11-3 MMA, 3-1 UFC) was recently added to the UFC 72 fight card in Ireland. LINK
  13. On a ‘Rampage’ vs. Liddell
    Shortly after beating Marvin Eastman in his UFC debut, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson said he’d like a couple of more fights before taking on Chuck Liddell for the lightweight title. Yet here he is,...
  14. Kampmann Out Of UFC Main Event VS Franklin
    Martin Kampmann is out of the announced main event for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s first foray into Northern Ireland. He was scheduled to enter the Octagon to face the #4 ranked middleweight...
  15. UFC Live Gate Numbers
    The UFC held three events in the month of April and two of those events were very successful at the live box office. The UFC had strong debuts in two new markets as UFC 69 took place in Houston,...
  16. Sokoudjou Rising
    Rameau Thierry “Sokoudjou”? Maybe you’d recognize him more by “the guy that knocked out Antonio Rogerio Nogueira” or “the guy that knocked out Ricardo Arona." Oh yeah, that guy. LINK
  17. Fighter Chooses MMA Over Pro Football
    There are a very few skilled enough athletes to be able to make sports their profession. Even fewer are those who are able to do two professional sports at once. So when the time comes for an athlete...
  18. Yahoo's Article on Randy Couture
    Looks like Randy is ahead of the game in possible sponsorships LINK
  19. Former boxing champ Diego "Chico" Corrales dies in Motorcycle crash
    Wow didnt expect to wake up to this............ Click here for Link Edit.. sorry just seen it was posted in "the Lockeroom" dont know if I can delete this or not now.. **looking**
  20. Saku-Royce II official
    -Limited to five five minute rounds (I see a decision coming) -CSAC also is concerned about Saku and has requested a full physical exam (thought that was standard anyway?) - Jake Shields, Gina...
  21. Don Frye TK'od In Spite Of Mustache
    The faces I see when I think of Pride Fighting Championship are Wanderlei Silva, Kazuyuki Fujita, and… wait for it… Don “The Predator” Frye. That’s right. LINK
  22. Beating business
    He was running his own company at the age of 17, but Greg Jackson laughs and concedes he didn't have much business sense. He didn't understand politics or how important relationships are at the grass...
  23. Max Kellerman a Possible “UFC on HBO” Commentator?
    He’s been named a likely candidate by many sources, but based on his comments at this past weekend’s De La Hoya vs. Mayweather mega-fight, Max Kellerman might just be tapped as a commentator for the...
  24. Chuck Liddell UFC Champ Turned Actor
    If UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell isn’t careful, he might ease his way into becoming a household name in homes throughout the United States and abroad in the near future. LINK
  25. AM Update – MAY 8
    MMA’S DISABLED LIST AND ITS REPLACEMENT KILLERS There have been a trio of fighter injuries in the last few days effecting marquee match-ups in three promotions and we can reveal all the replacements...
  26. Black Lightens Load For June 12 UFC Debut
    Miletich Martial Arts’ Jason Black (21-2-1) will make his Octagon debut at June 12’s UFC Fight Night in Hollywood, Florida, facing American Top Team’s Thiago Tavares (6-0) in a lightweight bout, The...
  27. The Great Fight North
    Welcome to another edition of "The Great Fight North." Today, we talk to King of the Cage Canada promoter Pete Rodley to get his take on his organization's lambasting by the rival ECC and MFC...
  28. Tim Sylvia: “I’m Used to the UFC Kicking Me Around”
    Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia says he’s used to the UFC treating him poorly, and that’s why he wasn’t offered an immediate rematch with Randy Couture, who defeated Sylvia at UFC 68 in...
  29. Aiming for the Top: London Shootfighters
    Established in 1997 and now situated in West London, the London Shootfighters is one of the longest-established mixed martial arts clubs in the UK. LINK
  30. Rich Franklin: I’m Fighting Yushin Okami at UFC 72
    "With Martin Kampmann (15-2 MMA, 3-0 UFC) off the UFC 72 card because of a knee injury, former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin (21-2 MMA, 8-1 UFC) has confirmed that he’ll instead fight...
  31. World Champion Boxer wants to fight Sherk
    The world's top boxer isn't planning to fight a mixed martial artist any time soon, but the IBF welterweight champion says he wants a crack at UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk. Sherk is called out
  32. Chuck Liddell Graces ESPN Magazine Cover
    LINK GO CHUCK !!!!!
  33. Liddell, White have it covered
    The smiling face of Chuck Liddell, holding his son, Cade, beams from the cover of the upcoming ESPN The Magazine. The UFC coverboy is being profiled by writer Allison Glock in the May 21 issue. Back...
  34. As boxing's popularity wanes, new area ring spotlight shifts to mixed martial arts shows
    With boxing in the doldrums and pro wrestling at least a decade past its prime, a new sport has surged to the forefront of pay-per-view events, and it's making a big splash in local sporting circles...
  35. Press Release For UFC Fight Night On 6/12 (Fisher-Stout 2)
    The Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization brings its UFC® Fight Night™ series of live events telecast on Spike TV back to Hollywood, Fla. for its third event at the Seminole Hard Rock...
  36. Melvin Guillard suspended for eight months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission
    Breaking News: Lightweight UFC fighter and former Ultimate Fighter contestant Melvin Guillard was suspended for eight months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission at a disciplinary hearing today...
  37. MMAWeekly World MMA Rankings Updated
    The latest MMAWeekly World MMA Rankings were released on Wednesday, May 9th. This system ranks the top ten MMA fighters from all across the world in each of the five major weight classes, as voted on...
  38. From NFL To MMA
    Johnnie Morton is conscious of the vital role he could play in bringing mixed martial arts to a wider audience. The first truly recognizable athlete to crossover from one of the four major...
  39. The Natural Meets 'The Unit'
    Continuing his thespian aspirations, UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture gets back to his roots tonight......... LINK
  40. Couture To Grace “SI” Cover
    In an article with the Boston Herald yesterday, UFC president Dana White let the figurative “cat out of the bag.” LINK
  41. An Upsetting Trend?
    Eulogies were written for Buster Douglas before he ever stepped off the plane in Tokyo in 1990. A mid-card athlete with several KO losses on his record against mediocre competition, his résumé didn't...
  42. Oddsmakers on the chance of Mayweather vs Sherk
    LINK So, will Mayweather step up to the plate and accept a challenge to fight a UFC fighter? Oddsmakers have that chance listed at -250. In other words, they think there is a good chance it will...
  43. UFC72 no longer on Spike TV
    Am I exagerating when I say UFC72 may be the worst card in the past 5 years? Maybe a little. LINK
  44. Q & A with UFC champ Randy Couture
    Gabriel Gonzaga's knockout win over Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at UFC 70 was shocking to many in the world of mixed martial arts -- except for the UFC heavyweight champion. LINK
  45. Wes “The Hero” Sims Fighting Crime
    Last Friday, UFC veteran Wes Sims, took the law into his own hands when he chased down a group of misfits who were attempting to rob a local gas station. LINK
  46. One hopes columnist's tirade on UFC the result of lack of knowledge
    Columns (opinion pieces) are some of my favorite things to write and I appreciate, but don't always agree with fellow columnists across the country — no matter the level. LINK
  47. Washington DC & MMA
    Eleven and a half years and two miles. The former is the amount of time since Sen. John McCain began a crusade against mixed martial arts, calling it human cockfighting and getting it banned from...
  48. HBO shake-up could scuttle UFC plans
    The UFC/HBO deal could be off... LINK
  49. Will Elite XC/K-1 Dynamite set a new trend in American MMA?
    On June 2nd, the much publicized alliance involving Elite XC, K-1, Strikeforce, Icon Sport, and Cage Rage will put on its first card in the 90,000+ capacity Los Angeles Coliseum. "The only way to...
  50. The Iceman fires back @ Tito
    LINK Chuck Liddell has some words for Tito Ortiz By Mike Chiappetta NBCSports.comPosted: May11, 2007, 12:54 am EDT Want to know what makes Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell's blood boil? Tito Ortiz. Just a...
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