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  1. Another CC interview
    ZAGREB - Croatian MMA fighter in his home in Zagreb heals the consequences of his hard defeat on Saturday against the Brazilian fighter Gabriel Gonzaga at the UFC 70 in Manchester. The shocking...
  2. Exclusive: Big Names Listed For Fishman Deposition
    According to a source with information related to the Fishman Companies vs. DSE Inc. lawsuit filed in Clark County, Nevada, Fishman Companies lawyers are reportedly preparing a list of witnesses for...
  3. Mayhem Miller's WEC Debut On May 12th
    World Extreme Cagefighting has announced the full fight card for its May 12th show at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev. It was previously announced that the headline bout would be...
  4. MMA's Drving Force, Anything Can Happen
    In the realm of the fastest growing sport in the world, one fact is ringing louder and louder with every passing major event. It rings from inside the hearts and minds of every athlete involved in...
  5. Rashad responds to Tito
    Link Challenged Tito to grow out his hair naturally (no dyes or straightners) and see how nappy his own hair is And called him out for not having any real solid wins in awhile except Ken
  6. Exclusive: Ortiz Explains 'Ho' Insult, Going To PRIDE [Pt. 1]
    "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz will bring his 15-5 pro MMA record into the octagon, a place he helped build as poster-boy and Light Heavyweight champion during the early Zuffa years, and...
  7. Is Parity Good For MMA?
    The talk of the MMA world so far in 2007 has, of course, been the many “upsets” we have witnessed so far. We have already labeled 2007 as “The Year of the Upset” and pretty much every month that...
  8. Diaz on MMA judging
    I think for the most part the judges get it right, but then again that's why there are three of them. I've seen some Split Decisions that should have been unanimous in my opionion. LINK
  9. The 10 greatest UFC upsets
    What started as a freak occurrence has seemingly turned into a spiraling epidemic as the best of today’s UFC fighters are going down in a blaze of eight-sided glory. After the year we’ve had in this...
  10. Exclusive: Ortiz On Dana Beef, UFC 73, Rampage-Liddell [Pt. 2]
    On April 26,'s own Chris Howie sat down with former UFC Light Heavyweight champion "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz to discuss his upcoming bout at UFC 73 with Rashad Evans, his...
  11. Hand-to-hand and fist-to-cheek
    FORT KNOX — Training geared toward wartime self-defense made its way to a steel cage this weekend as Fort Knox soldiers competed in the post’s first combatives tournament. LINK
  12. The Age Of "The Iceman"
    "CHUUUUCCKKK!!!" As dozens of surprised fans echo his name, it's an ovation that pales in comparison to the roar that greets him when he makes his way to the octagon in front of thousands of...
  13. Who’s The Greatest?
    If 2007 has taught us anything, it’s that parity has hit the world of mixed martial arts. And it’s hit hard in a year rife with upsets, from Matt Serra’s stoppage of the seemingly unstoppable Georges...
  14. Exclusive: Jeff Joslin vs. Chris Lytle at UFC 73
    The Ultimate Fighter 4 welterweight runner-up Chris Lytle (22-14-5 MMA, 2-6 UFC) is tentatively scheduled to face popular Canadian fighter Jeff Joslin (5-3 MMA, 0-1 UFC) at UFC 73 in July, according...
  15. Gonzaga Still Celebrating Victory
    Gabriel Gonzaga (Pictures) was the protagonist of one of the greatest surprises this year when he knocked out Mirko Filipovic (Pictures) in the main event at UFC 70. The Brazilian, however, was not...
  16. Mayweather vs. Sherk
    The war of words between boxing and the UFC has heated up lately, with Floyd Mayweather Jr. questioning the legitimacy of mixed martial artists, and UFC fighters firing back that he'd be in for a...
  17. Altercation between Burkman and Baroni
    According to eyewitness accounts, there was an altercation recently between Phil Baroni and Josh Burkman. Here's the initial e-mail we received: LINK
  18. Two Years Later – The TUF 2 Report
    In the summer of 2005, the UFC and Spike TV kicked off the second season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show, and in addition to the success of the series ratings-wise, hopes were high that TUF2...
  19. Another Change For the May 12th WEC Event
    In mixed martial arts, fight cards are rarely announced right away not because promoters like to pretend they are CIA agents, but because it is frequently difficult to keep the original plans...
  20. Condit VS. Larson Headlines WEC On Versus
    World Extreme Cagefighting has announced several fights for its June 3rd card at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. The main card is scheduled to air live on Versus and...
  21. Five Ounce of Pain: Interview With Tito. Part 1 & 2
    In addition to being one of the most well-known mixed martial artists around the world, Tito Ortiz is also one of the sport's most controversial. Ortiz recently found himself embroiled in two major...
  22. Triggs Take: My Final Pride
    After a great win at PRIDE 33, I made broadcast history by commentating directly after my fight, and then fought again about 35 days later in ICON. I got KOed by Robbie Lawler and had to travel right...
  23. Salaverry returns this month to take on Martin at UFC 71
    Veteran middleweight contender Ivan Salaverry returns to the Octagon for the first time in close to two years on May 26th when he takes on Terry Martin at UFC 71 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas,...
  24. Letters From the Cheap Seats
    @@Cheap Seats@@ You know the drill, so let's skip the unnecessary preamble. Here are some choice responses to the recent spate of op-eds, including rebuttals on talent swaps, Zuffa's acquisition of...
  25. Two New Fights Official For UFC 71 "Liddell vs. Jackson"
    The following is the latest OFFICIAL fight card for UFC 71 "Liddell vs. Jackson" scheduled for May 26th: LINK
  26. Dana White appeared on Scott Ferrall's radio show Tuesday night
    UFC President Dana White was on Scott Ferrall's radio show on Sirius satellite radio during the 9 o'clock hour (EST) Tuesday night. I caught the last 25 minutes of the 30-35 minute appearance. LINK
  27. This guy has no clue what he's talking about
    Bashes MMA like I have never seen before.
    Pages: 2
  28. The UFC 70 Media Fallout
    In the wake of the world’s fastest-growing spectator sport hitting British shores at a teeming MEN Arena the dissenters have once again aired their typically misinformed, reactionary opinions in the...
  29. UFC vs. Boxing Ratings - Who Is More Popular?
    The most watched UFC fight so far in 2007 on Spike TV outdrew the most watched boxing match on television this year by 73%. LINK
  30. Keith Jardine Confirmed For UFC 71 "Liddell vs. Jackson"
    The following is the latest OFFICIAL fight card for UFC 71 "Liddell vs. Jackson" on May 26th: LINK
  31. What’s happening in the world of mixed martial arts now…
    With the amount of events already scheduled over the next three months in the U.S. alone, a flurry of roster announcements have been made in the last two days. LINK
  32. Damon's Top Five Topics
    Well its been a while, and plenty has happened since the last time I had 5 topics to talk about, but now there is a lot going on and a lot more soon to happen, so lets get into it! LINK
  33. ESPN Show Hosts Bash The UFC....AGAIN
    It seems that despite the growing popularity of mixed martial arts and its increasing exposure in the mainstream, there are still many people within the sporting community who still do not accept...
  34. ufc 70 salary breakdown
    link Here is a list of the salary breakdown for the fighters......put considering it only comes to a total of $845,000 (£422,500) and they made over $2m in ticket sales alone EXCLUDING ppv money and...
  35. new article from cbssportsline
    here is a response from the guy who wrote the anti-mma article, its too bad the way some fans responded no one deserves to hear some of the things he did....hes still a douche though here
  36. Boxing resorts to low blows attacking UFC
    Apparently, it's time to take a side. The Floyd Mayweather-Oscar De La Hoya fight this Saturday has turned into boxing's last stand, and the sport is declaring war on mixed martial arts. LINK
  37. Change of plans (Article on Randy)
    When 43-year-old Randy Couture won the UFC heavyweight championship in March by upsetting 6-foot-8 Tim Sylvia, many of his fans filled Internet bulletin boards with concerns for his safety. LINK
  38. Boxing vs. MMA? Everyone can win
    The prevailing news story in this week of Oscar De La Hoya vs. Mayweather, is that this is boxing's last stand, and that MMA, and more particularly, the UFC, is taking over. LINK
  39. From Left Field
    The world of sports is a very interesting one. I think the best thing about sports is that you never have to grow up as long as you're involved. LINK
  40. Meet Mayhem
    Jason "Mayhem" Miller is 26 and has been a professional mixed martial artist for six years, but he says he's been a fighter long before that. LINK
  41. Exclusive: Sokoudjou On Silva, Arona/Lil Nog, More [Pt. 1]
    Often in the fight game, fighters are introduced with mega hype. They exceled in single martial arts fields - star wrestler, champion kickboxer, etc. Sometimes though, guys just come out of nowhere....
  42. Exclusive Interview With UFC's Jon Fitch's own Scott recently spoke with the consistent UFC Welterweight contender Jon Fitch to discuss his upcoming UFC bout in June, why he keeps falling under the main-TV or PPV radar, his...
  43. Bonnar Back At UFC 73
    Stephan Bonnar confirmed Thursday that he will return to competitive fighting Saturday, July 7 at UFC 73 in Sacramento, Calif. Bonnar, whose nine-month suspension for a positive steroid test ends May...
  44. Exclusive: Andrei Arlovski Talks Title Shot
    When a fight between former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski and PRIDE veteran Fabricio Werdum was added to last month’s UFC 70 card, we figured the victor could emerge with a future title...
  45. Can De La Hoya-Mayweather fix boxing's ills?
    Can we expect a turn around in boxing? I think not
  46. Sherk Chasing Floyd
    It's not unusual when a fighter attends a big match and gets a seat at ringside, hoping to land a fight with the winner of the main event. (Scroll halfway down) LINK
  47. Bashing The UFC For No Good Reason
    For a meager $54.95, one can bear witness to boxing’s resurrection when “The Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya faces off with “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on Saturday. LINK
  48. Hendo Wants A Shot At UFC Champ LIddell
    “I would love to fight Chuck Liddell,” Pride Middleweight and Welterweight Champion Dan Henderson recently told me recently. “That is the fight that would pay me the most and do the most for my...
  49. UFC 70 Salary Breakdown
    MMAWeekly has obtained the fighter salary information for UFC 70, which took place on April 21st in Manchester, England. LINK
  50. Brazilian Notebook: Silva Refocusses
    The boom that made mixed martial arts popular in the U.S. is about to travel south to Brazil. During the past few weeks, several events took place across the country, and there are a lot more...
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