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  1. hey
    hey, first post. ive been on here for a long time though. i dont remember when, but i remember predicting the last few pride events on here, so its been long enough. im an admin on another forum if...
  2. oi meus amigos
    Oi im novo ao sítio web. parece-se um grande e um grande ano para artes marciais misturadas. depois que baixo henderson de dan, eu reinarei como o lutador mais temido no jogo. im somente...
  3. hello all
    wow ive actually found a forum not filled with 13 year retards lol its refreshing... I can actually participate in threads and not just view them for a laugh on my lunchbreak. later guys
  4. G'Day
    I am billy from Sydney Australia and have been a huge fan of MMA and Kickboxing for a number of years. Currently a big fan of Kyle Noke and hopes he does well against Scott Smith in the next EliteXC...
  5. and the Mark kurr fight
    HI my name is Mika I am a ring girl here at Xcess fighting is proud to present the much anticipated fight betreen Mark Kurr and Stephen Gavin. If you missed the event November 3rd...
  6. Hey!
    New Guy Here...What's up? =D
  7. Hey Fellow MMA Fans
    Hey everyone,I'm Kelly and have been an mma fan for several years,but have only been able to follow it consistently for the last year.Thanks to my cousins' vast video collection,I've been able to...
  8. Hey New Guy Here..
    Hey guys i was told by a buddy to check this site out, so i thought i stop by. My real name its Yuni and i love UFC! Lookin foward to meetin new ppl. Dunno what else to say so l8r!
  9. mma addicted from holland ^^
    Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce myself .. I'm 20 year old guy from the south of holland. I've been watching MMA since UFC 66. I've been in to martial arts for about a 1 and a half year. I started...
  10. What Up Y'all
    'Sup everybody I just joined & got my picks all set-up. Wish I would've found out about this site sooner. Looks like alot of fun, Anyway I don't know what else to write so I'll just post up my...
  11. IWFL in Indiana
    Hey mma fans we are an mma org in Indiana check us out don't miss the show March 1st in Muncie Indiana.
  12. NEW HERE
    New here...i'm in the bay area...california.. love mma discussion, watching,and participating. I'm looking forward to doing some naga tournaments in about 6 months, and some kickboxing/mma smokers...
  13. Wuz up
    New here finally getting on here to introduce myself. I love MAA im station at FT. Sill OK. I M lways reading something that has to do with mma. This is the fastest growing sport in the world. Look...
  14. New Here
    Hey guys, i am new here. I have been watching mma for about 3 years. I just found this site on mma mania. it is a lot of fun so far. later.
  15. What's up everyone?
    Just wanted to say hey. This is my first post on here even though I was on the last season of this. Just wanted to say hey, and wish you all good luck. Not going very well for me so far lost my butt...
  16. Hello
    Whats up guys, since I'm new to the forums thought it'd be a good idea to get my first post out of the way in the right section. I'm a huge fan of Boxing, and I will always be... I haven't really...
  17. New Member
    Hello there just got into mma playground, like the fantasy swing on this site pretty cool idea. I am really into submission grappling, any one who is into it should check out this new exciting...
  18. Sup guys...
    Just registered.... Love MMA, been into it the last year and a half (2006/2007). Friend from another car forum linked me to this... -Rob
  19. Hello
    Just new here...I'm just getting into mma, and plan on starting to train soon...I wrestled most of my life and miss the competition of it and decided to try mma, so this leads me here and my exciting...
  20. New Member
    Hello, Im new to the forum. I have had about 8 months of boxing training and 6 months of Gi BJJ. My work schedule no longer allows me to train where I was for BJJ so I am starting my MMA training on...
  21. yoo i never posted here b4
    i usually post at sherdog how is it here
  22. hello
    just found sight a few weeks ago been training bjj for almost a year and been takeing a mma class where i learn kick boxing
  23. NEW
    just got this account to try the fantasy mma. MMA is the only sport i watch...mostly UFC. Got real deep into it a little more then a year ago. whats up everyone
  24. Hey
    How's it going....I've heard of this site for years, but never registered for unknown reasons until today....considering I love the whole fantasy picks and wagers portion. I'm 23, live in San Diego,...
  25. Whats goody
    Wassup everyone! I just want everyone to take notes this year cause team BANG & BAKE is taking over. good luck everyone else
  26. hello everyone from: dastardly1
    i am a 35yrs old from Coeur d'Alene,Idaho. i have a background in Boxing as a youth, a black belt in Shotokan Karate.i have dabbled in Jujitsu and Jeet Kun Do. I have been an avid follower of boxing...
  27. Wasup
    hey wasup people, im new hear, just tryi nto figure out how to use this fantasy thing, so if u wanna help me out then its much appreciated, but im sure ill find out eventually, thanks
  28. Hey guys wager me
    wager me anytime, any fight, any amount, you cant beat the TEXTBOOK
  29. Hellos
    Hello to all staff and members of this great site. I have been a member here for about a month and have been exploring the site. This has to be the best mma site on the web. I have been a fan of mma...
  30. whatup just found the playrgound
    cant believe i just found this place ive been an avid MMA fan since 2001 and have been keeping track of my UFC picks and wagers with the friends who actually watch it too (not too many did follow it...
  31. Hey People
    Hi everyone. I registered here just before the last PPV and forgot all about posting a 'whats up, how you doing, this is me' thread. I've been into MMA since about '97 or '98, after having completely...
  32. New to the forum, saying what's up.
    Just wanted to post to introduce myself. I'm not new to MMA or BJJ, just new to the forum. This would be my 1st MMA discussion forum. I train ( currently rehabbing a knee injury ) in BJJ with...
  33. Hey how is everyone?
    Hi everyone some friends told me about this site it seems cool so far. I hope to learn more about the sport, I love to watch UFC and Pride and Elite XC for that matter.
  34. hello
    New here been on the UFC Forum for a bit and figured i wo0uld hop over here as well
  35. What's up?!?
    I've been interested in the MMA fighting for a while and have slowly learned a little bit. I've been out of highschool for almost a year and a half and without sports to compete in i've decided to...
  36. Hey Everyone
    I have been on for a little while but I have not ventured into the forum yet. Just thought I would say hello. I have been watching UFC for about two years. I am just getting into other organizations....
  37. New guy
    Thats me
  38. Good Evening, finally made it!
    Hey everyone. I finally made it over here. Half the material I read on the other forums is quoted from here so I figured I hade to come on by. I'm the owner of the mma clothing company ToeZup. We...
  39. hello all
    Hey everyone, Im new to the site and im a huge fan of MMA. This is a great idea and it seems like theres already alot of members. So i look forward to talking about MMA and pickin fights with you...
  40. New guy
    Just dropping off a hello. I have a background in judo and boxing but it's been a while since I've actively trained. Looking forward to hangin out with everyone.
  41. hello mma brothers
    i have only been playing since jan, still new but hope to be here for awhile
  42. Whats Goin down People?
    Hows everyone, I came across this site and I love it. I am not doin to good so far lol. I am a big UFC fan but I can appreciate any MMA,
  43. New Girl
    Just saying hey! Girls love a good fight to. Been training in taekwondo. Just got into MMA fights in the last year. New at this just wanting to learn more. Any advice love to take it.
  44. Kachi-Do
    Hi All I am Kachido Early days for me as I have been a traditional martial artsist for years, now getting hooked in on the mixed martial arts ring, I am currently running an add on mma playground,...
  45. Welcome me
    You have nothing to fear. I had cro cop over gonzaga.
  46. just sayin hello
    taking a look around and looking forward to having some fun... holla at me if you get a chance!
  47. new in here
    Well jsut stoping by to say sup to everyone that reads this and if anyone badass camp wants me mail me up
  48. Good morning vietnam!
    Hello everybody! I have recently moved to Dublin and I'm looking forward on beginning training again (its been a while)! hope i'll get to know you all better! cheers, stormklad
  49. Hey New
    Hey just got into the MMA going to start training for it and looking for events. i have a backround in wrestling iomasda karate and kuk sool won. any advice ill take it. i think i might need it
  50. hello my name is Trevor
    welcome me im trevor martin
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