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  1. Fighters who run marathons
    I've just been wondering, does anyone know of any mma fighters who run marathons? I know Nick Diaz has many times, anybody know of someone else?
  2. Anyone else tired of the _______ calls out Kimbo threads?
    Seriously there are 400 threads saying so and so calls kimbo out. I am tired of it. can we have a sticky thread called "who called kimbo out this week" or something so all the kimbo nuthuggers can...
  3. Cage Rage 27: Step Up (12th July)
    Phil Baroni vs. Scott Jansen - WW Robert Berry vs. Neil Grove - HW James McSweeney vs. Mustapha Alturk - HW British Title John Phillips vs. Tom Watson - MW Stav Economou vs. Piotor Kusmierz - HW...
  4. Loiseau vs Buckland Fight Video?
    Anyone have a link? I cant find the video anywhere. I hope they bring the Crow back to the UFC. He is such a good fighter who got cut a little too early IMO
  5. Marcus Hicks: Married To Fighting
    Here is a good Marcus Hick interview by the WEC. He talks about training, back in the day smack talk by Varner, his stand up and and his one-eyed fight....
  6. Ultimate Fighter 8 Preview
    Ultimate Fighter 8 Preview so with few rumored fighter (less than the other seasons,at least to my knowledge) anybody recognize a fighter that was shown in the preview, might be wrong but is the...
  7. Cung Le: Exclusive: 'My Next Opponent Is This Movie'
    Interesting interview with Cung Le. What are your takes on this? Cung Le Interview
  8. Elite XC Announces Antonio Silva Versus Someone Else For Heavyweight Title
    Elite XC Announces Antonio Silva Versus Someone Else For Heavyweight Title Elite XC is going belt crazy. 3 title fights in one night? Best line: Because nothing says ‘this belt isn’t very important‘...
  9. Dan Henderson On Anderson Silva moving up weight + other things (Video)
    LINK Auido sucks but its better than nothing
  10. fighters that u had high hopes for but has disappointed you
    luke cumo comes to mind i thought he would be doing better
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  11. TUF Rematches
    Who would win in some of these rematches from when they fought on the show or on the finale? Keith Jardine vs. Rashad Evans - I think Jardine would win handily in a rematch, and probably get a...
  12. Need the opinion of other MMA lovers
    Alright... so I have been having this ongoing argument; My cousin and I, vs. my brother and room mate. The argument is that my room mate and brother think that four of us, average guys could take on...
  13. whos the fighter(s) you like watching get beat
    chris leban, matt hughes, koscheck. nick diaz, heath herring, and i want to see rodger huerta get beat
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  14. What is everyones favorite fighting ring/cage for MMA?
    I've seen a lot of different fighting rings. The square cage (which won't be on the poll lol) all the different cage- gons, the circular cage, the modified boxing ring, and different variations of...
  15. Chael Sonnen
    So I'm over at and I'm taking a look at the roster of middleweights and thinking of a good first opponent for Amir and I see Chael Sonnen's name in there. So I started looking around to see...
    What do you think about Urijah v. Yamamoto fight in the U/S vs JAPAN
  17. Kharitonov eyes Bigfoot in EliteXC
    Sherdog news EliteXC news After a Long wait we'll finally see Kharitonov again, not just in action but a will have a solid exposure to US fans, but again I hope EXC should have put the Kharitonov...
    I think it will just as easily be premoted here as it would in Japan. Not many people know of Yamamoto in the U.S. but i believe he could be hyped up here Also because of Urijahs fan base i think the...
  19. Making fun of the Kimbo Call out- Mike Brown calling out Monson
    The whole Kimbo call outs got out of hand. If you didn't see the Monson one, watch it here. Well Mike Brown decides to do a parody of his teammate in this video:...
  20. UFC 87 trailer
    UFC 87 trailer just found the UFC 87 trailer, dont know about anyone else, but these hype-videos always work on me, man im pumped!
  21. Couture: ‘I was in Control for Most of the Fight' her quotes: "Well, I just walked out there to touch gloves and she just hit me. She wasn't interested in touching gloves and that first shot is...
  22. no tuf now what do i do?
    its thursday night i turn on the tv. thinking that i am going to watch tuf>> i forgot season was over>> and what i see to my great dissapointment. frank trigg. . on t-n-a...
  23. Tony Bonello Trash Talk
    Recently I looked on the forums to see many people mention Tony Bonellos trash talking too ninja rua before their bout at Elite XC Can someone please explain this to me, I will give props to the...
  24. Florian vs. JZ... who would win?
    I was looking at the fighter rankings and I noticed that Ken-flo is ranked higher on our site than JZ. I was kind of amazed by this. I think in a match-up that it would be an entertaining fight, but...
    Everyone seems like they hate matt hughes more and more. WhATS GOING ON!
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  26. Damacio Page vs Brian Bowles predicitions
    Seriously, this is the hardest fight I've ever picked in my life... Damacio Page (10-3): Amazing fighter who has beaten some quality opponents. Good wrestling, good grappling, amazing cardio, amazing...
  27. MMA in the Movies
    OK there was that recent movie that was basicly an MMA movie.. But can anyone recall any other movies that someone either used MMA style of fighting or was doing any Training that was obviously...
  28. The Rubber Guard, Good or Bad?
    If used correctly I think it's deadly in both MMA and BJJ. It's hard to defend against and a lot of submissions can come from it if you know what you're doing...........Good I say
  29. Manfred's MMA Trivia is back (ANSWERS)
    I haven't done one in a long time. Same rules as before, no resources, just your cranium. On the honor system. Don't post answers in the tread. PM them to me! Winner gets props. 1. How many official...
  30. Who does Josh Thomson face next?
    MMAWeekly has the winner of Thomson/Melendez, which would be Thomson, fighting on the September, Strikeforce Playboy card.. So who does he face? I hope it's not Billy Evangelista, because I think...
  31. Thomson vs. Melendez (spoiler)
    I picked this fight wrong... but that doesn't matter, it was a great fight. In my mind it played out very similar to Sherk/Penn, where the fighter with good wrestling and conditioning was beaten by...
  32. Affliction. RING or CAGE?
    Does anyone know which kind of ring it will be in? I've been wonderin if it will be in a ring or a cage. I figure ring, cuz I dont see fedor fighting in a cage. but IDK.
  33. How many "Triangle Situations" can you think of?
    Don't understand what I am talking about? I doubt the official term is "triangle situation", but I am referencing what happens when fighter a beats fighter b, fighter b beats fighter c, and fighter c...
  34. Dan Quinn will fight in Gladiator Challenge
    Dan Quinn's fight news Cold Fission finally paids off
  35. Gilbert Melendez vs Josh Thomson - Strikeforce 10 - Full Fight Video - streaming
    Gilbert Melendez vs Josh Thomson - Strikeforce 10 - Full Fight Video - up over at MMA BloodBath - :D...
  36. If Silva Loses to Irvin, will it tarnish everything he's worked for?
    If Anderson Silva loses to Irvin at UFC fight night, will it tarnish everything he has acheived, his pound for pound reconistion, the legacy that he's build as one of the most dangerous fighters in...
  37. Strikeforce-9/20 at the Playboy Mansion
    Strikeforce-September 20 at the Playboy Mansion Venue: The Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles Main card and 2 prelims air live at 10:30 PM ET on Confirmed fights: vs. Kazuo Misaki vs. Joe...
  38. Biggest upsets in MMA We’ve compiled a list of the 10 biggest MMA upsets in recent history. The significance upsets on this list is measured not by the...
  39. Who at 205 has what it takes to cause machida problems?
    Machida is ofcourse, notorious for having one of the hardest styles out there to adapt too. Who in your mind will be his kryptonite? Theres always a fighter who has your number, just who has his?
  40. My Personal Middleweight Ranking Real Glow
    Top Middleweights 1.Anderson Silva 2.Dan Henderson 3.Ronald Sousa 4.Rich Franklin 5.Paulo Filho 6.Matt Lindland 7.Yoshihiro Akiyama 8.Cung Le 9.Yushin Okami 10.Gegard Mousasi 11.Thales Leites...
  41. Mousasi vs. Akiyama
    Who wins. If it happens very technical fight. RyOn.
  42. Joe Lauzon or Mac Danzig
    Whose winning this. Should be a great fight. RealMotion.
    Alright, considering the Olympics are starting up soon, I figured I'd organize a world championship event for MMA, taking legitimate contenders from 12 countries for each weight class (lightweight to...
  44. My Slant UFC vs. World groove smooth
    For everyone. The winning fighter I will display their team. Heavyweight: Fedor vs. Randy UFC Heavyweight: Barnett vs. Sylvia World LightHeavyweight: Lil Nog vs. Rampage UFC LightHeavyweight: Arona...
  45. when does k1 start
    does any one kno when k1 starts tonight
  46. fighters ur looking forward to seeing as champs
    LW- ken flo WW-diego MW-cote LHW-forrest HW-lesnar
  47. kimbo vs.big country
    i was looking on ifl web site and thier reporting a possible fight between kimbo and nelson they said it would be the first co-promotional event sorry i dont have a link im not sure how to do that
  48. The Drew Fickett Situation *EPIC*
    As we all know Drew was supposed to fight Luke Stewart for Strikeforce till Mark P. from MFC told Drew he could not take the fight because it was within 45 days of Drew's main event fight at the MFC...
  49. Crooked Cop Scammed Matt Hughes
    To all the fans, Dont be a Dick to MMA fighters, just support them and that's it.. Crooked Cop scammed hughes
  50. Dana and Rogan included in Affliction Promo
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