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  1. My EliteXC On CBS Experience
    My girlfriend is a bartender @ a small bar in m hometown that can hold about 75-100 people. Since she was scheduled to work last night, May 31st, i had been planning to watch the CBS fights up there...
  2. Quick WEC airing question questioion
    im hungover & i keep finding all kinds of sites saying the event is June 1st but i cant find anywhere what ******* time it starts...................HELP!
  3. Where is the JTWW when you need em? *Dont read if u havent seen Kimbo/JT*
    i am always quick to say that Kimbo was/is so hyped up its recockulous, but so many people are hating on Kimbo's performance....... Why no love for JT? Damn near everyone, including myself, who...
  4. WEC Weigh-In Results
    Video (PopUp) 145 lbs.: Jens Pulver (145) vs Urijah Faber (144.5) 135 lbs.: Yoshiro Maeda (135) vs Miguel Torres (135) 155 lbs.: Kenneth Alexander (155.5) vs Rob McCullough (155.5) 205 lbs.: Chuck...
  5. Lets hear it for the ladies.
    I have to say Gina Carano and Kaitlin Young put on a great show last night. They are some tough chicks. I know Gina didn't make weight and really didn't suffer any consequences for it but overall I...
  6. Does anyone know if they are gonna release info on the video game at UFC 85
    I know, im obsessed with knowing what the hell is up with this, but who isn't? "I'm going to **** Ch..up...Chuck" - Wanderlei Silva
  7. 9 UFC 85 tickets - great seats at face value
    UPDATE: As a last attempt before having to stand outside the arena touting these, I've discounted the prices to below face value. The three £195.50 tickets are now £170.00 each and the six £85...
  8. JT's Post Fight Interview
    Link I tried to make out Shaw's comment at the end, and I think he says "Do you still wanna be with this company in the morning?" Tell me what you think he says.
  9. James Thompson - Glass Chin or Just hit by Big Dudes
    Yeah I don't really buy into the fact that James Thompson has a Glass Chin, A Glass Chin defined to me is that you take 1Shot and Go down. Lets take a Look at his Knockout Losses Aleks Emelianenko -...
  10. Best cardio for a HW
    Here's a question I've never seen asked. The JT/Kimbo fight got me thinking about it. Also, who has the best cardio in general? For heavyweights I'm going to say Randy Couture. For everyone else I'll...
  11. Cage Rage loses TV deal
    02/06/08 - Exclusive - No more live Cage Rage on Sky Satellite TV network Sky will no longer be broadcasting live Cage Rage events, Fighters Only can exclusively reveal. Chris Cordeiro, who...
  12. what happened to joe riggs?
    Does anyone know what happened to Joe Riggs? I was watching UFC 54 or 57 i dont remember. but he looked really good. I thought he would make something of himself but dont know where he went. anyone...
  13. EliteXC on CBS What have we learned?
    1. Kimbo doesn't hit half as hard as we thought he did he got lucky that EliteXC won't allow him to lose, and stopped for cauliflower ear,Frankie Edgar has had his ear break in half in the past and...
  14. Faber's Illegal Punches
    Did anybody catch in the second round when faber rocked jens, when he punched jens to the back of the head like 15 times, that was crazy that a point wasn't deducted or the fight atleast paused for...
  15. wec was amazing
    wec was so much better than elitexc. Faber/pulver was one of the best fights ive ever seen. amazing. what do you guys think.
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  16. Little Men Going Wild
    (IMO)torres vs maeda was a candidate for fight of the year give me your thoughts
  17. have a question
    im doing a poll and i would like to know who your favorite fighter is at each weight class. thanks for your help
  18. Faber top 5 p4p? Torres top 10?
    I am putting both Faber and torres in my top 10 p4p.. Faber at 5 and Torres at 8, what do you guys think? Faber showed me so much in this fight. Namely, he is on another level of quickness. He was...
  19. Anyone got a Faber vs Pulver link?
    I can't find the fight anywhere and I really want to see it before I head off to bed. Anybody got a fight video link anywhere?
  20. Gomi vs sherk
    So i was just updating my rankings and checking the sites rankings, and i noticed gomi is a decent percentage higher than sherk so i was just wondering how many people think gomi would win a fight...
  21. Anderson Silva vs Cung Le
    Do you think this would be a good match up?
  22. 2 more WVR fights announced
    Fights announced: Rodrigo Damm 7-1-0 vs. 13-2-0 Jorge Masvidal Sanae Kikuta 26-6-3 vs. 12-5-0 Chris Rice Previously announced: Hidehiko Yoshida 7-6-1 vs. 12-12-0 Maurice Smith Kazuo Misaki 19-8-2 vs....
  23. Damn you, Chase Beebe.
    Thanks for f'ing my parlay!!!!!!!! I'm never wagering again. I absolutely suck at it.
  24. TORRES/MAEDA video (Link Inside)
  25. Now what? Faber and Pulver, who's next for these 2?
    Besides a build up to a rematch what do you think the right road would be for each of these two extremely talanted fighters?
  26. top 5 fights of 08
    with two awesome fights last night, here's my top 5 of 08. 1. Miguel Torres vs. Yoshihiro Maeda 2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Tim Sylvia 3. Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver 4. Paul Kelly vs. Paul...
  27. Jim Rome just ripped up EliteXC on ESPN
    At least ONE person on ESPN actually knows about MMA, considering Rome has had Dan Henderson as a guest and Urijah Faber as a guest in the past. He totally tore into EliteXC and said everything that...
  28. Jim Rome on MMA Today
    After the CBS disaster of Elite XC it has been a big talk on ESPN, i was watching the Jim Rome show and they had Jemele Hill on there who I hate BTW but she and the other guy agreed that the event...
  29. Why are there so many draws in Shooto?
    I was just looking at Sherdogs top ten list, and i was looking at there 125 pound division where it is just top 5. Those 5 fighters combined have 18 draws on their record, thats more then if you...
  30. ESPN MMA Poll
    Asks if mma is appropriate on primteime tv in America. over 60k people have voted & 67%$ say YES, it is appropriate. guess the world aint so crazy after all poll on bottom right
  31. Robbie Lawler in the UFC
    How about this guy. He wasn't extremley succesfull when he was in the UFC before, but that was almost 4 years ago and he has matured much more as a fighter and has picked up some brutal wins. The KO...
  32. who has a link to a pic of james thompsons ear?
    Did you see the size of of the cauliflower on thompsons ear!! That sucker looked like a golf ball hanging off his head.
  33. Frank Shamrock commentary
    What did you all think of Shamrock's commentary on Saturday? How does he compare to guys like Rogan, Mir, B. Goldberg? I didn't mind him. I thought he did a solid job.
  34. Help needed - Come vote on my camps fantasy fight card draft
    Inspired by AchillesHeel, My camp has done another draft and need people to choose which card is the best. Its simple, vote for which card you would pay to see if you could only choose one. FIGHT...
  35. Dan Miragliotta Speaks
  36. 10-9 Kimbo In Round 2?
    Yes, that is the actual scorecard from Kimbo-JT, with one judge actually scoring the second round 10-9 Kimbo. That was the round where JT only landed 70+ straight unanswered shots over the last 80...
  37. MMAJunkie In NYT-Reason For Apology?
    Yeah, I didn't quite get this item on Junkie either, even after reading it a couple of times. As most of us who keep up on the MMA news items and post them here (myself included) know, Junkie is a...
  38. UFC Middleweight Tourney
    Meia - Okami Marquart - Leites Kapmann - Palhares Almeida - Macdonald Who do you guys think would take it ? I meant for this to be more of a contenders tournament winner taking on Franklin and then...
  39. Conspiracy Theories
    I know that some of the people are saying that the Kimbo fight was fixed. That is craziness. The referees are paid by the commission, not by the organization putting on the fight. Do you honestly...
  40. affliction on Primary League?
    just wondering what you'se guys thought about adding affliction to the main league. its one of the most impressive cards i've seen and i think it deserves to be up there. im not saying the...
  41. Weekend MMA Ratings
    Wrestling Observer just posted the weekend show ratings. The verdict in the Dana-Gary war: I say Draw. EliteXC on CBS: 3.0 (Post-11 PM overrun with Kimbo-JT did a 4.1 with 6.5 million viewers)...
  42. Brett Rogers vs. Antonio Silva
    I was watching the Gary Shaw post show interview, and when the interviewer was badgering him about Brett Rogers fighting Kimbo, he just kept shrugging it off, saying Kimbo wasn't ready. He did...
  43. Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi
    Arguably one of the greatest fights. If you have not seen it, take ten minutes of your time to watch this. GREAT FIGHT! Link
  44. Could this be the best 30 day period in MMA History
    You have, UFC 84 and 85 Elite on CBS WEC 34 and the WVR event.... WOW so far this is the best 30day period in my memory, the MMA Scene is exploding big time I hope UFC 85 carries on with the...
  45. Urijah Faber Okie Doke?
    Not sure when it happened, but at one point in the fight it looked like it. Jens hit him with a big shot and he kinda fell back toward the cage. It appeared he was rocked then came forward with a big...
  46. Ortiz/Shamrock 2 SHOULD Main Event the next CBS fight card!!!
    No this isn't another prediction thread that have been roaming around a lot recently. I just thought this be an EXCELLENT idea for the next free EliteXC fight card on CBS. Because unlike the last...
  47. MMA Fans Spoiled???!!!
    No, not with all the bad ass cards coming up. That's absolutely great with no downside too it really. Just are they spoiled when it comes to the actual fights or are they just stupid, ignorant,...
  48. Who has the best fans? Who has the worst (dissrespectfull) fans?
    Having watched different events so close togther has made me reailise that each fan base is different from boo's to cheer's which fans are on and which need to get a clue in your opinion?
  49. From loss to headliner: Bad Idea ???
    The UFC is doing it with Grove, and they were about to with Lesnar untill Coleman got hurt. In your opinion is this something that you agree with?
  50. The Toughest S.O.B in UFC
    Who is the toughest man in the UFC and that answer is simply..Forrest Griffin Give your answers
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