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  1. TITO
    Who thinks tito is going out with a loss, this is ( I heard) his last fight in the UFC. Machida is no joke.
  2. New Jens Pulver Interview
    On June 1st, Jens “Little Evil” Pulver will attempt to join an elite class when he fights for his second world title in his second weight division. The Militich warrior will be facing an uphill...
  3. Brock vs Colman
    Im not shure why colman would be the underdog in his fight with lesner whats up with that
  4. How would you set up the semi-finals of Dream's LW grand prix?
    Shinya Aoki Tatsuya Kawajiri Eddie Alvarez Caol Uno are all left, how would you set up the match-ups. I think i would prefer Alvarez vs. Aoki & Kawajiri vs. Uno this way we get a grudge match between...
  5. IFL
    Did every one see the IFL'S new ring, There going to make it a Hexagon.
  6. Randy and Karo have Cameo in "Today You Die"
    I'm watching the some new Steven Segal movie on Spike right now called "Today you Die" I figured I would tell you guys I saw Randy Couture and Karo Parisyan make Cameo appearances in the movie. Karo...
  7. jardine
    I think Jardine should be fighting for the belt not forrest gump after all Jardine knocked forrest out.
  8. Check out the BOBBLEHEADS
  9. is Nick Diaz a welterweight or lightweight?
    His UFC career was welterweight his dream fight against katsuya inoue was welterweight but his win over gomi was lighweight and loss to kj noons was lightweight. now they talk about diaz fighting...
  10. Affliction: Banned (fight card and discussion)
    Didn't see anywhere on this forum where they were discussing the event in it's entirety, and was having trouble finding a fight card so I thought I'd post what I found... AFFLICTION: BANNED Saturday,...
  11. UFC 84 after party in Las Vegas at Prive hosted by Dana White
  12. Kimbo Slice video training for James Thompson Elite XC fight
    Kimbo is looking impressive! Link
  13. Past UFC events
    What do you think was the worst and most boring UFC PPV
  14. Arlovski vs Rothwell Poll
    Who ya'll got? i know me & SmileR got AA, but what about everyone else? i got AA Rd 1 KO, but since lots of people are gonna pick this also, im gonna go out ona limb & say AA by KO in the 2nd Minute...
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  15. Diaz vs Sakurai Poll
    As we all now know, Nick Diaz is fighting Hayato "Mach" Sakurai @ DREAM 5 for the WW Title. Diaz is coming off an impressive TKO victory over Katsuya Inoue while Sakurai is coming off a submission...
  16. Title shots rant...
    Here's something I don't get: Why is there tons of post about who deserves a title shot and why.... I don't get it, I really don't give a flying s&*t about who deserve a title shot, in fact title...
  17. The downfall of Arlovski
    What happend to Arlovski he went from champ to fighting on the prelims where did he go wrong, I know his fight with Fabricio Werdum was bad but was it that bad.
  18. Anyone buy the Round 5 MMA figures?
    So I got my stimulus check in the mail yesterday.What did I do today? Well I didn't pay any bills,and I didn't buy any gas with it.Instead I bought all four round 5 MMA figures.Just wondering if...
  19. MMA video : Gina Carano on E:60
  20. jewish mma fighters?
    are there any mma fighters that are jewish besides rory singer which no ones cares about. I heard urijah faber might be but who knows.
  21. fighters you may not heard of??
    wanted to post this topic to hear the names of fighters that we may not have heard of before . . so that we can bring their skills to the light. RODRIGO DAMM>>> this guy is a stud at...
  22. Does anybody have JT beating Kimbo?
    I've seen around the site on variety of different off topic kimbo threads people saying their opinion on that topic and then at the end saying he will lose to Kimbo. I just want to see how they see...
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  23. Affliction/Adrenaline MMA
    I just wanted to say that this new organization is going to give the UFC a huge run for their money if they establish a ton of fight cards like its going to have. I am probably going to go to the...
  24. MMA Fighters need to start giving back to their roots (A topic I hold very dear)
    One reason why I like Randy Coture, is that he remembers where he came from. He donates his money to the various wrestling programs he's been apart of. While wrestling in college his program was cut...
  25. Elite XC go to the show support mma
    35 bucks for cheap seats at the NJ Elite XC show. easy train or car ride to the sweet new arena. It wontr hurt MMA if the show is weak but since MMA doesnt come around to the Northeast that much we...
  26. Urijah Faber p4p rankings...
    Tonight I was watching a replay of Urijah Faber vs. Jeff Curran and it got me thinking about Urijah's p4p ranking. His record speaks for itself at this point (20-1) with his only loss coming by way...
  27. Top 25 LW
    After catching up on mma lately I am astonished by how many good fighters there are in the division. I decided to expand my top 10 out to 25. I am also interested to see where you guys differ. 1. BJ...
  28. In The Skin Of Rampage
    You are Rampage,what matchups you do tonight for tuf? Team Rampage C.B Dollaway Patrick Shultz Gerald Harris(The Best) Team Forrest Cale Yarbrough Amir Sadollah Nick Klein
  29. DREAM is letting fans vote for the 2nd Round Matches at DREAM.4
    DREAM is letting fans vote for the 2nd Round Matches at DREAM.4 Thats awesome! - Someone put this on news page :)
  30. X box live ufc question
    I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to get the ufc demand figths on my xbox live. When i go into the ufc section on the dashboard all that is there is an old trailer from ufc 63. Am i missing...
  31. Patrick Schultz is out of line
    who the **** talks shit to forrest griffin after not even making it onto Tuf and then losing. im sorry but shultz talking to Forrest telling him he cant wait until he fights rampage is an absolute...
  32. Most mma fights?
    Who has the most pro mma fights? The most I've seen is Travis Fulton 185-45-9-1nc
  33. How would you set up the quarter-finals of Dream's MW GP?
    This is how I would set it up: Tamura vs Sakuraba Miller vs Kin Galesic vs Yoon Souza vs Mousasi Tamura vs Sakuraba would be easy to promote because they are both two popular japanese vets. I matched...
  34. Who would win in this open weight tournament of these 32 fighters?
    Who do you think would win this tournament if all these fighters were in it, and in this setup: Division 1: Quinton Jackson vs. Matt Hughes Fedor Emelienko vs. Marcus Davis Rich Franklin vs. Lyoto...
  35. Affliction Card Has Potential
    FEDOR VS SYLVIA ROTHWELL VS TBA RIZZO VS BARNETT WHITEHEAD VS BABALU LINDLAND VS NEGAO definitely worth the watch, its fedors first fight with an actually good fighter in awhile. babalu will destroy...
  36. Sam Stout Vs Rich Clementi
    If anyone hasnt seen it yet Fight Link
  37. Just rewatched Mayhem @ DREAM 3.....
    & damn was he impressive & entertaining. His opening into the fight standing in the middle & the peace sign when he got mount were classic. & everything he did in that fight was great, dude had a...
  38. Shawn Tompkins will be making a return to kickboxing
    he was on tagg radio said he will be making a return to kickboxing he has damn good standup
  39. The Welterweight division.
    So I was thinking about the division and everyone knows GSP's next fight is going to be John Fitch and rightfully so. Fitch is on a winning streak not seen in a very long time and some can claim its...
  40. Bj Penn, Anderson Silva, GSP
    Pound for pound who do you think is the better fighter. I chose BJ
  41. IFL predictions
    Being as we're not running the IFL card in Secondary, who does everyone have for the title fights? Taurasivicius over Schultz R3 Sub Imes over Nelson Un. Dec McGivern over Miller Un. Dec
  42. I was looking at the fighter rankings today and...................
    I noticed that the top 10 fan favirotes almost seemed more like the p4p list.Now i'm not saying that current champions aren't fan favorites,but I was kind of sad to see only current fighters on the...
    i was just wndering....where do u guys find the action avatars?
  44. where can I watch the IFL tonight?
    what channel? or can i watch it on the internet?
  45. Your probably tired of hearing this stuff but
    Ok so i randomly decided to go all the way to the second to last forum page and noticed a post titled " Who has the best shot at stopping shogun?" somewhat humorous now that shogun is most likely...
  46. TUF
    This last episode started great and ended poorly, with the fights at least. Amir got that great upset because Harris was stupid enough to sit there and not try to get away. That was a huge mistake on...
  47. MMA Live(ESPN) Was Excellent-----(Video)
    They had a ton of great footage, the Florian "mma for dummies" segment was really well-done, and the analysis was good. I like inside MMA, but this was night and day. LINK (video)
  48. UFC 84 video: Keith Jardine training for Wanderlei Silva fight
    I don't know if you guys like this stuff but i love training videos! Heres Jardine's and he seams like a cool guy! Link
  49. Human Weapon
    I don't know if this has already been posted but does anyone know if they are going to do another season. I really liked the first one and thought that it blew it's copycat fight quest out of the...
  50. Long term health of MMA?
    So every MMA promotion out there is rumored to be in some sort of financial trouble. Even UFC is rumored to have cash issues. It seems with all the rumors out there we won't have a sport soon.
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