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  1. Very Nice Pride/UFC highlight Vid.
    Easily one of the best put together HL's I have seen. Enjoy! Link Dream on by Kweiss
  2. DREAM 3
    So what is the card looking like so far for DREAM 3? I'm not sure what the second round matchups look like and ive only heard of Mayhem fighting too.
  3. What do you most want to see in the future?
    There a lot of great matchups floating around right now and I was wondering what the playgrounds most anticipated matchup was. I focused on future possible matchups and didn't mail them all in only...
  4. Strikeforce-6/27 in California
    Strikeforce: June 27, 2008 in California Venue: HP Pavillion, San Jose Main card airs on HDNet TV fights (starting at 10:30 PM ET): vs. Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh...
  5. Cage Rage 26 Thoughts and Predictions
    Freeman/tko/1 Pointon/ko/1 Ewin/tko/2 Zikic/sub/2 Nogueira/sub/2 Rak/ko/2 Kelly/sub/1 Picket/sub/3 Rice/tko/2 Webber/tko/1 Zaromski/ko/1 WAR Freeman and Pointon! Any thoughts?
  6. MFC 16 Friday May 9th on HDNet
    Maximum Fighting Championship 16 is on Friday May 9th Live on HDNet. War Chris Camozzi. Main Card: Gary Goodridge vs. Eric Pele Ryan Ford vs. C.J. Fernandes Ryan Jimmo vs. Adam Maciejewski Chris...
  7. UFC Does Men's Fitness Cover Again
    One guess. Before preparing for the cover shoot, according to the article, “White weighed 217 pounds. By cycling his carb intake and intensifying his workouts, he dropped over 20 pounds in four...
  8. Pride Bushido 9: Yves Edwards vs Joachim Hansen -- Great Fight
    if you havent seen this fight its very back and fourth some great mixed martial arts i highly recommend watching it
  9. Is MMA becoming to mainstream?
    I don't really know the answer to this but it seems to me that it might be expanding to much. I know it's good for the sport and that it helps to have more fans which equals more money and better...
  10. favourite TUF7 fighter?
    just wondering in these eraly episodes of TUF7, do u have a favourite yet? both skill/style wise and personality wise? and also, is there someone in there that you really dislike? personally, i...
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    anyone know where i can find one thanks alot!
    Are you in Vegas or going to be in Vegas on May 17th?
  13. Dream Featherweight Tourney?
    I was just reading an article on MMAWeekly about Savant Youngs huge upset win over Takeshi Inoue and how it revived his career and such. And one of the things it said this win did for him was get him...
  14. possible opponent for Matt Lindland on Afliction card
    the now defucnt Bodog Fights Champion Trevor Prangley has been mentioned as a possible opponent to fight Lindland on the June Affliction card.
  15. New UFC video game release date …
    … is set for Spring 2009 from THQ, according to In fact, an official announcement is expected on Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, to coincide with UFC 84: “Ill Will” at the...
  16. Give Sam Stout another stand-up fighter please!
    give the guy a chance his last two ufc opponents have been grapplers. If Melvin Guillard beats Dennis Siver give Stout Guillard. Or when Nate Mohr recovers from that knee injury from manny put him in...
  17. Affliction in CALIFORNIA??!
    if this event turns out to be in anaheim, California like rizzo says it will be, i will literally soil my underwear, twice. i would pay anything to see fedor fight tim sylvia. please oh please, let...
  18. Sherk Comparison Photos
    Before: After his recent CLEAN test: Something seems different, not sure what it is...
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  19. mt vs boxing
    im taking a bjj class over the summer and want to know which is better for mma. muay thai or boxing if u had to pick 1. i personally think great hands can beat a person with kicks. what do u think
  20. What LHW would do the best at HW in the ufc?
    Hypothetically speaking, which fighter if they moved up from 205 would do the best in the HW division.
  21. P4P Fighter
    I know this will spark a big arguement but I dont mind as I think this could be a great topic. Right now I think the three candidates are 1. Anderson Silva (21-4) 2. Fedor Emelianenko (27-1) 3....
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  22. Strikeforce middleweight title
    I would like to see Trevor Prangley face Cung Le for the Strikeforce middleweight championship. I think Prangley has the best style to beat Cung Le because he is a wrestler.
  23. That much of a difference?
    I've seen alot of posts saying Sean Sherk will NOT lose do to a choke in his fight with BJ Penn as its been said he can not be choked. I understand where those people are coming from and as I do...
  24. Caesar Gracie: "Rickson makes me feel like a White Belt"
    So Caesar was on the Savage Dog Show and said Rickson literally made him feel like a white belt and he could dominate the clinch like no one else. He said of the the top guys he's ever trained with,...
  25. Items that belong in the MMA Hall of Fame (and Shame)
    Royce's Gi: Quinton Jackson's chain: Sakuraba's Mask: Arlovski's Mouthpiece: Genki Sudo's Flag: And the Hall of Shame: Art Jimmerson's glove: Takada's diaper: James Thompson's DVD collection:
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  26. Fedor V Tim
    Two things bother me about mma generally.....people who act as if Fedor is a god.....and people who underestimate Tim. This fight has brought these two elements together and have spawned some...
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  27. Rampages car
    For anyone who watched TUF this week, what kind of car was Rampage driving? I'm not a car expert by any means and the only thing that came to mind was a Lamborghini. It looked really sweet though...
  28. is Chuck in Randelman's corner when he KO's Cro cop?
    Just watched cro cop vs randelman again and at the end it looks like Chuck is in Randelmans corner. I never knew they trained together considering Chuck has Kod him!
  29. Maximum Cage Fighting (the Movie)
    I just rented a movie called Maximum Cage Fighting, Its got renzo Gracie in it. Ive never heard of it but it was alright. Have any of you seen it? what did you think of it?
  30. Hot MMA Ad June 21 of Monson vs Randleman
    check out this hot ad for the June 21 MMA event of Monson vs Randleman in Charlotte NC at the Time Warner Cable Arena: They also have a really kewl website:...
  31. Ryan Ford
    I watched him fight again last night..and that dude is just explosive...and seems insanely strong for a WW....the dude had full mount on him and he just easily rolled him it was...
  32. Whos the most dangerous fighter when focused?
    Who do you think the most dangerous fighter is, when there focused and training to rip someones head off.
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  33. Former pride vs ufc lhw gp (Just for fun)
    All the fights are the usual three 5 minute rounds, the final 5 rounds. All the fighters are 100%. Round 1 Machida vs Wandy Forrest vs Shogun 2 Jardine Vs Rampage Chuck vs Hendo Round 2 Winner of...
  34. ??????????Dream 3 Play by Play??????????
    is there gonna be anyone doing a pbp for Dream 3? if not, does anyone know where a link is?
  35. Anybody have a Drean 3 live stream link?
    will be greatly appreciated if someone can send me a private message with the stream info!! Props to who hooks me up.
  36. Mfc 16 Fight Pics Camozzi
    Friday night was a good night of fights at MFC 16. This is Chris Camozzi Vs Dwayne Lewis. Camozzi's agent just sent me fresh pics from Friday night's fights. I'll keep the pics coming as agents send...
  37. Alvarez vs Hansen...WOW!!!
    What a great fight ....Eddie Alvarez is a top 5 lightweight in the world IMO. He is a beast who can do it all. Hansen even admitted he was toughest fight he has ever had. He is a good boxer with very...
  38. Rizzo vs. Barnett 2
    Who takes this fight? If Rizzo is in good consdition I say he knocks Barnett out again. Rizzo will kick him all day long like CC did. Barnett won't hhave a leg to stand on by the end of this fight.
  39. WVR-SenGoku 2
    Jeff Monson vs Josh Barnett Jorge Santiago vs Yuki Sasaki Kevin Randleman vs Ryo Kawamura Roger Gracie vs Yuki Kondo Mike Pyle vs Dan Hornbuckle Yoshiro Nakao vs Jim York Eigi Mitsuoka vs Kwang Hee...
  40. who can make the best one week training schedule
    ok title says it, jus make a mon-sat/sun schedule on your training schedule or make up some amazing one. you could have anything in it, any kind of workouts,protein shakes,mma class,prvate training...
  41. MMA-ID T-shirt contest
    Hey guys, a friend of mines site is looking for a new t-shirt for their sponsored fighters to wear, and they are giving away prizes for your time. Check it out.
  42. Lightweight Top 10
    FightMatrix Lightweight Top 10 after the 5/11 DREAM show: 1. Shinya Aoki 2. Takanori Gomi 3. B.J. Penn 4. Sean Sherk 5. Gesias Calvancante 6. Kenny Florian 7. Tatsuya Kawajiri 8. Caol Uno 9. Eddie...
  43. What is this guy's nickname?
  44. dream events download
    im lookin for the first three dream event torrents.... i cant seem to find them, can someone pm is they have found them
  45. Elite XC well represented at Dream 3
    with Nick Diaz's dominate performance and Alverez's battle with Hansen, Elite XC probably attracted some international fans for there up coming shows. I can't wait to see more talent exchanges...
  46. MMA Up and Comers
    I'm working on a blog about MMA up and comers, and I was wondering if the others on this site would like to throw out some names for me to check out before I put this thing together. Thanks a bunch....
  47. Nate Marquardt's UFC 85 fight journal PT. 1
    Hello UFC fight fans! Well, I just finished up training in the fifth week out from the fight with Thales Leites. In case you don't know the history, I was scheduled to fight Thales two times before....
  48. Is Eddie Alvarez top ten?
    With Consecutive wins against stiff competition in Andre Amade, and Joachim Hansen while in a new organization and the recent upsets in the UFC's LW Division i think he's #9.
  49. Two questions about BJJ
    OK, I have two questions about BJJ and would prefer serious answers if anyone has them. 1) Do most BJJ schools promote their students based on performance in tournaments? It seems that a lot of...
  50. Has TUF only really made a positive impact on the UFC?
    I was wondering this for a little while now and since some OGs are complaining about the same ol' stuff being tossed around the forums I thought I would throw this out there. Hopefully it will get a...
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