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  1. Irvin replacing Chuck as Rashads opponent at UFC 85
    The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Monday announced that Chuck Liddell had to withdraw from his UFC 85 main event bout against Rashad Evans due to an injury. "Unfortunately, Chuck Liddell tore his...
  2. yarrenoka! on ppv
    was flipping through my sports ppv channels today to come across "HDNET FIGHTS: FEDOR RETURNS". turns out its the yarrenoka event finally playing on ppv. anybody else seeing this on dish network ?
  3. Which welterweight would give GSP the toughest fight
    sherdog had a question Which welterweight would give GSP the toughest fight? Jon Fitch Thiago Alves Diego Sanchez Jake Shields Carlos Condit Nick Thompson Marcus Davis or Other I think the toughest...
  4. UFC 85 fight card rumored updates
    The hamstring injury to former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell has forced the promotion to shuffle the UFC 85 deck once again for the show at the 02 Arena in London, England, on June 7. And...
  5. Who should Royce fight when he returns. If he returns?
    I was just wondering who you guys think he should fight. And if you think he can make a positive comeback after the steroid issue.
  6. Dream Match: Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Evan Tanner
    While both are in their primes. Who wins and how?
  7. Which MMA fighter are you?
    Click the link below and take the test to find out which MMA fighter you are. After that post it for everyone else to see. Basically just for fun. Here is the link - Which MMA fighter are you? My...
  8. Photos: Tuff-N-Uff California vs. Nevada Las Vegas, NV
    Photos from the April 12th Tuff-N-Uff "California vs. Nevada" are now posted on California vs. Nevada was the first sanctioned amateur MMA event to take place on April 12th...
  9. bj penn vs gsp
    what are your thoughts
  10. bj penn vs anderson silva
    i think the only way bj wins is if he knocks him out or submits him in the first or second. i say he gets knocked out in the third.
  11. big nog vs anderson silva
    who wins?
  12. Matt Sera
    Do you think matt sera have any chance to have another title shot.
  13. Gut check for MMA Finances
    Two key players in the mixed martial arts industry may soon go down for the count, underscoring the significant financial volatility in the sport despite its tremendous hype. International Fight...
  14. Tony Reali of ESPN talks MMA
    In an interview with Michael David Smith of AOL Fanhouse: I’m really interested to see how MMA does this year on network TV. My gut tells me we have to get MMA. If somebody asked you 10 years ago...
  15. Any news on Arlovski?!
    Has anyone heard anything about what he's doing? The guy has to be the hottest free agent HW in the world now! Any news would appreciated.
  16. Brian Bowles
    I've seen a couple of his fights in th WEC. He looks good at 135. what do you guys think?
  17. WEC ratings
    WEC Live on Versus on 3/26 did a 0.52 rating (548,892 viewers) according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The brand is averaging a 0.50 rating (472,488 viewers) for its live broadcasts. The 6/1...
  18. Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva
    My friends are sayin that forrest would beat anderson easily. I think silva will dismantle him. What are your thoughts?
  19. Monson vs. Barnett
    These two warriors will fight at the next Sengoku event..... who do you guys think will win?? This fight will be a war!!!!
  20. Too Much Muscle In One Octagon! Who Wins?
    A dream match of mine, that may very well come to pass is Shane Carwin vs Brock Lesnar. This may be one of the biggest collision of muscle ever. Though I like Brock, I've got the guy without the...
  21. a fight that could save ufc 85
    hughes vs fitch ??????? me and my freinds are going to see ufc 85 and are gutted to have had chuck withdraw what do you think to hughes vs fitch could it happen? and would it save ufc 85?
  22. Yvel-Overeem Fight Cancelled
    Gilbert Yvel (Pictures) has injured his left calf and will not be fighting Alistair Overeem (Pictures) on Saturday at the K-1 World Grand Prix in Amsterdam. "Last Thursday during a training session...
  23. Most Breathtaking moment you had with MMA....
    The most breathtaking moment I had was when I watched Hughes vs Trigg 2. I'm not even a Hughes fan, but was in awe when I saw that.
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  24. Keith Jardine.. Techno Viking
  25. Dan Henderson vs. Thiago Silva
    I think Dan Henderson has a better chance at 205 as weird as this sounds (I believe he would beat Jardine, Forrest, Lyoto, Wanderlei again, etc). In his first two matches he fought two of the top p4p...
  26. Need some Help with fights left on certain fighter's contracts...
    First of all does anybody know the deal with the caesar gracie fighters? when is nick diaz's and jake shield's contract up with proelite? when is gil melendez's contract up with strikeforce? Denis...
  27. Jens 'Lil' Evil' Pulver vs. Chris 'The Polish Hammer' Horodecki
    I think Horodecki is a more of a 145 pounder. Who would you take in this? Horodecki KO via headkick all I can say is there's no way this would last very long
  28. dan the beast severn
    My god, from ufc 4 to now, and still fighting... What an impressive mma record this guy holds, probebly the best on the planet. Win Damon Clark Submission (Kimura) WFC -...
    If Matt Hughes can beat Thiago Alves and then Matt Serra where does the greatest welterweight weight of all time go from there? will he or should he go for a shot at the title once again with GSP,...
  30. Just talked to ralek gracie
    i was over at the gracie house earlier and talked to ralek. he said hes going to japan soon to fight at DREAM 3. he believes his opponent will be manhoef.. if he can weather through the initial storm...
  31. Hybrid Fighter
    If you could combine two fighter's skills to make the ulitimate hybrid fighter, who would you choose and why? I would choose: Big Nog -Good chin, good recovery, world class JJ, and solid striking for...
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  32. Alves got screwed..
    I know Fitch deserves a shot already but this really is unfair for Alves to work for a title shot. Fitch's highest fight to get a shot was Sanchez who isnt even near contention. Alves was in a a...
    Josh thomson challenge gilbert melendez for the strikeforce lightweight title who you think gone a win and why
  34. Arianny Selects...Roger Huerta
    Hear that? Its the sound of a million hearts breaking. Video Link Ok, false alarm... thank god! But a great interview none the less.
  35. Why does Fitch Deserve a title shot?
    Hes on an 8 fight winning streak of people who are not int he top 10 or are barely in it... what real contender has he beat??? If just putting together a streak of wins over people no-one has herd of...
  36. If You Thought Sherdog's Rankings Were Bad...
    Well these make them seem like omniscient beings BTW the (+x) means what the "simulated" betting odds would be if that fighter fought the #1 in the division. MMA Rankings-Heavyweights: 1. Fedor 2....
  37. UFC84 in Kauai
    I'll be in Kauai during ufc84. anyone know a good place that will be showing the fight?
  38. Computerized MMA Ranking System
    Greetings everyone - I want to tell you guys about - if you haven't see it yet, it's a MMA ranking site that uses a computerized system to rank the Top 100 fighters in every weight...
  39. UWC Von Flue vs Spratt
    Just got back from the first live MMA fight I've ever seen. Spratt rocked Von Flue standing up as Von Flue tried for take downs, Von Flue koed himself 1st round on a bad shot attempt.
  40. Sherk not even top ten...
    I found this on another website and thought it was an interesting read I couldn’t help respond to a comment inquiring as to whether Sean Sherk’s omission from my top-ten lightweight rankings was...
  41. The Journey of MMA Super-Trainer Greg Jackson
    good article link
  42. Cung Lee Vs. Andeson Silva
    who wins this fight? i think anderson has more experience and would prolly come away with a victory but i aslo think this would be the best stand up match of the year.
  43. Dream 2 Preview not Predictions
    Hey I haven't been able to Post lately because of School and Finals so I'm going to come on to do my Dream 2 Preview which looks Great with an 8 Man Middleweight Tourney and some compelling...
  44. Rich Franklin Vs. Dan Henderson
    This in my opinion should be one of thier next two fights. But i think the ufc will put hendo against someone they know he can beat to get him back on track before this happens. How do you think this...
  45. Best Loss For A Fighter
    What do you think is the best loss for a fighter? One that benefitted his career and made him train harder and smarter. A loss that made him become more well-rounded or gave him more experience? A...
  46. Matthew Riddle
    what do you think of this guy he have no mma experience and he almost beat a bjj black belt who have faught with guy like Chael Sonnen and Joey Villasenor.
  47. Which MMA fighter's have the best PRO Boxing Record(s)
    A couple friends and I are trying to figure out which MMA fighter has the best Record as a Professional Boxer. So please if you can people unleash your knowledge !!!
  48. Who Has Had the Hardest Night in MMA History
    I was wondering what fighter you guys think has had to do the hardest one night worth of fights from the old tournament style. I think its Dan Henderson at the Rings-King of Kings 1999 Finals. He had...
  49. Affliction: Banned
    I saw this on another website and thought it was funny. The name that Affliction is calling there first event. Sounds like they are taking a shot at the UFC. Affliction: Banned
  50. Dana White in a Nutshell
    Here is a video of Dana White in a nutshell. It is pretty humorous and true for the most part Dana in a Nutshell
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