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  1. Submission or TKO
    I'm bored at work so I taught of asking you guys this question. What's your favorite match ending TKO or Sub? I'm asking this because when I first started watching MMA (year and a half ago) I was all...
  2. Clementi vs. Stout
    What are your thought on the match-up? Right now im leaning towards stout but im second guessing myself.
  3. Arlovski vs Rothwell Poll
    Supposedly this is happening Septemeber 6th @ Adrenaline. If so, who ya got? Me? I got AA, Rd 1 KO
  4. Reactions To UFC 83 Countdown
    Most of the time the countdown shows display mixed martial artists skills and training techniques of the fighters but this show was like a soap opera. I hope this isin't the direction MMA is headed....
  5. villasenor replace ninja rua, EliteXC CBS
    no reason has officially been announced concerning the switch.
  6. What is the draw? Name or Org?
    So i was in the shower this morning thinking of my picks for the upcoming UFC PPV. That got me thinking of where i was going to view the event and how recently, like in the last 6 months, more and...
  7. Fantasy Match: Mardquardt vs. Okami
    Who would you pick? Personally i see myself takeing Marquardt by Decision.
  8. UFC and Pride DVDs
    So I never bought any mma dvds. The only stuff I see is the PPv's and shows on satelite and I decided to begin my own MMA dvd collection. Right now I am on a low budget til summer so I wanted to know...
  9. UFC 100
    i was just wondering what this fight card would be like, would they treat it like a normal UFC event or would they put some monster fights on this card?
  10. Kenny Florian elbow damage on Joe Lauzon’s head (Pic)
    “… nothing behind the ear is legal. Put a set of over the top head phones on, and nothing behind the band is legal LINK
  11. Fight Wikipedia
    Here is another type of Wikipedia and its about MMA!!! MMA Fight Wiki
  12. Diaz To Dream?
    Nick Diaz has verbally accepted to fight Marcelo Garcia at the next Dream show. (April 29th) Although Garcia inititially accepted the fight, there has been talk that the match will now be scrubbed....
  13. You might be a MMA addict if....
    Jeff Foxworthy has his you might be a redneck if.... Lets hear some you might be a MMA addict if... I'll try one. You might be a MMA addict if you name your children after your favorite MMA fighters.
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  14. UFC MW and HW Rankings?
    Everybody loved to argue the LW, WW, and LHW rankings because thats where the talents at...but what about their weaker division's...anybody wanna take a stab? MW: 1. A. silva 2. Y. Okami 3. D....
  15. Where the WEC stands vs. the world
    Hold on right quick!!! UFC is the Big homie and WEC is the little homie. Everything else ain't even really worth to be mentioned as far as fight promotion goes. What I mean by all of this is that...
  16. Next Heavyweight Champion
    The next UFC Heavyweight champion is among us, although he must first be signed. FEDOR!!! Fedor would be the best decision Dana White would ever make. He would be unbeatable in the UFC, just like in...
  17. The Next Guy
    Who do you think will be the guy to beat anderson Silva for the title
  18. the UPSET
    At UFC 86 Forrest vs. Rampage Forrest will pull off the upset with a round 4 guillatine choke as Rampage trys to slam him!! But the real concern is what happens after that, who gets the next title...
  19. ranks for organizations
    I am curious to see your ranking (1 to 5) of the MMA organizations keeping in mind all of the different issues. So give me your top 5 please,thx M.
  20. Fights added to Dream card
    Awesome fighters and bouts added
  21. Edit - Delete
    EDIT- Delete thread
  22. Weigh-in Link
    Does anybody know how to watch it, all i know are live links and it already happened.
  23. Here is where you can watch the MMA.
    I have some sites allows you to watch it. Here is one. But you need to have Sopcast to watch it. If...
  24. On July 19th??
    What is the MMA world going to say when Big silly looking Tim finishes the great Fedor???? FLAME ON But I think TIM has a great chance of winning this fight
  25. Kenny 'KenFlo' Florian vs. Gilbert 'El Nino' Melendez
    who do you have in this one? I think Gilbert would absolutely rag-doll him however I don't see him finishing Gilbert by a VERY unanimous decision
  26. The First Time
    What is your first mma fight you have see in your life.
  27. Best 205 fighters who are not in UFC
    Last week, I posted about the top light heavyweight fighters in the UFC. As I mentioned, the UFC has the 205 lbs division in a tight chokehold; according to rankings , they have...
  28. hendo vs. franklin now!!!!
    i think this fight should happen now more then ever, this is a dream fight. hendo is coming off a lose in a title fight and franklin is coming off a big win so i think they are lined up to fight and...
  29. Trash Talking/ Show Boating/ Mocking
    I just thought I would bring up how fighters usually trash talk before and after fights and how in the ring occasionally fighters will mock each other and/or show boat. Trash talking for me adds more...
  30. Nate Quarry....Clowning or Classless??
    I personally thought the last 30 seconds of the Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes fight was one of the funniest things to ever happen in the UFC. High Steppin' and the one armed man was too funny. Not to...
  31. Rank the Heavyweights not in the UFC...
    This should be an amazing list.
  32. met manny gamburyan
    i met manny the other night.. talked with him for a little bit, while smoked a lot of hookah.. i ended up being at the hookah bar until 4AM. he said wants nate diaz. thats actually not me, thats my...
  33. Kimbo Slice vs Brock Lesnar
    I don't know much about the direction Kimbo is going in his MMA career but if he ever squared off against Lesnar (whether it be in the UFC or not) who would you have for the win? Kimbo's ground game...
  34. DREAM 2
    Is Dream 2 going to be on TV in the U.S. or do we have to watch it on MMA tv? Somebody has to pick this up, even if it is PPV. This is to good of a card not to air.
  35. Nicknames
    I was thinking that a lot of fighters need a nickname, or need a new one. What are some ideas, Ithink Mac (Andy Wang is a Fing warrior) Danzig.
  36. Bocek is a Warrior!!!
    i gained soooo much respect for mark bocek after his fight with danzig. Danzig's a vet in this sport compared to Bocek and Bocek gave him a run for his money up until that brutal knee. Bocek has a...
  37. anybody have a link to the clementi vs stout fight?
    Ive been dying to see it
  38. What is better for the sport?
    With GSP taking his rightful place as the welterweight title holder and Anderson Silva eating up the competition at Middleweight we might not see a new champ in either division for a few years. What...
  39. Where do YOU rank Serra in Your WW Rankings?
    Lots of people (NOT ME) had Serra ranked high bc of his win over GSP. So where do yuou think he ranks now & why? Personally, i didnt have him top 10 ww before the fight, so i dont have him in there...
  40. Best armbar escapes
    When Franklin escaped Lutter's armbar, that was insane! Immaculate escape. Franklin is far from done. Any other matches that put you in awe from an armbar escape? For those that didn't see it - In...
  41. Kimbo Slice v.s James Thomson
    Who do yall think is going to win wand what do you think about the fight? --FULLSTORY--
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  42. does anyone know???
    starnes entrance music???
  43. DELETE (Videos Taken Down)
    This is for everyone who wants to see the whole thing. Interesting to see Mike Dolce in his corner. Anyways, enjoy it is in the video section: Here Doerksen vs. MacDonald Cheap shots thrown by...
  44. Asian & Japanese Fighters (How They Faired In The UFC)
    Wheather it's fighting for the first time in another country or just getting beat by better competition, it seems the UFC has seen many good Japanese/Asian fighters come and go. There are some...
  45. Akiyama vs. Starnes for final Dream Grand Prinx Matchup...
    Hey Dream is still looking for an opponent for Akiyama. If Starnes has any sense at all he'll petition for that final spot, and try like hell to win. Its the only way he'll ever get his carrerr back....
  46. UFC 82... 20 dollars
    i have a question my dishnetwork bill only charge me 20 dollars for UFC 82? Did anybody have the same thing happen to them?
  47. More dominant win
    More dominating victory?
  48. babalu question
    i asked this in another thread, but it was at the tail end of the thread and didnt get replied to. the ufc said the door is open to babalu considering he string together some wins. my question is why...
  49. Governor Penn?
    Did anyone else notice in the UFC84 site that in BJ's in depth video that he's training, along with his crew, with a "Penn for Governor" shirt? Anyone else see that? Is he for real about that?
  50. Leben or Bisping
    mmamania discussed the possible matchup. i'd like to know what yall think about it. me personally? i love leben's KO power but think bisping pulls out a decision how bout yall?...
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