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  1. Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami
    Anderson Silva 2 round (T)KO
  2. Dan Henderson vs Rich Franklin
    Dan Henderson Decision Split Decision
  3. Kimbo Slice vs Brock Lesnar
  4. Avatar Bet for Sherk vs Penn
    Anyone up for it? Im obviously picking sherk to win.
  5. Any MMA events in Japan/Korea during late May/early June?
    I'm going to be in Japan/Korea for a few weeks from May 20th onwards. Any events (including smaller shows) going on in that time? I've always wanted to go to an event in Japan.
  6. Parlay
    I just cant figure out how to use it...can anyone explain it to me?
  7. Fedor/Sylvia Poll
    At this rate, I am thinking close to 100. And if the fight doesn't happen. I am guessing another 50 threads talking about why it didn't happen and whose fault it is.
  8. Kuniyoshi Hironaka training at AKA with Fitch?
    I just came across Hironaka's blog and he has two pictures that show him apparently training at AKA. I believe that they were taken early in March and was just wondering if anyone had any more...
  9. Randy Fans! What If?
    If Tim some how pulls out a W over Fedor what is next for Randy? It seems like he would have shot himself in the foot by burning a bridge with the UFC. He can't fight Nog so does he still fight Fedor...
  10. New mma clothign company
    I just found this website while looking to a buy a shirt. I find it funny, here's: link
  11. Chris Leben
    I was just on his myspace page and he and his manager have been in talks with Joe SIlva and they are looking to get him a fight that will propelhim back into the title picture. He says that Bisping...
  12. TUF 7GIFs anyone?????????
    Been looking for some TUF 7 GIFs from the 1st couple episodes. ESPECIALLY the infamous moaning KO. That was SICK! any help would be appreciated by me & others as well thanks
  13. Question about Akiyama
    Is he a BJJ or Judo guy?
  14. about the fight club membership on
    i have been a member for a year now on it, i heard rumors about the pre fight tickets not being worth the membership price of 75 dollars for first served before they go public days later. yesterday i...
  15. Is Karo still in the top ten?
    After his defeat where he looked flabby and out of shape is Karo Parisyan still a top ten ranked welterweight?
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  16. mma brainbox needed for question ...
    can someone please explain who YAMMA Fighting are, where do they come from, who is fighting on their next event and if possible, can someone find a picture of the cage/ring/pit that they fight in...
  17. RUMOR: undercard for Fedor/Sylvia
    Don't take too much stock in it yet, but here's a coupled rumored fights for the Fedor / Sylvia event... Andrei Arlovski vs Ben Rothwell Babalu vs Mike Whitehead Josh Barnett vs Pedro Rizzo Aleks...
  18. Randy Couture Talks Kimbo, Angle and More (Video)
  19. Akiyama in the UFC
    How do you think Yoshihiro Akiyama would do in the UFC?
  20. couture as a porn star ...
    or a high school hunk ???
  21. YAMMA question
    will YAMMA be on MMA-TV?
  22. Lee Murray in Sports Illustrated: Good read
    I don't know if any of you have read the sports illustrated article about him but apparantly he is now in a jail in Morocco and is pretty much pinned without a shadow of a doubt to the largest cash...
  23. Stupid mma nicknames
    Who in mma has the worst nickname? Its hard to go past GSP's. What the hell is meant by rush? some others: Handsome the Janitor American Psycho
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  24. Arlovski vs Liddell
    With Chuck saying he's go up to HW, would this be a wet dream of a match up?
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  25. YAMMA Pit Fighting (Results)
    In addition to an eight-man heavyweight tournament, which features fighters such as Ricco Rodriguez and Travis Wiuff, the night features two "Masters Superfights," including Eric "Butterbean" Esch...
  26. Knew know MMA has made it when......
  27. Worst Judges' Decisions Ever?
    The Ricco Rodriguez/Nog thread got me to thinking. What fights have the judges been the most blind in? I am normally not one to complain about fights going to decision, but sometimes I think judges...
  28. Serra vs. Hughes
    After GSP beats Serra I want to see a Serra vs. Matt Hughes fight. That feud needs to be settled. Who wins?
  29. Spencer Fisher
    Any word on whats up with him is he still going to be fighting with the UFC I would like to see him start fighting some top comp I think his striking has improved alot but haven't heard much on him...
  30. Grove vs. Tanner
    Who has more to lose in their upcoming bout, Kendall Grove or Evan Tanner?
  31. MMA-TV
    Is it cancelled or what? I can't get on the website and I can't find it on TVU.
  32. Japanese or American Refs?
    Who would you rather take for your high profile match? (Remember, you're not Sakuraba)
  33. Brain Stann's next fight?
    Anyone know who Stann's next fight is?
  34. WEC Card
    do someone know the next card of Faber Vs Pulver
  35. 5 Fighters you want in the UFC
    Like the title says, what 5 guys that are in different promotions do you want in the UFC? 1. Fedor (Obviously a lot of people will want this) 2. Nick Diaz 3. Dennis Kang 4. Jake Shields 5. Mirko or...
  36. Most One-Sided UFC fight
    One of the most one-sided UFC fights was definatley Penn vs. Hughes1, absolutley dominant! Another recent one was Frankie Edgar vs. Spencer Fisher. Franklin vs. Silva1, Leben vs. Silva1, and of...
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  37. Mark Kerr
    Damn, Mark Kerr looks terrible now. I guess thats what happens after you lay off the juice.
  38. Well that was very surreal:Extreme Couture.
    I had 6 members from our area compete in the first sanctioned amateur mma event in Las Vegas Saturday. Nevada vs California. One of our coaches tells me that 3 fighters didn't have their fight shorts...
  39. The biggest "fluke" in mma history?
    With the GSP V Serra fight building up, ive been reading more about how Matt Serra victory last year was a fluke. Something I completely disagree with. This was an upset not a fluke. However, what...
  40. Fantasy matchup: The Matador and The Lion II
    Reviewing the record of Roger "El Matador" Huerta I noticed, apparently for the first time, the name on his sole loss: Ryan "The Lion" Schultz . It's nearly four years on since their Superbrawl 36...
  41. McFedries Staph Infection-Worse Than Randleman's?
    Maybe not, but according to Mania it was just as bad. Don't know when he had it, it only says recently. I didn't even know he had one. Link WARNING: Rather gross picture. Not for the squeamish....
  42. Iron Ring?
    does anyone have episodes of Iron Ring (mma show on BET)? ive heard alot of good things about but have never actually seen it...hook it up
  43. CBS Announces 2nd EliteXC Saturday Night Fights Show
    July 26, according to the CBS summer schedule just unveiled. No mentions of course of fights/fighters but I wouldn't be surprised if they try to put Kimbo in the main event pending the outcome of the...
  44. This video proves that Hamil beat Bisping... No question about it.
  45. New Chael Sonnen Interview
    Chael Sonnen Interview
  46. *Last Chance* HL Contest-Polls Closing soon
    LINK There is a HL contest going on over at Ninjashoes. There are some pretty good entries this year. Especially the first one Go check 'em out!
  47. MMA photography: My ten best shots
    There's a slim possibility some of you may have seen these shots before... Sammy "The Squeeze" Morgan Muscle Shark Ando at Minneapolis seminar Huerta, Thul (promoter), Menne, Brock Larson and Lil'...
  48. Personally, I think GSP winning leads to better things...
    If GSP wins that is going to set up the fight GSP vs Fitch instead of Fitch vs Serra. Then after that you have Thiago facing the winner of gsp vs fitch. With Serra loosing, that could set up a...
  49. about cung le's next fight?
    ANybody know about his next fight?
  50. eddievsmarcelo
    eddie bravo vs marcelo garcia grappling match no gi, who do you have your money on..
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