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  1. EliteXC: PRIMETIME-5/31 in New Jersey on CBS
    EliteXC: May 31 on CBS Venue: Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey Main card airs live on CBS in US, live on The Fight Network in Canada TV fights (will air on CBS/Fight Network): vs. Kevin "Kimbo...
  2. brian stann
    does anybody else hate him as much as i do? i dont know if you know this, but im a marine. Did i mention that 5 seconds ago. oh in case you forget, im still a marine. i hope doug marshall unleashes...
  3. Fedor vs Aleks
    Fedor has stated in multiple interviews that he and his brother Aleks don't get along at all, and have different views. Anyone think given the right circumstances (maybe HWGP) they would fight? Fedor...
  4. Fighters gambling with their health
    I know this is a duplicate, but half of you only read the headlines and I wanted everyone to truly get on the bandwagon to help out the sport we all love. I have heard this before and people tried to...
  5. Professional Boxing Records of MMA Fighters
    I see a lot of misinformation across MMA message boards in regards to professional boxing records of the fighters (such as always hearing that Davis had a much better boxing record than Lytle)....
  6. Elitexc/Strikeforce viewing....
    how can i watch this event? i have no idea if its ppv or showtime or something else. any info is appreciated
  7. What opponent could they possibly give Fickett now that Sheilds pulled out.
    First of all I think Sheilds is a spoiled brat the way he depicted the injury in his interview with Sherdog. "My dad told me not to fight. So I will not fight. I'd rather go out there and dominate...
  8. MMA Fighters that MySpace
    Anyone know which fighters have myspace pages and/or update them regularly w/ bulletins or blogs? im fairly new to myspace so thought i'd ask......thanks in advance
  9. UFC gatekeepers in each division
    fighters that i dont think will hold the belt but if a fighter can beat these guys then they are in the top half of the division lightweight - spencer fisher, din thomas welterweight - josh burkman,...
  10. Fighter(s) you wanted to win but didnt (ended with a finish)
    which fighter(s) did you really want to win but couldnt pull through (no decisions) Penn VS Hughes 2 ..was disappointing, Penn was injured in round 2 and 3 preventing a win
  11. HD Net Fights
    havent had the chance to see an event yet.. but with "big money" mark cuban ... i'm hoping that they pull in some big names. I've heard rumors of koscheck and others. just hoping to get some info on...
  12. Brock Larson vs John Alessio on the undercard?
    Why? Just Why? Both are comming off of losses in title matches to Condit. Ok, so Stann and Marshall as the lackluster main event. Bake and Sonnen in a make shift match while Filho sobers up. Ratcliff...
  14. What if with Chuck
    Ok so what if Chuck walks through Rashad? (which i dont feel there is any what if on that one) then what if He fights The winner of Rampage and Forrest and wins(to make it interesting Rampage would...
  15. Are You Watching the WEC on Versus on Wednesday?
    Hell yeah I'm watching it I want to see sonnen win and I want to see marshall lose to brian stahn are you going to watch it??
  16. The MMA Fairy Is Back!
    Ladies and Gentlemen the MMA fairy is back!!! She is giving you 3 wishes. 'What three fights would you like to see inside the octagon before the end of this year and why?' As I rub the lamp I think...
  17. Chucks Future
    I liked the responses to my whats next so here you go
  18. IFl comeback? New FSN deal
    IFL... coming back? So according to MMA weekly and the IFL website (not sure if it was already posted and I don't want to double post) but IFL has signed a deal for 1 hour shows on FSN. Think this...
  19. K-1/DREAM 2008 Looks VERY Promising
    Below is The FULL 2008 Schedual Web Link LOOKS F'ING AWESOME!
  20. Cpt Stann
    Gonna do it big tonight. 3rd rd tko also is there a way to watch WEC live on the net?
  21. Top 3 and Favorite 3 fighters in every division
    TOP Heavy-Fedor, Big Nog, Randy Light Heavy- Rampage, Chuck, Forrest Middle-The Spider, Hendo, Franklin Welter-GSP, Hughes, Filho Light- Bj, Gomi, Stevenson FAVORITE Heavy-Fedor, Big Nog, Randy Light...
  22. 'Razer' Rob McCullogh vs Sam 'Hands Of Stone' Stout????
    Who would you take in this fight? it would be an all out slugfest... but a technical one at that Sam Stout round 2 KO by granite chin
  23. WEC On MMA-TV
    To those in Canada, or to the ones who cant get WEC on tv WEC is on sopcast on mma-tv as i speak.
  24. Never Back Down
    i recently watched this movie, and enjoyed it. i just wondered what everybody else thought about it? especially in a mma aspect?
  25. Top 5 Fights that I wanna see \
    What Would you say your Top5 wanna see fights are? 1. Randy vs Fedor (everyone wants it to happen so don't try to lie) 2. Anderson vs GSP. It has epic written all of it 3. Clay Guida vs Sean Sherk....
  26. Tito leaving a joke?
    Lets hope not. He once was the poster boy for ufc but now He is too worried about money. I think he was an outstanding fighter but has lost his charm. But how will the ufc make due losing him? Losing...
  27. UFC fighters ncaa wrestling pics...
    rashad gray koscheck anyone else find stuff?
  28. LINKS to watch WEC 33 fights (NO SPOILERS!)
    Marshall -VS- Stann = AWESOME! Sonnen -VS- Baker Crunkilton -VS- Gomez Cantwell -VS- McKenzie Radcliff -VS- Hicks wa-ha-hey guys
  29. Congratulations Marcus Hicks!
    I just wanted to say congratulations to our fighter Marcus Hicks. He put on such a great performance last night submitting Ed Ratcliff @ 1:42 in the first round. Marcus will now be fighting Jamie...
  30. WEC 33....What'd You Think?
    I had some friends watch Non-UFC mma for the first time last night & for the most part enjoyed it. The Sonnen fight got a lil old to them, but they were aware that the original opponent dropped out &...
  31. Ryan Jenson VS Joey Villasenor
    Wagers for this weekends Elite XC card have Jensen at +390 I think that Jensen will win this for sure, every top fighter that Villasenor has fought he has lost two and Jensen is coming off two first...
  32. Mark 'The Machine' Hominick vs. Leonard 'Bad Boy' Garcia - anyone wana see this?
    i know mark lost his last fight by submission to an up and comer but i truly think he is a great 145 pounder and hes been getting grappler after grappler as opponents and his ground game is forsure...
  33. Strikeforce Gets Its NBC Timeslot
    Saturdays from 2-2:30 AM ET starting April 12. This according to a press release NBC put out a short time ago. It's likely going to be a weekly series. If it has one thing going for it in that...
  34. 8 Most Insane Victory Celebrations
    Cage Potatoes top eight victory celebrations in MMA Link
  35. Rampage vs Wandy 3
    Who wins? How?
    Pages: 2
  36. Dream planning LHW super fight
    Link Heard rumblings that it's Arona.
  37. Who would win in a fight. Serious Debators Only!!!
    Chong Li VS. Cung Le NOW DISCUSS lol
  38. Tonight's 'Inside MMA' Preview (Sylvia's Announcement)
    Since Big Tim is holding off on his announcement and making us watch Inside MMA for the big news, here is the preview video: Video If you'll listen to what BJM says near the 6:05 mark, it sound like...
  39. Favorite K-1 Fight
    i love kickboxing.... more than MMA Hunt vs. Sefo
  40. WEC 33 Payouts!
    Here are the payouts from WEC 33 Wed. March 26th 2008. Brian Stann ($18,000) def. Doug Marshall ($10,000) Chael Sonnen ($34,000) def. Bryan Baker ($5,000) Marcus Hicks ($10,000) vs. Ed Ratcliff...
  41. Where is Mayhem?
    I have not seen Mayhem fight in a while;does anyone know when his next fight is and against who? I love to see him fight and his entrances. WAR Mayhem Monkeys
  42. One cool dude
    I was not a fan of rampage, i guess being an 'iceman' fan might have had something to do with it, but ive been watchingalot of his fights and highlight reels, and ive changed my mind, he is one cool...
  43. I Thought Timmay! Was Supposed To Make BIG Announcement Today
    Well............IM WAITING! why make an announcement saying you are going to make another announcement, and then not even say anything?
  44. Oh, you guys are going to love this:
    The opposite of this forum. Gotta love these guys: We HATE MMA!!! That's right an anti mma forum.
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  45. What are the chances?
    In my opinion I think that Serra will lose to GSP. What is the chance the UFC puts together Hughes vs. Serra for their next fight? I would like to see Hughes vs Serra while their rivalry is still...
  46. why is nate diaz favored 73% over kurt?
    im wondering why this isnt one isnt closer in the eyes of the playground? also why are most ppl so confident florian is going to win and ppl saying this is a step down for florian and lauzon dosnt...
  47. Gina Carano looking BIG!
    Wow, she looks pretty big! Rumor is she weighs close to 190 lbs! I doubt she is that much, probably more like 160-170 from those pictures.
  48. The Greatest Fight In MMA History
  49. Fantasy Game Idea
    Just wondering what people would think of this idea, unless someone has already thought of it, or if it would even be possible. I think it would be fun to have a fantasy grand prix tournament. You...
  50. Where to watch StrikeForce- Shamrock vs. Le
    If it is on Showtime, will it be shown on The Fight Network? or will this have to be another TVU night of fights... i REALLY don't want to listen to the buzzing and have to watch crappy video...
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