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  1. Worst cut in MMA
    Heh, doing a little spin off of the bloodiest fight thread. It's a toss up for me between Ross Pointon and Gideon Ray.
  2. Sakara staying in UFC?
    Sakara's loss makes me wonder how much longer he'll be able to hang in the UFC. I like that he moved down to 185, and if Leben is anything to go by it sounds like he's still got some great power even...
  3. lindland vs. silva
    how do you guys think this fight would go? as of now i don't see anyone hanging with anderson but someone will have to step up to the challenge.
  4. Lost the avatar Bet.
    Just so you know... don't bet against Mayhem13... or Emfleek.
  5. Arlovski vs. Big Nog
    This should be the Nogs first defense for the Undisputed title, I personally would rather see this fight than Couture vs. Nog....Anyway I think Andrei deserves a title shot the most, he's won his...
  6. UFC HW fights you would like to see..
    I think I would like to see now Arlovski V Big Nog. But this isnt going to happen, so... Herring V Werdum (for no1 contender) Slivia V Kongo Mir V Gonzaga Vera V winner of Lesnar v Coleman Thoughts?
  7. Diego Sanchez vs David Bielkheden (Video)
    Watch it while you can. Video Link
  8. glad to see...
    diego is winning the way that got him 19-0
  9. Rankings Suggestion
    I have three suggestions for changes to the rankings system. 1. Introduce a 145lb ranking. 2. Boost the pickable rankings up to top 20. 3. Only allow a fighter to be selectable in a weight class if...
  10. UFC82 - my first live event - pics/video
    Hello guys, I went to the UFC82 event this past weekend - my first time ever going to an event. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. After watching payperviews forever, I...
  11. don frye hotel brawl and looses to know one put them in the ring?
    don frye recently got his butt handee to him via dogg the bounty hunters son s boxing coach now the rumors are sprouting for a possible mma / boxing match . does anyone really care
  12. "THE JANITOR" highlighst from PSL
    As the IFL champion Vladimir Matyushenko prepares for his April 4th title defense against Jamal Patterson I have compiled a short video highlighting some of “The Janitors” recent appearances. Watch...
  13. No Love For Herring in the Rankings?
    I just went to the MMAPlayground rankings, and Herring still hasn't cracked the top ten. Where's the love?
  14. After GSP beats Serra he will say:
    john fitch i was not impressed with your performance against wilson you said i am afraid to get knocked out, well when we get in the octagon i am going to destroy you
  15. up and comers
    up and comers that we may see in the ufc down the road? - chris ' the polish hammer' horodecki - jesse 'water' bongfeldt - chris ' the menace' clements - jake rosholt who else name anyone
  16. Chris Leben vs Dan Henderson ''Fantasy Iron Chin Match''
    Who takes it? if Dan Henderson was to slug it out with Leben who's chin is more solid? Thats the real question. also both of there heads are shaped the same so therefore they got similar chins. Do...
  17. Stout vs Clementi, Fisher vs. Aurellio --> rubber match?
    do you think if stout gets by clementi and fisher gets by aurellio that there will be a rubber match stout vs fisher III? thats a big if sam and spencer have tough fights but in all honesty i think...
  18. Floyd Mayweather Goes WWE???
    does anybody else think this is rediculous? i mean come on champ... if you're so bad then fight Faber or Jens pulver or Cub Swanson.... not some chumps from the WWE!!! the thing that kills me is that...
  19. Money Grubber Supporters!!
    i know that fighters deserve more money for what they do. no doubt about that. but i just read nonsense about Mayweather not needing to do anything but fake nonsense b/c of his 20 mil. i'm sooo tired...
  20. Randy, MMA's Ultimate Oppurtunist?
    I was thinking long and hard about it and I am really questioning Randy’s skills. No I don’t think he sucks, I just think he’s a little overhyped when you talk his P4P or #2 or #3 HW status. Think...
  21. Funny Thing About the Rankings
    I love how in the best pound-for-pound fighters list Mauricio Rua is on there and Forrest Griffin is not, when in the LHW rankings Griffin is ahead of Rua. Anyone care to go make sure you aren't one...
  22. Who knows you do it
    MARTIAL ARTS who knows you do it, would you like people to know you do some kind of mixed martial art, or not want anyone to know, explain.
  23. Barnett
    "I've been doing this for 12 years now," he said. "The first priority is making sure that I have an environment that I can excel in. If that means … I have to go sign somewhere where there aren't top...
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  24. Sam Caplan on Frank Shamrock vs Anderson Silva
    The reason Shamrock vs. Silva won't happen isn't because the UFC is opposed to it, it's because Shamrock has no interest in ever competing under the UFC banner again. While White legitimately does...
  25. UFC Pound for pound belt!!!
    Why couldnt the ufc have a pound for pound title belt?!? A belt open to all weight classes would be awesome and create some really good fights...... GSP vs liddell? silva vs rampage? Forrest vs...
  26. Fighters who provide the best highlight reels
    I apologize ahead of time if this has been asked, I did search before I posted. Anyways, I would have to go with Cro Cop, Wand, Anderson Silva, Rampage, Chuck Liddell, Mir, Gomi, and Imanari. So, who...
  27. Sengoku Pictures and Videos
    The video is basically of Gomi when he cuts Ludwig, and the ending of barney vs yoshida (great supplex by barney) LINK
  28. Would Koscheck embarass Hughes?
    I heard some stuff about Koscheck calling Hughes out. In the matchup I think it's possible for him to beat Hughes. Hughes is getting old and can't train like he used to. Koscheck, having a wrestling...
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    hey, i just got the news that they're slated to fight in ufc 85!!! we'll see if it happens guys but what do you think about it?
  30. Dream Match: Takanori Gomi vs. Frankie Edgar
    Saw that Gomi was still #3 Lightweight on our site... Thought of this match. I see Edgar taking it.
  31. Who Should Thiago Silva Fight?
    With Rashad stepping up to face Chuck Liddell at UFC 85 it now leaves Thiago Silva without an opponent coming off a first round victory over Houston Alexander. The light heavyweight division is...
  32. Cage Rage - available on TV or PPV?
    Will Cage Rage be televised for free on Saturday (3/8) ?
  33. Tito Ortiz vs Frank Shamrock 2?!
    Tito Ortiz wants the rematch with Frank. I would love to see this fight in EliteXC. Hope it happens Theres a video about tito being with UFC at
  34. random thoughts while watching "WVR: Sengoku"
    - There's something about the Japanese language that makes it hard for them to end a word with a consonant. "Josh-a... Barnett-o..!" - I noticed WVR is using a 5-minute first round, a boxing ring,...
  35. Some rematches that I'd pay to see
    Normally, I'm not a huge fan of rematches. I'd rather see guys match up with new opponents, stretch their wings a little. Sometimes, however, a fight just ends inconclusively. Or maybe circumstances...
  36. Cage Rage 25 Quick Thoughts and Predictions
    So I'll share some thoughts and Predictions on what looks like a Great Card Buzz Berry vs Ken Shamrock In this fight Ken is fighting Buzz who is so much bigger than him and way too powerful and a...
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  37. If Fedor signs who will be his first match up?
    If he signs i assume he'll want a tune up fight, so who do you guys think it'll be against?! I'd have to go with Gonzaga, he is a big name among casual fans and the UFC could hype this fight up a...
  38. Arlovski
    So if the UFC resigns the big double A why not through Heath Heirring at him this could be a fight some might want to see what do you guys think?
  39. Question About Rounds in WVR
    I was watching the Barnett fight from World Victory Road and I thought I heard the bell go for the round, but then they kept going until Barnett ended up unsuccessfully getting an arm bar. Is there...
  40. Randy Couture and Babalu on the 98 Rock show
    Randy Couture and Babalu take their time to discuss the UFC and other mma matters. Pretty cool listen....
  41. VIDEO: Kim Couture's Smoker Muay Thai Fight
    Here is a link to Kim Couture's Smoker Muay Thai Fight. It's a clip from Inside Xtreme Couture of her training, and parts of the fight. Link
  42. Seven Bloody Awesome MMA Blood Baths
    i remeber a thread not so long ago about what were the bloodiest MMA fights, and i just happened to come across this, but take not that not only the amount of blood that was shed during the fight ,...
  43. Funny CroCop quote...
    This is a little blurp translated from another website, blah blah blah... Anyhow, I've been bored all day and thought the CC quote at the bottom was kinda funny... After Ray Sefo, Mighty Mo, Dong Sik...
  44. Chuck Liddell wants rematch with Jardine
    “Of course I’d consider a rematch with him - that’s one of the things I really want to do. I want to get back and settle that, I was off that night, I wasn’t quite me at UFC 76. I don’t know if he’s...
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  45. Anderson Silva v Rich Franklin 3
    I noticed that Anderson Silva and Rich have a thing for each other. Watch the start of their second battle. They were all over each other at the start of the match. Then at the end of Silva v...
  46. Best and Worse Stare Downs in MMA?
    Just wondering if anyone can answer my question, give me your best and worse of MMA stare Downs!!! I would have to go with Dan Henderson v Rampage as a lame stare down, Henderson always wears an...
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  47. Rate my fight cards for the August UFC Events.
    Alright, so I was in a study hall with some of my teammates (wrestlers) and we were discussing how most fight commissions have a 90 day precautionary suspension after fights. Well, lately the UFC has...
  48. If the MMA fairy gave you three wishes!
    If the MMa fairy gave you three wishes what would it be? Mine... 1) Fedor v Randy in the Octogan. This would mean that Randy would v Big Nog and somehow beat him! Fedor gets a warm up fight against a...
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  49. what time does cage rage start?
    in eastern time
  50. Miguel Torres
    really weird i was reading some stuff on yahoo and they have him in top 10 fighters wtf?
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