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  1. The Snowman
    Where is Jeff Monson did he leave the UFC he has had 2 fights outside the UFC since his fight agains big Tim has anyone heard anything about upcoming fights or possible retirement?
  2. UFC 83: starnes vs quarry televised - clementi vs stout not
    How many mma fans can actually say that they would rather watch starnes vs quarry televised than sam stout vs rich clementi. stout vs clementi IMO is a muchhhhh better fight what do you think ??
  3. UFC 85 name?
    Um, I just took a good look at the card for UFC 85. Holy KO batman. That is a serious card. They should just call it, UFC 85: ******* KOed. Everyone of those fights is gonna end in a KO. wow. it will...
  4. Why are there no major MMA fighters that are Kung-Fu style?
    I recently had a debate with one of my friends about why the sport of MMA is so dominated by Muay Thai/BJJ/Wrestling/Kick Boxing and not other styles such as Kung-Fu. The reason I mention Kung-Fu is...
  5. EliteXC Expected to Announce Deal with CBS! ProElite Inc., the parent company of Elite Xtreme Combat, is expected to announce a deal with CBS that will put MMA on...
  6. UFC Game
    Do somebody have the name of the fighters will be in the game and please update of the game.
  7. How well would Kimbo Slice have done if he would have fought in UFC 1?
    Just curious to see how you guys think he would have faired had he competed in the first UFC.I think this is one of those fun questions that can make for some interesting debate. Without a doubt,the...
  8. taking your losses
    how do you take your losses? whether it be just in the gym rollin, like for example do you get mad when you always beat the person you usually roll with then outa no where one night they beat you...
  9. So what do you think this announcement is? Aparently, at the UFC 82 press conference, Dana and a 'special guest' will be giving an announcement. The first thing that pooped into my head is that all...
  10. Mark Hunt vs. Semmy Schilt for SHW Title.
    Link Looks like a really nice fight card. Also opens the door for a Cro Cop vs Hunt II(mma style).
  11. Watching 82 in Amsterdam?
    Just on the off chance that there may be someone here from Amsterdam, I'm thinking about taking a quick break over there this weekend, but I''m eager to watch UFC 82 too. Anybody happen to know if...
  12. best fite for advanced ground game
    Im llooking for a good site for some advanced JiuJitsu or wrestling, or somestuff anyone have any good sites ? BTW i looked on youtube.
  13. We should email Versus! It worked on Spike!
    We should all email Versus to extend the viewing time of the WEC fight nights. It worked on Spike for the UFC fight nights. I sent mine. I say we give it a shot. The more mma the better. Here is the...
  14. Anyone watch Unleashed last night?
    Anyone watch UFC Unleashed last night? After the fight with Franklyn and MacDonald, when they're both waiting for the official announcement, Dana walks up and whispers something in Rich's ear. I had...
  15. MMA GIF's reference
    MMA Fans, Ive been looking fot MMA Gif's all over the net, with no success as to find one particular place for it. Lets make this topic for all the cool GIF's youd like to post, either your facorite...
  16. EA Wanting to Make A MMA Game!
    This could be the annoucement dana is having today that they also signed a contract with EA??? Cuz they had UFC Tapout and Sudden Impact going at the same time or UFC: Throwdown... So who knows? EA...
  17. who do you like
    who is your all time fav. fighter in mma i like nick diaz
  18. fights in mma that you wanted to see
    i got a fight that i wanted to see that never happened and never will imo, ive been watching ufc since #1 and a fight i wanted to see was royce gracie VS Tank anyone got any fights they wanted to...
  19. World Victory Road On TV?
    I dont know if this has been talked about yet,but I have not seen if WVR will be aired on tv or not I really hope they do,but if someone could help me out I would be stoked.
  20. Which of these potential entrants would have won UFC 1?
    Let's replace that sumo-wrestler guy with one of these fighters who would have been at or near their top of their fight game in 1993 when UFC I took place. Which of these guys (if any) do you think...
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  21. What will make a bigger impact on the sport CBS or BUDLIGHT?
    What will be a bigger impact on the sport, Elite xc making it onto CBS? UFC getting Budlight as a sponsor? My thoughts are I'm not sure which channel is CBS its been so long since I have payed...
  22. Elite XC on CBS
    It seems like mainstream can no longer deny the fact that MMA is a force in sports. Is this how you see the Elite XC and CBS partnership?
  23. TKO 32 results
    do somebody know the results of this event on the official site she didnt give the results
  24. Why is the upcoming IFL event not in the secondary league?
    anybody know why we can't pick winners for this card. also is that hack yamma pitfighting bullshit gona be in the secondary league?
  25. Chris 'Lights Out' Lytle vs. Ryo 'The Piranha' Chonan
    who do you think would take this. Lytle R1 KO
  26. Richie Hightower Club Pic.
    A Richie Hightower pic has been posted on Dirty Scottsdale. Does not get any recognition for his TV appearance. Heres the link and the pic.
  27. Steve Cofield Interviews Henderson, Tanner, marcus davis and More (audio)
    Also Jorge Rivera breaks down the game of Silva and Jason Macdonald talks Canada event and UFC 82 at the link below. Great stuff. LINK
  28. Does anybody have a link for the ufc 82 weigh-ins?
  29. godzilla and don frye
    just sort of curious if anyone else here has seen Godzilla: Final War with Don in it. The movie is friggin hilarious cause its godzilla and has Don as a lead character. Ne one else?
  30. Shameful Ignorance
    LINK One of the most amazing things about The UFC's decision to ignore new media and focus on mainstream press only is the fact that mainstream sports reporters have made absolutely no effort to...
  31. Hansen over Boku?????
    There is no way that Hansen is gonna beat Boku
  32. Drew Fickett
    Where the hell is drew fickett i think ufc have to bring him back in the middleweight division or the welterweight division he is a good fighter
  33. Silva by Triangle
    Tonight as I have been bored waiting for the big show I pulled my DVD wallet and watched all Silva's fights, And it got me thinking. I also watched countdown and noticed Silva saying he doesnt think...
  34. UFC Quick Quote: Big Nog predicts knockout win for Anderson Silva at UFC 82
    Push the fight as much as you can, I tell him [Anderson Silva]. Dan Henderson is good in the first round or two. If the fight keeps going, he starts going downhill. I think [Silva] wins by KO no...
  35. random guys in some bar with Shonie and Joe Rogan in Columbus some random idiots talking to rogan and shonie in columbus its hard to hear for the first while rogan says kimbo knocked the **** out of tank abbott it gets...
  36. Which fight was the bloodiest MMA fight?
    Give me some fights that were the bloodiest fights you've ever seen! I was thinking maybe Yves Edwards vs Joe Stevenson
  37. Fight Quest: 10 - Kajukenbo, Plus Latest Inside MMa, Plus Kim couture vs Alison Clarkson (videos)
    LINK Enjoy.
  38. WEC 34-6/1 in California
    WEC 34-6/1 in Sacramento, California Venue: ARCO Arena, Sacramento Main card airs live on Versus TV fights: vs. WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver for the title vs. WEC...
  39. UFC Tattoos
    Who has the best tattoo's in the UFC? And for that matter, who has the worst? I think Tim Sylvia has the worst, what started with the superman symbol turned into some peice of shit bio mech thing on...
  40. Karo's the boring one?
    Did you watch Jon Fitch tonight?
  41. Herb Dean...hate him or love him?
    Is it just me or does Herb Dean seem about 2 seconds ahead of a call? I throw this question at the feet of the council.
  42. How Would Anderson Silva do in the LHW division if he did move up?
    Stylistically he could possess problems for Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, Lyoto Machida(Yes even him), Forrest, Jardine, Sokoudjou. With the one threat at beating him being Rampage.
  43. Does Picking Fighters Affect Your Enjoyment of an Event?
    I'm not making this a poll, because I'd rather have actual responses, rather than a simple "yes" or "no." Apparantly, I can't pick a winner to save my life. I went 4-6 on UFC 82, and it wasn't for...
  44. Anderson Silva Possible Move DOWN to WW.
    anybody else see his post-fight interview on at the end he mentioned he wanted to fight a middleweight boxing champion to show how technical MMA is, and he was asked about a possible move...
  45. AA vs Obrien link?
    Does anyone have a link to the obrien arlovski fight? i still havent seen it or any of the other prelims
    it makes sense, he got ko'd twice in LHW tim sylvia did give him an opportunity he defended it once and claimed he has no fights left? i love randy but when i think about it dana starts to make more...
  47. GSP will ruin Fitch
    up until last night I thought Fitch could put on a good fight with GSP. now I think GSP will KO him in the post fight presser fitch said he thinks GSP is too afraid of being KOd again which very well...
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  48. Very bummed... and you?
    I was dissipointed that the IFL completely eleminated the "team concept" I was fine that it went to camp, but I thought they would at least keep "score" and have the whole playoffs and stuff. so sad....
  49. Josh Koscheck: all you listeners out there, get on the forums, and tell Matt Hughes im calling him out he wants hughes hes calling him out
  50. Carlos Condit vs GSP? It could happen.
    Possibly a very legit match up Or Maybe a condit vs Anderson Silva or Silva vs GSP. would all be amazing fights.
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