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  1. Who wins this match?
    Sorry If I posted this in the wrong place but who wins in a Kimbo Slice vs. Brock Lesnar, saying Lesnar jumps over to Elite XC or Kimbo comes to UFC...I personally think it would be a good match and...
  2. PSL Highlight
    Check out this great PSL highlight video, amazing grappling, submissions, throws and more. I heard big things are coming in 2008 for the PSL can't wait. PSL Highlight
  3. Hendo vs. Franklin
    Regardless of the outcome of the MW title match i see this being Hendersons next fight. Who wins this and why?
  4. UFC 82: Dan Henderson Interview (video)
    about a 30 min interview divided into 4 parts LINK
  5. McMahon's & Cuban Together For MMA Project?
    Take this for what its worth, Not much, But when a couple billionare's are involved, Lets say "The sky is NOT the limit" The McMahon's have been rumored to be interested in starting a mixed martial...
  6. Fight Quest Episode: Krav Maga
    This was an intense show. To top it all the most intense individual on the show was Doug's trainer. SHE!!!!! thats right i said SHE!!!! was ******* hard. I never thought i would ever say that about a...
  7. Bs at MFC
    god was that ridiculous herb dean is miserable. ryan ford landed 2 huge elbows after the bell then herb dean says he didnt hear the bell. then he doesnt call it a no contest wtf.
  8. Best Different Types of KO's
    Here's a list Straight Right KO - Liddell vs. Couture 2 or 3 Straight Left KO - Franklin vs. Quarry Right Hook KO - Wanderlei vs. Sakuraba Left Hook KO - Zentsov vs. Rizzo Uppercut KO - Alexander vs....
  9. What is happening in this picture? kimbo + tank
    this looks like the ray mercer fight and it shows kimbo shaking tanks hand which doesnt make too much sense since he called him out at that fight and tank wanted to goto the parking lot
  10. YAMMA Pit fighting
    any1 else gettin excited about this. Don frye vs oleg taktarov is one of the masters matchups and i just saw on the sherdog forums they got Gary Goodrideg vs Butterbean as the second masters match,...
  11. richie's free t-shirt giveaway, rd.7
    Want a free MMA Playground t-shirt? Be the first to answer to following question and it's yours: Name two fighters who have faced 3 Olmypic wrestlers (including judo). EDIT: Please name the...
  12. Lightweight Grand Prix 2008
    Am I the only one on here PUMPED for the lightweight tourny? Its going down soon!! March 15th. Dreams has already got HUGE names added to this tourny, can't wait!!! Kawajiri #2 lightweight in the...
  13. Who Should Marcus Davis Fight Next?
    he's rumored for UFC 85 according to but at this point who should he fight? possibly a top 10 or 20? matt hughes is a possible fight if he isnt retired or waiting to see if serra beats...
  14. Strikeforce at the Dome live stream?
    anybody have a link for an internet live stream of strikeforce at the dome thanks a lot
  15. Who is next for Mike Swick
    What is next step for swick?
  16. was Sapp vs Norte the most combined weight ever?
    Sapp came in at 356, Norte at 333. the only other fights that i can think of that were close are Fedor / Zulu, Hackney / Yarbourgh, Pele / Silva.
  17. UFC is NOT a sport
    Why do people refer to UFC as a sport. It's not. It's an organization. The sport is Mixed Martial Arts. My friend was talking to em the other day sayign I have a UFC fight nex tweek. I thought,...
  18. Compustat
    The Compustat or Compustrike or whatever it is they use during HDNet Fights.... does anyone know how that works? Are there men assigned to each fighter that press a little button when a fighter...
  19. My Dream Situation For GSP....
    in order... UFC 82: Anderson Silva defeats Dan Henderson thus verifying no one in the division can beat him. Jon Fitch beats Chris Wilson, & since Karo loses (see fight night below), Fitch gets his...
  20. Matt Serra’s Back and Head Ready for Georges St. Pierre
    ”(My back is) not going to be a factor,” Serra said. “It’s going to be fine… I’ll be great for the fight. I would never have (taken) the fight if I felt that I couldn’t be myself.“ “Obviously, after...
  21. UFC Greats That Deserve To Be Hall Of Fame
    i noticed they were inducting tank abbott in the HOF and i was thinking to myself wow alot of others should be in front of him if him at all, tank would need at least 10-20 wins in a row to get him...
  22. fights
    two of my fighter fought last night, both won, sub 1st round. its nice to see the guys i show how to fight doing so well. anyone fightin anytime soon?
  23. Look at Shogun's knee after surgery
    Wow, That looks disfigured and it also looks like Shogun is getting back into shape
  24. Vitor Belfort Will Never Return to the Octagon
    I hope I'm wrong here, but this comment by Hermes Franca on the Underground got me thinking: LINK After my fight i was suspended for a year,i could not fight in USA,so i got some calls to fight in...
  25. Is Dan Henderson Sluggish at 185lbs?
    That's what Frank Trigg claims in his MMA Junkie column: However, Henderson's best feature can and might be his biggest weakness: he is such a gifted athlete with incredible strength that he tends...
  26. Dome brimming, Diesel Hurt and Bas saying I told you so
    StrikeForce at the Dome broke all of the records for Combat Sports(including boxing) attendance in Washington even though it was a lackluster event. Most of the prelims were decisions with a few...
  27. The Greatest Fights Ever!
    The Greatest fights I have ever seen!! Please give your opinions on what you think the greatest fights in ALL of MMA history are...... Royce Gracie vs. Kimo: Royce's real first test in the octagon, a...
  28. UFC Rules Question.
    The axe kicks that GSP used on Mayhem while on the ground, are they still legal?
  29. IFL Picks 2/29
    Dennis Davis over Ian Loveland - Submission Lew Polley over Alexandre Ferreira - Decision, or possible late submission Leopoldo Serao over Josh Haynes - Submission Santino DeFranco over Rafael Dias -...
  30. Kim Couture
    this was probably already answered...but, what was the result of Kim's smoker this past week? Anyone know?
  31. single best background for mma
    Just wondering what background gives you the best advantage?
  32. wat i would like to see
    id really like to see koscheck vs. fitch. but since they r in the same camp it prolly wont ever happen
  33. Mirko Cro Cop Leaves The UFC
    Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (22-6-2 MMA, 1-2 UFC) has left the UFC and signed with a new fight promotion called DREAM, it was announced today at a press conference in Japan. Filipovic will make his...
  34. Foot Stomps
    I'm home sick, and only capable of starting lame threads. Every time I see a foot stomp it seems to do, well, nothing. Personally, I think it would hurt like hell (never been on the receiving end of...
  35. Strikeforce/Playboy Mansion part 2?
    I heard that Strikeforce is going back to the Playboy Mansion early june with Bobby Southworth fighting Anthony Ruiz again. This Time for the 205 lbs title. Any thoughts?
  36. Jens Pulver said he wanted to goto Hawaii and train with BJ - now is the perfect time
    After Jens lost to BJ he said that BJ invited him down to Hawaii to train. He said he couldn't go down for the Cub Swanson fight but if theres ever a time its now. Jens is going to be facing Urijah...
  37. Henderson on Rome Is Burning
    Here is Dan on rome is burning LINK
  38. Chuck vs. Wandy Highlight Video
    Pretty cool highlight video of one of the best fights I've ever seen. Liddell vs. Silva HL
  39. UFC Fight Night
    What a fight night probably one of the best.I looking for some matchup in this card. Kenny Florian vs Joe Lauzon Matt Hamill vs Tim Boetsch Karo Parisyan vs Thiago Alves Nate Diaz vs Pellegrino...
  40. Anderson vs henderson
    After watching Henderson vs Nogueira 2 i have changed my decision. Hendo has KO'ed Wanderlei Silva and dominated the guy well regarded as the best BJJ fighter in mma. Anderson has beaten Marquardt (a...
  41. UFC 85 Marcus Davis vs. Mike Swick
    WOW! Thats all i have to say i think that this has the makings for fight of the night! Who do you guys got in this?? Im gonna be honest i have to go with Marcus Davis i think hes on one of the...
  42. List of fighters who have called out Kimbo
    - Paul Buentello - Gary Goodridge - Butterbean - Jake Shields any others im sure the list will build
  43. Is Tae Kwon Doe a joke?
    I've never taken it but by watching instructional videos it seems very impractical .. is there anybody who is proficient in TKD because by the look of it I have buddys who just started thai boxing...
  44. Cut Man question
    My name is Phil. I’m a critical-care RN and EMT in Northern Virginia with over 10 years of experience in emergency medicine. I’m an avid fan of MMA, train Krav Maga regularly, and just recently...
  45. Thoughts on Karo vs Thiago "Pitbull" Alves
    I personaly am pretty excited to see this fight Karo is one of my favorite fighters he always has exciting fights. But Thiago Alves is an up and coming talent the guys no joke he trains with american...
  46. Why does no-one Give Serra a shot at keeping HIS title
    Every talks as if Serra is a 1000 to 1 underdog in the GSP fight... He showed in their first fight that hes capable opf knocking the bejeezus out of GSP and taking him to the wood shed for a...
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  47. UFC 82 Countdown: Silva vs. Henderson
    If you didnt get the chance to watch it last night, here it is. LINK
  48. question bout RioHeroes
    i am a member but haven't been on their site in a month.... anyways i have been trying to log on for the last 3 days & i can't get the website to pull up. Does anyone know if they took it down?...
  49. How good is the UFC's LW division?
  50. Cuban on Rome Is Burning (Recap)
    Mark Cuban was on "Rome Is Burning" today, and had quite an interesting interview about his plans to oppose the UFC and turn it into a feeder league for his own. The video isn't available online yet,...
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