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  1. Who has the best fight camp?
    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I haven't seen it so I'm asking. And I know a lot of you including myself would say, there's no way you could say one is the best, due to all the different...
  2. Quarry vs.Starnes Your Predictions
    I got Quarry round 2 ref stoppage
  3. Okami Vs. Tanner
    Anyone have any thoughts on this match? I'm seeing Tanner take this in a late KO.
  4. Jaime Varner is the real deal, believe it!!!
    Before people state their opinions let me say, I feel Varner has been way to cocky on occasion and should definitely change that. But besides that I love this guy. Don't get me wrong, I love Razor...
  5. Dayton Daily News MMA Insider: Jardine vs. Silva Update, EliteXC Thoughts
    While in Miami for the EliteXC show, I made a few calls and ran into some people with some information. While nothing is official, it appears a Jardine vs. Silva fight will not take place next month...
  6. UFC Quick Quote: Chuck Liddell says he has the edge against Shogun; feels he deserved Rampage instead
    LINK “He’s a good fighter … had a great career in Pride, and I’ll be glad to show him again why UFC is better than Pride. I have the edge in the standup game and the wrestling game, too. His...
  7. Kimbo vs Brett Rogers
    I think this would make for a good fight since they are both in the HW division, and both looked fairly decent their last fights. I think this would be the perfect step up to see if kimbo is the real...
  8. Most powerful puncher in each division?
    Was going to ask most powerful striker, but that leaves it open to too much speculation, with punches, knees, kicks, elbows, etc.? So just going with most powerful puncher. Let's Debate: Not saying...
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  9. favorite submissions/takedown
    Whats yours?
  10. James Thompson's weekend with the WarWagon.
    Boondock and (DJ) Submerged Got to spend the Elite XC event this weekend as the personal guests of James Thompson. This is another step in what we've all been telling you about the the interaction we...
  11. Marcelo vs. Earle & Shields vs. Ribeiro @ L.A Sub X
    Check out these great matches with some legendary BJJ champs against some up and comers to mma. Marcelo vs. Earle Shields vs. Ribeiro
  12. 5yr old Boxer.... WoW!!!
    not sure if this is repost or if should have posted it somewhere else but this kid is sick. -Rob
  13. MMA Gifs of EliteXC and WEC
    I've recently found out how to make GIFS, and i know how much MMA Fans love those babies. As such, here are a whole bunch of gifs from last Saturdays EXC and last Wednesdays WEC. I have the...
  14. Best Head Kick KO
    There are actually quite a few good ones but mainly by Cro Cop, heres a few i can think of off the top of my head... Cro Cop vs. Igor Cro Cop vs. Wanderlei Cro Cop vs. Aleks Cro Cop vs. Dos Caras Jr....
  15. Your Dream Fight For 2008 (Not The DREAM org)
    Whats Your Most Wanted Fight For 2008 Other Than Fedor & Randy if It Happens. Doesn't Have To Be On Paper Yet, I Just Want Too Know What Fight You Playgrounders Would Like To See in 2008. For Me It's...
  16. Wanderlei Silva vs. Rich Franklin
    how do you see this going? would Rich fall victim to the thai clinch again or be able to avoid those situations because of Wandy's height in comparison to him as opposed to Anderson
  17. Fights that never happened
    Here are some fights that never happened and might never happen that I think should have they are all big name people who have been around for a good amount of time so why didn't they ever meet?...
  18. greatest mma champions of all time
    i say either fedor or randy but if i had to choose one i would say randy because i highly doubt fedor can remain champ at 40
  19. Best Light heavyWeight in mma
    i believe its rampage... but you can argue about alot of fighters.
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  20. Any news on Big Ben Rothwell?
    Just wondering if anyone's got an inside scoop on Big Ben... They guy walked through the IFL HW div and seems like he could have a serious upside... Tough to tell with his lack of competition, but I...
  21. Why Sonnen Have one more.
    I dont see the first fight filho vs sonnen and what happen in this fight for sonnen deserved another titleshot and please a vid
  22. krazy horse vs melvin guillard
    i wish i could be so blessed.
  23. Greatest fights we'll never see. Which would you pick?
    I was thinking about it and I'm a little disappointed that there have been a few brilliant matchups that never have or will happen because of friendships, age, and team affiliations. I made a list...
  24. Carlos Condit vs. Some UFC Welterweights?
    What do you think would happen if Carlos Condit were to fight some of the best UFC welterweights? Personally I think Condit has a very complete game and could be someone like Koscheck or Diego...
  25. Losing 1 point via Referee
    I'm too lazy to do any research, but I am curious. Does anyone know if as in boxing, when the referee takes a point away, it is still at the judge's discretion if they also feel the point should be...
  26. Do you consider these to be legitimate wins?
    A) Coleman over Fujita B) Harold Howard over Royce Gracie C) Koshaka over Fedor (first fight) D) Belfot over Couture (second fight) E) Nogueira over Fedor (second fight)
  27. Up and Comers in Each Division (Guys who aren't quite top ten yet, but have/or will have the training/talent to be one day)
    Of course this post will be open to a lot of speculation, because it all depends on who you consider to be the top ten fighters in each division. To make this post a little easier to answer, I'm just...
  28. What fighters have written books?
    I've read Chuck Liddell's book. I'm almost finished with Matt Hughes' book. Who else has written one?
  29. What if GSP or Randy got caught using steroids?
    Well? It was a question my wife asked me a week or so again. What if one or both of these guys, considered to be two of the most consummate gentlemen in MMA, were caught with a positive steroid test?...
  30. Is Kimbo Bad For The Sport?
    I'm sure I'm going to get a tonne of heat for this, but I just think Kimbo brings a negative image to the world of MMA. I mean, he's being marketed as nothing but a glorified street fighter. He's...
  31. KJ Noons ducking Nick Diaz
    Do you think that KJ is affraid to fight Nick Diaz again? Why has he refused a rematch with Diaz. Sure Yves had a great knockout in his last performance, but Nick lost due to a cut not because KJ...
  32. Xtreme Couture Hints at Silva-Jardine Fight, Silva-Liddell Rematch
    UFC light heavyweight Wanderlei Silva has returned to Las Vegas for training at Xtreme Couture, and the author of the fight team’s official blog hints that Silva will next fight Keith Jardine in May...
  33. lon mccaren one of the best announcers?
    i just watched pride 33 again, i wish someone would give lon mccaren an announcing job, i think hes one of the best
  34. A little Help for a paper
    Hey guys i am writing a paper in which i ould like to compare tv rating and ppv ratings for the UFC i was wondering i yall had any info or could direct me towards some so i can get going on the paper
  35. Kenny Rice
    Inside MMA would be sooooo much better without him, in my opinion. The guy drives me absolutely nuts.
  36. Josh Barnett
    I haven't heard anything about him in a while, and since i was never into Pride, can i get some info on where abouts Josh Barnett is these days?
  37. Randy Courture vs Kurt Angle
    i have sirius satellite radio and i was listening to the scott ferral show, he had Kurt Angle on the show. kurt said that he is in the process of making an mma match with randy courture. kurt seemed...
  38. Scoring Question
    on in the ground game should the guy trying the subs win the round or escaping them?? i have herd arguments for both, personally i think the one trying should get the nod... The reason is if standing...
  39. best midsection in MMA???
    OK so i wasnt sure how to word the guestion so if one of the mods wat to fix for me, THNX.... anyways everyone allways debates about who has the best chin, head watever in MMA?... but who has the...
  40. Quality Wins: Hoffman vs. Ruas, Kerr, Abbott, Gracie
    Who has more wins over top opponents (guys who were champions or top 5 contenders in their weight class or higher): Bobby Hoffman or his legendary contemporaries--Marco Ruas, Mark Kerr, Tank Abbott...
  41. Question about the secondary league
    Just a general question out of curiousity, but how do the mods decide which companies and events will be on the secondary league? With the primary its easy, just pick ufc events (or Pride if it were...
  42. J-Rock
    Has anybody heard anything on him. he was my favorite on the show and his last ufc fight with kopenhaver was a id like to see him back in the ufc.......ANYBODY KNOW ANYTHING?
  43. I'm dissipointed to see this site's LHW rankings. Why are Forrest & Chuck above Jardine?
    What would make someone think that Forrest & Liddell should be above Jardine in rankings???'s rankings seem to make the most sense because they have Jardine ranked higher than Forrest &...
  44. Is Nick "The Goat" Thompson a Top 10 Fighter ?
    Nick "The Goat" Thompson 34-9-1 Nick is a Great Welterweight fighter currently riding on a 10 fight win streak over Great Competition. Since his loss to Karo Parisyan he has drastically changed and...
  45. Who is The Creator of
    Just wondering, Which Mod is the creator of Playground? Or which person if its not a mod. I was just curious as too know who it is.
  46. The UFC needs to promote Hughes vs Koschek
    Both were brutalized by GSP! I would go with Koschek just because he went the distance with GSP and Hughes never went the distance with GSP. Besides all that I belive it would be a great match to...
  47. Questions about refs
    Do the refs have contracts with certain mma companys or do they get subcontracted because with all the talk going around about Dana White having a problem with his fighters wanting to be involved...
  48. Kimbo Slice vs Eddie sanchez
    In what i think would be a perfect test for Kimbo's next match up....if he so happened to be in the UFC....I think Kimbo would KO him within the 1st 2 minutes....gnp him
  49. The Eight Sickest Submissions…EVER!
    8. Ivan Salaverry’s Anaconda Body Lock Unfortunately, we could only find evidence of Salaverry’s UFC 50 match against Tony Fryklund in a poorly-soundtracked highlight video, but skip to the 1:51...
  50. Mark Hunt vs. Akebono in Hustle (pics)
    for all the pics go HERE
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