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  1. Keith Jardine at Ufc 82??
    One the commercials hyping 82 they mention that jardine is fighting??? What is that all about>>??
  2. Quality Sponsor
    I watched the WEC event and the first thing I noticed was the Harlley Davidson logo in the center of the ring..... Is this a sign that MMa isbreaking out of promoting movies and other secondary...
  3. Thanks to the WEC
    I would just like to thank the WEC for what they are doing. I know they are a Zuffa owned brand, but they sure don't feel like it. They put on one quality show. I felt like I was watching a free...
  4. New events added to seconday league- Season 3
    The Kimbo vs Tank Elite XC card is the last of the second season of the secondary league. We have now started puttting in the season 3 cards. Added World Victory Road Dream # 1 Cage Rage 25
  5. Had A Feeling
    I had a feeling about the Beebe vs. Torres fight, but I went against it like a dumbass. I knew Beebe was no where near as experienced as Torres, and I had heard the stories of Torres' underground...
  6. Miguel Torres
    This was my second time watching him fight and the dude impressed the hell out of me. I knew he had an active guard but he just went for submission after submission, after submission. Chase just...
  7. Tank & Kimbo
    just a question is kimbo the favorite cuz of his win or tanks 3 straight losses. i figured it would be alot closer odds than that. i guess thats why we leave that stuff the the vegas odd makers eh.
  8. Coty Wheeler vs. Del Hawkins
    Does anyone have a link for some footage of the Coty Wheeler vs. Del Hawkins fight? I read where Wheeler won by "flying armbar". The writer said it was an amazing finish.
  9. Inside the Mind of "Kimbo Slice"
    "'s Greg Savage recently caught up with Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (Pictures) to discuss his bout with David "Tank" Abbott this Saturday on the Showtime-televised EliteXC "Street...
  10. Full Contact Jiu Jitsu....
    What to call this, MMA in GI? Vale Tudo... Video here
  11. Serra or St.Pierre Your predictions
    I think Serra can do it again round 2 ko
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  12. Randy & Fedor Face Off
    Hey, was just browsing the web and came across this link. Figured I'd share it with all of you for kicks. Pretty interesting, yet such a tease. Kinda like women at clubs. Anyhow, Enjoy :) Affliction...
  13. Fight Matrix Rankings
    I came across this website today: Fight Matrix They provide detailed and current MMA rankings that are computer based from official results. I'm a bit of a data freak and like to see how things play...
  14. Mayhem having dinner with kimbo
    here so funny, dana needs to get mayhem back in the ufc
  15. Strikeforce- Secondary league?
    Will the strikeforce event on the 23rd be a secondary league event? anyone know?
  16. who's next for Kimbo if he beats Tank? PAUL BUENTELLO!!!!!
    If kimbo slice beats tank which I think he will and I think hell KO him, I think he has gotta take that step up in competition and take on the head hunter. What a straight up war that would be. what...
  17. Best Submission(s) Ever
    just some that i can think of right now... Aoki's flying triangle on Clay French Spider Silva making Lutter tap from elbow strikes while in triangle GSP's verbal armbar on Hughes Penn's bloody rear...
  18. Another Pointless fantasy match!
    With Torres' Impressive win over chase beebee he looks to be top dog in the division. So, i searched through the archives of mankind(which of course i bought on ebay) and Found the one 135 pounder...
  19. Cro Cop
    Well i just learned about the Cro Cop situation and I think he's making a bad choice. But now what i wanna ask will he ever come back?
  20. Tank Vs Kimbo
    Fair to say this could be the most downloaded fight of all time?
  21. UFC's Baba O'Riley Highlight Video
    Does anyone know where I can find a good quality copy of the Highlight Video that the UFC plays for the audience at their events? Here is the best one I've been able to find. It is a little rough in...
  22. The Best third man in the ring?
    Right, Big John is the best refere but expect him who is the best? Mario Yamazaki "Mustache" Mazzagati Yves Lavigne Herb Dean Other
  23. Why I think GSP should not move up
    IMO GSP is only a monster at WW because he's a in weight class full of elite grapplers/wrestlers. He has extremely long limbs which makes it hard for the other grapplers to take him down and beat him...
  24. Hunt signs with...
    A pro-wrestling organization! What a waste of talent...
  25. Inside Team Jacksons - Michelle Waterson
    Hey everybody, Here's the latest episode of Inside Team Jacksons, this one features female MMA fighter Michelle Waterson from the TV show Fight Girls. Of course she is now converted to MMA fighting...
  26. Which Rubber match would you like to see most?
    Here's a few that i think would be very exciting and interesting..... Wanderlei vs. Henderson3 BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes3 Wanderlei vs. Cro Cop3(technically) Diego vs. Koscheck3(technically) Kevin...
  27. I was thinking...
    I was at the gym today talking to some of my buddies. While we were talking we brought up the Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott fight tonight. As we were talking about the fight Brock Lesnars fight with...
  28. Elite XC Fans in Miami
    These fans are seriously pissing me off. Booing after the first minute of the Smith fight that just happend. Just because the main event is being sold as a certified street fight doesn't mean this...
  29. Who's Next For Kimbo?
    Now that Kimbo has dispatched of Tank, a fight with lots of experience, where to from here for Kimbo? My bet is that he gets Silva after his win against Ricco. But will Kimbo cut it in the MMA world....
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  30. Can someone post Kimbo vs Tank?
    I cant watch this in Australia so i was wondering if there was anyway that someone could post this fight. It would be much appreciated. Cheers
  31. Kimbo's Ranking
    First off, I apoligize for making a Kimbo topic since there are already 3-4 on right now but I thought this should be brought up. With many people saying Kimbo is unstoppable or a world class fight,...
  32. UFC Will Sign Kimbo
    Once Kimbo Slice finishes his EliteXC contract, no doubt Dana will go after him because of his name and he because he looks to be for real. Then we can see a famous person fight with Kimbo vs. Brock...
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  33. Will Dana Whites Ego single handedly tank the UFC???
    With the lose of Randy, Tito, Matt Linland, Tim Silvia and whoever else jumps ship to M-1 or DREAM because of lack of respect from Mr. White. Could it be possible that the UFC takes a back seat if...
  34. Kimbo fights
    I would personally love to see Kenny boy get it handed to him by someone who is known as a streetbrawler. What are your oppinions?
  35. Sound check 1...2...1...2....
    To the people who watch ELITE XC or last nights card, did anyone notice how bad the commentary sound was? ALL I could pick up was the fans and corner of the fighters. You would think this would of...
  36. Kimbo Slice vs. Eddie 'the manic hispanic' Sanchez
    who would win this fight? I truely believe that If eddie wanted to make a statement and bang with kimbo hed be knocked out
  37. Cro Cop in the Dream Organization
    Word is that Cro Cop has been released from his UFC contract and has signed with "Dream". Cro Cop was happy about this because he wanted to fight in Japan again. I think Cro Cop will do very good in...
  38. Kimbo vs. Tank Ref Cam
    It's definitely not up to par with the PRIDE FC ref cam quality, but nonetheless it still is pretty cool.
  39. Aoki vs Calvancanti
    Whose gonna win at Dream and how? I say JZ by decision.
  40. Cannot find site
    A while ago someone posted this website that gave in depth statistical analysis of fights and used a complicated point system to determine winners and compared those to the 10-point must system. I...
  41. P4P Rankings from a pyschological point of view
    as the months go on and the struggle for P4P supremacy continues, one can only realize the general pattern behind who the MMA public thinks is deserving of the title best P4P fighter. to understand...
  42. Yves Edwards
    Yves Edwards had a great fight, that knee was very smart, anyone see that fight? best KO of the night imo
  43. Found Fedors entrance music
    Over the years, I've seen dozens of threads about Fedor's entrance song, but no one ever seems to find or know it. Well, its Enae Volare Mezzo by ERA LINK to Music video
  44. History Channel Human Weapon vs. Discovery Channel Fight Quest
    which show do you guys prefer since its essentially the exact same thing?
  45. Help
    i wanted to change my avatar to this, but it shows me having my old one. any suggestions?
  46. Kimbo Slice vs Bob Sapp!!!!
    Just Hypothetical... But who do you think would win between Kimbo Slice and Bob Sapp. I might have to go with Bob Sapp just because of the weight and experience advantage he has. But, Kimbo is a...
  47. randy vs emelienenko
    if the fight ever happens, who would u pick?
  48. Smith vs Ruthless
    Smith after one fight gone have a title shot vs ruthless robbie that gone a be a explosive match. I think smith have to fight a great fighter like edwin babyface, frank trigg,murilo or someone else...
  49. kimbo is the real deal
    is kimbo the real deal and can he become the heavy weight in some years
  50. Last Post Needed For Kimbo
    This is the last post needed for Kimbo. I have commented at least five times in the past hour on different Kimbo posts, so lets sum it up and let it go at least until his next fight.....Kimbo's fight...
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