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  1. Another Couture Fight That Should've Been, But Won't Be?
    And we can all thank Gabriel Gonzaga for that. That according to MMAmania, who posted this. (Although they just put it up, this pic reportedly was taken at UFC 75 before the Gonzaga-CC fight)
  2. Kimbo Slice - On Jimmy Kimmel Show
    Kimbo Slice Has a Son Named “Kevlar” Here’s Mr. Ferguson’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night. It was just aight for me, dog — although the Mr. T/Jeffrey mash-up was pretty brills. The most...
  3. anyone wanna wager on the leben/sakara fight?
    i'm picking leben anyone wanna bet against me and pick sakara im new to the betting system here so somebody will have to tell me how to use it and the parlay
  4. Fighters That You Have No Faith In
    Basically the MMA f#ckups of the world... who are they? Lets hear it. For me... Jorge Gurgel. He's one of those guys who has it all in their head and is probably a great instructor. But when it comes...
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  5. What Is M-1?
    The news of Tim Sylvia talking of going to M-1 got me thinking again about M-1 Global's future. Last October they signed Fedor, and started talking about potential TV deals. After the smoke has...
  6. Strikeforce
    Will the upcoming Strikeforce events be added to the Secondary League? I see that they're not listed right now, or will they just be listed after Season 2 is over? Just curious because these will be...
  7. "Fighter of the Week"
    I am writing for a new mma news site, . We are a fairly new site, and are going to be promoting the site highly in the next couple of weeks. We are going to have a section entitled...
  8. lytle/davis fight needs to happen
    chris lytle is one of my top 3 fighters. this would be a great fight for lytle to get back in the mix for a title shot. also with a win over lytle(which would be the biggest of his career) davis can...
  9. NAGA
    is anyone entering the naga tournment in west palm beach on march 15th , has anyone ever entered a past NAGA tournment?
  10. ***Mini Trivia***
    Just to spawn some new trivia, i wanted to make a little 5 question mini-quiz of trivia. best 3 scores get props. (if there is a tie then i will implement a tie breaker which i will pm to the users)....
  11. How do you think Rich Franklin will do if he moves back to 205?
    Rich Franklin has said that his fight with Travis Luter could be his last at 185 and he will move back up to 205. It has been a few years since he last fought at 205. How do you think he will do?
  12. Souldn't they have the cage rage 25 card up yet
    Cage Rage 25 will be featureing former UFC fighter "The Worlds Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock takeing on a tough opponite Robert"Buzz"Berry.... The card will also have on it tough fighters like...
  13. richie's free t-shirt giveaway, rd.6
    Want a free MMA Playground t-shirt? Be the first to answer to following question and it's yours: Who was the first BJJ BB to be submitted in MMA? HINT: It was in a proper MMA match, no Kimura/Helio...
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  14. Tim Sylvia: ‘I don’t’ want to leave the UFC
    Here’s the latest from Big Tim: “well let me just start off by saying people r ****** up by saying that i want to leave the ufc. I dont its my home and i would love to be there for the rest of my...
  15. hughes g opening of gym (video)
  16. The Zone FC
    Just wanna throw it in there that there was a (for scandinavia) big MMA event last night. The Zone FC with Enson Inoue as announcer and August Wallén (who recently fought Yuki Kondo) vs some russian...
  17. Cro Cop shattered his ankle?
    Link I had never heard this. I knew he hurt his ankle when he hit Wand but how the hell did he beat Barney with a "shattered" ankle?
  18. Elite XC: Street Certified - February 16th- Fight Card Discussion
    I wanted to discuss this CornishMMA style Fight Card Promo Main Event (1-0) Kimbo Slice -VS- (9-13) Tank Abbot Main Card (9-1) Antonio Silva -VS- (27-7) Ricco Rodriguez (5-0) Brett Rogers -VS- (14-7)...
  19. Nice Dana interview....
    Link A typical Dana interview.
  20. Your area's MMA credentials
    I was reading about the recent WCF event here in Massachusetts, and the event featured a handful of UFC fighters who live or grew up in New England. Thinking about it, the area actually has some MMA...
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  21. Antonio Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira: His road to the UFC heavyweight championship (Video/Hl)
    This, maniacs, is UFC Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira at his highest … and lowest: LINK LINK
  22. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: An opera in two acts.
    Absolutely fantastic Big Nog HL film. Watch it before it's gone. Part 1 and Part 2 .
  23. Mirko's Announcement...
    Link will have to wait, he says to be patient and he'll have an annoucnement soon, i for one say take your time mirko
  24. Vote on our camps Fantast fight draft!
    First off, props to achilles heel for coming up with the idea not too long ago... Our camp just concluded our fastasy fight draft and we need voters to determine who created the best card. Fights are...
  25. I really need to know this: Who has officially signed with M-1?
    everyone tosses this organization like it is some kind of mega corporation with aspirations to overthrow the UFC. i don't even know if they have any other fighters besides Red Devil fighters, which...
  26. Fights that still get you pumped
    So even though you've seen them 1,000 times,what fights still get you pumped up when you watch them? For me Chuck Liddell VS Vernon White Bas Rutten VS Ryushi Yanagisawa (short but sweet) Wanderlei...
  27. favorite combo
    Could include anything knee's,elbows, certain combo to takedown, anything. Jus name it ""not sure if they have a thread like this"
  28. Find out which UFC fighter you are.Version 2.0
    Well I finaly made a new quiz.This time with a updated roster of fighters.Let me know what you think! Note: the f link will give...
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  29. Your entrance music
    What song would you have as your entrance music? I'd have these on rotation me thinks. pride - damageplan planets collide - crowbar immortally insane - pantera woke up this morning - A3
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  30. UFC 83 Tickets
    Looking For UFC 83 Tickets? I Have 1 extra Ticket, in the 100's Section Retail $550. If intrested PM me. BTW Mods, if im not allowed to do this on playground, just delete it, no harm done.
  31. Kimbo without beard?
    Anyone have any older pics of Kimbo without the beard or with hair? jw. All the clips on the net have him making his bread looking like he is now. If someone has a pic please post
  32. MMAth at its finest
    I had nothing to do so i did a MMAth tree to show how Faber, all 145lbs of him, can beat the 350 pounder Hong Man Choi. here it goes: Faber > Curran > Rafael Assuncao > Lauzon > Pulver...
  33. WEC 32 - Bodog Lines
    Garcia (-120) vs. Takaya (-110) Hominick (-260) vs. Grispi (+200) Miller (-185) vs. Farrar (+155) Wheeler (-115) vs. Hawkins (-115) Valencia (-160) vs. Maeda (+130) Tapia (-290) vs. Banuelos (+230)...
  34. Official MMA Betting Thread
    Welcome to the Official MMA Betting Thread. The rules of the thread are as follows. You may post your Wagers that you have made on upcoming MMA fights, whether you bet on an online site or with...
  35. UFC 84 Has A surprise for Us... (UFC 2009)
    On February 7th 2008 THQ announced they will give further information on UFC 2009 during the UFC 84 pay-per-view broadcast... Can't wait to find out what is going to be said on the game... hope it...
  36. Gomi/ Diaz
    Does anybody have a link to the whole fight from Pride 33? I was looking on youtube and they only have a one minute clip from the end of the first round.
  37. Six degrees of Ken Imai (Interesting read on Cro Cop's manager)
    On the eve of what appears to be Mirko Cro Cop showing up in Tokyo for the K-1/DSE joint press-conference in Japan to announce their new promotion, I thought that I would take a brief respite here...
  38. International Fight League Las Vegas- February 29th Official Fight Card Discussion
    As usual after the Event I will have the Videos ready for your viewing pleasure Fight Card Promo -VS- -VS- -VS- Full Fight Card
  39. New MMA concept released Fiteselektor
    A new MMA concept will be realesed in Dubai.On the 13 of March 4 MMA fighters who will battle each other in a tag match. But the most beautiful thing is the people can choose wich fighters will be in...
  40. Mike O Donnell
    Yeah Mike O Donnell is gonna be the next KOTC ligthweight champ. Believe it!
  41. The Fighter's Union
    So I have heard countless times on this forum about "The fighters need a fighter's union", and I wonder how many of these people know anything about unions other than the pay. I've worked for both...
  42. K-1 Dream
    anybody see the lineup for the lightweight grand prix, awesome. aoki, calvancanti, ishida, melendez, kawajiri, hansen, uno, what a lineup. this should be insane.
    greatly appreciated!
  44. Carlos Condit will win tonight!
    Carlos Condit will win tonight you can guarntee that! I will bet my avatar on this. The person who accepts doesn't have to change theirs if they lose. I'm the only one that has too IF Condit losses....
  45. The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 7 sneak peek (Video)
    Reminder: The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 7 with coaches Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin will debut on SpikeTV on April 2, following the LIVE UFC Fight Night 13 telecast that begins at 8 p.m. ET. What...
  46. BJ Penn on Sean Sherk: ‘I’m going to show this man of cardio what cardio really is’ at UFC 84
    “… I’m just training full speed. I’m going to go in there and show this man of cardio what cardio really is…. I’m just going to go kick his ass…. Everybody has questioned my heart, questioned my...
  47. Does anyone know what's next for Yoshihiro Akiyama?
    I know he's not a favorite of a lot of fans, but I still find him an interesting fighter, and he is one of my favorite fighters coming out of Asia. I was just curious if anyone had heard anything...
  48. missing classes
    Alrite this might sound a little dum, but does anyone have a little thing about missing classes (mma) , for some reason even when im beat as hell, had a long rough day, or w/e , i just never want to...
  49. Ortiz vs Machida predictions?
    What are your predictions for the Ortiz vs Machida fight?
  50. Razor Rob vs. Jamie Varner fight
    someone mentioned to me my comment was considered a spoiler and he was right so as of now i edited the comment will post it again tomorrow
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