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  1. UFC 82 Could be the best UFC ever?
    On March 1st, UFC 82 could go down in history as the best UFC ever, and her's why: Anderson Silva vs. Dan Handerson (I can't even make a prediction of whos gunna win that fight, all i know is someone...
  2. some fighters have headphones during their entrance music
    just a weird thing to see a fighter come out to his entrance music and is listening to something else on his headphones, i wonder why they do this, maybe to block out the crowd or maybe there paid to...
  3. Monson vs. Randleman
    This is gonna be a great matchup. Who is winning this one. I think Monson will but I want Randleman. Go Ahead.
  4. Quick Nightmare, back to the good dream
    Who wins a Diego Sanchez Mike Swick fight. I am taking Swick in a decision.
  5. Fedor Haters, listen up
    Something has been getting to me more and more lately. There seems to be a grown trend on these (and other) boards that like to bash Fedor. Common things I'm sick of hearing: Fedor is over-rated: I...
  6. Info wanted on mma betting sites
    I want to place a bet on the HCF card in Calgary on the first of Feb. Does anyone know what site if any will offer this card to bet?
  7. Got a question
    This is probley a dumb question but why wont the ufc come to any other states besides the ones they go to all ready is it because the state will not allow the ufc to come to that state.
  8. Who is the no.3 contender at 170
    Fitch Karo ?
  9. Anderson Silva vs Quinton Jackson (the quest for 2 belts?)
    suppose anderson beats hendo and gets bored of the competition in the middleweight division and decides to move up, who takes it? i say anderson via muay thai clinch similar to the rua and wandy...
  10. champs in 08
    ok so at the start of 08 our champs are LW-penn WW-gsp (serra) MW-Anderson LHW-Jackson HW-Randy (silva/nog) ok anderson already has a title defence on the books for 08 also im pretty sure gsp will...
  11. Could Lesnar be the new Couture?
    I just watched the interview with him on and he mentions the only other MMA fighter with his credentials was Randy. The question i have is could with enough training he be the next Couture?...
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  12. Middleweight dream match
    Who would win if Evan Tanner and Anderson Silva fought for the middlebeight title and Tanner was in top form?
  13. Frank Shamrock on the UFC and his next fight
    Frank makes some pretty good points about the UFC but take a look and see what you think. I think he hits the nail on the head when he talks about the UFC being more interested in you as a business...
  14. The great Judo debate
    As some of you might know I'm not too fond of the BJJ stereotype in MMA. Many fans think there is nothing that compares to the usefulness of BJJ towards the grappling side of MMA. Now I'm not puting...
  15. Please tell why Gomi should still be ranked #1
    Maybe I just don't understand, but from my memory Gomi has lost twice during his reign as Pride champ and didn't lose his title because they were NON TITLE fights (complete BS but now its in the...
  16. Lesnar Rant... (Long read, but final discussion before fight)
    I was thinking if I should bother to do this but with only one week left til the fight, I want to make it clear why Lesnar (IMO) is over rated....
  17. New Big John Interview
    "Big" John McCarthy was the guest last night on Gross Point Blank with Josh Gross on the Sherdog Radio Network. They spent probably 45 minutes of a 53-minute show talking to him, a lot of good stuff...
  18. Should Herb Dean ref Mir OR Sylvia?
    So ok i just thought of this yesterday as i was rewatching the HW title fight at UFC 48, that was the BEST ref stoppage ever, its amazing Herb saw it break and Tim is very lucky the fight got stopped...
  19. Who would you favor over Antonio Silva?
    I think he's a real "sleeper" when they talk about the best fighters in the world. IMO, there aren't too many HWs or SHWs who can beat him. Where would you rate him in an open-weight ranking (based...
  20. MMA Rankings
    You may or may not know this, but it is my dream to become an MMA columnist. So I try to immerse myself in the sport as much as possible. I write a column for CPC Movies , and I also have a blog on...
  21. *Update* Bring back "the Upgrade?"
    UPDATE: I decided to just email Dan and ask him. His reply: "I'm shooting for the end of this year" Dana is going to be at his fight in World Championship Fighting this Sat (at least the show promo...
  22. Smashing Machine
    I know there have been a few threads about this movie already but I was watching it and it cut out during Kerr's fight against Fujita. I can't seem to find the rest of the movie, is there a lot after...
  23. Tank Abbott vs Scott Ferrozzo
    Does anybody know where I can find this fight?
  24. Arlovski - Obrian fight a prelim?!
    I'v been reading it is! Is this true? Or just some sick joke made up by those crazy people over on sherdog forums! If it is what a mistake on UFC's part. You can see by the interviews and his...
  25. Quarry vs Mcfedries
    Does anyone know where i can see this fight ?
  26. WEC 33-3/26 in Las Vegas
    WEC 33: 3/26 in Las Vegas Venue: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Main card airs live on Versus Full card: vs. WEC Light Heavyweight Champion Doug Marshall vs. Brian Stann for the title vs. Marcus Hicks vs....
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  27. LInk to NG Fight Science: MMA download
    Enjoy: Mega upload
  28. the best of ken shamrock
    this guy is great, alot of people only know him for fightin tito but he was so much more link
  29. Where has this guy been?
    This little guy here is bad-ass. ZELG GALESIC
  30. RioHeroes 14
    The free RioHeroes 14 is on live now if anyone is into that stuff.
  31. Gonzaga vs Cro Cop 2?
    Who thinks this should happen? Somewhat have a Liddell vs Wandy type thing going on, they each have 2 loses in a row, lets see who can keep going forward...
  32. Best Downloadable MMA Sim?
    There was a post on here a while back (couple days/weeks) about a downloadable MMA sim. It looked badass. It costs $35 but you could download a FREE 6-week trial of the game to try it out before...
  33. The Top 10 Gracies of All Time
    I tought this was a pretty cool list from, so i tought i'd post it here... LINK 10. Roger Gracie In 2005, 23-year-old Roger Gracie won the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World...
  34. MMA knowledge Pro?? I need your help
    So here it is.... My question is about K1 and the japenese market Vs UFC I here all the time that the Japenese market has a bigger fan base and pays there fighters more..... But what I would like to...
  35. Ricardo Arona vs. Paulo Filho
    With Filho's recent statements about moving up to LHW how do you think he would do against arona?
  36. krav maga shooting up?
    Well Ive heard around just from people and overheard alot of people starting to talk about Krav Maga.And before you never heard anyone talk about it ,And just recently they opened a school near me...
  37. Ufc 83 & 84
    Ufc has some crazy cards coming up for ufc 83 and 84 tito is fighting and bj vs sherk,serra vs gsp how do you guys like them do you think sherk should have got the first shot at bj?
  38. UFC84 two key matchup
    Ufc 84 will be stacked card and two great match in the light heavyweight devision.thiago silva vs rasdhad evans and titi ortiz vs lyoto machida. Who will win?
  39. Lee Murray Update
    truly MMA's most dangerous man. Well it looks like he won't be extradited from Morocco to Britain to face trial for jacking £53 million (and that's pounds so its over $100 million). Oh yeah and over...
  40. Why Steroids Will Never Leave MMA, OR Sports
    This link shows the type of steroid and its detection time. Many need very little time to leave the system. Link Unless a doctor takes a testosterone reading exactly before someone goes on a cycle...
  41. Rumor of UFC banning Affliction gear.
    Not sure how creditable this is..... Link Anyone heard anything?
  42. Brock Lesnar Mildly Regrets Cock-Sword Tattoo
    He also talks about some other stuff, like his love of steak. But my goodness, if Lesnar can withstand the questions lobbed at him by these boring hacks, he can withstand just about anything. He’s...
  43. Guess what Jason Reinhardt did next?
    Yep, he went and fought a few weeks later at a small show against a guy who was 0-4 and after that he pushed his record up to 20-1 with a win over a debuting fighter REINHARDTS SHERDOG MMA RECORD Its...
  44. Franklin vs tanner 2
    Anybody know anywhere with a video of this fight? its not on ufc on demand and ive had no luck finding it anywhere else. Props if anybody can find it :)
  45. What if Lesnar vs. Choi had happened?
    I believe that it was a blessing for Lesnar that Choi couldn't fight in the US. Lesnar's biggest assets are his strength and wrestling acumen. Both of those assets would have been nullified by Choi....
  46. When does stamina become a factor in MMA?
    In a standard three round bout in the UFC, when does having a good gas tank become a real issue? Is it important from the begining of the fight or does it play a role later on in the 2nd or 3rd...
  47. Action-Packed MMA Weekend: The Non-UFC Version
    Lots of MMA action this weekend and we’re not just talking about UFC: 81 Breaking Point. Let’s start with tonight. link Hardcore Championship Fighting: Destiny Tonight’s event features Antonio...
  48. Posting video?
    How do you post a video for a new topic?
  49. Thoughts on a catchweight fight between GSP and Silva
    Some guy posted a dumb question (cuz it was 100% serious) asking whether Silva would win against Rampage in a 205 fight. Personally I hated this thought but if Silva destroyed the entire 185 division...
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  50. Iole talks Lesnar vs. Mir
    All I can say is LOL
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