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  1. Pick the Winners on my 2 Fantasy Cards....
    pick the winners and how they will win and in what round.. the only 5 round fights will be ones where the current ufc title holders are in.. CARD 1: MAIN CARD: George St-Pierre vs. John Fitch (GSP R3...
  2. Nate Diaz no gang signs
    There is no place for gang signs in the XC. I did not see the face, but I believe it was Nate Diaz that threw up gang signs when Nick Diaz was preparing to fight. I believe that no organization...
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  3. Give The Gift Of Punishment For Christmas!
    Thought this would be better here than the News Share forum, Tito Ortiz & Punishment Athletics put out a press release with new items & other gift ideas for the holidays. Press Release I definitely...
  4. Dana White And Hockey
    I'm watching the Red Wings at the St. Louis Blues on Versus and lo and behold, they show Dana White in the VIP Box. Dana isn't from St. Louis, so is he trying to get a UFC card in St. Loo???
  5. Dana White...............
    ....... to be on the Dennis Miller show on Versus tonight at 10:00
  6. Buentello vs. Overheem
    Who is gonna take this fight?
  7. Recruiting for the MW division
    If the UFC were to start bringing 185'ers in/back to make the MW division more dense, who out of this list would you like to see the MOST! a) which of the following would you like to see 1. Matt...
  8. Truely The Ironman
    Many of you may know this already, but I did not. Travis Fulton also has a Pro Boxing Career going along with his MMA career. 15W - 19L Boxing...
  9. Funny and awesome MMA pics
    I thought it would be cool to start a thread were we post funny and cool MMA pics.I did a search and was suprised nobody had done one before! I thought this looked funny.
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  10. Does Bj Penn deserve a shot at the LW title?
    Personally i dont believe that BJ Penn deserves a shot at the LW title. Yes he was one of the best LW guys and he helped put it on the map but his recent activity in the UFC doesnt show any reason...
  11. Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen at WEC 31
    Filho vs. Sonnen at WEC 31 on Dec. 12. What do you guys think about this matchup?
  12. Who is the greatest striker in MMA history ?
    You can Judge Based On - Tecknique - Power Jerome Le Banner Mirko Cro Cop Igor Vovchanchyn Wanderlei Silva Melvin Manheof Shogun
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  13. New TUF concept?
    I am not sure if anyone has brought up the idea but I think I have come up with a good one. You keep the 16 fighter concept, but now you have 4 teams of 4 fighters. Each team would have a LW WW MW...
  14. ufc main cards i think the fan should vote for one fight to be on it??
    i keep pay per viewing thefights each month, look forward to it but i think since we all pay 40 bucks for the fights and all and every payperview has 5 fights live that the ufc should have 4 fights...
  15. Kimbo Slice Vs Bo Cantrell
    OK, So I just finished watching the terribly awful fight and I can't help but shake the feeling that Bo Cantrell was paid to lose to Kimbo or something..... I mean come on, Kimbo hit him like twice...
  16. ufc future fights
    Heavyweights: cro cop vs arlovski, fedor vs randy, arlovski vs fedor, hunt vs cro cop 2, kongo vs vera, vera vs arlovski, lesner vs randy (haha), nog vs sylvia (is stupid) nog vs arlovski, nog vs...
    Strikeforce changed their card at the last minute, so please make sure your picks are up to date before the event is locked out!
  18. where to buy K-1 DVD's
    can anybody recommend an online shop that stocks the back catalog of k-1 tournaments, both the K-1 GP and the K-1 max. also the shop has to deliver to the UK
  19. MMA: North America vs. The World
    I really loved the concept of ufc 58 which was canada vs. usa but now there are so many top international fighters that you could never do canada vs usa again. I really love the concept where...
  20. Houston Alexander top ten???
    If houston wins this fight will everyone put him in there top ten... or is it just lightning striking three times
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  21. BREAKING NEWS- another strikforce update
    Sasaki is out and Salmon takes his place in the tournament, I think Hallman is just SOL. Anyway, I don't think there is enough time to change it. We'll probably just delete both old fights. If you...
  22. Hotrodttt's Annual MMA Trivia Round 4
    Since I have been on this sight , I have stumbled across some MMA Triva. It wasn't 2 hard and I have always said I can come up with some exteremely hard questions. Do you guys think you are good...
  23. My 78 Weigh In Experience
    We told Gonzaga to make the face he did when he went nutz after beating Cro Cop.
  24. thiago silva vs houston alexander
    how many people think thiago silva will beat houston alexander and if you do think so tell me how.
  25. how to i watch the strike force tournament?
    its not on shotime, can someone give me a link or tell me where to look
  26. MMAPlayground Season 3 name!?!
    Who came up with Sudden Death? I don't get it.....
  27. Is The Demolition Man back? I hope so.
    Alistair Overeem looked great last night, in his... er... demolition of Paul Buentello. Nothing against Buentello, mind you, but he's never been a "1A" fighter. Overeem has been up-and-down, mostly...
  28. Make Your Own UFC 83 Card
    Main Card Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson (Title Fight) Forrest Griffin vs. Winner of Liddell Silva (Title Shot) Shogun vs. Tito Ortiz Mirko Cro Cop vs. Heath Herring Josh Koschek vs. Luke Cummo...
  29. who wins these fights?
    1) Sokodjou vs Houston Alexander 2) Rashad Evans vs Ricardo Arona 3) Forrest Griffin vs Lyota Machida 4) Dan Henderson vs Chuck Liddell 5) Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage (rd 3) 6) Jardine vs Shogun AND...
  30. Greatest Grappler in MMA History
    Thoughts? I think Royce Gracie, or maybe Big Nog.
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  31. elite xc add new weight class
    what do you think about elite xc adding more weight class the weight class are going be 140 ,150,160,170,185,205,265,265+ I think it is a good idea but that just me
  32. will babalu be back?
    does anybody here know if sobral is coming back to the ufc?
  33. UFC 78 Aftermath Discussion Thread
    A lot of questions need to be answered after 78 and I will answer them Akikiro Gono - I see Gono moving up the ranks in the 170 pound division, I think he mabey fights the winner of Jess Liaudin vs...
  34. Who wins? Matt Hamill or Rashad Evans?
    I think Hamill has better hands and better wrestling Hamill UD
  35. cung le vs a silva (fantasy match)
    one name that i havent seen thrown around as to who should battle anderson is cung le. dont get me wrong i dont think he would win but i do think it would be fun to watch if he didnt get clinched and...
  36. who's next for thiago silva
    who does everybody think that thiago silva should fight next i personally think that he should fight someone in the top 10 let me know who you think and why.
  37. Who is the crying PRIDE girl?
    I recently got the latest PRIDE legacy series, and also the 2003 Grand Prix, and in a number of the events, there is a female doing commentating who is ALWAYS crying? Who is this lady?
  38. Heavyweight Divsion
    Who do you think will get a title shot after Sylvia/Nog fight for the title?
  39. Official Knockout Gif Thread
    Here you can put the best KO Gifs you can find from UFC to Pride to K-1, it doesn't matter unless it's really good, I'll start it off
  40. A non-UFC "World Series" fight card, just for fun
    Frank Shamrock (22-8-1; Strikeforce Middleweight Champion) vs. Robbie Lawler (16-4; EliteXC Middleweight Champion) Gesias Calvancanti (14-1-1; K-1 HERO's Lightweight Grand Prix Champion) vs. Urijah...
  41. World GP Preview
    K-1 2007 World Grand Prix preview (SF) Jerome LeBanner vs. Hong Man Choi The most improved fighter in this years class is Choi. He once was seen in the class of Akebono and Bob Sapp. He was a big,...
  42. Lightweight Contention Picture
    what does the lightweight title contender picture look like? I think that edgar beating fisher does not put him to the top regardless of how good fisher is he was coming off a UD victory over sam...
  43. Joe Rogan On Espn for ufc 78
    Did anyone catch joe rogan on espn talking about ufc 78? I really like joe rogans commentary but at the same time what he was thinking For those who didnt see the interview let me quote the line im...
  44. How come Fedor's still #1?
    Honestly, to still be rated #1 you need to constantly fight and please your own weight class. Fedors last fight was againt Matt Linland and he's a MW. Fedor hasn't faught anybody latly and word is...
  45. IFL Fan Corps
    If you are a large supporter of the IFL like myself, I've signed up for this site to try to help promote and get some free stuff in return. No big assignments so far; only myspace, youtube, and some...
  46. UFC Tournmanet
    This may have been done before, but I was wondering if you had to have a four man tournament in each weight class to determine the number one contender what would the breakdown be.
  47. What did 78 Validate?
    1. Houston has no ground game. 2. Frankie Edgar is a contender 3. Gono wear's the strangest outfits in MMA (I was there, I saw it!). 4. The judges love Michael Bisping. 5. Lytle will never quit or...
  48. Tito on Celebrity Apprentice
    WTF the annouced the up coming season of the apprentice and it is Celebrity Apprentice, and Tito Ortiz is on the show is the reall reason why he didn't fight Rashad?
  49. Should GSP fight someone, while waiting for title shot?
    I just seen a news statement that said that GSP will be sidelined at least another 3 months while waiting to fight the winner of Hughes-Serra. I was wondering if he should fight someone so that he...
  50. Refs at 78
    They were new, obviously. I'd love to see them employed by the UFC full time. I thought all the stoppages were good, and I really really enjoyed the fact that they stood fights up rather quickly if...
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