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  1. Shogun vs Ortiz with updated poll
    What will happen if they fight?
  2. Whats going on in NC.
    I live in North Carolina and now that MMA is legal here does anyone know when the first event will be? Even if its not UFC.
  3. Hotrodttt's Annual MMA Trivia Round 2
    Since I have been on this sight , I have stumbled across some MMA Triva. It wasn't 2 hard and I have always said I can come up with some exteremely hard questions. Do you guys think you are good...
  4. North American MMA Expo Dec. 1-2 in Anaheim
    Randy Couture was signed to be the headliner of the event. UFC light-heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson of Irvine, former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz of Huntington Beach,...
  5. Fedor v. Aleksander
    who do you think would win and how would the fight go. the talk of a fight between ken and frank made me think about this fight.
  6. Suck on this Manfred! (new MMA trivia) ANSWERS!!!
    Just kidding. Enjoy the quiz. Just kidding. New MMA Trivia Quiz!!!!! Some of these have multiple answers so it shouldnt be THAT hard. PM me the answers dont post em here or you will be scorned.!!...
  7. Why Can't We See ALL of the Fights on the UFC PPVs?
    Does anyone know why the UFC doesn't just provide us with the undercard fights on their PPVs? It may just boil down to money, but I would personally pay another $20 per event just to see some of the...
  8. M1?
    Does M1 have a website yet?? I cant seem to find anything on them
  9. IFL Grand Prix Live 9pm EST, MyNetworkTV
    Can't wait for Horodecki vs Bart P, going to be a great rematch with hopefully Chris coming out on top.
  10. Attending mma events?
    I plan on attending UFC 81. I've heard it's in Las Vegas. Can anyone tell me how decent the viewing is from the upper deck? I plan on spending $100-200 per ticket. Or is it worth spending a bit more...
  11. Hotrodttt's Annual MMA Trivia Winners and Answers
    Here are the top 3 Scores Come and claim your props !!! madmarck - 11/13 Manfred - 11/13 the-james - 11/13 1. In 2003, who won the IFC 8 man Tournament beating 3 opponents in 1 night? Babalu Sobral...
  12. The Ultimate TUF Champion. (a thread that isn't trivia... finally.)
    If you could make a tournament out of all the TUF guys, and it was openweight so everyone could compete, who do you think would win the whole tournament, and who do you think would be in the finals...
  13. Will Chuck shoot?
    Liddell was saying that he was planning to take a couple shots on Jardine prior to their bout. You think he'll try some against Wanderlei?
  14. Rioheroes 11 Super-lightweight Tournament Free Live feed on Tuesday
    Im just getting the word out for the vale tudo fans out there. 11/6/07 7pm est
  15. Who do you think won? Chris or Bart?
    I happen to agree with the judges, except that I don't think it should've been split.. Horodecki clearly won the first and third round.. It should've ended in UD.
  16. Rumor: Manny Gamburyan vs. Nate Mohr in December
    link Rumors are swirling that Manny Gamburyan, the runner-up on The Ultimate Fighter 5, will return to the UFC in December at UFC 79 to take on Nate Mohr in a lightweight bout. It is unknown if...
  17. WEC 31
    Date: 12/12/2007 6:00 PM ET Event Type: Versus - Live Event Location: The Joint - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Nevada Featuring three WEC™ title fights and the debut of Jens Pulver at...
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  18. An idea
    I have had an idea that i thought i would share. Becuase the UFC likes to have rematches all the time and it has started to get on my nerves i think it would be a good idea to have an upcoming UFC...
  19. Yushin Okami to K-1 HEROS!
    This sounds insane but aparently Zuffa did not come to him with a new contract and he has gone Back to Japan. His first fight is against Dong Sik Yoon and is set to appear on this year's DYNAMITE!...
  20. Indistructable Fighter
    What's up guys, I was just thinking of this. If I could combine the body parts of all of my favorite fighters and get 1 Super fighter. So I am gonna list of my INDISTRUCTABLE FIGHTER After I get done...
  21. Another Board and My New Column
    Hey guys, I'm really getting involved into MMA now. I even have my own column on this website: We also have an MMA board up there, so go check it out. It's pretty bare right now, and...
  22. Will Big Tim be champ again? (semi-long read)
    First off I AM NOT A SYLVIA FAN. Tim got submitted quickly by Arlovski but he proved it was because he came back too soon after surgery by beating him two times in a row after that. He took Randy...
  23. New video of Fedor Training Sambo
    Enjoy: LINK
  24. If not been posted already.
    Brock Lesnar is to face Frank Mir. For his UFC debut on the eve of the Super Bowl
  25. Fight Your Most Excitied For
    What do you think will be the best fight and the fight you guys are most anticipating. After 78 it's nothing but great cards. This could really revive the UFC and take away the attention from Couture...
  26. IFL Ratings
    I read that the IFl league ratings fell through the season to an all time low during the final championship bout.... Does anyone know what the ratings were for the first Live grand prix fight last...
  27. New Column (PLEASE READ)
    Hey guys, I'm the new columnist for CPC movies ( I'll have my first column up by Sunday, and I'll put a link on here so you guys can hopefully read it. Anyway, here's my new banner:
  28. Would the UFC consider this
    do u think the ufc would ever consider a viewers choice event, where they let the fans pick the fights and fighters like a month or two in advance? I think that would be great for the ufc to do that,...
  29. Brock Lesnar Vs. Frank Mir brief Breakdown
    Well Frank Mir is 10-3 Brock Lesnar is 1-0 All 3 of Franks losses are to strikes 7 of his 10 wins are by submission, 1 by DQ, 1 by decision, 1 by strikes Lesnars 1 win is technically a submission....
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  30. Cro Cop Vs. Wandy 3
    Since they are both in the UFC woulnt it be kick ass if cro cop went to light heavy and after their fights with chuck and whoever cro cop is fighting in ufc 80 or 81 they can fight in the headliner...
  31. Matt Lindland watches 2 girls 1 cup lalz
  32. What If Serra went to Lightweight?
    If UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra moved down to lightweight after the Hughes fight do you think he could have a run? If he beat's Hughes and then moved down to lightweight he could possibly be...
  33. What do you think??
    i was readin that mir is going fight brock and i was thinkin, why have brock fight a pretty good fighter for his first fight? i think Dana may be showin people that the UFC is real and not just...
  34. Slick Submission by Joe Rogan!
  35. Please add Shooto to the secondary league!!!!
    I mean look at this Thursdays Back to our roots card: Hellboy Hansen - Eiji Mitsuoka Megumi Fujii vs Kyoko Takabayashi BJ Kojima - Eduardo Dantas Antonio Carvalho - Hiroyuki Takaya Yusuke Endo -...
  36. My welterweight world rankings as of 11/07
    Tell me what you think 1 Georges St. Pierre 2 Matt Hughes 3 BJ Penn 4 Jon Fitch 5 Jake Shields 6 Shinya Aoki 7 Josh Koshcheck 8 Karo Paryisian 9 Matt Serra 10 Akira Kikuchi
  37. nog vs big timmy confirmed?
    does anyone have any idea if this has been confirmed or is just a rumor?
  38. Fun match ups
    post a fight that you would like to see that will never happen Big John vs fedor have fun
  39. Tim Sylvia or Antonio Nogueria?
    Tim Sylvia by Split Decision or Tim Sylvia (T)KO
  40. When is Final Conflict : Absolute being released
    When the hell is this DVD being released? I want to add it to my collection, no I need to add it to my collection!
  41. World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts
    Respected figures from the business world, professional and amateur athletics, medicine and sports journalism will gather at a news conference on Wednesday in New York to announce the launch of the...
  42. Razor Rob in Baja 1000
    World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight champion “Razor” Rob McCullough has a few months off before his next title defense in February. So the Huntington Beach-native has decided to take up a new...
  43. nate marquardt vs okami
    who would win if nate and yushin okami ever fight? and how do they size up? give me ur opinions and I would have to say nate the great
  44. Your ultimate MMA commentating team
    Rogan, Quadros, and Rampage( slightly edges out Bas cuz he's funnier IMO)
  45. Paulo Filho vs. Anderson Silva??
    With the UFC and WEC both owned by Zuffa, they are still somewhat seperate entities. When Paulo's contract is up with the WEC, the UFC should sign him. The MW division in the UFC has no one, IMO,...
  46. What the hell is Lesnar holding?
    What the hell is Lesnar holding above his head in his picture for the fantasy picks? Is that a f*ckin' shark? Now, that is some funny sh*t!
  47. The Future of the MW division
    OK, we all think that the UFC MW division is in peril. So many a poster on here has tried to solve the "problem" in the division. I don't think that the problem needs solved. I've said this many...
  48. Funny MMA Animation Videos!
    If you guys haven't seen this, then you should check them out: LINK Here are the fights available. Kimbo Slice vs. Mark Hunt Chuck Liddell vs. Rampage Jackson Fedor Emelianenko vs. Gabe Gonzaga Andre...
  49. What is up with Brock Lesnar's picture?
    Surely you could have found a better picture than that?
  50. Who would you most like to train with?
    If you had the oppourtunity to train with a camp or person who would it be and why? I think Serra's school got a lot of people in after he beat GSP but I'd rather train with XTREME COUTURE to become...
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