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  1. who wants to see sam stout back in the ufc?
    sam stout is one of the most entertaining stand up fighters in mma he fights like he has nothing to lose he is a fantastic striker and has an iron chin.. he said in a sherdog interview after...
  2. Randy or Fedor?
    Randy or Fedor? Please vote, and let's see if we can end this right here.
  3. Fedor nor Randy should fight for UFC
    I think it is a joke what ufc is paying fighters. The last ufc pay roll was a joke (as were all previous ones) Fedor and randy should be making a million per fight at LEAST. Im just pissed seing...
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  4. Another Poll: Who's the best Lightweight in the UFC?
    Who's the best lightweight in the UFC?
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  5. MMA Gurantees
    i posted this a few days ago. There are a few things you KNOW are going to happen with certain fights/fighters: Ricardo Arona can't be subbed.... If you fight with the Hammerhouse camp, you are going...
  6. Wow, what a K-1 GP!
    What a great GP this year, the finals are gonna be explosive! Le Banner is fighting Choi in the first round of the finals, Difficult match up for Le Banner. Anyone who draws Schilt or Choi has a...
  7. Three for the UFC now.
    Who are three guys that you would like to see come back or come into the UFC right now?
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  8. "flashiest" MMA fighter?
    Who in your opinion should be in a Hollywood kung-fu stunt movie instead of the MMA ring?
  9. Puder vs Sapp do you think this is the type of test that puder needs to see ? to call him a legit mma artist now
  10. the worst fighter in UFC/prideFC
    who do you think the worst fighter in UFC/pride all wieght class divisions
  11. Three to leave the UFC now.
    Who are three fighters that you would like the UFC to cut? An of shoot of the three to the UFC question.
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  12. Two issues (beefs) in one thread
    Ok, I've had it. There are two things that I have to spit out. 1. The flak that fighters get by saying they are dealing with an injury, after a loss. This is an issue that is very common in MMA. We...
  13. Brandon Vera- 2 Ko's in one night?
    I looked at his sherdog stats, and its says at WEC 13 that he had two wins and both are TKO's. Does anyone know if this is true or a typo because I couldnt imagine any Athletic Commision in the U.S....
  14. Found a vid from March, Liddell calls out Fedor / Crocop
    Old vid from Chuck on Bubba the Love Sponge, he talks about how he wants to fight Silva, Fedor, CroCop, Rampage Vid
  15. Jacob Ortiz
    Did you know titos name is really Jacob ortiz? I didn't know until the other day
  16. Babalu Signs With Strikeforce
    Do you think he can be better in strikeforce then he was in the ufc and do you also think he can get a shot at the title.
  17. Vitor Belfort vs Robby Lawler ??
    Elite XC is in talks with Vitor to have him fight Lawler for the Elite XC middleweight title.
  18. Dan "The Beast" Severn!!!
    Severn has went 11-1 since the start of 2006. Granted the opponets he is fighting aren't the greatest but the man is 54 years old. The UFC should bring him back for a fight agianst Gracie or...
  19. *updated* TRIBUTE TO PRIDE FC (video)
    Hey guys, I recently made a Pride video and would love to know what you all think of it.... link Cheers
  20. Drills
    Does anyone got any great drills for cardio, webits or just sayin them be great, i just want some fresh new ideas and i know MMA fans have tons
  21. Good place for fight vids?
    I'm puttin' together a DVD for a friend of mine in AIT (bootcamp after bootcamp) of Pride and UFC fights. Whats a good site for vids without some shitty ******' music in the background. I was tryin...
    Okay.This is a 20 question quiz with MMA trivia. Lets see how well you can do. Having problems.Please wait. My Scored Quizzes
  23. Joe Riggs vs Eugene Jackson
    anyone seen this fight from strikeforce? its on the videos section i just wanted to mention joe riggs transition from the having the hooks on the back to the armbar, one of the best submission...
  24. ufc 79 need help
    first off sorry if this is in the wrong forum. but anyway i need help from someone who lives in vegas or has been there. me and 3 of my friends will be going to our first ufc and it will be 79. what...
  25. What Organisation is Best?
    What organisation is the Major League of MMA? Has the best athletes. Has the highest paid athletes. Etc.
  26. More K-1 Chaos! (K-1 MAX 2007 finals - SPOILERS, you were warned!)
    My god, the results are in, I'm in shock to say the least! Buakaw lost, I can't believe he lost! In the first bloody fight of the finals too! He was too cocky, trying to box with Masato, apparently...
  27. Will Tito fight Wanderlei?
    Well with saying that Rashad will fight Micheal Bisping at UFC 78 and not Tito due to contract negotiaitons. But maybe their just saying that because maybe Wanderlei wants to get his revenge...
  28. Scarola
    Yeah ok this ain't the first post talking about Joe Scarola from TUF, but wtv. I'm watching this weeks episode of TUF and im writing this during the commercial right after Dana tried to keep Joe on...
  29. Ultimate Champ?
    So with Dan Henderson coming into the UFC a champion in two weight classes and fighters like Brandon Vera claiming once they win a title, they will go after one in a different weight class as well,...
  30. Tank Abbot vs. Kimbo Slice at CFFC 6: Unleashing the Fury
    CFFC 6: Unleashing the Fury main event, Tank vs Kimbo... WOW THIS SHOULD BE A BRAWL!!! Probably a quick brawl. I hope I'm not getting Kimbo confused with Bob Sapp but I heard on Youtube you can see...
  31. Should UFC announcers (JOE ROGAN) be drug tested?
    Okay he's not a fighter,but he's is a UFC announcer. Maybe he was Naku's dealer?LOL Anyhow seriously.Is it right to only test the fighters and not the rest of the UFC employees? Goldberg is looking a...
  32. Potentially the worst main event ever?
    Is the Bisping vs. Rashad match potentially the worst main event ever?
  33. Phil BaronI Crying
    For those of you who watch the BodogFight show on Ion, they recently aired the fight between Trevor Prangley and Yuki Kondo. After Prangley won the fight the cameras briefly showed Baroni at ringside...
  34. Randy Couture in Invincible!?
    I just watched the Movie Invincible, about vince papali and the philidelphia Eagles. And at the end during the credits it says "Toruci" Player #1 Randy Couture! I had no clue he was in the movie! Now...
  35. Serras best man= biggest p*ssy in the UFC (IMHO)
    What a joke Joey was , I guess Serra JJ is breeding a whole new generation of p*ssys. LOL Poor Serra he teaches and mentors this wuss, makes him his best man and then Joey thanks him by walking out...
  36. Amateur MMA Rules Change in Georgia
    The Georgia Athletic Commission has recently revamped the entire rule-set for amateur competitions in the state. There is a link below to a full listing of the rules change, but some of the changes...
  37. Get Ready For The IFL on Paltalk!
    For all you fight fans, get ready for the IFL on! Join us this Friday for "Friday Night Fights!" where you can watch IFL matches and chat simultaneously with thousands of other...
  38. Champions in each division by this time next year??
    LW champ- Bj. Penn WW champ- GSP MW champ- Anderson Silva LHW champ- Forrest Griffen HW champ- Arlovski
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    FIGHT CARD This looks like a great card and I wanna see how Chris Brennan does after his loss to Jean Silva
  40. ufc light heavyweight div.
    who else thinks it's only a matter of time till Forrest G. whips rampage
  41. Wastes of Talent : Kevin Randleman
    This guy was so athletic and could have done soooo much , he should have left Hammerhouse and went to some good Camp Here are some of his Acolades : UFC Heavyweight Champion Notable Wins : Mirko Cro...
    FIGHT CARD Mods I really think this card should be added
  43. Who do you want to be champ a year from now?
    There is forty threads on who you think will be champ, etc, but there isn't one where you can clearly say, "this is who i'd like to be champ." This is your chance. I would have it: HW: Randy Couture...
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  44. Rampage on Jackass
    I was watching the Jackass box set a while ago and I saw that Rampage is in a skit. Ryan Dunn is having an MMA match with Nigel "The UK Hammer" Hudson, and Rampage is teaching Dunn what to do like...
    I gonna post a bunch of vids of all of the elite Pride Fighters , I am doin this for the people who miss the good old days , I really suggest watching these PRIDE FC : 1997 - 2007 CRO COP FEDOR WANDY...
  46. Travis Lutter
    So are we going to see this guy again, or is Dana pissed off at him for not making weight against Anderson Silva? I want to see this guy back in the mix. Out of all the guys Silva has beaten since he...
  47. attended my first mma event
    last night i atteneded my first live mma event at the Ruckus in the Cage in VA. i was surprised at the level of some of the guys and how good a few of the fihgts were. i was very curious if they...
  48. Who's worse?
    Joey Scarola OR Gabe Ruediger?
  49. Am I the only one who thinks Diego Sanchez would absolutely dominate at lightweight???
    At the post-press conference at UFC 76, after his loss to John Fitch, Diego mentioned a little something about dropping down to lightweight. Who thinks he would be a terror in the lightweight...
  50. Who's the better kickboxer??
    You guys think Mirko Cro Cop's better or Cung Le? I think Cung Le's better. Don't get me wrong, Mirko's kicks are probably the most devesting kicks in MMA, but Cungs attacks are strong, fast,...
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