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  1. Rioheroes #9 live free tonight at 7pm est
  2. How do you feel about the three consecutive losses in a row "rule"?
    With both Chuck and Diego racking up two consecutive losses, how do you guys feel about the three losses in a row and you're out "rule"? Personally I think it is a stupid thing. There are some guys...
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    This is a pretty good card with Sam Stout and Chris Clements , he has the fastest Knockout in MMA History FIGHT CARD Sam Stout (Pictures) vs. Martin Grandmont (Pictures) Sean Pierson vs. Chris...
  4. IFL Draft - Fighters Needed
    If you haven't heard, the IFL is holding a draft for the 2008 season. Pretty cool opportunity for pro fighters to tryout (3 locations in October). Info here
  5. How did the Couture vs Ortiz fight go?
    I have never seen this fight. Please tell me how the fight went. Round by round if you can.
  6. Who would win. Lawler or Franklin?
    Who do you think would win. Robbie Lawler or Rich Franklin.
  7. Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman, Who wins?
    I mentioned it on the "3 loss and your out" topic and I'll mention it again and ask you guys who wins. This would be a great MMA version of Bernard Hopkins vs. Winky Wright that happened in boxing in...
  8. Wanderlei Vs. Houston??
    i doubt this one would make it out of the first round but who takes it??
  9. Kurt Angle to be coach for IFL
    Kurt was on the Bubba the Love Sponge show on Sirius Radio, He told Bubba that he will be a coach for IFL and at the end of the season they are going to have a Pay Per-View that he will be part of....
  10. New LHW Rankings
    I looked around on a few sites just to see where there ranking the fighters in the LHW divsion. do you agree with these. which one do you think is more accurate. from mmanews 1. Quinton Jackson 2....
  11. UFC 76 PAYOUTS
    Here are a couple of my buddies giving their point of views on the whole situation Chase Mike Tell me what you think
  12. Has anybody heard anything recent on Soko?
    He hasn't fought since Pride 34 and since his 2 back to back impressive KO wins and I havent heard nothing about him signing with the UFC, the most I have hear dis he's probably going to K-1 because...
  13. Cro Cop vs Roger Huerta???
    Roger Huerta....UDecision
  14. someone explain elbows
    this may seem like a silly question but i cant for the life of me understand what constitutes an illegal downward elbow. i hear people talk about them but im not sure. is it possible to throw one...
  15. If the finals were Danzig Vs Arroyo, who would win?
    Place your bets, who would win? Edit: Sorry Mods, I forgot to put it in this forum.
  16. ben rothwell
    Rothwell if the biggest win of your MMA career was A win over A out of shape Ricco Rodriguez on four days notice on a unanimous 29-28 decision, The Should of could of's knocked Ricco out "fact" is...
  17. Steve Mustacheagatti
    What do you guys think about Ron Jeremy Mazzagatti and that caterpillar he's got crawlin on his face? I cant help but laugh at it.
  18. If you unite the Elite XC/Strikeforce titles, who would come out on top?
    Since Elite XC bought Strikeforce & Cage Rage you know they will be having tons of title unification fights but the one that looks to excite me the most is the middleweight titles. Who would win...
  19. Kevin Randleman vs. Rameua Soko....WHO WINS???
    These two are the 2 most explosive light heavyweight in MMA!!! They both jump and run right at you. Both have allegedly been accused of taking steroids even though they got proof on Randleman. BOTH...
  20. HFC Hardcore fighting championship should be added..good card..
    Not sure who has or hasn't heard of the HFC but i think it should be added to the secondary league. It is based in alberta Canada and has been having some more than decent fight cards... Coming up...
  21. Being cheeky loses you fights?
    Anyone else notice that anytime guys get cocky in the octagon they end up losing the fight? It just seems to me that each time a fighter starts be unsportsmanlike that the fight ends shortly after....
  22. Past Fights?
    Hey guys, I was just wondering if any of you had knew of a website that archived an vast amount of fights at no charge? Youtube works but is very limited. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  23. Fedor scared of the UFC
    I think feodr is scared of the ufc...he knows about the pride fighters coming in and losing and only a handful winning fights like rampage and nog....does anyone else think that he is scared of the...
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  24. New quiz.Find out if you are worthy to be a UFC fighter! Let me know what you guys think about this one.It's different from the last one,but I was trying something new so let me know!
  25. Strikeforce + Elite XC + Cage Rage = Unification Titles
    This is a responce thread for NatedawgThaM , he started a thread about a unification between Robbie and Frank and I thought it would be a great idea if I came in here and put up fights that I would...
  26. Who will win Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira of Cheick Kongo?
    Who will win Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira of Cheick Kongo?
  27. richie's free t-shirt gieaway, rd. 5.2
    Want a free MMA Playground t-shirt? Be the first to answer to following question and it's yours: Which fighter's home town used to have a bell rung anytime he would have a tantrum as a child? (Only 3...
  28. Antonio " Junior " Silva
    This guy is sick , I really think if he enters the UFC he could be a great gate keeper , He is 6 ' 5 300 pounds , he is 8 - 1 with 7 T(KO'S) and 1 VERBAL SUBMISSION FROM STRIKES !!!! He even has a...
  29. What will the UFC do if Chuck Liddell loses his next fight?
    What will happen? The 3 loss rule is a sore subject with me, that is why I made this thread.
  30. Tito Ortiz vs Dan Henderson?
    I just read that there is a possibility that Tito Ortiz could take on Dan Henderson at UFC 78 instead of Rashad Evans.
  31. tito's acting career
    Wow I just saw tito in the movie the crow wicked prayer and he definately needs to stick to fighting cause his acting was beyond bad,i saw ken shamrock in a movie called champions awhile ago and he...
  32. Great documentary (for K-1 fans, MMA fans will love it too)
    Great documentary on K-1 MAX and some of its fighters. Well worth watching, K-1 fans (I know there are a few of his here) will love it, and MMA fans often enjoy K-1 too, so this is a good watch! part...
  33. Who's your money on tonight?
    I've got 36.477 (All I've got) on Billy Evangelista. Not because I'm sure he'll win but because he seemed like the best bet on that whole card. I don't think there will be any upsets. His odds were...
  34. Would San Shou or K-1 be more popular than MMA in the U.S. with the same promotion?
    Two facts that I don't think anyone can dispute: 1. These styles of fighting are less popular than MMA (at least in the U.S.) 2. The amount of fights and the level of $$ put into them is much less...
  35. The UFC's weird rules
    I had a thought today, why does the UFC allow axe kicks to a downed opponent(to the body) and they don't allow body stomps on the ground? I don't see any difference besides you come around and down...
  36. Purder Dalton
    Is the worst fight I have ever seen, it's not even the third and i feel like killing myself.
  37. That was weird
    I didn't see where Mahoods rib got broke. That was very odd to me. Oh and if you want someone to stop punching you TAPOUT.
  38. How the hell did Goldberg end up a commentator for UFC?
    He seems to have very limited knowledge of the sport. He calls almost every takedown a judo throw which offends me as a judo student. He misuses names for submissions and asks stupid questions. It...
  39. Mods please change hot event for Strikeforce
    The fight with Billy Evangilista vs Anthony Njukuni never happened so can u please change it to something like Joe Riggs vs Eugene Jackson or something like that
  40. Looks like Thomson killed a tiger, and sewed his fur to his head.
    It's weird looking, lol. He should've dyed it all the way.
  41. Kendra Wilkinson: "What is the difference between the UFC and MMA?"
    Frank Shamrock: "The UFC is just another league of MMA." Kendra: "Oh really?" Edit: Kendra: "The Blonde (Joe Riggs) wins." Shamrock: "They always do." Other useless commentator: "So blondes do have...
  42. Renato Sobral signs with Strikeforce.
    He announced it during the Strikeforce event.
  43. GSP on CBC Vid
  44. Babalu
    I was just thinking of Babalu. Anybody know what he is up to or what he is planning to do? I havent heard anything about him.
  45. Jorge Masvidal
    God this kid has a bright future , he just had a great performance at Strikeforce tonight with a 1st round Knockout over Matt Lee , previous to that Knockout he had another 1 a head kick over Yves...
  46. Jorge Masvidal
    God this kid has a bright future , he just had a great performance at Strikeforce tonight with a 1st round Knockout over Matt Lee , previous to that Knockout he had another 1 a head kick over Yves...
  47. Where can I find the "official" strikeforce results?
    Does anyone know where I can find the "official" Strikeforce results? (CSAS website?) Different websites are reporting a couple of the fights with conflicting ending details, which will effect the...
  48. Hangin with Mr. Cooper
    Why in the hell did Dewey Cooper fight the same guy. What a retard move. He will be really good in a year.
  49. IFL Grand Prix Predictions
    I'm gonna come on here and do my predictions for the upcoming IFL Event , I am mainly doing this to help people with their picks because I am pretty good at picking the winners an getting a lot of...
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