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  1. Where does K-1 broadcast????
    I want to watch kid fight in the upcoming K-1 event. Anyone have a list of providers for cable that broadcast it? I have Bright House networks in FL. Thanks!!
  2. anybody you'd like to see step in the octagon!
    id like to see kurt angle(i know he might),50 cent(so he's get ****** up),samoa joe,shaq,michael duncan clark,vin diesel,suge knight...thats all i got right now LOL
  3. WEC 30 Broadcast?
    Back at my home I was able to get Versus, but down here at school we do not get that channel even though we have ike 80 of them. So I was just wondering if any website has a live stream, or if I will...
  4. round to round coverage for wec 30
    I was wondering if Sherdog will be doing another fight by fight coverage of the WEC 30 undercard that is taking place tonight. I like knowing who won before the whole event is over and would...
  5. Hopefully they won't waste time on showing the Alessio fight.
    I would much rather see some of the other guys' fights than seeing Alessio's after what Sherdog described it as. I would really love to see the Avena fight, because that guy is going places. Two...
  6. Chuck v. Bisping
    Ok, I was thinking ahead for the LH weight division. First fights -Chuck beats Jardine -Bisping beats Hamil -Tito and Rashad in the air -Shogun beats Forest So from here, -Shogun gets a title shot v....
  7. WEC 31 on December 12th?! WTH?
    Why are they waiting so long for another event. You could see Urijah Faber (who will defend his title against Jeff Curran) didn't like having to wait that long. With the money that Zuffa has you...
  8. Brian Stann, military hero and new mma Captain America?
    After tonight's show at WEC 30, Brian Stan has shown that he is not a joke after taking out perhaps his most game opponent yet with another 1st round knockout. Normally I wouldn't consider a 5-0...
  9. Wow... Chase Beebe shocked me completely.
    I sat there all five rounds thinking, "just wait, Rani will get you." Then it never happened. Beebe looked dominant like he was just playing around. After the first round it was like Beebe was toying...
  10. Beebe Yahya
    That was a sick fight, the most techincal I have seen in a long time. Beebe proved that he is the real deal. Both guys were extremely tough. My hat is off to them, I would love to see a rematch.
  11. Top 3 Flying Knee KOs in Recent History
    Spencer Fisher over Matt Wiman Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto over Kazuyuki Miyata James Irvin over Terry Martin What are the top 3 for you?
  12. Holy Fury
    Razor Rob hits like a tank, and Crunkliton has one hell of a chin. Like Mir said, RETARDED GAMEPLAN!!!!! Fun to watch though.
  13. hero's full fight card.....
    Hero’s Middleweight Tournament Finals (3 Rounds, 5 Minutes): 70 kg: J.Z. Calvan vs. Vitor Riberio 70 kg: Caol Uno vs. Black Mamba (maybe replaced by Dida) 70 kg: Calvan/Riberio vs. Uno/Mamba...
  14. First IFL DVD on pre-sale
    Looks like they came out with their first DVD, still waiting for live fights! Here is the DVD info from their store: "IFL Greatest Knockouts and Extreme Action DVD $17.49 In a sport where physical...
  15. Chuck Liddell runs the heavy- weight gauntlet
    Lets say Chuck moved up to heavy weight.How well do you see him fairing against these fighters? 1.Heath Herring 2.Mirko Crocop 3.Brandon Vera 4.Tim Silvia 5.Andrea Arloski
  16. Frank Mir's commentating
    ive found mir to be pretty insightful, and entertaining as a broadcaster so far but last night something really bothered me. the guy says "gots" constantly, hes worse than my GF's 6 year old with...
  17. YAFT - Fedor dead horse poll
    Yet Another Fedor Topic With recent talks, a "historic" matchup on free TV, lots of "rumors on the internets", and no official word yet on Fedor's destination, will Saturday be the day that endless...
  18. UFC Weight-in system flawed and should be changed.
    We all know that top guys in 205 weight class do not come into the ring at 205, they are around 220/230. This kind of thing is in all weight classes. Guys lose weight for the weight-in and then gain...
  19. Who would win?
    who would win Roger Huerta vs "RAZOR" Rob McCaullough(Spellcheck)
  20. Jardine vs Alexander
    I know its a bit dated but was anyone else as surprised as me by the way Alexander got after it and thumped keith? I thought it was sweet.
  21. Razor Rob fighting the 9th of November?
    Does anyone know anything about the fight? Do you think it's with the WEC? It doesn't make sense that Rob would be fighting before Curran, who is scheduled to face Faber in December. Rob's myspace...
  22. Anyone know when the weigh in are for UFC 75
    are these going to be online or on Spike? Anyone?
  23. MMA-themed forum avatars
    I made a few avs that I don't plan to use. Feel free to steal them, if you want. EDIT: That GSP av actually looks kind of familiar. I think someone might be using that image already, but I'm not...
  24. Which Nuthuggers Suck member called into Breen's show?
    LOL, great job giving him crap by the way, and asking for the prize was classic.
  25. Is Brian Stan ready for the UFC?
    The guy is super aggresive 5-0 in the WEC; all impressive 1st round KO's. He may be able to give some of the UFC top 205's (Forest Griffin, etc) a run for their money.
  26. CroCop or arlovski?
    Academic (as Rogan would say) for now, but could happen down the road if CroCop losses to Kongo on Saturday. Probably 2 of the best heavy weight stikers in MMA. any thoughts??
  27. Who's the toughest SOB in MMA?
    One name that comes to mind is Cabbage - the pounding him took from Sylvia would have put most heavy weights in a coma. Another guy who can take a good beating is Kimo. Any thoughts??
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  28. Chuck/Rampage 2 Stare Down Request
    Someone post a pic please. :) Thank you
  29. why is Takanori Gomi in the LW divison
    if i remeber right middle weight in pride was 205 and welter weight was 185 and light weight was 170, so y is Gomi the LW divison here ont he site he should be the welter weights .Right??
  30. Bisping vs. Silva
    There is some talk of Micheal Bisping dropping down to 185lbs, and if he did and one his next fight over Hamill, would he be a contender for the belt and would he beat Anderson Silva or Rich Franklin...
  31. Wait a minute... Wandy x Tito... UFC 79 revenge?
    Correct me if i'm wrong (because i frequently am) but didnt tito beat wandy out of the UFC? If the dream of wandy and chuck is postponed, do you think this possible?? I'm sitting in a puddle of my...
  32. 94% of MMA fighters are GAYS according to doctors!
    Apparently almost every single mixed martial artist has a boner when rolling. source
  33. Who would you want running a new MMA Organization
    With billionaire Mark Cuban apparently jumping into the MMA game full steam, some others may come on board. If some billionaire was to jump on board with MMA, who would you want it to be?
  34. My Fedor Conspiracy Theory
    I've been partying a little tonight and I am convinced now that Fedor is already signed to the UFC!!! Here is my prediction: Fedor is signed with the UFC but will not be fighting Randy for his first...
  35. College MMA Radio @
    Are you a hardcore MMA fan, casual "TUF Noob" or new to the sport of MMA? No matter the case tune into In The Corner with your host Matt De La Rosa on the KSFS radio network. We will talk about all...
  36. Should Pedro Rizzo be considered a top contender again???
    I know I was a fan of the slugging pedro Rizzo of old, you may have forgotten because of his crappy performance lately, but im talking about the Pedro Rizzo who KO'd tank abbot in one of my favorite...
    this is just more i a MMA fun post nothing to hard to think about 1.Are you watching the fights at home or going somewhere? 2.What kind for fight food will you be eating? i cant wait till tonight!!
  38. Rampage or Shogun... who's #1
    I think there are good arguments to be made for either fighter being the #1 Lightheavy. I want to hear some arguments on both sides, 'cause I'm up in the air right now.
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  39. Gonzaga vs. Kongo?
    Well with Kongo earning an impressive win over Cro Cop will his next opponent be GG, otherwise who else is there for him to fight? Granted there are alot of top name heavyweights right now (Sylvia,...
  40. Hey, Thanks Mirko $6315 First bet!!!
    Hey, new to site but big fan. I took my whole bank roll ($1000) and bet against Mirko, not a bad take, $6315 on my first bet (UFC 75)!!!! This seems like a great site looking forward to improving the...
  41. Fedor in the UFC?
    It sounded like Goldberg left the cat out of the bag when he said about finding out who the the best in the world was and said to Randy.."As you already know" as if Randy and them already knew Fedor...
  42. Bisping VS Hamill
    That win was the worst decision ive seen, hamill was controlling that whole fight and was even winning the stand up. michael had a couple good shots but he couldnt keep matt off him... he sprawled...
  43. Dangerous or Hollywood Dan Henderson?
    I was just thinking....why would Dan Henderson want to change his nickname after having it for so long? to me he will always be Hollywood Dan Henderson!
  44. Now i wouldnt want this but do u guys think its time for mirko to hang em up
    i mean i wouldnt want to see him retire but its painful to watch him lose that guy is my idol but i would rather him go out a legend than a broken down hasbeen he doesnt look like he has it in him to...
  45. worst decisions ever?
    what do you guys think were some of the worst judges decisions ever? bisping getting the win tonight has got to be up there in my book. i honestly had tivoed it and was fast forwarding when i saw...
  46. What a Rematch
    What another tough loss for Cro Cop mabe he needs to fight Eddie Sanchez again to regain his form But on a better note what a win for Kongo. Any take from the CroCop fans who felt sooo bad for Kongo...
  47. Garcia vs. Miller
    Who will win in this match-up I think that Leonard Garcia is going to mop the floor with Miller, Miller is a good fighter but I think he's no where near the level of Garcia. And I'm so confident I'm...
  48. Whoes next for Alexander?
    What a performance Alexander put on saturday, he is a killer, there are a few questions that come to mind, is he a top 10 LHW? Can any match is power in LHW division? Who's Next for him?, IMO I think...
  49. Lawler vs Rua
    I am picking Rua, second round KO... Who are you picking?
  50. ufc 75
    is anyone gonna post the fights. i had to work that night. i missed all of them.
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