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  1. Tim Sylvia Dancing it up (video)
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    Hard fights to pick but i am goin with Robbie N Krazy Horse
  3. 2nd Best Referee?
    Everyone would vote for Big John as #1 but who comes in second? (Based on following the rules, stoppage, point deductions, stand ups, and being the most alert to everything happening during the...
  4. Dream Match: Leonard Garcia & Doug Evans
    Both faced Roger Huerta and loss. Now with no opponent planned for their immediate futures, I am speculating on who would win, if they were to be pitted against each other. Now, I didn't see the...
  5. Yeah Brandon Vera is good, but can he beat Fedor? I say nay.
    OK. On all these "Who can beat Fedor?" threads I see Vera's name coming up a lot. First let me say that I think Vera is an exceptional fighter who fights with impeccable timing and skill. But to be...
  6. Any one ever see "The smashing machine" movie?
    I am thinking of getting it, and was wondering if any that has seen it has an opinions about it. Thanks, wickerman
  7. Post Fight Faces
    After a fight, which fighters have looked the worst? (Cuts, bruises, swelling, broken noses etc) The ones that come to mind for me are Takayama after he fought Don Frye, Shamrock after the Ortiz...
  8. Interesting note dealing with Steroid positive tests
    You would think the high scores are indicative of guilt. Usually fighters are gon be guilty, on some exception they are not. A recent article said that high scores would more likely indicate an...
  9. Attention: Mirko vs kongo reach enthusiasts
    Well, while doing some research tonight I discovered something interesting. This is to all the people who keep telling me and everyone else who believes Mirko will come back with a great fight and...
  10. which mma fighers would make a good ufc commentator further on in their career?
    I think it's important to have current or retired mma fighters as commentators to provide their perspective throughout the fight it holds a lot of credibility. randy couture usually always calls the...
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  11. Sherk vs. mayweather or sherk vs. penn?
    They both would be fun to see but which one would you want to see more? I would rather see sherk vs. mayweather just to see how boxing and mma compare.
  12. Storm Samurai Heavyweight GP
    Just wondering if anybody saw anything about this event. I just read about it on mmaweekly. It sounded like a cool show and they actually used a cage that's similiar to the UFC. If anyone has any...
  13. Which fighter would have the most success in MMA?
    Which fighter out of the ones listed do you think would have the most succes in the UFC if they were in there prime and were trained in all aspects.
  14. MMA & DIRCTV
    MMA & DIRCTV I work for DIRCTV and a few weeks ago the word went out that they would like some feedback on introducing new programming. We turned a corner with interactive programming and now DIRECTV...
  15. Title Unification
    Hey guys I was just wondering what do you guys think about the unification of the Pride and UFC LHW titles. Maybe someone has brought this up already if they have sorry. What does it mean, does it...
  16. Top 5 UFC Fighters
    I would like to hear you thoughs on this my picks 5 Joe Lauzon 4 BJ Penn 3 Fedor 2 GSP 1 Randy Coture
  17. Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva
    Who would win between St.Pierre and anderson Silva? I think I would pick GSP by 2nd rd tko
  18. Kosceck on GSP
    Check in out on the home page of on the side there. I think kos said some things that he shoulden't have. Watch it and tell me if you agree or disagree.
  19. Top 5?
    So with Fedor assumed to be in the UFC now, who do you think is the top 5 heavyweights in the UFC? Mine- 1.Fedor 2.Arlovski 3.Coture 4.Mirko 5.wh cares about someone this low, dont want to say silva...
  20. Royce Gracie VS Ken Shamrock
    I've been wondering who would win if Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock fought again. And I mean now not back then now at their 40plus age. Who would win?? Or at least who would have the advantage? What...
  21. Never Submit (2007)
    Never Submit Characters Brad Hunt ... Misha Ernie Hudson ... Roy Corey Sevier ... Jim Cullen Cyia Batten ... Rebecca Ken Shamrock ... Max Cullen Agata Gotova ... Sasha Mike Swick ... Fighter Josh...
  22. 10 fighters who could be in a title fight in a year
    Roger Huerta Jon Fitch Karo Parysian Kendall Grove Paulo Filho Shogun Sokoudjou Evans Cro Cop Arlovski You'll notice this new generation of fighters, most of these guys are real young, are so well...
  23. Is the WEC taking over MMA??
    If you ask me a couple of years ago I would say that the UFC was unquestionably the most dominant force in the whole MMA but the WEC is rapidly starting to grow. With the sponsors like Tapout widely...
  24. Best New Upcoming Fighters
    There are a few names that haven't been around for long but I think they are here to stay and many of them have enough potential to be title holders. Which new fighters you think are in for a long...
  25. Thoughts on the new TapOut?
    I thought it was pretty good. Funniest thing was what Greg Jackson said "He gives the best handjobs" The fight was pretty good, except Cowboy kept doing alittle shuffle and putting his hands down...
  26. Which is the worst technique you've been caught with??
    What is the most painfull technique you've been caught in? for me The twister & heel hook =================================================
  27. IFL Tonight
    Is it on TV at all tonight??
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  28. Ultimate finishing move---what's the craziest name you can think of?
    I'd go with: mongoose-crossing-the-snake-filled-bridge or monkey-picking-the-fruit-filled-cornucopia
  29. How big will MMA get?
    Just curious to see how popular everyone thinks MMA will get.Do you think it's reached its peak?Maybe get bigger than football?
  30. Most Succesful TUF Winner
    Out of all the winners for the show, which do you think has been the most successful and why? And its the winners, so guys like Kenny Florian, Koscheck, Jardine, and Bonnar don't count. The poll...
  31. How do u delete your posts?
    Hey I was just wondering how can you delete your posts that you have made, and topics as well.
  32. Just a idea
    what do you all think about putting mma in high school as a sport, it be just like wresle have weights 103 112 119...... i think that would be sick what do you all think about that?
  33. War Of Words!
    I want to know which mma star do you guys think is best at talking smack before a fight or boxing too?
  34. MMA = Boxing?
    Hey guys I kind of brought this up in another topic and I was wondering what you all thought. Do you guys think that MMA will ever be as big as boxing was in its heyday? Now before you answer think...
  35. Is Lee Murray rich????
    I just seen an article from feb. and it talked about how the U.K. thought Lee Murray was the mastermind behind a $150,000,000 robbery. Can anyone shed a little light on this subject for me please.
  36. Who you picking Couture or Gonzaga?
    So who you picking in the title fight between Couture and Gonzaga. I'm going with Couture because he knows what it's like to be in the spotlight of a title fight, whil Gonzaga doesn't.
  37. Condit vs. Larson
    i gotta go with condit, he has fought better fighters and he has beaten better fighters, and his striking is very underrated.
  38. Who should fight the winner of Bisping and Hamill?
    Who should fight the winner of these two great fighters, I think it breaks down like this, if Bisping wins he should fight the winner of Rashad/Tito, and if Hamill wins he should fight the winner of...
  39. Match-Maker: Ultimate Fight Night 12 (Your Call)
    Ok, I know that there is multiple forums about who would you like to fight, this and that, well I thought I would leave the match-making up to you for the event: Ultimate Fight Night 12. This is not...
  40. 1st fight
    I am wanting to make my amateur debut around Nov or Dec. but i'm having trouble finding fights until the fight card is full. Does anyone know a good website for finding events in or around georgia?...
  41. TUF dvd's
    i've got 1 and 2 and i'm gonna get series 3 when it comes out later this year but i was just wondering why it is taking so long for them to come out on tv whereas it the event dvds come out like 2...
  42. Favorite?
    Hey! I'm new to the forum and am just curious to find out who your favorite UFC fighter is and why?
  43. Sokoudjou???
    does anyone no if sokoudjou signed wit k-1. or wat other org. and wat do u guys think bout him, i personally think he's a dog. couple more fights little bit more maturity i think he goes to tha top.....
  44. Will the Hammer House ever get back on top???
    I know most people forget about the hammerhouse but I love the hamme rhouse fighters....even thought they all thought like they could test positive for steriods I still love Randleman, Coleman, and...
  45. Twinkle Toes
    Does anyone know if Frank has any affiliation with the UFC bein that he does host a Pride show?? I really wanna see him fight back in the UFC and outa ICON
  46. Chins...
    IMHO i believe that chins are a tad bit overrated. First of all, a great fighter doesn't get hit too often, and he shouldn't allow his chin to be tested ( although it inevitably will ). however,...
  47. Miller vs. Riggs for a shot at WEC TITLE
    War Mayhem Should be an incredible fight, with Mayhem of course winning.
  48. Favorite Lower Promotion
    Just wondering what you guys like to watch outside of UFC and Pride. I like the IFL idea but they do sometimes fall away from the actual fights with to much interviews and stuff. I do like seeing the...
  49. WEC 29
    This Forum is open for discussion about your picks for WEC 29 . Who , how etc...
  50. varner vs. mccullough ???
    varner looked very impressive tonight, i think he could be getting the next light weight title shot after crunkiton. he deserves it in my opinion, i think he would take out razor rob as well
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