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  1. Jens in WEC?
    Didn't UFC say they wouldn't have guys fighting between UFC and WEC? What does this now say for Jens?
  2. Frank Shamrock underrated?
    There was a thread about Henderson being overrated (which he is), but Frank is compeletly underrated and written off. The guy could beat any MW around, and would give serious problems to anyone at...
  3. duke roufus making mma debut
    duke is going to be having his first mma match at CFFC against derek panza on the same card as kimbo and tank. for those of you that dont know him hes a multiple time us kickboxing champ and brother...
  4. Tito Ortiz vs. Allistair Overeem
    Tito Ortiz is the more famous name, both are talented fighters. This is a close one, I have to go with Allistair. Ground and Pound vs. Striking, Tito has not beaten any body top tier in a long time,...
  5. Is tito Finished?
    I dont know maybe it's just me but does anyone else think tito's falling off his game. His last couple of fights he looks tired , slow , and uncordinated. Especially after the griffin fight.
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  6. Anderson Silva vs Chuck Liddell ?
    I Know Most People are goin to vote chuck but i just wanted to see exactly how many of you...i say anderson by ko, chuck throws goofy ass punches and leaves his face WIDE open, thats food for...
  7. Mark Hunt
    Does anyone else want to see Mark Hunt in the UFC, that guy has a head of stone and an iron chin, he could possibly be a threat
  8. Brother of Hall of Fame boxer pleads guilty to fraud, theft
    The brother of Hall of Fame boxer Michael Carbajal could face up to 37 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday to fraud and theft charges. Danny Carbajal, 56, is scheduled to be sentenced...
  9. Does Ken Shamrock Deserve to be in the hall of fame?
    I don't really get what he did to get in. I know he's been around for a long time but he doesn't seem to have accomplished a lot in the ufc. Maybe I'm wrong but his ufc record is 7-6-2. Maybe someone...
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  10. Steroid list?
    Does anyone know of a definitive list of fighters that have popped hot for steroids?
    Who would want to see an organization like that with like Royce , Ken Shamrock , Bustamonte , Tank Abott People like that
  12. The Superheroes of MMArvel
    Some really great pictures I stumbled upon on the net. Enjoy! Collection of these pictures: The Superheroes of MMArvel My personal favorites are probably Sakuraba and CroCop as The Joker and The...
  13. Rampage vs. Babalu?
    I think this fight could be good. Babalu hasn't looked that great lately but he he's been striking more and I think he's better off on the ground. And I think that there is a chance that he could...
  14. Biggest Upset so far this year?
    What has been the biggest upset so far this year?
  15. Hendo vs A.Silva
    when do you think it'll happen and who would you call the winner and why
  16. What is the most influencal fight that put the UFC on the map?
    Hey I was just wondering what you guys think is the most influencal fight for the UFC.
  17. Kos Vs Sherk
    First off I'm well aware that this fight will most likely never happen, espcially with Sherk dealing with his steroid issue. However this is a place to bullshit about MMA, and I really like this...
  18. Fedor vs Anybody.
    I am tired of these. There is about eight people who think somebody can beat Fedor, and they're prolly drunk. Everbody knows the deal. Barnett v. Fedor. CC Fedor II. Fedor is not human.
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  19. Avatar Websites
    Does anybody know of a cool website to find websites? Maybe some MMA Avatars? I saw some cool ones with the Marvel Characters as MMA Fighters. Thank you.
  20. Wow im on the WAND Website
    A few weeks ago i emailed the Wand website team and suggested it would be a good idea to post pictures of fans wearing the WAND / CHUTE BOXE gear in famous / interesting places. I received a reply...
  21. LW Tournament rd 1
    who do u think would win out of these 8 machups to see how would get the tittle if sherk has to be striped fo his tittle B.J. Penn V.s Joe Stevenson Frank Edgar V.s Kenny Florian Roger Huerta V.s....
  22. sho xc
    did anyone catch shoxc on showtime last night... the fights were great.. except for the fist fight when the blackwater security guy got robbed of the decision, what bs... kj noons looked impressive...
  23. Favourite fighters??
    What fighters are yer top 3 favourites in all of MMA??? mine are.. 1.Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson 2.Anderson 'The Spider' Silva 3.Georges 'Rush' St.Pierre
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  24. UFC Trading Cards
    Years ago I was an avid sports card collector. . I said that I would never collect again. The only way that I would collect again is if they came out with UFC Trading Cards. I think it would be cool...
  25. Anderson Silva vs Lee Murray
    Does ANYONE have a link to that fight or to The Weigh Ins??? Thanks,
  26. Sim MMA Game
    Some of you may have seen simulation leagues for hockey/football/etc in the past; some guy has started up a MMA one, with an engine he personally created. It looks pretty neat,you get to create a...
  27. tuf6
    does anyone think thats its ok for none pros to get a chance to be on tuf before pro fighter? i just looked at the cast line up and i think its crap that good fighters are passed up to have people...
  28. japanese pro wrestling
    is japanese pro wrestling the same sort of orchastrated performances as pro wrestling is in the US? just curious because i have heard of a number of japanese fighters refereed to as former pro...
  29. BODOG paradise lost
    I generally don't like watching women hit each other but that Corian Damm vs Holly Heisel fight was amazing.
  30. UFC take Sherk's belt?
    Has anyone heard if the UFC is going to strip Sean Sherk?
  31. Yushin Okami vs. Frank Shamrock
    What a fight this would be
  32. Diego Sanchez vs. Jon Fitch
    Well this ones gonna happen and it's a tossup so let's poll it. I know who I'm taking.
  33. Josh Barnett vs. Brandon Vera
    With me this is easy, I'm taking Brandon all the way, round 2 KO. Barnett is overrated, he's top level heavyweight, but overrated. He's a guy who's hard to beat up, but against top guy, he cannot...
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  34. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Shogun vs. Spider monumental
    This could be the most exciting matchup in MMA history. It could actually could happen too, either guy can take this. Let the polling begin. Peace.
  35. Who has tested positive?
    Can anyone tell me which fighters have tested positive for steroids?
  36. BJ Penn vs Georges St. Pierre 2
    how do u guys see this fight going down at 170 now?
  37. Crocop Vs Big Nog II
    i was watching the post ufc 73 interview with big nog and dana said that crocop wants to fight big nog if he defeats kongo. and that's possibly the route that noguiera will take to get to the...
  38. Edgar
    Frank Edgor is 7-0 in his MMA career now and 2-0 in the UFC. How do you guys feel about him? Do you think he'll always be a contender or maybe one day a world champ. Edgar dominated Mark Bocek in...
  39. Fastest hands in MMA%%
    I gotta go Vitor Belfort. Vitor vs. Wanderlei anyone, list how ever many you want but put them in order. It's not so much of a current thing, but overall, get to it. Xzude.
  40. Mike Tyson vs. Bob Sapp?
    Will we ever get to see this? The clip of Mike going into the ring after Sapp's fight was sweet!! MIke, "Just sign the contract!!"
  41. interview with big nog and arona
    hey i read an interview with big nog and arnona a few weeks ago on the net somewhere, talking about the state of mma, and such, does anybody know where i can find it or read it themselves?
  42. Funniest MMA Moment
    Woops already a topic on this, mods please delete.
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  43. Urijah Faber
    Am I the only person who thinks Urijah is one of the top p4p gus in the world?
  44. Rampage vs. Rameau
    Wow. This is a go either way fight. Just on expierience I will take Rampage. Really we need to see more of Sokoudjou this would be a cool fight.
  45. Did anyone watch aleks' last fight?
    The one on the 21st of this month? I didn't even know he was fighting! He fought Jessie Gibson, at an M-1 event.
  46. New Forum
    HI guys. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows there's a great new forum in town. It's James Thompson's (and of course the WarWagon's) official site, but you don't have...
  47. not sure if people have seen this before.....
    ....this is probably the best mma hl video i have watched, not just for the action but for the quotes, the music, just feels proper heartfelt link
  48. WCL
    Hi. I just want to see if anyone watches the world combat leag. If you like graphling, You probably wont like it but for us who like striking only it might be better. the rules are that you can't...
  49. Biggest upsets in MMA
    My vote is for Serra vs GSP
    The 2nd Annual Highlight Contest will begin on January 1st, 2008. The MMA Authority at will be hosting this elite field of MMA Highlight Makers. We are announcing this early...
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