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  1. Human Weapon...good/bad?
    How did you guys like the Muay Thai premiere show?
  2. UFC 80 Main Event
    Here it is your main event at UFC 80...Props to Joe Silva for making this match LINK Pic too big to post..sorry
  3. Who is the Best Wrestler in the UFC?
    Wrestling is proving to be a very strong style of fighting in the UFC today. There are some amazing wrestlers out there that are fighting in the octagon. I was just thinking who do you think is the...
  4. BJ PENN VS. GOMI ???
    With sherk and franca both suspended for the drug test... assuming sherk's appeal falls through. What do yall think about gomi vs penn for the next unification of the pride/ufc titles?
  5. Who has the better chance of actually winning in there next fights?
    Who do you guys think?Alot of Underdogs comin up Heres the Matches Josh Koscheck vs Gsp Matt Serra vs Matt hughes Shougun vs Griffin Liddell vs Jardine Silva vs Franklin 2
  6. The Rise and Fall of MMA's First Empire
    Article on Pride FC and it's beginning, history and demise. The Rise and Fall of MMA's First Empire Discuss?
  7. richie's free t-shirt giveaway, rd.4
    Want a free MMA Playground t-shirt? Be the first to answer to following question and it's yours: Who was the one and only member of Bob Shamrock's "Shamrock 2000" stable? (Only 3 guesses per person)
  8. ortiz and rashard?
    ive got tito... wat do u think?
  9. Who should fight the winner of Rampage/Henderson?
    I was just wondering who you think should fight the winner of this match?
  10. who likes the idea of joe 'j-lau' lauzon vs. sam 'hands of stone' stout
    just been thinking about possible future matchups what do you guys think about joe lauzon vs sam stout
  11. Best Submission Ever!!!!
    What do you think is the best submission ever?
  12. would heath 'the texas crazy horse' herring be able to defeat tim 'the maniac' sylvia?
    heath is a great fighter, it's unfortunate he was matched up against minotaru for his first fight back in the ufc in a little while.. what do you all think?
  13. Does anyone know when Urijah Faber is going to make his UFC debut?
    he seems to do very well in other organizations however his one fight against tyson griffin who fights in the ufc he lost. does any one know when urijah is going to be a ufc fighter .. i think he...
  14. when is Fedor going to invade the UFC?
    we all want fedor in the heavy weight division in the ufc... when is he coming? he should debut against arlovski if dana is not prepared to give him an immediate title shot.
  15. judo, the most underrated martial art in the ufc?
    judo is a very useful discipline of mma that we really only see karo using to perfection. if more fighters started training more judo their opponents wouldn't expect typical wrestling take downs such...
  16. Matt Serra and his coaching
    I just thought about this, remember TUF 4 when Matt Serra was a contestant? Remember how annoying it was sitting through all of the fights with Serra screaming out directions the whole time? Well I...
  17. Bringing my Welterwieght top 10
    I am pretty strong on this. Mostly cause I think the Welterwieght division once you get past the first 5 is pretty unknown, but although it is not one of the deeper divisions it does have some guys...
  18. What do you guys think about Thiago Silva
    I dont' know much about him. I just know he's 14-0, with mostly knockouts and he's fighting on an upcoming UFC. He may have not fought top compitiion so far, but winning all your fights, and winning...
  19. Open LW Title or not?
    ok theres several misc. threads out there about the absence of sherk ( and franca) so i thought we could discuss the whole LW mix up to the situation in 1 thread. sorry if mine is repeated also....
  20. For the fun of it Pick the Winners of my fight matchups /
    Some of these seem like cool back and forth battles in my head, others could actually happen. Either way it's all cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Energized" Tim Sylvia vs. Alexander...
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  21. Assuming Bisping beats Matt Hamill....whos next for Bisping?
    Bispings already 13-0, if he beats Hamill that will make him 14-0 very close to Rashad's record who many consider in the title picture. who do you think Bisping's next opponent wil be? It had to be...
  22. hhahahaha CFFC Cage Fury 6 Tank Abbott vs Kimbo Slice
    Who's gona win?
  23. Who is reggie warren jr?
    I've been watching these youtube videos of him where he goes to karo's house.... does anyone know the deal on who he is and what he does?
  24. Bringing my Middlewieght top 10
    I think a few of my picks will get a rise here, I am confident in those picks and have my reasoning behind them. Some of the guys are not as seasoned, but I think they will provide a matchup problem...
  25. Who would you favor over Kid Yamamoto at 155?
    How does he do against Sherk, Gomi, Penn, Pulver, Florian, Shaolin, etc?
  26. My Top 15 LHW for UFC and Pride
    1 Mauricio Rua 2 Wanderlei Silva 3 Chuck Liddell 4 Quinton Jackson 5 Dan Henderson 6 Ricardo Arona 7 Rameau Sokoudjou 8 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira 9 Renato Sobral 10 Tito Ortiz 11 Jason Lambert...
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  27. Paulo Filho makes his WEC debut against Joe Doerksen.
    Paulo Filho is making his WEC debut against Joe Doerksen on 8-5-07. It will be live on Versus. This fight will be for the vacant WEC middleweight title. Just wanted to tell everyone who did not...
  28. Favorite Finishes
    I was wondering your favorite finish for a fight is. I used to straight up love watching people get straight up knocked out. Like Rashad vs. Salmon or Guillard vs. Davis. But I've realized that KOs...
  29. what do yall think will be the outcome of Liddell v. Silva will be? (if it happens)
    will jardine fight silva if he wins? and who will win the fight in the end?
  30. Could Nate Diaz Take on KenFlo?
    who do you all think would win in a fight? Both of these fighters have a great ground game...
  31. What does Forrest have to do to beat Shogun (if possible)...?
    Forrest Griffin is a great fighter however he was knocked out by the dean of mean. what do you all think forrest has to do to give shogun a run for his money?
  32. possible opponents for tim sylvia at ufc 77?
    who are tim's possible opponents?
  33. Xtreme Couture
    Does anyone know who some of the fighters with the Xtreme Couture team are? All I could find was Bonnar.
  34. If Cro Cop Beat Gonzaga
    How would the fight with Randy have gone down? I think Randy would have taken him down and pounded him until the ref stopped it or he got a decision. And is there a chance this fight could happen...
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  35. Fight Picks
    I know it's a stupid question, but I'm new to this. Do you have to pick the way the fight ends in the Fantasy Picks section. And what happens if you pick the winner right but the round or way it ends...
  36. Rampage @ E3 Debuts UFC 09
    Game looks Sick as hell...looks like it has the fight night style slow-down when your dudes about to drop..anyways heres the link oF Rampage at always Rampage entertains.. LAZYLINK theres...
  37. Who is the best of this group of Middlewieghts
    Okami Kampman Martin
  38. Is sherk innocent?
    I hope these allegations against sherk are false for his sake and for the sport. I would like to think that they made a mistake on his drug test, but chances are that it's all true. If sherk is...
  39. Collection of submissions
    Caught this over on Lay & Pray's site so thought I'd share. Its a video of several submissions (like the subject indicates). Theres even Pat Militich (sp?) getting subbed. The 2nd to last one is just...
  40. My fight matchups part 2
    Same theme as first part. This is fun. Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck Mach Sakurai vs. Karo Parysian Kenny Florian vs. Shinya Aoki Frank Shamrock vs. RIch Franklin Mark Hunt vs Gabriel Gonzaga Michael...
  41. How do you feel about TUF ? (semi long read)
    Ok why does everyone have to call them TUF Fighters? Their mixed martial artists who want to be in the UFC so they go on a reality show. I would too. Why not? Most of the TUF Fighters go on the show...
  42. Ninja VS Lawler
    Looks like this is Ninja's next fight on the 09/15/07 ICON Champ VS Elite XC champ Should be a good one
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  43. hendo/rampage.. training?
    anyone heard about either of these fighters traning regiments.. who they are training with (if anyone special) anything they are doing? are there any new interviews or anything?
  44. What would be the outcome of Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson in the middleweight division?
    who would win in a middleweight bout? Dan 'Hollywood' Henderson vs. Rich 'Ace' Franklin If you think Henderson would beat franklin do you think he would have a chance against Anderson 'Spider' Silva...
  45. What IF Jardine Wins?
    If Jardine wins this fight with Liddell, should Liddell and Silva fight? They both would have 2 loses in a row, one of these former champs are going to suffer 3 loses in a row for sure (If there is...
    Cro Cop brings in Remi Bonjanski and Gilbert Yvel to prepare for Kongo. LINK i think this is great for mirko, also on the article it says he got a cage in his gym now, wich i think is great too......
  47. $$$
    Does anyone know around how much you should expect to make for your first pro fight?
  48. Rich Franklin vs Forrest Griffin. Who do you think would win?
    Who do you guys think would win between Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin at LHW?
  49. tuf 6 ?
    Does anybody know anything about the fighters on the show coming up? If so let me know.
  50. Whose the best of these Heavies?
    Poll de Poll. Let's do it. Jammer.
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