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  1. where can i train in jersey
    where at yo?
  2. WCL style mat for MMA?
    I have pondering this for awhile, and I think both the ring and the cage are bad choices for MMA, in that they both benefit and detract fighters. I feel that, while good matches can obviously happen...
  3. Who will win the K-1 HERO'S MWGP?
    Ok we started off with 16, then it dwendled down to 8, now we are down to the best 4 MW's that you all think should be the next to get a title shot after Franklin/Silva II. Many votes have been...
  5. MMA Schools
    MMA School This list has alot of schools maybe not all, but alot! Also check out UFN up and coming
  6. secondary league
    the mods started a secondary league that has no bearing on the ufc/pride picks. it's all the other events not covered: ifl/wec/hero's etc. this is great news for me as the next ufc isnt for like 40...
  7. chuck and wanderlia fight bull
    according to mma weekly chuck liddel is fighting keith jardine in november not wanderlia
  8. Diaz/Riggs UFC 57 hospital fight
    Just wanted to show this to everyone that hasn't seen this Back at UFC 57 after Diaz/Riggs fight they both met at the hospital and actually had a fight in the hospital. To read more follow the...
    Here it is, the finals. You have voted, and these two warriors have defeated some of the best to get here, and now here is the two fighters that will be fighting for the chance to be known of UFC's...
  10. If you were given a shot to fight in the UFC...
    Dana White calls you up and offers you a chance to step into the Octagon. Not the ideal you, not the you-if-you-were-an-MMA-pro, the real you. The pasty, out-of-shape,...
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  11. Top 10 Most beloved fighters in MMA
    Disclaimer: This is my opinion and you are welcome to agree, disagree, or outright flame me. This is about who is the most LOVED, of all time,not who's the best, and not a flash in the pan 10. Renzo...
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  12. Fedor's Entrance
    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song Fedor used in his entrance when fighting in Pride? Aleks came out to the same song. Any idea the name of the song?
  13. PRIDE FC theme ring tones? Anyone help???
    Hey guys... I really want to get the Pride theme as my ringtone for my cell... Anyone know a good website that's got it? Or any other means of obtaining it? Just imagine... Boom, Boom, Boomboom......
  14. UFC Video Game...Whats your first match????
    Alright, you finally get the game and pop it in, whats the first match you would do? Weight classes dont matter, who would you be, who would you face and why? I would be Anderson Silva and beat the...
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  15. lookie what i found
    so i was having sergei kharitonov withdrawals, and i started to browse dailymotion and i found this:...
  16. Bernard Hopkins Says If You Like Biting, Watch UFC
    Link So what do you guys think on these comments?
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  17. Clay Guida
    I'm still unsure about this fight. maybe you guys can be some help . Who will be victorious Guida or Aurelio and how will it be accomplished?
  18. Which chute boxe member would when in a fight?
    I think Anderson personally
  19. Premium Members
    Ok I have a question. The premium members section of the forum which allows you to view the list of all the members. Does anyone know why my name isn't listed as a premium member, I mean I am. So hmm
  20. Joachim "Hellboy" Hansen - why no news?
    Hansen is an absolute wrecking machine. He's only lost to the absolute best lightweights and defeated Gomi. He would knock Sherk's block off easy. Why is Dana sleeping?
  21. Wandy vs. BJ???
    ok so i just saw the video in our video sections and in the interview BJ said he put out a challenge to Wandy .... is he serious he'd get murdered maybe if he took him to the ground but BJ's crazy...
  22. drug testing in japan
    just curious if they tested for steroids in japan. it seems like a lot of guys who have trouble with it in the US (barnet, baroni etc) were heading over to pride. there are a bunch of other guys that...
    Ok after 16 fighters, you have decided and now we are down to the final two, and right now, which I find it kinda of ironic, but true, we have in one corner a guy who is hurt, and in the other corner...
  24. rampage vs fedor
    does rampage have a chance?
  25. Who do you think would win?
    If Rich Franklin were to move back up to 205 who do you guys think would win in a fight between him and Tito Ortiz?
  26. Who has the best Ground and Pound in MMA?
    I was just wondering who you think has the best ground and pound in MMA?
  27. Larson vs Condit
    Ive noticed in the secondairy league that a most people are picking Larson to beat Condit, but i think Condit will Sub him in the early rounds much like his fight with Trigg, Larson was looked very...
  28. dream fights
    pick these fights Anderson Silva vs Chuck Liddell BJ Penn vs Karo Rich Franklin vs. Hendo Couture vs. Fedor I think silva by ko in the by decision............hendo by...
  29. Get your fix with the new Secondary League
    Just a quick FYI in case you haven't noticed... If you're a fan of MMA organizations other than UFC and Pride (and you should be!), then check our our new Secondary League
  30. mma books?
    what are some good mma books that ppl have know of. i got the jens pulver book never coming and after that i think i'm going to get bj penns. tell me how you like them if you got them or name some...
  31. TUF 7 the lightweight tournament
    Why dont the UFC use the next season of TUF to hold a lightweight tourney for the open belt left by Sherk. The ratings would be through the roof as there would be a quality fight every week. Could...
  32. WhO hAs SeEn The ShOW: tapouT
    its pretty good if u got time warner cable its on channel 470 i fu**in hate the camoflauge guy and chuck liddell was in the last episode
  33. Arona Vs Gonzaga?
    Gonzaga Vs Arona ADCC interesting video. Who would take it? Gonzaga's got weight advantage but it doesn't look like he will dominate on the ground. Arona is a lot quicker and has some nasty low...
  34. Mike Sixel Fighting in King of the Cage in Feature Match
    Mike is a 24 year old Wisconsin native who works as a military guard for the Oregon National Guard. He’s been training martial arts since the age of 4 in various disciplines (such as Judo, Tae Kwon...
  35. Human Weapon TV Show
    A great fighting show just started tonight on The History Channel called "Human Weapon". I'm not sure when the normal shows come on, so check the History Channel's website. I highly recommend it!
  36. UFC 78 bj penn vs sean sherk????
    can anyone answer me on the question if sean sherk is going to fight bj penn in ufc 78 idk because of his steroid usage and i heard hes out for a year???
  37. UFC 77, MMA Playground style
    I'll be there, it's my first ever live event... if anyone from here wants to meet up for some brews and convo let me know!
  38. Roger Huerta?
    is anyone realy that impresed with him. we get to see him fight another no name on the main card of ufc 74 when u got people like babalu and mir who have actually earned their place in the ufc who...
  39. Brock Lesnar anyone??
    Does anybody know when Brock Lesnar will be having his next MMA fight?
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  40. Who should Big Nog fight next
    Big Nog didn't have the best performance, but here are some options that i think would be good Tim Sylvia Brandon Vera Assuerrio Silva Jake O'Brien (maybe Andrei)
  41. f.shamrock
    Could Frank Shamrock hang in the UFC today, with all the new talent?
    Just got a quick ? actually about this. Is it worth buying? I know its 64.95, is that monthly, yearly, or just 64.95 and your done? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  43. Do they test 100% of the fighters?
    Do they always test for steroids or do they do it at random? What would make them think they can get away with it? At least Sherk and Franka were both juicing so it was a level playing field.
  44. Top 5 Fights of 2004
    The year was 2004. The world of Mixed Martial Arts was just around the corner from mainstream popularity,Wanderlei Silva was the most feared fighter on the planet, a very young Georges St. Pierre...
  45. Cheaters are everywhere
    Cheaters will be cheaters. That's the reluctant response from the Godfather of mixed martial arts, Randy Couture, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship suffers another kick in the teeth as the result...
  46. Pitbull TV
    Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski received a pretty unique honor when electronics company Soyo signed him for his own signature HDTV set. "The Pit Bull" series line features a custom box and custom...
  47. fighter pay
    i was just reading an article on what sherk was paid for his title fight with franca. reportedly it was 14k + 14k for the winner. does that mean the loser gets no bonus at all? i suppose that means...
  48. Jardine vs. Liddell
    What do you think is going to happen in this fight. I actualy think Jardine has a chance.
  49. Gabe Ruediger VS Cake
    hmm i cant get get the GIF image to show on here?? but it had a piece of cake knocking him out...
  50. Denis Kang Update
    new quick interview with Denis Kang...looks like bodog or eliteXC will be his home ///
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