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  1. Mike Swick vs Chris Leben
    Who will win?
  2. Ken Shamrock's "real" record
  3. Josh Barnett Officially a Free Agent...
    Josh Barnett has announced that he's free of his Pride contract, and is taking all offers... Barnett's MySpace Blog
  4. UFC 74 site up already
    The site for ufc 74 is up, and it looks ok compared to this one 73 imo. link
  5. MMA Chat
    Perhaps a new feature after big cards?
  6. Your thoughs on draws in MMA
    What do yuo guys think about a fight ending in a draw? I think that in every fight there should be a winner and a losser. There needs to be a result to every fight even if they are really close...
  7. Is there such thing as True fight finshing GNP? UFC 73 makes me wonder..
    UFC 73 was the worst GNP display I've ever seen!!! What the hells wrong with Tito, Rashad & Sean Sherk? Has Sean Sherk ever heard of winning by stopping his opponet? His training is beastly but he...
  8. Anderson Silva's unbeatable!!!!!.....
    Name some one in the UFC that can take him right now? Rich Franklin probably has the best chance, and I feel he needs 2 more good fighters to beat to even have a chance against Anderson. The only...
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  9. free agents
    dennis kang needs to sign big and sign 10 mwt....and no contract.....bodogs nice but where's the competition(sorry Calvin)....Elte XC maybe....frank shamrock wants a $ fight....Mr Kang...
  10. CSAC
    Does anyone have the link to the California State Athletic Commission's results for last nights fights? I see on here a lot of reports refer to CSAC and after searching I cannot find where the CSAC...
  11. ref compensation
    What kind of $ does a ref make? Obviously there would be more $ in a bigger fight but what kind of money could 1 make???
  12. open weight tournament??
    if they had a open tournament with all the current ufc lightheavy weight and heavy weights in ufc who would win??? and here are some good pics of heavy weights and light heavy weights.
  13. Create A UFC Card
    Create Your Very Own UFC Card... - The Top Fighters in UFC (Rumoured Fighters Allowed) - About 8 Fights - One or Two Title Fights - Select Location Mine Main Fights Title Fights (LHW)Quinton...
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  14. A real Stacked card.
    As far as the UFCs last event STACKED I just don't think it was that great. If I had to pick a card to entertain fans and sell tickets this would be it: 1: Shogun vs Winner of Rampage /Henderson...
  15. Joe Rogan
    This annoying personality hosted fear factor where he talked trash about people doing things he could never do and now he is hosting UFC where again he is talking about something he can't and doesn't...
  16. Is Sherk unbeatable in the lightweight division?
    after saturday i dont think anyone can beat this guy...or machine, whatever he is...franca caught him with at least three good knees, and he still never stopped attacking...even when he was out from...
  17. Joe Rogan ( Booz'n or drug'n?...maybe both? )
    Is it just me or does Joe Rogan seem to become more incoherent as the PPV's continue through the night? Come on Joe what are you on? I meen if it wasn't for tivo I wouldn't have caught Leo Dicaprio...
  18. Mirko Cro Cop is "shot" in a prank
  19. PPV show the damn prelim fights!!!
    PPV needs to extent the event live like and xtra hour. UFC 73 was a sick card but the people that paid the money to see it only saw really like 1/2 the card. no Chris lydle fight (which won submisson...
  20. best pound for pound fighter in the ufc???
    who do u guys think the best pound for pound fighter in the ufc right now?
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  21. Suko Offered to Little
    anyone got the real scoop on waht happened with suko.... whatever the rest of his name is? haha. i heard dana offered him only 20 Gs a fight.. let me know.. (and yes i know this is old news)
  22. How do u think the late great Andy Hug would have faired in mma
    I think he would have done awesome excellent striker and he would have picked up on the ground game perfect
  23. IFL Great Fight!
    Hi! Long time reader, first time poster. Shad Lierley and Chris Horodecki, a couple of IFL 155'ers had an ALL OUT WAR, and it's going to be shown on IFL Battleground a week from today (the 16th!)....
  24. want to get tickets for UFC event, is UFC fight club worth it
    i'm from Philly, so we don't get many UFC (or a whole lot of MMA events for that matter) around us. A couple of us want to get tickets for the event coming up in Newark NJ in November, and we want to...
  25. Jeff Monson.......
    only weighs 215 pounds according to sherdog....that guy should drop to 205 he would be a freakin beast there idk i think hed be up there at the no.1 contenders spot real soon
  26. CroCop vs BigNog 2?
    In the post fight press conference Dana mentioned a possible matchup between CroCop and Nogueira if CroCop defeats Kongo. What does everyone think about this matchup? Personally I think that if...
  27. OK, let's say Henderson beats Rampage....
    Does he go and fight Anderson Silva next and unify those belts?? Does anyone think Anderson Silva would actually beat Hendo? Not taking anything away from Silva but Hendo has been so dominate(I guess...
  28. UFC 77 Tickets
    As you all know UFC 77 will be in Cincinnati OH, in October. However They are not saying when the tickets will go on sale. Does anyone know when they will start selling tickets???
    I heard what i am hoping is a dirty rumor so I will ask the question: what camp is kendall with????
  30. Bas Rutten Interview
    Check out this really cool Bas Rutten interview exclusively from The Irish Whip. It took place about two days ago. He says some interesting things. Here's the interview....
  31. richie's free t-shirt giveaway, rd.3
    Want a free MMA Playground t-shirt? Be the first to answer to following question and it's yours: In a MMA tag team match, a UFC veteran fell short and had his arm broken against a team of brothers....
  32. Bodog july 14 event PPV?
    Ive been hearing that this is going to be on ppv but when i check my tv guide i dont see it listed
  33. If U could train with one guy who would it be?
    If u had the dream choice of training MMA with one guy who would it be?
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    September 15, 2007 at the BOARDWALK HALL ATLANTIC CITY, NJ http//
  35. Paper Tigers in the Martial Arts
    Is it just me or is it that too many people who are martial arts "enthusiasts" do their best to diminish those who have put in time and paid their dues who are actual martial artists. I mean, MMA is...
  36. Alistair Overeem fighting this Saturday?
    source: OVEREEM WITHOUT OPPONENT 6-foot-4 Dutchman Alistair Overeem leaves his homeland tomorrow for Saturday’s K-1 Olympia HERO’S event at the Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa, Japan,...
  37. WEC on "VS." - 5 Aug '07
    Two, count 'em, two title fights on this non-PPV card: Carlos Condit(c) vs. Brock Larson for the Welterweight belt and Paulo Filho vs. Joe Doerksen for the vacant Middleweight strap. I guess the rest...
  38. ZUFFA sues CAGE RAGE !!!!
    WTF ??? Zuffa have filed a suit against cage rage for using the term "ultimate fighting" in their promotion for cage rage shows !!! Ultimate fighting is not just the ufc because here in the uk, all...
  39. My First HL......
    Hope you all enjoy, the footage is old/new. But remember, it's my first, hope you like it.......
  40. Gomi Possibly signs with HEROS
    Now, one of reliable blogs "Iron Magazine" posted today's 4 p.m. that Takanori Gomi decided to join HERO'S. The blog manager just said it and "I'll tell you guys in detail later." From:...
  41. John Alessio
    Does anybody know who John Alessio's next opponent is in WEC? any help would be great.
  42. JZ Injured, Off HERO's Card
    source: Sources have confirmed to MMAWeekly that defending K-1 Hero’s Grand Prix Champion Gesias "JZ" Calvancanti has pulled out of his fight against Andre Dida due to an undisclosed...
    Ok since round 1 has ended, and the ones with the most votes move on to take on new opponents. Must say, the voting was good and the way I thought it would have went. THere was some raelly close ones...
  44. IFL Semi-Finals
    Discount code for the IFL event at the Continental Arena in NJ on Aug 2nd. The code is "IFLWEBNJ" It will get you a 30% discount on $125, $65 and $40 tickets.
  45. Anderson Silva #1 MW
    It is about time the took Lindland down for the #1 MW in the world
  46. Andre.vsRandy
    Would anyone like to see that fight / Andre.vs Randy. For the title.
  47. Tired of it
    ok this is just my opinion but still im tired of hearing about how couture and gonzaga are the ones most likely to beat fedor...i mean come on people..lets look at gonzaga...he has beat ONE top notch...
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  48. need help!!!!!!!
    i need help ppl have GIFs as there avatars but when i copy them and i put them in my pictures it wont let me put them as my avatar can anyone help me?
  49. HEROS OR UFC!!! Who has the best LW Div?
    Heros notable LW fighters JZ Calvan Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro Takanori Gomi Norifumi Kid Yamamoto Caol Uno Tokoro Kultar Gil Miyata Dida Pequeno UFC's notable LW fighters Sean Sherk BJ Penn Joe Stevenson...
  50. When Will THe UFC Get To See FEDOR??????????
    Could anyone in the UFC stand up to this man/machine?????????????????? I Don't Think So!
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