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  1. Just got my mmaplayground tee
    ...and I must say I really like it. Thanks for the free shirt Mods. That is all.
  2. Cung Le
    Alright, lets be serious folks.... Cung Le looked simply amazing tonight. I've never seenn anyone as quick and diverse and Cung Le. He reminded me on the oldschool karate movies where the little...
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  3. shamrock vs baroni
    was anyone impressed with shamrock as much as i was.. i feel he was way unnderrated going into this fight. his stand up looked great, he out struck the f*ckin knockout artist and he looked good on...
  4. Strikeforce: Shamrock v. Baroni Video
    I've got most of the fights up on my site. Shamrock v. Baroni Video
  5. "No Contest due to inactivity"
    I think that would be a good way to ensure fighters would stay active and take some chances. If they refuse to fight proper let the judges call it a No Contest due to inactivity. On one hand, Sure,...
  6. Kimbo v. Mercer Video
    As usual, I gots it. Kimbo v. Mercer
  7. Tony Bonello
    anyone have any info on "the Gun"...15-0....all by sub.....hasn't faced the toughest of competition yet but something has to be said for his paper stats and why we haven't heard nor seen this guy...
  8. What was your funniest MMA moment?
    For me, it's without a doubt Gomi's infamous pen incident from his shooto days. It happened during his fight with Yoshihiro Kuwabara. They were feeling each other out Circling and exchaning pawing...
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  9. Exclusive Jason DeLucia Interview
    I have been trying to contact a lot of the fighters from the older days of the UFC, to see how the scene has changed according to the ones who were there in the beginning. Jason DeLucia, 4 time UFC...
  10. Funny Matt Wiman, Brian Geraghty Picture
    Looks ma, No Hands
  11. New rules?
    #1: Considering the new skillset of mma fighters recently, and how some tend to "blanket" their opponent, should they impose an open guard rule like in judo to encourage activity? #2: Also, i think...
  12. Who is the favourite fighter to take K-1 LW GP?
    This GPcan be great with great fighters like Shoalin,Gesias,tokoro,Uno and others so who is the favourite to take the GP ? IMO is Gesias because he is more complet but Shaolin is so good too.
  13. The 145 lbs. weightclass
    What do you think about the 145 pounds weightclass. Jens Pulver said, he is going down to 145 after his fight with BJ. I guess he was talking about going to the WEC. Do you think 145 has future in...
  14. what weight?
    what weight do you think is the most stacked weight in the UFC? i think the lightheavy weight is the most stacked weight in the UFC because of these fighters: chuck liddell quinton jackson dan...
  15. Gray Maynard play of the day
    anyone see on sportscenter they have the top ten plays of the day number 8 was Gray and Emerson ending..hahaha..should be non top ten plays...
  16. Nate Diaz vs Chris Horodecki (what if)
    Who would win in this battle of very young fighters?
  17. Shamrock Vs. Bisping?
    WTF?!? There is a Shamrock interview on NBCSPORTS saying that he never officially retired. Just wnated to know what everyone else thought abou this one. If he does return to fight Bisping, I think...
  18. My MMA lightweight world rankings (161lbs and below)
    My MMA light weight world rankings as of 6/24/07 1)Bj Penn 2)Hayuto Sakurai 3)Gilbert Melendez 4)Takanormi Gomi 5)Sean Sherk 6)Shinya Aoki 7)Nick Diaz 8)Tatsuya Kawajiri 9)Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto...
  19. BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk?
    does anyone else think BJ should stay at lightweight especially given the fact that the champ is a small matt hughes and BJ has the best shot in the LW division of taking a guy like sherk.......this...
  20. who do you think would win against mirko vs fedor 2???
    i think fedor would beat him again, fedors the best and he should be unbeaten except that 17 second cut but what happens happens. i think fedor would beat him by TKO 2nd round pride and 2 round UFC.
  21. BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes 3
    Who Wins, How?
  22. Spencer Fisher vs Sean Sherk
    Who is gonna win?
  23. what weight do you like the best?
    my vote has to go to light weight because i think the most action happens in light weight they barely ever go to decision.
  24. Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbot
    Who would win? I say kimbo.. KO... 2 streetfighters go atter would be sweet or even if it was Kimbo vs Rampage.. I would say rampage ko...
  25. fedor
    anyone think fedor will go right into title contention if he signs?
  26. anyone see kimbo slice fight?
    the kimbo mercer fight on cage furry 5
  27. New Nick Diaz HL
    Hey guys, Just finished this new Nick Diaz Highlight... I used footage from 15 of his 20 fights, so it spans a decent amount of time. Check it out if you want, let me know what you think. Thanks a...
  28. My MMA welterweight world rankings (170lbs and below)
    My Rankings as of 6/25/07 1) Georges St. Pierre 2) BJ Penn 3) Josh Koscheck 4 )Matt Hughes 5 )Jake Shields 6) Karo Parisyan 7 )Shinya Aoki 8 )Jon Fitch 9 )Akira Kikuchi 10Matt Serra Thats the way I...
  29. Doerksen is gonna roll Filho!!!!!
    As was reported by last week, perennial Canadian veteran Joe Doerksen (Pictures) confirmed that his Aug. 5 meeting with former PRIDE powerhouse Paulo Filho (Pictures) will be for the...
  30. So who had the more impressive debut?
    What do you think guys? Think Kimbo's dominance of Mercer was better than Brock Lesnar's dismantling of an actual MMA veteran (regardless of record)? I for one think Lesnar will become much better......
  31. Who do you think would win?
    Who do you guys think would win between Kevin Randleman and Tito Ortiz?
  32. How do you think Silva Vs Franklin 2 will go down?
    After Anderson Silva kills Marquardt what do you guys think will happen between Anderson Silva And Rich Franklin in the rematch.
  33. Awesome Fedor Highlight
    check it out
  34. Bj Penn
    First off i'm not a Bj hater or anything, i just don't understand why he's rated so high of a WW when he's lost his last two at that weight class. Also, everyone seems to be on his nuts and i...
  35. New weight classes?
    Should they create new weight classes to pursuade larger fighters from large mass cutting? let's face it, joe riggs wasn't more competitive at 170, and mike swick will surely have less energy down...
  36. Rank 170ib division
    So how would YOU rank the 170 ib division? I will start with my rankings and reasoning, don't just list your names, give a valid reason for your ranking, other then a "man crush" I always rank the...
  37. Top up and 55
    Thiago Tavarez will rule the 155 pound division, looks like a mini shogun.
  38. Urijah Faber vsJens Pulver
    who do you think would win?
  39. The Condor doesn't fly today
    This thread is's tribute to IFL fighter Jeremy Williams, of Marco Ruas' California Condors. A fighter with tremendous talent and heart. With notable wins over Yves Edwards and...
  40. MMA's greatest athlete...
    Hi guys! I saw a contest on ESPN called "Who's Now" a contest where people can nominate their greatest athletes. And I heard Randy Couture has lots of nominations there. " target="_blank"...
  41. HOLY SH*T.. melvin manhoef KO 6.23.07 K-1 Amsterdam
    i'd hate to be karaev.. one of the most brutal KO's i've seen in a while melvin manhoef vs ruslan karaev
  42. Amateur To Pro
    I was just curious how do you go from a amateur fighter to a Pro ?? Do you need a certain amount of amateur fights ? or do you need to get any kind of license with athletic comission ? Thanks
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  43. Torn ACL?????
    Do you guys really think Shamrocks A and MCL were torn, or was that just an excuse in case he lost. I have had a torn ACL and it was impossible for me to move around like that. I call bullshit.
  44. Favorite Ref?
    I've got to go with Herb Dean. He usually stops the fight at the best times possible.
  45. Chris Horodecki
    how long do you think it will be before this kid is forced into single's competition by ELite XC or UFC
  46. Don't know Urijah Faber?
    Well here he is. Sorry Pulver fans.
  47. Most underrated Fighters.
    Who are your most underrated fighters? Mine are Paulo Filho and Anderson Silva. I know silva is the champ and all but i still dont think he gets the credit he deserves. He is the most creative...
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  48. What fighters have been caught using steroids
    Who has been caught using steroids in the past?
  49. Old fights
    Anyone know of a good website where i can find a database of old fights?
  50. Nate Marquardt
    I don't see much on YouTube or Dailymotion. Does anyone have any links they can pass on to some of his fights? Thanks!
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