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  1. Arena Combat comes to Virginia in 2 weeks Thoughts?
  2. Full Event Video: Watch Shooto Gig - Tokyo Vol. 17: Ishibashi vs. Mizuno
    Watch every single fight from this month's Shooto Gig - Tokyo Vol. 17 event. Link
  3. Bellator 124-Plymouth Township, Mi
    I just realized Bellator 124 which takes place FridaySeptember, 12th will be in Plymouth, Mi. I work in Plymouth so I'm gonna have to go to this. Anybody else plan on going? If so hit me up. I know...
  4. GIF: Alex Filip Knocks Out Roman Palamar Via Rolling Thunder
    Alex Filip knocks out Roman Palamar via "rolling thunder" at the SuperKombat World Grand Prix kickboxing event last Saturday night (Aug. 2, 2014) in Constanta, Romania. Link
  5. Ortiz: Bellator can be bigger than Strikeforce
    In an interview conducted by MMA Fighting's Luke Thomas, Ortiz talks about his last fight, his recent injury and his thoughts of Bellator now currently under the control of Coker. Video Link
  6. Anybody catch Metamoris ?
    didnt know where to post this so i just chose here. some good matches, vinny vs keenan was probably the one i was most looking forward too and it delivered. Biggest surprise for me was watching...
  7. New Season of L2 (Best Of The Rest)
    Just giving you guys a heads up there's a new season starting next weekend. The first event is Titan FC 29 / RFA 17/ IGF 2 / CW 71 / CFFC 40 Out of the 14 fights I believe 10 of them will be...
  8. Next weeks L2 combo- Titan FC 29/ IGF 2/ RFA 16/ CW71/ CFFC 40
    Just a heads up. We decided to delete Blaine Thomas vs Tyler Minton. We added Alex Ricci 8-2 vs Darrell Horcher 9-1. That's a CFFC 40 Main Card Fight. And tomorrow, later today the Titan Fc 29...
  9. Was Tito vs. Shlemenko a fix? (Poll)
    I'm just wondering the general census. (Evidence)
  10. Christine Stanley's spinning kick KO
    Possibly the best KO in women's MMA.
  11. Rebel FC 2 Full Event Video: Miguel Torres vs. Takahiro Ashida, Will Chope vs. Mauricio Dos Santos Jr
    Watch the full event video of Rebel FC 2 which featured UFC veterans Miguel Torres and Will Chope in the opening rounds of the promotion's 8-man featherweight tournament. Link
  12. Funky vs the first great BJJ fighter
    Can Askren handle the likes of Maia on the ground or other top black belts?
  13. Ronaldo Souza vs Gegard Mousasi
    Who do you have winning this fight and how ? Do you guys think Souza will be able to take down Mousasi ? And does anyone know if this is a 5 rounds fight ?
  14. This is why more people should do what Askren is doing
    Say youre a great prospect and you sign with the UFC as soon as they discover you. You will not be the master of your destiny, you will be used to promote other contenders unless youre the next big...
  15. This week's Mega L2 card
    Make sure you get your picks in. This is a great weekend for MMA fans. We get The UFC Fight Night 51, and part of this L2 card we get One FC, Bellator, RFA, BAMMA, Cage Warriors, and Wsof. Most of...
  16. With all the standup shows going on who's excited for Metamoris?
    I know its been around but there's not a lot of hype surrounding it. I dog that theres finally a mixed grappling event to contrast the huge amount of striking shows. I hope Metamoris stays...
  17. Great ufc fights that you think most people wouldn't remember
    For me a great fight was Bermudez vs Matt grice. I just remember it being so back and forth and just a fight that had everything. Does anyone remember it ?
  18. The Voice vs Fedor" Video - 1 Hour Interview 9/19/14
    The Voce vs Fedor
  19. Upsets
    talking about the possible upsets coming soon. So Anybody have Cariaso over Johnson, Poirier over McGregor, Nunes over Zingano, Mizugaki over Cruz, Krause over Masvidal.
  20. The Real Inspiration For The Way BJJ Was Created!
  21. 'Spinning $***' 15 min montage (VIDEO)
    Watch 15 minutes of a very long highlight reel before the UFC pulls it for Copyright Infringement. Video Or you could fast forward to 13:11 for the best of the whole video.
  22. The Best of the Worst of Big John McCarthy
    Six minutes of Big John McCarthy screwing up bigtime. bloodyelbow
  23. Four Moments From Minor League MMA That Will Make You Go WTF
    If you thought athletic commissions were bad when it comes to the UFC, wait til you see what goes on in the smaller shows. bloodyelbow
  24. GIF: Warren's illegal upside down head kick
    From his title fight with Eduardo Dantas. link
  25. Incredible Diaz brothers highlight video. (Credit to BJPENN.COM)
  26. BAMMA 17 - Freakshow Vs. Brightmon (Dec 6th, Manchester UK)
    BAMMA 17 Fight card so far... Colin "Freakshow" Fletcher Vs. Michael Brightmon (Lightweight Main Event) Walter "The Sniper" Gahadza vs. Mickael Lebout (Welterweight Co-Main) Oli "The Spartan"...
  27. Title fight!
    So I'll be fighting for the Super Fight League America's welter weight title at the Emerald Queen casino in Tacoma WA on December 13th. Huge fight for me against a tough guy named Ben Fodor. He's a...
  28. Gif: Amir Khan crushes Waqar Uma with standing elbow KO at ONE FC 22
    Amir Khan (not the boxer) flattened Waqar Uma with a highlight reel KO at ONE FC 22, though the finish not without some controversy. Check out a .gif in the comments below, courtesy of GrabakaHitman....
  29. Matt major doing hard drugs?
    I stumbled across this video. Looks like the guy is in a bad place. Link
  30. What fight Are You Looking Forward to Most This Weekend?
    There are some really good fights on this weekend. Aside from the UFC event Bellator, WSOF, Legacy and Cage Warriors are all putting on good fights. Which one are you looking forward to most and why?...
  31. Which event do you plan on watching live Saturday?
    Just wondering which event you guys plan on watching live.
  32. HOw would this huge guy do in UFC
    I just saw this video, he is the largest man i have ever seen, he makes guys like Shaq and the big show look average. I was wondering how a guy like this would do in the heavyweight division.. Do you...
  33. Fallon Fox
    Testosterone is a banned substance now that TRT is illegal so female to male transgender people by rule can't fight. Is his/her career over? I don't see a way around it.
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