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  1. Gokhan Saki vs. Daniel Ghita - Glory 6 fight video
    Witness the most violent and psychotic madman in kickboxing today!! Link
  2. Eddie Wineland and Robert Hemmerich Blatant Racism and Disrespect
    In this video, a friend of mine Ryan Berry is fighting his second pro fight last night at Hoosier Fight Club in Indiana. He trains with Ricardo Lamas. The commentators are Eddie Wineland and Robert...
  3. Refs Share Craziest Moments in the Cage
    Referees Big John McCarthy, Herb Dean and Steve Mazzagatti share some of their craziest moments from the cage including two hilarious stories of Bas Rutten and CHAEL SONNEN.... Link
  4. Ive been asked to.....
    do an interview at a local MMA event with Ian 'The 'Machine' Freeman live inside the cage, we're to talk about his up and coming fight with Ken Shamrock.
  5. Tito Ortiz Calls UFC 148 Loss “Fishy”; Hints at Foul-Play
    link UFC Hall of Famer, Tito Ortiz fought in what is supposedly his last MMA out of his storied career. In this fight, Tito fought Forrest Griffin in the co-main event of UFC 148, dropping a close...
  6. Super Fight League 15 (Live - Free) today @ 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT / 4:30pm UK
    Live Stream Ramdan Mohamed v Michael Page Manjit Kolekar vs Mona Mounir Ricky Sahni vs Deen Mohammad Jorat Mahesh Kumar Baliyan vs Johny Ryntathiang Narender Grewal vs Aadil Bashir Kaushik Sen vs...
  7. N.J. still unsure whether foul play marred WSOF 2
    World Series of Fighting 2 happened 20 days ago, and yet no one seems to know why the first round of the Andrei Arlovski vs. Anthony Johnson main event appeared to have gone into overtime. Link
  8. AXS TV to air Fallon Fox's CFA 11 fight, Valentin Overeem-Mike Kyle headlines
    As expected AXS TV will air next month's Championship Fighting Alliance 11 event, which includes Fallon Fox's next fight and a heavyweight headliner between Mike Kyle and Valentijn Overeem. Link
  9. Can undefeated Frank Trevino become the face of Mexican MMA?
    Seven years ago, Frank Trevino was 280 pounds and had never even considered training in MMA. Now he's a welterweight and middleweight champion in a regional Texas promotion and hoping to become the...
  10. 'Sonnen's War' Online MMA Comic
    Hey MMA Playground... I just finished the latest issue of my online MMA Comic Sonnen's War , and hope you don't mind me sharing with everyone here... looks like a great forum I am excited to have...
  11. Podcast - Chael Sonnen and Phil Baroni
    Chokes and Jokes #16: Tonight's guests: Chael Sonnen and Phil Baroni Link to Perfection and the Best Eva
  12. Canelo vs. Trout. Who ya got?
    Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (41-0-1) - WBC light middleweight champion - 37 fight win streak since his only draw - Coming off a TKO win over Josesito Lopez (who upset Victor Ortiz previously) Austin "No...
  13. 100 seconds of knockouts compiled
    beatdown supreme
  14. Yahoo! rips MMA in artcile about Boston bomber
    I was reading an article on one of the Boston bombers, and I noticed their choice words for MMA - a sport Bomber #1 was looking to get into quote: "Tsarnaev, the alleged bombing mastermind who died...
  15. Super Fight League 16 (Live - Free) today @ 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT / 4:30pm UK
    Stream • Sascha Sharma vs. Marca Gomez Sariol • Lena Ovchynnikova vs. Fathia Mostafa • Amit Thapa vs. Sandeep Kumar • Irfan Khan vs. Sachin Panwar • Manoj Chuhan vs. Arun Nagar • Sandeep Yadav vs....
  16. Video: MMA fighter's eye accidentally glued shut, gets the win anyway
    In fairness, Vaseline and adhesive can look awfully similar once they're removed from their containers. Link
  17. Cage Warriors 54 Free Stream Saturday Morning
    Kicks off with 9 streamed fights for free at approximately 2:45pm ET (11:45am PT) and goes until about 7pm ET (4pm PT). Surprise Van will be handing out free candy. Also, I believe, season 4 of...
  18. Video.............Worst MMA fight EVER
    This fight is well ermm different to say the least. Fight
  19. Ricardo Myorga's MMA Debut (Video)
    He'll surely be a champion in no time Video
  20. All Out War!!
    First time I watched this fight, I thought it was real. Could be fake, but either way its a WAR. If it is real, this is one of the best fights ever! After video ends click on round 2, then 3 etc. It...
  21. Bellator Fight Master like The Voice ?
    Just saw a new commercial for Bellator new fighting tournament called "Fighter Master" where there will be four coaches and the fighters get to choose who will be their coaches. But the biggest...
  22. What MMA Matchups Should've Happened?
    Realistically, there's a few fights out there we all wish we could've seen, but for one, or many other reasons, never happened. I have plenty, but one that always sticks out in my head is Chuck...
  23. Chael Sonnen says Wanderlei Silva is an 'easy fight'
    The MMA world never sleeps, and even as the break between major events continues, Monday was no exception. We have plenty on tap today, from some frightening behind-the-scenes footage to Chael...
  24. Cage Warriors Fight Night 8 Free Stream Saturday Morning 8:45am
    The event is being held in the UAE so it begins at 11:45am ET (8:45am PT) this Saturday morning! The Surprise Van will be open for business. Date: May 11, 2013 Location: Al Fujairah, United Arab...
  25. Dubai FC 4 Live This Friday Morning 9am
    As it's being held in the UAE, it appears the stream will be starting at Noon ET (9am PT) tomorrow (Friday) morning. Daniel Nuamah vs. Amirov Nabiluyah Abbas Zahiri vs. Makhmat Gidaev Mohammed Naemi...
  26. MFC 37 This Friday Night on AXS TV at 7pm
    The organization with the shoddiest judging in all of MMA by virtue of where they hold their shows airs tomorrow night on AXS TV from 7-10pm PT (10pm-1am ET). Date: May 10, 2013 Location: Edmonton,...
  27. Fighter Analysis: Nick Newell
    How to beat Nick Newell Newell is someone that greatly interested me on his way up the ranks, and now that he's in the news for bailing on a fight, I figured I'd share this. It's my step-by-step...
  28. Daley vs. Ribeiro DFC 4: full fight video
    Paul Daley and Rodrigo Ribeiro headlined an otherwise lackluster card at Dubai FC 4 earlier today. The event took place at the Madinat Arena in Dubai, UAE. Link
  29. Bellator FW Michelle Ould accuses Bryan Caraway of selling PED's
  30. Early Stoppage Podcast Episode 6 with tcunningham and jjeans
    Myself and tcunningham discuss Vitor Belforts win, a few other fights on the UFC on FX Card, discuss Tyson's MMA Career thus far, give a quick preview to next weeks UFC and have a good laugh on the...
  31. MMA in 2046: Time-Travel Adventure!!
  32. 700 PROP SPEECH
    thanks for the props.
  33. What are your top 5 mma tall guys of all time ? (6"6) and above
    I would like to know what your top 5 tall guy mma fighters of all time. ( 6"6 and above ) I'm thinking Struve would probably make it in there, Tim Sylvia... Can't think of anymore besides travis...
  34. anyone watching cfa?
    I just watched Fallon Fox...Palomino had a good fight, Mak Kyle vs Travis View on now... very short...Fallon fight was a waste of time.
  35. The Richest MMA Fighters in the World:
    #1: B.J. Penn Net Worth – $20 Million (Family money, + RVCA, gyms, books) #2: Tito Ortiz Net Worth – $15 Million (Clothing line, gym, Jenna Jameson) #3: Randy Couture Net Worth – $14 Million...
  36. Super Fight League 19 - Today
    Watch it here
  37. KSW 23
    Anyone gonna watch/wanna join me in the chat/set me up with a link? Starts in 20 minutes - 2pm ET, 11am PST, 7pm UK
  38. WSOF3 this friday!
    Looks like a pretty solid card! Anyone else gonna hop in the van & watch this with me Friday night? It'll be a nice mma appetizer before ufc 161 MAIN CARD (NBC Sports Network, 11 p.m. ET) Josh...
  39. Cro Cop Wiki misleading,but worth a chuckle.
    Just won the Title and retired from MMA.
  40. Renato "Babalu" Sobral retires from MMA
    Babalu retired last night after his 3rd round TKO loss to Jacob Noe. I've enjoyed a lot of his fights over the years. I remember watching the countdown to his rematch with Liddell and being so...
  41. Fightmaster...your thoughts?
    What are your thoughts on Fightmaster? I thought Joe Warren was pretty funny, albeit a bit cocky. It was pretty awkward at times with the coaches being somewhat transparent that they DIDN'T want some...
  42. Free LIVE Stream for Nick Diaz's War MMA on June 22
    Free live Stream for Nick Diaz's War MMA on June 22 at 5pm PDT for those of you who are interested in seeing how Diaz's first card turns out. On the following page you will have the option to pay...
  43. War MMA Debut Discussion
    So far so good IMO. The start time was a little iffy, ran about 30 minutes behind, but other than that everything looks pretty good. My only real complaint is the announcer. He's terrible.
  44. Which coach would you choose on Fight Master?
    Out of Jackson, Shamrock, Couture or Warren, who'd you choose? I'd probably go with Jackson or maybe Couture. Couture seems like he'd be very easy to get along with and has been a coach and is one of...
  45. Duration of fights
    The MMA landscape would look a lot different today if it weren't for increasing the time limit of important fights to 25 minutes. For example: Sonnen would have a championship under his belt and...
  46. Redneck Jiu Jitsu Technique of the week
    Redneck Jiu Jitsu
  47. BAMMA 13 - LIVE TONIGHT (Check thread for TV channels)
  48. Russian streetfighting organisation video
    Russians know how to fight, this is why. Link
  49. women's vs 125 lbs
    does anyone actually care about 125 lbs or a woman's match not involving rousey?
  50. Secondary League
    Next event coming up in 2 days...GET YOUR PICKS IN !!! This is a friendly reminder from your Uncle Scooz.
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